The billionaire’s girlfriend Episode 23 & 24

🌷The Billionaire’s
Girlfriend 🙈
By: Kebby NG
Episode 23
🍀 Khalid 🍀
I la-id there on the be-d after the mind-b!owing Orgasm June just gave me. Her mouth looks swollen, I couldn’t help but k!ssher again.
I wanted to do more than just a b!owjob but I’ll take it one step at a time.
“Come on, sleep alre-ady, we’ll be going out tomorrow”
She moved to the far end of the king size be-d and l@ydown. I rolled my eyes at her silliness and l@yback too.
My mind drifted off to her uncle and wondered he’s doing right now. He must be crazily out of his mind looking for her.
Ryder should be greatful I like her otherwise I’ll make her pay for his wrong doings.
His niece is so damn adorable and gorgeous.. I don’t think I’ll be letting go of her even after our six months agreement.
Well, who knows.. maybe I’d have fu-cked her out of my system, I’ll get tired of her and have no choice but to let her go, hm.
I gazed at her for a while before closing my eyes and drifted off to sleep.
Next morning!
I am used to waking up early so by five thirty, my eyes opened. I was surprised to see June lying on my b©dy.
Her head was on my che-st, I could feel her two perky bre@st pressing at my side. Her legs were tangled with mine, one was close to my dlck.
So.fu-ckin. close.. aghh!
I was alre-ady ha-rd but now, the little guy is straining to get out of my short.
I closed my eyes and breathed in, trying to get control of myself. This girl really has a way of stirring up feeling from me, even in her sleep.
Images of things I’d love to do her filled my head. I’d like to fu-ck her on the way, floor, couch.. bathroom..
I’d love to tie her up, leaving her vulnerable and at my mercy.
Just the thought of seeing her wi-de open for me, her hands tied behind her made my dlck li-ck of pre-¢v-m.
I wonder how she’ll look at me,willl she panic?
My phone beeped just then, disrupting me from my thoughts. I gro-an ed inwardly and stretched out my hand to pick it up.
I alre-ady know it’s from my chief guard. He knows when I wake me, I’m sure he even knows me more than I do.
The guy really has a creepy way of reminding me about stuffs, he’s even better than my PA that’s why I usually find it ha-rd to fire him.
I checked the text and saw that he’s reminding me about our outing this morning.
That’s right, I wanted to take June out for sightseeing this morning so that I can head over to the club later in the evening. I can’t cope with this blueba-lls anymore.
The noise seems to have disturbe-d June cause she stretched her b©dy, in the process of doing that, she b!ow my jaw, at the same time, her th!gh brushed against my ha-rd c**k.
I couldn’t hold it in anymore, I gro-an ed loudly. I ignored the pain on my jaw and m0@n ed again when her legs settled down on it.
“Ugh! June?” Does she want to squash my d!ck? It’s hurting alre-ady.
She stiffened a bit and I knew she’s awake. She suddenly sat upright and was about to run.
I quic-kly st©pped her movement by caging her in my hands”Morning to you too Girlfriend. Is that a way to greet your b©yfri£nd?”
She flu-shed”Good morning”
I shook my head”Ah ah! Don’t you watch movies?” I sighed dramatically”I’ll only let you go if you k!ssme, it’s the least you could do since you sle-pt on my b©dy”
Yeah, am a sick bastard.
I’d coax her little by little till I finally get what I want. I realize I’ve become patient when it comes to her.
I raised my brows at her”What are you waiting for? We’ll be going out soon so don’t waste more time”
She bit herl-ips nervously and c@m£ closer. I closed my eyes and waited for it. Suddenly, she pe-cked my cheek and quic-kly got up from my b©dy.
“Good morning!!” She yelled before running into the bathroom.
I sighed, guess my plan didn’t work.
“Hurry up June, I don’t want the place too crowded”
“We’ll go for sightseeing in the evening Kay, I nee-d to attend to my boss”
Charles muttered after shower.
I pursed myl-ips”I want to come along, the view will be better this morning”
He sighed”No.. you can’t come, I’d be in trouble If boss finds out I brou-ght you along”
I scoffed”Who is he anyways? I don’t think you’ve mentioned it”
“That’s not important, I’m running late alre-ady June, you can check out the h0tel later and order breakfast. Be re-ady by four okay?”
He k!$$£d me r0ûghly before jogging out of the room.
I thought about sitting here and doing nothing and shook my head, no way! It’ll be so boring.
I c@m£ here to have fun not to sit inside.
I’m going to follow him.. the question is how?
I stood up from the be-d and went to the door. I quietly opened it and peeped to see him discussing with his fellow guard.
A plan formed in my head.
I quic-kly ran to my wardrobe, I picked a big hat, a big trou-ser and a hoodie and put it on. I made sure I tied up my hair so he won’t recognize it.
Then I looked for a handkerchief and tied it around my nose.. like a face mask.
I picked his shoes and wore it before going to the door.
I quietly opened it, once I saw Charles in a de-ep discussion with his friend, I walked out and started jogging towards the elevator.
“Hey!! St©p right there!” I heard and froze, oh God plea-se help me.
I turned slowly to see Charles and his friend coming over. I gulped ha-rd .
