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January 28, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The billionaire’s girl Episode 9 & 10

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Chapter 9



(Iyna’s p.o.v)

I don’t know for how long we drove but finally the car stopped, and Nicholas has already open my door for me I smiled and got out, he placed his hand on my waist and we both marched inside .

I must say this building looks so amazing and beautiful very big and wonderful.

Violin was playing in the room, we both got in and so many people were there the light was a bit deep but you could still see everyone clear, I must say everyone looks so elegantly dressed , am sure my dress is one of the poorest here .


Nicholas held my waist possessively and my body couldn’t resist how his hand feel against me, somehow I love it that his hand is there .

Just then a beautiful lady was rushing to us with another one behind her they were smiling. Who are they ?

“Nicholas” the first lady called.

Nicholas smiled .


“Nichol “he called and hugged her .

“Hi Nick” the second one said.

“Althea how you doing? He asked .

“Am here with the way you left me of course” she replied and they chuckled.

They looked to me, gosh am suddenly feeling uncomfortable I wonder who they are .

“Umm….Nick…who is she ? The Nichol asked .


Nichol I want you to meet my P.A Iyna …and Iyna meet Nichol my twin sister and Althea our youngest” he introduced.

Wow ! So he’s a twin.


“How are you Iyna …you really look gorgeous with this dress “Althea said smiling.

“Thanks”I simply said .

“Nice meeting you Iyna ” Nichol smiled and gave Nicholas a secret look .

“Wow.. Nicholas didn’t tell us he got a very beautiful P.A”Nichol said and they chuckled

I blushed.

“Ummm…Nichol where is mom and dad ? Nicholas asked .

“Mom should…….


“Nicholas”a woman called from behind as she hurried towards us ,then Nicholas father too, I can’t believe am meeting his family.

“Mom…”he called and hugged her as she kissed his cheek.

I must say she looks so pretty.

“And who is this Beautiful goddess with you son? The woman asked .

“Mom I want you to meet …….

Before he could complete it Nichol and Althea shouted .


My eyes popped out Nicholas looked shocked and am more shocker, his father chuckled and the mother has a very surprised expression.


Oh my gosh”girlfriend? We aint even friends.

Suddenly the woman smiled.

“Wow! This is amazing Nicholas…you didn’t tell us you finally had a girlfriend”she smiled and came to me she held my hand.

“You look so beautiful…am so surprised he finally got a girlfriend….you look gorgeous my dear “she said hugging me tightly.

The rest chuckle while Nicholas gave them an angry look.


“Thanks Mrs hensmith”I said .

“Oh…don’t call me that dear I feel so old , am still very young just call me mom Vanessa …after all you will soon be part of our family…right Jason? She turned to her husband with her eyes shining with so much love for him.

His holding himself from laughing.

“Yes of course”he said and chuckle.

“Am so glad my son…you finally made a good decision by bringing such a beautiful woman” mom Vanessa said smiling cheekily at me, and I put up one of my best fake smile .


“Ummm mom…it’s not ……

“No, son i really like her. ..she’s really good right Nichol.? Mom Vanessa asked.cutting Nicholas off.

“Yes mom..very super”Nichol answered grinning from ear to ear and i caught Nicholas ready to strangle her while she flick her tongue out for him, Althea chuckled.

“Dear please come with me , let me introduce you to the rest of the family” mom Vanessa pulled my hand .

Gosh ! Am dead i looked at Nicholas for help but I think his helpless because his eyes widen .


“No mom..wait ” he try to grab me but his father pulled him back .

“Go on honey … introduce her ” his dad said and chuckled, oh my how can he do this to me ?

“Common love , you need to meet everyone” mom Vanessa pulled me away with Nichol and Althea following us as they chuckled.

Oh my gosh , what have I gotten myself into…am so dead .


We head to some people standing.

“Vanessa dear who is this?” The woman asked .

“Mother it’s Iyna, she’s Nicholas girlfriend” mom Vanessa introduced happily, they looked shocked .

“Nicholas girlfriend?, So he finally decided to have one ?” The old man said and chuckled while the old woman spanked him amd laugh.

“Please my dear am Babianca by name and this silly man here is my husband Timmy” she introduced I smiled .


“Nice to meet you sir mam” I greeted

“Oh we need a big hug welcome to the family ” she pulled me into a hug and we hugged each other I did thesame for Timmy hensmith, damn they are so beautiful and breathtaking in their family.

“Mom” a lady called from behind,we turned to see a very beautiful lady with a man standing by her side, I wonder who she is.

“Oh maddie love , common meet your nephew’s girlfriend” mom babianca said and the Maddie’s eyes was wild in surprised.


“Oh my hi…am Maddie and this is my husband Paul henchmen” she introduced me to a good looking man around the age of Nicholas father he looks handsome.

