The billionaire’s girlfriend 2 Episode 9 & 10

🌷The Billionaire’s
🔥(She is mine)🔥
By: Kebby Ng
Episode 9
🐝 June 🐝
I jumped up from the couch covering my che-st”Oh $h!t! We nee-d to go.. Kayla must’ve waited for hours!” I half yelled.
Khalid pu-ll-ed me down just as I was standing”Relax, I’m sure they won’t mind us not coming”
I shook my head vigorously.. standing up” No, Kay would be mad. I’ll go dress up first” I said quic-kly.
I put on my torn dress and practically ran out. I winced a little as the slight pain felt in my v but I ignored it.
I just wanted to get away from him right now so I can clear my head.
I can’t believe I almost had s3x with Khal. Almost.
I mean… What is wrong with me? Wasn’t I the one saying I won’t let him have me till after the contract is over?
And then he t©uçhed me I almost lost myself. My b©dy heated thinking about what we just did. The tou-ching. k!ssing. f!ngering… It’s when he was about taking off my p@n-ties I realized what I’m doing.
I quic-kly push him off asking him to st©p. I sighed pushing the thoughts away. Kayla is waiting.
I dressed up in a less revea-ling cloth before heading down.
Khalid has alre-ady dress up properly, thank goodness for that. I avoided his gaze and said”I’m re-ady”
🌴 Khalid 🌴
We both sat at the backseat as the driver drove.
June gazed out of the window completely ignoring me. I growled angrily not liking this one bit.
Infact, I’m furious at her actions. I hate the fact that she pushed me away when things were about to go down and dirty.
Hold on.. do I look ugly to her?
Or do I disgust her?
I’ve never seen a girl like her.
I mean, other girls will jump at the opportunity of being close to me, they will happily drop their p@n-ties for me but she…
She’s just want to kill me with blue ba-lls.
Is she doing this on purpose?
For what reason? To make me like her?
I scoffed and glared at her. Just then, she turned. Our eyes met. She frown”What? Why are you starring at me that way? Did I do something?”
I blinked, hell yeah! You fu-ckin gave me blue ba-lls. I wanted to say but instead I shook my head.
I gazed outside and realize we were here alre-ady, I took her hand and was about to step down from the car”Come on”
Imagine my expression when shrug off my hands and went the other way.
I glanced at her then at my hand. Did that just happen?
Seriously who is this girl?
I shook my head and followed her to the club. My guards were alre-ady there.
The bouncers made way for me, I j£rked June to me, ma-king sure that everyone knows she is mine.
I can alre-ady see the males eyes on her, I held their gaze daring them to talk to her. Of course, they look away.
No one in his right s-en-ses will dare make me angry.
“Hey Kayla!!!” June shouted running out of my hands.
I sighed, I could only watch her go. She just deserted me the moment she saw her friend.
I don’t even know why I c@m£ with her in the first place. Oh Khal, your life has become really pitiful.
I sat in the VIP section, a blonde waiter brou-ght drinks. I picked it up and watched the girls.
Charles c@m£ to stand behind me, I waved him”Come sit would you?”
He did, poured himself and.. “Did you do something to her?”
My eyes narrowed”What do you mean?”
“Look boss, I don’t know what is going on between you two but I know that she’s not really happy. From what her friend told me.. I don’t think June is the drinking type but now she’s drinking”
I glanced over at the girls and truly speaking, June was drinking.
Aghh damnit! Did I fu-ck up?
What is wrong with her? Women are so confusing.
“What else did her friend tell you about her?” I asked Charles. I might as well get some information about her.
I knew something happened to June the moment I saw her. She wasn’t chatty as usual infact she did what shocked the hell outta me.
She took my alcoholic drink and gulped the whole thing in one go.
She didn’t even flin-ch instead she asked for more. I did as she asked”Are you okay June? Did something happen?”
She giggled”Happened, no? Nothing! I don’t know what is wrong with me. I just nee-d to think”
Aghh gosh, she’s drun!kalre-ady?
“Hmm I love this drink Kay, can you give me more?” She said, her words slurring.
“No no, you’re drun!k”
She pouted”plea-se Kay, I really missed you, you know? I should be mad at you cause you’ve been a bad friend!”
Oh well, there’s nothing I could do now.. she knows my weak point.
I quietly poured her the drink. After gulping everything, she gr@bb£d my hand”Kayla, I want to pee”
I sighed”You’re turning into a big baby June, come on”
I decided to go have a word with Khalid cause June chased me away. “You can’t watch when I pee Kay, no way!” She declined the moment I insisted on staying.