“Who are you? Where did you just come out from?” He asked suspiciously.
I gazed at him dumpfounded then I bowed
“Salamaleku” I greeted in Arabic, using a different accent.
He paused and turned to his friend”Do you un-derstand what she just said?”
“Nope, just let her be. We nee-d to organize the guards”
Charles sighed”Okay, you can go”
“Hmph? Go go?”I asked stupidly
“Yes go”He murmured, I could tell he’s getting frustrated.
I chuckled inwardly and casually strolled to the elevator. I pressed the bu-tton, it opened and I got in.
Just before the door closed, I heard him telling his friend something”That person is acting suspicious”
I breathed out relieved, when the door finally closed, now all I nee-d to do is to get into his car and I’ll go wherever he’s going. I’m going to find out who he’s boss is ha!
Episode 24
I quic-kly shut the door behind me and leaned on it. Gosh! How did I end up lying on his b©dy?
My face heated as I thought about his ha-rd on. Yes, I actually felt it.. it was ha-rd and big.
I knew immediately that he wants me. My heart started pounding at the thought.
Will he tell me to sleep with him soon? I remember his words when I gave him my terms. He had laugh it off.
I was actually acting br@ve then but now.. I don’t know. I’ve come to realize that, he can make someone do something even if he doesn’t want to.
He made me plea-sure him last night for crying out loud!
I still don’t know how to feel about it, damnit!! My mind has been a chaos ever since I met him.
I nee-d to sit down and sort throu-gh them, for example, I’m not hating him the way I’m supposed to.
I mean, he kidnapped me right? And to t©p it up, he also blackmailed me using my best friend!
So why am I not hating him anymore? When did I start liking him?
I’ve even started liking the teasing side of him. When he’ll k!ssme or ask me to k!sshim.. I usually get a warm feeling in my heart.
It’s so confusing, I wish I can ask Leila about it since Kay isn’t with me but then, I’ll be ex-posing Khalid’s secret of being his girlfriend.
“June? I’m coming in if you don’t come out soon!”
I heard Khalid say and quic-kly took off my clothes, I stepped into the tub and had a quic-k shower. Afterwards, I brushed my teeth, did my morning routine before walking out of the room.
I held the towel around my me ti-ghtly and practically ran into the walk-in closet I saw yesterday.
I heard Khalid’s chuckle and rolled my eyes, whatever.
I picked a blue and yellow sundress, shrug it on, before walking out of the closet. I wonder where Khalid wants to take me to.
I’ll admit that I’m giddy about, i couldn’t wait to start exploring the city. I heard that there are many fun things here in Orleans, I just can’t wait to go check it out.
🍀 Melissa 🍀
I was sitting on a beach chair, near the pool when my phone rang.. it’s from my investigator.
I’ve been patiently waiting for his call since two days. I wanted to know if he’s gotten any progress.
This two day has been hell for me, reporters were camped outside our house so I had to stay in all day.
I don’t think I can handle their questions anytime soon, that’s why I want Khalid’s secret to be on the net.
Everyb©dy will forget about my story if they heard about Khalid.
“Hello? This better be important”I said coldly.
“No ma’am, I have news for you. Mr Black seems to be taking her out today”
I say upright immediately”Good, oh good. You know what to do next. I don’t suppose you want me to tell you what to do, do i?”
“No miss, I’ll hang up first”he said and hang up.
I smiled, satisfied with the plan. Let the game begin.
I hid in the car and listened to Charles conversation with his friend. I kept smiling as his friend tea-sed him continuously.
Hmm, who knew the almighty Charles has this side of him?
“So boss! You didn’t show up last night at the restaurant as we planned. I’m guessing that h0t chick kept you occu-pied”
“Shut up Jack and drive quic-kly”
Jack chuckled”Damn! I never knew this day will come, you’re becoming pvzzy wiped bro, do you love her or you’ll leave her when we return to the state?”
I strained my ears to listen to this p@rt, gosh I really want to hear what he’ll say. The same question has been bothering me lately.
I’ll admit that I bec@m£ clingy towards Charles, it must be that I’m craving for love or something.
All my ex b©yfri£nds were only after my b©dy so i figured that i would never experience love again.
Just when Charles was about to reply, the car c@m£ to a halt. I lost my balance and hit my head on something.
I bit myl-ips ha-rd so as to not make any sound.
“We’re here, Master K will be out shortly” I heard someone said and froze.
Master K?
Like the Master K I know or is it someone else. Gosh I’m so curious right now, I can’t wait to get a peek of him.
Even if it’s just a glimpse.
I really want to know how Khalid look like closeup.
Minutes Later, the car started moving again, I’m guessing Master K is alre-ady out and they’re driving after him.
“Where do you think he’s going?” Jack asked.
“He’s going to have breakfast with her first before sightseeing”Charles answered.
Who’s her?
After an unknown minutes if driving, the car c@m£ to a st©p. Charles and his friend stepped out of the car and now I’m left all alone in the trunk.
I stayed in there for a while before coming out, I’m not going to give up on my mission. I’m definitely going to confirm who Charles’s boss is and no one’s going to st©p me.
Hmm Kayla ehn
Who’s thinking what I’m thinking? 🤔