The billionaire’s girlfriend 2 Episode 5 & 6

🌷The Billionaire’s
🔥(She is mine)🔥
By: Kebby
Episode 5
💝 June 💝
The next day, I anxiously paced tho and fro in the be-droom. Khalid’s family will be here any minute and damn! I don’t want what happened the last time to happen again.
Did they finally decide to accept me?
Will they look down on me again? Did they see the news about my uncle?
If yes then what’s their opinion on me now?
Aghh gosh! I really hate this. I don’t want to see them, not even their father.
I wish Kayla was here but she left with her Charles earlier cause Khalid wanted us to be alone when his parents comes.
I st©pped by the mirror and gazed at my face. It was so pale I had to pinch it to give it some color.
This is one of the reason I can’t get inti-mate with Khalid. Even tho my feelings for him are changing, even tho I’m starting to like him more than I want to.
I just can’t.
This relationsh!pdidn’t start right, everything about is just wrong.
It’ll be a shame to woman-hood if I accept it like this. Khalid might use me and then after six month, he’ll dump me.
Will I be able to live with that shame?
No, I’ve finally decided that if he really wants me like he said, he has to wait.
I nee-d to be sure he won’t let me go after the deal with him.
The door opened revea-ling Khal.
I gazed at him throu-gh the mirror and watched him step behind me.
He k!$$£d me n£¢k”Are you okay?”
I nodded
The door bell rang, we stood there staring at ourselves. He broke it by taking my hand”Come on”
Ryder’s Pov
“How could you?!! You heed all this from me and treated me like a little fool!”
I knelt down in front of her with tears in my hand”No.. I’m so sorry,give me a chance to explain. I didn’t mean to hurt you” I tried to hold her hands but she moved away.
“Don’t you dare use your filthy hands on me!! Do you know what you’ve caused me? Do you know how it feels hearing it from outsiders?”she said crying, her voice broke at the last p@rt.
“I’m sorry sweetheart, I’ve always wanted to but I felt you weren’t re-ady. Truth is I bec@m£ add!çted to this life that’s why, I couldn’t st©p it even though I want to be”
“Oh well it’s too late, I can’t have someone like you as family, never!”
I gr@bb£d her legs as she started walking away.”No June, you have to hear me out”
“Don’t t©uçh me you monster!! I hate you!”
I heard far away and kept slee-ping. No June don’t do this to me.
I j£rk upright for be-d only to see my guard Jack. I blinked”What are you doing here?”
“You were talking in your sleep and crying too”
I t©uçhed my face and find that it was we-t. A dream, it was only a dream.
I breathed out heavily before getting out of be-d. Damnit! It felt so real and now I believe I’ve truly hurt her.
If she has indeed seen the news online then I have to find her quic-kly and explain. I don’t want to loose my only family.
I turned to Jack”I want you to hire guys that’ll give me information on June’s whereabouts”
I think it’s time to make things right.
🍀 Khalid 🍀
I was so happy that I was finally going to have her when the mood got ruined by my fu-ckin parents.
I regretted checking that mas-sage, I still do.
My fantasy would have come true. She immediately covered up when I checked the mas-sage ma-king me growl.
After telling her that my parents are coming, she withdrew. I knew it then that I won’t get this close to her again.
Not unless I f0rç£ her.
The next day, I stepped into the room to see her by the mirror with a sad face. I ached for her that moment, no one would want to meet my family after being treated badly by my mom.
Aghh it they’re coming to make trouble then I sure as hell will make their lives miserable.
I don’t care if they’re my parents, they nee-d respect and treat her like family.
I k!$$£d her n£¢k just as the doorbell rang”re-ady?”
She nodded.
I took her hand and led her out.
His parents were alre-ady sitting in the living room. They stood up once they noticed us.
No one said a thing.. everyone was tensed.
Khalid’s mom cleared her throat and tentatively moved towards Khalid. “My son!”
She hvgged him ti-ghtly but he didn’t react to it. He only stood rigid like a log. She pu-ll-ed back and faced me.
Oh jeez, what now?
The next thing she did shocked the hell outta me. She took a step forward and hvgged me.
Episode 6
I stood there like a piece of log not knowing how to react. Should I hvg her back?
After an uncomfortable amount of time, she pu-ll-ed back.