“Nice meeting you sir” I shook him.

“Am so glad my nephew finally decided to have a girlfriend and a beautiful one at that ” Maddie said happily.

From there they kept me company and I think they like me a lot , but I was so nervous because its not real , we ain’t dating.


Nicholas’s p.o.v

Oh my gosh! This Nichol and Althea has ruined everything, mom is gonna tell everyone now ,what do I do?

“Son…you know you should stop thinking about that ….to me , I guess it’s normal”dad said .

“Dad…she’s not even my girlfriend and mom now thinks she is “I said .

“Well…does it matter I see the way you look at her …I don’t think anything is wrong if she’s your girlfriend….now common let me introduce you to Mr Donald Dimitri his already here ” dad said .


And I followed him to meet some couples one after the other then finally I met with Mr Donald we talked about the business merging and how it will profit the interest of my company…he agreed that our company should be Marge since we are both wealthy.

After everything i started looking for Iyna , the place is so crowding am sure she’s with my family.

Then I saw Nichol I met her .

“Nichol ..did you see Iyna ? I asked .

“Yeah she went to the washroom some minutes ago ” she replied.i nodded and started heading to the washroom.


Iyna’s p.o.v

Gosh! I never knew this was going to happen, mom Vanessa introduced me to the whole hensmith, even Nicholas grandparents , I was sweating so badly , cause it wasn’t even true …and they appear to like me alot .


They are actually nice I must say but not as grumpy as the beast himself, I excused myself and went to the washroom to at least calm myself down from all this drama , I finally came out of the washroom and bombed into a hard wall, no it wasn’t a wall it was someone before I could fall I was caught I looked up and meet the most beautiful eyes ever , of course it was the beast who eals,we looked into each other’s eyes for a while and he finally let me stand well.

I smooth my dress and cleared my throat.

“Umm.. thanks”I said.


” Are you okay ? He asked I nodded .

He pulled me to him by my waist and we both head back into the party I could feel people’s eyes on us , but I like it that his arm is wrapped around my waist, gosh his being so possessive.

“Nicholas baby”

Someone called and I and Nicholas turned to the direction of the voice and there was a lady coming towards us smiling.


Who is she ,I don’t think she’s one of the hensmith’s cause mom Vanessa had showed me everyone then who is she , I looked up at Nicholas and he looks so Angry , like someone who’s about to punch someone.

He held me tightly by my waist and pulled me more closer to him,as if he wants my body to enter into his , but his eyes still on the lady coming , and he looks so,so angry.

Who is the lady ? Why was he so angry?

What is going on?


Chapter 10


Nicholas p.o.v

“Nicholas baby”

A familiar voice called I turned around to see the person I never in my entire want to ever see coming towards I and Iyna , the range inside of me began building.


I pulled Iyna more tightly to me, as I looked at the woman coming to us.

What is she doing here , who invited her to a business party? It’s been 5 years already and she’s here ?

“Nicholas…”she called cheerfully and hugged me but I didn’t return it.

Iyna looked confused.


“What are you doing here ? I asked her angrily.

She looked at Iyna and then back to me.

“Umm Nicholas who is she ? She asked .

I was about to answer when someone replied from behind .


We turned and saw Nichol giving Dorris a very bad look, yes my family really hate her, you will soon know why.

“Girlfriend?…”she asked surprised.

“Yes .,do you have any problem with that ? Iyna replied.


I looked at her surprised, I didn’t know she was going agree to that .

“Why …of course not , so he finally was able to get over me ? How nice …”Dorris mocked her eyes penetrating iyna like she was going pull out her hair .

I stare at her angrily,iyna was quite.

“Iyna ..common , let’s have a talk,”Nichol pulled her away I really didn’t want her to go, i turned Around to Leave when Dorris pulled me back.


“Common Nicholas…it’s been long we saw each other and your just gonna walk away? She asked.

I stare at her angrily, she wasn’t the woman I loved before, I hate her so much ,

After my family stories heartbreak and at least i tried to love someone then Dorris came into the picture but she was never sincere in our relationship.


Each time i try to mend with her, she tells me am disturbing her, I felt rejected cause I really loved her, but then I caught her kissing…….ok let me just tell you now …the reason why I hate Collins is because,

He stole Dorris from Me, they were in a secret relationship and I never knew about it ,till one day I found them kissing, I confronted them and i had a fight with Collins.


I thought Dorris was gonna apologize and tell me it was a mistake and she was sorry but she looked me in the eyes and told me , she doesn’t love me but Collins and she was breaking up with me, I felt so cold.

I didn’t expect that from her, then she left , and it happened that that day I was planning to propose to her to marry me , but she ruined it, my life became a mess.

