The billionaire’s girl Episode 3

Chapter 3
💄Iyna’s p.o.v💄
I quic-kly got dressed the next morning, and Tobi met me.
“I seriously wish you luck girl” she said k!ss!ngmy cheek.
“Thanks Tobi” I k!$$£d her back and rushed out of the building.
I quic-kly took a cab and told them N.H seems everyone knows that company.
When I reached the building and c@m£ down after paying the cab man, my mouth fell open in a big “WOW” this place is out of the universe its totally made of glas-s , this is what I call glas-s company.
Taking a de-ep breath i walked into the building praying in my mind that I reach the standard they want .
I met the receptionist.
“Hey my name is Miranda ..and you are ? She asked .
I smiled.
“Iynaama hayes plea-se” I said .
She took her record book and search inside .
“Oh so your here for the interview? She asked .
“Umm..yeah” i said .
“Alright, you will go to the 18th floor and seat with the other interviewers”she said I nodded and head up.
I took The elevator and finally reached 18th floor .
I see about 10 people seated both guys and ladies , I should say am a little younger than some .
I smiled brightly at them ,argnnn I can’t believe am the last person that c@m£ .
I sat down and checked my time , it’s alre-ady 11 and interview is still going on?I was busy memorising the building company am in when a guy holding a tray of coffee c@m£ to me.
“Ms” he called smiling.
“Umm..yes” I replied.
“Coffee for you “he said .
I frowned,but I didn’t ask for coffee
“I didn’t ask for coffee sorry “I said.
“No mam…it’s for everyone …look over there everyone is drinking coffee “he said I looked and truly they are I smiled .
So this company is a generous one,they even make coffee for visitors.
“Ummm..okay thanks”I said picking the coffee.
“Hi am shisha “a lady said beside me.
“Umm iynaama”I replied.
Yes I know your might be wondering how my name sounds that’s the full name .*Iyna…ama* so that’s it.
But I mostly tell people am Iyna since it’s more short and easy to pronounce.
“That’s a nice name you’ve got Iyna …”she said and I smiled.
“So your also hear for the interview?she asked .
“Yeah…am totally feeling nervous alre-ady”I said and she chuckled.
“I heard that the boss is very ruthless and heartless, they said he doesn’t think twice before before snapping his f!nger which indicates…your fired ” shisha said and I laughed.
“Really….I really didn’t know that “I said smoothing my long curly hair behind my back.
“Yeah that’s all I heard so far, but I guess it’s true …his a very rich someone and he doesn’t do relationsh!pinfact he just uses women any how ” she said .
You know if you ask me I will just say , I don’t know why she’s telling me ,does she want me to get up and leave so I won’t get the job?well she seems cool maybe she’s just trying to lighten the place since it’s moody .
Soon she was called inside , I don’t know how long it took maybe 15…God am so tired alre-ady I feel like eating,am so hungry .
Just then she comes out with a sad face .
“Shisha did you get the job? I asked .
“His being arrogant…he said am not qualified for it , that guy …argnnn” she said.
I felt sorry for her, maybe I myself will end up not having this job my heart is Beating fast , shisha left .
“Ms Iynaama hayes” a woman called and I quic-kly stood up
“Yes”I answered.
“Your next ” she said and I modded.
This is it, am going now me lord.
I knocked on the door and i heard a very sweet S-xy de-ep male voice said *come in* I gently opened the door and walked in.
The guy was busy typing on his l@pt©p, I gently made my way to stand in front of his desk, his office is so big and beautiful.
The interior is one in a million,i was looking around untill I finally turned to meet the dark blue eyes I met last-night…wh
om I sl@pped..
My heart beat st©pped.
He was sm-irking at me.
“Hello Ms iynaama hayes” he said still sm-irking.
My eyes shoot out like bomb.
How did he know my full name ?what the fv¢k.
💖Nicholas’s p.o.v💖
I have never been humiliated the way I was at the club that night , I was really furious and clenched my fist re-ady to punch someone.
No woman has ever tried to do such to me , I know your Wondering how I knew her full name , after she ran out I gr@bb£d her friend and threatened to ruin her life if she doesn’t tell me the girls name ,she out of fear gave me the name “iynaama hayes” I left her and she hurried after the girl.
I actually took her name cause I want to make some investigation on her so I can deal with her for sl@pping Nicholas Hensmith…how dare her ?
She has gotten into my hand and she will regret ever sl@pping me.