Once I gave him a piece of my mind, I went back to the restroom only to find it empty. Oh no.. $h!t!
I checked the other bathrooms but couldn’t find her.
I ran back to Khalid, breathing ha-rd .
“What is it?”
“J.. June is missing! I can’t find her?”
Episode 10
Aghh I could feel their eyes on me but chose to ignore. I don’t even know why I’m drinking.
Or maybe I know, I know oh gosh!
I’ve always said that I won’t let anyone t©uçh me.. only the man I love, my Mr Right!
And then.. he did and I let him, I almost let him have me! Does that..
Does that mean I love him?
Am I falling for Khalid Black?
Gosh this is bad, really bad. It is more than bad too!
He clearly stated it in his stupid do¢v-ments that I shouldn’t fall in love with him now I’ve ended up in this mess.
I shouldn’t have agreed to that deal,ugh I did it for Kay..
I took a de-ep breath feeling like I want to cry. I nee-ded more drinks to numb the pain in my heart.
“June? Are you okay? I’m beginning to get worried, look at you so pale. Did something happen? It’s Khalid isn’t it?”she cursed looking mad.
“No.. Tay.. rrohh” I said, my words slurring. Oh jeez, I’m drun!ker than I thought.
I took the last gulp of drink and dropped the glas-s on the table”I nee-d to pee!”
She gro-an ed”Oh jeez June! Come on let’s go to the ladies”
I got up quic-kly and stumbled”Whoa.. everything is spinning!” I giggled out.
I felt Taylor’s hand gr-ab me”That’s because you’re drun!k, come on.. let’s go pee then I’ll ask your boo to take you home”
I stiffened and almost said he’s not my bf but remembered Khalid’s word about not telling anyone.
It made my heart clenched, I can’t even share what I’m feeling right now with Kay.
At the bathroom, Kayla stood planted beside me refusing to leave. “Um..are you going to keep standing there? I can’t pee with you here”I said shifting from one feet to the other.
She gave me a helpless look and sighed”Fine, be careful okay? Don’t fall off the toilet seat”
I giggled at that”I’m not that drun!kKay”
“Yeah right”
She left after that, I sat down and relieved myself. I washed my hands when I was done the decided splash little water on my face. I did but stilled when I felt a pres£nce behind me.
I raised my head up but before I could do a thing in my drun!ken state, he pressed a cloth on my nose and I blacked out.
❤️ Khalid ❤️
Charles was still telling me about June when Kayla c@m£ out of nowhere looking mad.
I blinked when she headed straight towards me. What now?
“Kayla?..” Charles murmured trying to st©p her but surprisingly, she shrugged him off”You! What the hell did you do to her”she yelled pointing a f!nger at me.
Hold on..
Why does everyone think I did something? I only t©uçhed her for chrissake a they’re acting like this?
Is June some kind of goddess or what?
I remained silent and watch her throu-gh hooded eyes. “I’m talking to you, don’t just stare at me like some moron, if you dare hurt my bestie and I hear of it. I promise you… I’ll be your worst nightmare… ”
“Kay enough!!” Charles shouted dragging her away from my side.
I raised my brows truly shocked, no one has ever spoken to me that way. I mean how is it even possible that a sweet June will have a crazy person like that as a friend?
They’re not compatible at all.
But I’m actually bothered with what she said… Not the nightmare thing but about June.
Is she really affected with what we did earlier? Aghh I didn’t even get to the main p@rt before she pushed me away
I ru-bbe-d on my temples, I could alre-ady feel a migraine coming up. Charles returned shortly looking apologetic”I’m sorry boss, she’s just worried about her friend”
I nodded, took a gulp of my drink. Our silence was suddenly interrupted by a commotion.
Kayla rushed over and made an announcement that made my heart skip”What? How?”
“I just left her in the ladies but she’s no where to be found”
Charles was alre-ady on it, I stood up and ordered my guards”Search the entire building! I want her found immediately, she shouldn’t have gone far”I yelled at them.
I also joined them in the search.. after a long while, we couldn’t find her.
I clutch my che-st.. for the first time ever, I felt.. fear.
Yes I’m afraid that she left me, she can’t leave me no!
The thought left me panicking.. oh gosh, I never knew how her pres£nce meant to me until now..
I’m so sorry June.. you can’t leave me like this not now anyway.
I turned to see Charles behind me”Where is she?”
“I’m sorry, there was no trace of her.. I believe she was kidnapped”
What? Kidnapped?
She didn’t leave me?