And I hated her for doing such a thing to me after our 2years of relationship, she was cheating me and I never knew I was so blinded in love with her to see it.


I totally hated women and didn’t want anything to do with them, I hated Dorris more , cause the love I once had for her turned into hatred , I could strangle the bitch .

I felt nothing is right in relationships, cause it hurts alot just like my granny’s and parents stories it made it worse and I block my heart for love …..


But Iyna came into the picture,and I began feeling things I never felt even when I was with Dorris , something in me can’t stand hurting Iyna.

I don’t know what I feel towards her but I know I can’t let her go, I really want her and I will get her, Dorris is my past and she can’t dare destroy my new life , I will murder her if she dares.

“Why are you back ? I asked her angrily.

“I came back because I want to settle things with you honey …but this isn’t a good place for us to talk “Dorris said trying to touch me .

I move away from her.

“I hope you heard what my sister said ? I have a girlfriend and I don’t think I have anything to talk to you about” I said .

She looked angry.


“Common Nicholas…. there’s no way I will believe your dating that girl, I know you still have feelings for me ” she said confidently.

I Chuckled

“Really….then am sorry, this isn’t the ex Nicholas you walked out on 5, years ago Dorris …it’s been over between us for a long time now and you think I still have feelings for you , isn’t that strange, not everyone who doesn’t get over feelings okay , you mean nothing to me absolutely nothing , I think you should suite yourself” I said.

Her mouth hanged open in maybe surprise or shock, take that bitch .

I walked away to go find Iyna,shes the woman my heart desires now ..only Iyna.


Iyna’s p.o.v

“So Iyna here is a shopping card for my company Baltic ” Nichol handed her company card to me .

“Thanks” I said.

“You could come visit me some time and you can get any dress shoes bag you want, till the card expires , am giving you this because I really like you , and because your my brother’s girlfriend” she said .

“Umm..Nichol actually…I and your brother aint dating” I said .

She chuckled.


“Maybe for now, but soon dear “she said .

I smiled at her, I really like her she’s so friendly, but my mind went back to that woman with Nicholas.

Who is she to him, why does he look so upset, I feel so bad leaving them to each other , but what can I do , I don’t even know why am feeling angry , I don’t know.should I ask Nichol?


No I can’t , it won’t be right.

Just then Nicholas came to us in a flash I dropped my drink .

“Oh has the bitch gone? Nichol asked.

“I don’t know… maybe” Nicholas replied scornfully.

I got up as he pulled me to him.

“Nichol it’s time for i and Iyna to go , I will just say bye to mom and dad” Nicholas said

Nichol smiled.


“Sure bro…goodbye girlfriend” Nichol kissed my cheek and hugged me .

“Bye” I said .

Nicholas wrapped his hand around my waist and we went to look for his parents He has been holding me like this since today, why is he so possessive today.?He seem calm and gently and he doesn’t care if people is looking at us.

For some reason I smiled at the behavior, I really like it.

It’s been a week already and I must say everything is going well at the company, Nicholas hasn’t really changed from his cold ways sometimes he shouts at me and I just ignore him as usual, I knew he was just pretending to be a gentle man just Because of the party after that his cold ways began, argnnn…I hate him so much.


I just arrived at the company and I went into my office straight,but what I saw made me surprised.

There’s a Flower on my desk,with a card ,who brought this here?I gently picked the card and read it it says.

*To my beautiful sunshine*

I gasped, who sent this flowers, just then my phone rang and it was an unknown number.

I picked it up.



“Hello sunshine” the voice said.

The voice sounds familiar.

“Collins? I asked

“ got that right “he replied.

“How did you get my number? I asked surprised.


“Connection baby” he said.

Gosh am so angry right now,who gave him my number,?

“So tell me do you love my flowers,? He asked.

My eyes popped open,his the one who sent the flowers I quickly look through the card well and his name is written on it .


Oh my gosh, this guy is naught .

“Why did you send me those …I don’t like it …why are you troubling me, leave me alone I don’t want anything to do with you”I yelled.

“Calm down sunshine, why are you so upset…if it’s about your boss then forget it,. …he only wants you in his bed trust me, you mean nothing to him…….” He said.

How could he talk about Nicholas like that of course his arrogant and a dumbass,but that doesn’t.mean I will gossip him.


“Look Collins, i don’t know why your telling me this but it means nothing to me can you please stop calling me and don’t you ever send this flowers again….” With that i hanged up.

I drop my phone and picked the flowers ready to go throw it away once I turned there stood the beast looking at me angrily.

He looked to the flowers and to me, suddenly i felt scared,he walked towards me and I swallowed.


“Who gave you this flowers, and who were you talking too? He asked.

“… it’s……

“Don’t you dare lie to me Iyna ” he yelled grabbing my arms, gosh why is he so upset, who the hell is he to yell at me?