But then when my office door opened I wàs still busy uprating my computer,then I looked up to see her…she’s the one,…well well well…it seems my prayers has been answered she c@m£ for the interview….do I nee-d to think before giving her the job?I don’t think so…she looks brilliant to me, I will make sure she works here, it’s time for her punishment.
She looked shocked at me when I called her full name .
“Hello Ms iynaama hayes”
“H_how dis y_you know m_my n_name ?she stammered.
I sm-irked.
“It’s easy to know people like you dear,….it seems God did well bringing you here my lady ….”I mocked .
She looks so surprised.
“Look …am really sorry for what happened last-night….I was only upset and took it out on you ….am so……
“Hold on”I st©pped her with my hand.
“Are you apologizing cause you’ve found out who I am?I asked .
She stayed quiet then took a de-ep breath.
“Look am really sorry…it wasn’t my intention…I’d go now I don’t nee-d the job anymore” she said turning to go.
What the fv¢k, she can’t just walk into my office and just go without being punished.
“Wait right there”I said and she st©pped.
💄Iyna’s p.o.v💄
God am so scared right now, how I wish I knew it’s his company i wouldn’t had come,what do I do?.
I gently turned around to face him.
“Come back here “he commanded pointing at the front of his desk.
Who the hell is he to command me.
“Look Mr hensmith or what ever …you have no right to command me to come there am leaving your office now so you can have a good day “I said turning to gr-ab the knob of the door.
“If you dare take another step , I will make your life miserable…mark my words ms hayes “he said in a ha-rd tone and my heart beat st©pped.
I turned back to face him.
“What do you want huh?….why won’t you let me go?I asked suddenly upset now.
He got up from his seat and took slow steps to me.his both hands in his pocket.
“I want you to work for me…don’t worry your alre-ady hired….cause I have no choice”he said .
I frowned.
“I don’t want the job anymore…so you can now let me go plea-se”I said.
“Not until you pay for sl@pping me …do you think I’d let you go score free…?…hell no….your going no where”he said .
My heart beat began to race.
“You don’t tell me what to do you douchebag”I yelled.
“Don’t try me ms hayes….and that’s not the way to speak to your boss….”he said .
“Your not my boss…cause I’ve not agreed to work for you …I don’t want to anymore so you can keep your offer” I shouted.
He sm-irked.
“Who told you am offering you the job….am commanding you to work for me….and don’t bother saying no…cause it’s useless…try me and see how miserable i will make you Become”he said in a ha-rd tone.
Gosh I feel like sl@ping him so ha-rd on the face, but how can he be so handsome and S-xy like a Greek god and at the same time..wicked and a devil in human clothing?.that’s a wrong combination right ..?I thought too.
“I don’t want to” I said moving back
“Okay there’s another condition” he said his eyes suddenly turned dark as he use his eyes to roam my b©dy , I gulp nervously.
“W…what?” I slutter
“Have one night with me and I’d let you go” he said and my eyes wi-den as shock filled my system, I moved back out of fear .
“Never , I will never sleep with you ” I yelled .
“Then you must work for me” he said sternly.
“I don’t want to work for you “I yelled again quic-kly turning to leave his office but he gr@bb£d me at once and He pushed me against the wall caging me with his big manly b©dy,and looked at me so ha-rd on the eyes I feel my Pam sweating from fear,God why didn’t you show me the way ….I just c@m£ in to meet this S-xy beast .
“Listen ms hayes…I get what I want …and I mean it anything, if you don’t want to have a night with me then your working for me and that’s final…try to opt out and try me ….you will see the real side of me…I won’t have my self to repeat this anymore but am sure you won’t want to taste my patience…”he said ha-rd ly …as we look into each other eyes.
Gosh his eyes are so beautiful like the diamonds in the sky…but why is he the devil him self .
He let go off me and went back to his seat as I stood motionless in my sp©t looking at him, no, I can’t have S-x with him , I can’t oh my am so confused.
“Your to start work tomorrow,be here 7 on the dot ….that’s when the company opens , make sure your not fv¢kin late…cause I hate late Comers”he suddenly said and i glared at him.
“How about I come late and you fire me?I asked cause I really want to go.
He stare at me angrily and soon sm-irked.
” ..try it and I will make you homeless”he said.
My eyes popped open.,did he just say he will make me homeless,he seem serious, what have I gotten myself into.
I wish I didn’t come here .
“Yes good you c@m£ …you may now leave …”he said did i say that out loud and I gave him one last look before.Leaving his office,i just feel like b!owing him so ha-rd on the face ,but if I dare it then I will face double problem… maybe even triple…am so helpless.
What will become of me now?