Khalid father greeted me nicely also before Khalid took over the conversation.
“What are you doing here?”He asked coldly
Aghh jeezzz, I never thought I’d be in such kind of situation.
Khalid dad cleared his throat”Son, why don’t we all sit down and discuss properly. I know things aren’t great between us but atleast welcome us first”
Khalid opened his mouth to speak but I gently t©uçhed his arm. He glanced at me and sighed”Fine!”
I also f0rç£d a smile”Would you guys like a cu-p of tea?”
Before they could answer, I moved towards the kitchen”I’ll go get it”
“June the maids can do that” Khalid muttered but I ignored.
I nee-ded to get away from them for a little while to get my composure.
I met Leila in the kitchen, I don’t think we’ve actually spoke since that day.
“Hey, are you okay?” She asked the moment she saw me.
I nodded”Sorry, I haven’t checked on since then.. ”
“Oh shush.. it’s nothing. Here sit down for minute, you look kinda pale”
I accepted the sit and sat down”Thanks, can you make tea for the Black family? plea-se”
“Have you always worked here?”I asked watching as she walked around the kitchen.
She smiled”Yeah… after high school, there was no way I could continue with college so I decided to come help mom out here.
I love the job and cooking, they pay is good so”she shrugged as of that explains it.
“Yeah, so have you thought of going back to school? You could get a better job than than this”
She was about to say something when the kettle buzzed interrupting us.
“Oh!” She quic-kly poured the tea in mugs before taking it the living room. I sighed and followed behind her cause I couldn’t stay here forever.
The living room was silent when I got there, I gazed at all of them wondering what they were discussing. I shrugged and went to sit with Khalid.
Khalid’s mother smiled at me”Uh you’re June right? I don’t think we’ve properly introduced ourselves. I’m Marianne and this is my husband Jerry”
I smiled”Nice to meet you”
“You know.. I’m really sorry about what happened the last time. I was mad and couldn’t control my temper plea-se forgive me June”
Ok … To say I’m shock right now will be an un-derstatement.
Does she really mean it or she’s acting? If she’s acting then she’s so damn good at it.
I shook my head”It’s no problem Ma”
Jerry stood up and glanced at his son”Let’s go talk about business and leave the women to catch up, don’t you think? You’re welcome to the family June. I hope we get along in the future”
I f0rç£d a smile”Thanks”
Khal k!$$£d me on thel-ips before joining his dad. Oh gosh no! Don’t leave me here with this crazy woman.
Once we are alone, Marianne’s cold eyes landed on me.
“So tell me June, why are you really with my son? Is it money you’re after?”
I blinked, gee I said it!
This woman can really act, she pretended to like me in her son’s pres£nce and now she has revealed her true self.
“Why would you think I’m after his money?” I asked evenly.
She blinked like she couldn’t believe I just asked her that. Yeah I’m not going to let this woman treat me like trash.
The last time was messy but now I’m more controlled.
She laughed”Why wouldn’t I know? Your uncle kills people for money so you’re not different from him are you?”
I clenched my fist at the mention of uncle Ryder’s name. This woman really knows how to push my bu-tton.
I smiled”Wow.. you really do know how to look down on people. It’s no wonder your son wanted to disown you guys. I should have let him”
She g@sp, her face suddenly bec@m£ ugly as she sneered”You bit-ch! Who do you think you are? It’s like you’re married to him yet and you’re behaving like a Black family.
Let me tell you something June, my son is a pla-yer. He knows what he wants and get it.
He will use you till he’s satisfied before dumping you. You’re not the first person he’s doing this to and you’re definitely not the last.”she boasted.
I g@sp inwardly at the b!ow. I knew what she’s saying is true but I’m not going to give her the satisfaction of seeing me cry.
I smiled calmly”You’re forgetting that I’m the one with the upper hand here Marianne. So I’m going to tell you this one’s. Apologize or I’ll make sure you’ll never see your son again. You wouldn’t want me to pl@ythis our conversation we just had do you?” I showed her my phone which I’ve been recording.
Her face crumbled”You who-re!!”
I sm-irked”Uh uh.. that’s not what I asked you to do, your time is ticking”
She heard the guys voices coming towards us and sighed. “I’m sorry June”