“Let go off me” I shouted .

He grabbed the flowers from my hand I try to pull it back but he gave me a bad look and I retreated he opened the card and he looked at me angrily.


“Collins gave you this …?..

He raised the card up.

“Yes…and why do you care ? I said.

“So you’ve been seeing him? He accused.

“What are you talking about? I asked

“He fuckin sent you a Rose and even called you his sunshine ….is this what you’ve been up to? He shouted.


Gosh why is he acting like this, I don’t understand

“Nicholas.just leave me alone …your just accusing me ….” I try to walk out but he pined me to the wall.

“W_what are……..

I was caught off by his lips on mine, oh my god, his kissing me, Nicholas is kissing me I stood shocked my eyes widen , like I’ve been poured a very cold water.


His hands were all over my body he squeezed my waist and I gasped and he found the opportunity to plug his tongue inside my mouth , I really don’t know how but I kissed him back.

His hand went under my skirt and he touched my skin, I felt my body suck with desire and feelings I’ve never tried to comprehend.


When ever am around him I tend to forget myself,and I don’t realize anything, he deepened the kiss and we kissed each other passionately.

He started kissing my neck and I moaned,oh gosh his lips can do wonders, what are you doing to me beast ? His stealing my innocence seriously.

“Your mine Iyna….” He whispered.

.my eyes was closed tightly I hold him tight not to fall.


“You belong to only me…me alone” he whispered again.

He left me and I suddenly feel shy or should I say embarrassed to look at him,he took the flowers and walked out .

I realise the breath I’ve been holding, I touched my lips …what the hell just happened?

I can’t believe I just kissed my boss back , why didn’t I push him away oh my goodness,i hit my head on my desk , stupid stupid stupid and very stupid girl ,that’s what i am, why will I give in like that? Damn .


The rest of the day continued and Nicholas asked me to come into his office, I stood up and matched there am still quite uncomfortable of what happened between us a while ago.

I knocked on his office door and i heard come in.

I walked in and saw so many files on the desk.


What the hell is going on here ?

“Am here ” I said.

“Um…Iyna we need to arrange this files in right order, starting from the blue ones, am sorry but you might go late today ” he said Calmly, hmm he seem calm now .

“Alright sir”

Soon we started working on the files together.


Nicholas’s p.o.v

I really don’t know what got into me today, when I saw those flowers with her I wondered who gave it to her then when I discovered it was Collins who gave her , I lost it.


His Trying to take Iyna from me which i won’t allow, never .that’s what he did with Dorris, I won’t let him into Iyna I will kill him, but kissing her feels so good, I could feel how my body hit up when I kissed her earlier damn, she’s so intoxicating, something I don’t wish to let go off, mere touching her makes me grow hard , damn this girl just do the unwanted to me without trying, and I swear I like it.

There’s so many work to be done so I asked Iyna we do it together, I really want her close to me.

We began working on the files one after the other , they are lots of them, I could see she was already tired , I stare at her as she concentrated on the work , her long beautiful hair fell to her face and she pushed it back .


Her hand looks so small and she looks so beautiful, this girl is really making me feel different,i don’t get possessive over women not even Dorris but her, I just find myself doing it.

She removed her shoes from her foot and tie her hair up and Knelt down to continue the file arrangements.

I chuckled.

She looked up at me and I faced my own files I secretly glanced at her and she was concentrated back again, she’s so little and funny .

We worked for about 3 hours , gosh this files took so much time, when i looked over at her ,she was already sleeping.


She looks so tender and beautiful,her head was rested on the center glass table in the center of my office and files were all over her, I looked at the time it’s already to 9 .

I gently got up and lifted her in my arms she feels so light , I don’t think am holding a thing, damn I like how she fit perfectly in my arms.

I took her and placed her gently on my couch, I stare at her beautiful face and moved her hair from her forehead, she looks so peaceful sleeping I smiled getting up I got back to continue the files since it’s not much again , I quickly did it, naturally if it was another woman I would have fired her for sleeping while she have things to do , but iyna ? I chuckled.

Her phone rang and I picked it ,it was Tobi calling.

“Hello tobi” I said .


“Oh !prince charming,its you am really worried Iyna isn’t back yet” she said.

“Don’t worry she’s here with me , I will bring her home soon” I said .

“Alright then… thanks” she said and hanged

I looked at Iyna and gently lifted her in my arms , gosh she’s such a deep sleeper , I took her to my car and return to my office to get her things .

After I was done I went into my car and drove off since I told Diva to go home,which is my mansion.

I would have really loved to take her to my house But I already told Tobi am bringing her home.

But it was okay for me to hold such an angel in my arms , I look over at her and smiled .

What are you doing to me iynaama Hayes?




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