The billionaire’s girl Episode 20

Chapter 20
(Iyna’s p.o.v)
Right now I and Nicholas l@yon his king size be-d. My head on his che-st and his hands pla-ying with my hair.
I can’t believe he still accepted to keep me after my horrible story. I could still remember how my mom insulted me and told me I will never find any man to love me because once they find out , they will abandon me.
“You stupid girl, instead of you to do what I asked you to do, you said no……how dare you disobey me, I gave birth to you ,you will go into prostitution if you like it or not , it runs in your blood, go and bring money home you unwanted useless girl” my mom Susan shouted.
I was crying by now.
“I won’t do such a thing, I won’t do anything of such, I can’t give my b©dy to any man and get pregnant just like you “I said .
“You useless girl” she sl@pped me ma-king me fall at the impact.
“I fv¢kin brou-ght you into this world, what are you even trying to keep ? You will never find any man who will love you because once they know about your background they will throw you away , give up this useless dream of yours cause it will lead you nowhere “she shouted pu-lling my hair .
My grandma quic-kly pu-ll-ed me away .
“What has gotten into you Susan, are you trying to kill her” grandma Puma shouted .she pu-ll-ed me and hvgged me as I cried.
“She’s so worthless, that’s why I wanted to ab-ort her, but then you said no, I knew her coming into this world won’t do any good , I would kill you with my ba-re hands” she shouted .
“Your so heartless, how could you treat your own blood like this, when did you turn so wicked Susan, have you forgotten you brou-ght this on your self , why blaming the poor girl ? Grandma shouted .
Mom suddenly sat on the chair and started crying.
“My life is messed up, everything is messed up” she cried.
I gently went to her and Knelt In her front she buried her face in her hands .
“Mom, plea-se st©p Crying, ” I try to calm her down .
She pushed me away .
“It’s all because of you , once you listen to me then i will accept you , but to me you don’t exist, your useless to me ” she shouted stood up and left .
I stayed on the floor crying as grandma hvgged me .
“It’s okay Iyna….” She calm me down .
Can you imagine how my mom hate me so much to the extent she didn’t even name me , grandma named me iynaama…..
Is this how she really hated me? To that extent.
I didn’t realize I was crying silently till Nicholas lifted my face to look at me
Nicholas p.o.v
I heard her whimpering and I felt my che-st we-t with water , was she Crying?
I lifted her head up to look at her face, gosh her eyes are red and she’s crying,why?
“Iyna what’s wrong? I asked sitting and taking her with me .
“Hah calm down baby just tell me what’s wrong?I asked cleaning her tears .
“I just thought about my mom, she told me I will never be loved by anyman, that once they find out my background they will abandon me, Nicholas….are you really sure you still want me ? She whispered.
I love her, and I can’t let her go , I know this is a problem but theirs nothing i cant solve , I will have to reveal this to the press and explain to them before the bit-ch Dorris goes first to ruin it , at least once the press hears me out , Dorris information will be useless and I will be able to destroy her completely.
“Nicholas? Iyna called .
Gosh I was in de-ep thought that I forgot she asked me a question,she looks like she’s about to cry again.
“I know you don’t want…….
“No Iyna ” I cut her off.
“I still want you and always will , Iyna you mean so much to me, I know this might be bad for my reputation but I can’t loss you, I will do my best to make sure this comes out in a good way so Dorris won’t succeed in her plans to reveal anything, I will talk to the press as soon as possible” I replied.
She looked shocked.
“Dorris knows about this , how, who told her ? She asked .
I took In a de-ep breath and started telling her all Collins had said and how his helping me to get to Dorris pretending to be on her side and how he was stalking her to get her upset,i explained to her and she was surprised.
Well right now I have to deal with the press about her issue , it’s really important.
well it’s been one month now and I and Collins are secretly working together,ive explain to my family and they trust Collins again,.
The matter of Iyna was really bad,but I still revealed my relationsh!pto them , and I told them the story in a way they will un-derstand,it was really ha-rd at first but I try my best to answer their family accepted Iyna after learning the truth , and they really love her,infact dad invited her family to come over to America, am sure they will be here probably next week.
At the other side Collins gave me an information about Dorris and her mother how angry they were when I discovered about iyna’s identity and cleared the mess from the website In an instant.
Iyna too was really embarras-sed, the press bu-mped her one day and threw so many questions at her ,thank goodness my driver diva was there to get her out without answering any questions.
I knew it hurt her, cause it was all over the headlines, I calmed her down because it was best I let it out myself than letting the bit-ch , the matter didn’t take 2, days before it was solved .
Right now am in my office with my dad,kelvin , jack , Ravis ,Andy and Collins , Collins just gave us an information about Dorris and her mother’s plan.
“So that means she’s gonna call me right ? I asked .
“Yes….she will ask you and your father to come meet them ,am sure they think you guys don’t know about serina yet , it will all be like your shocked to see her once she revealed herself ” Collins said bringing out a picture and handing it to me.
Hmm so this is the serina Clark’s, I really don’t know her that much , but I must say she’s a beautiful woman with a devils heart , I gave it to my dad to see as he looked throu-gh it.
“She really changed herself….I was actually expecting her to come back , cause when she ran away from prison we try to find her , so this was why we couldn’t get her? She changed herself”my dad said with a sm-irk.
“Well it’s time to end her …. when did she say we should meet her ? I asked .
Collins checked his time .
“In about 2 hours , I nee-d to be Going now to stay with them, the plan is , I will pretend to be on their side so once they strike I will strike too, but she only wants you and your father there , I don’t think the family has to hear this so it has to be kept from them ….” Collins said .
My dad nodded .
“Your right , I don’t want Vanessa to get worried about this “my dad said his been keeping secrets from mom, and i don’t blame him, he just want her safe.
“Right , I don’t want Iyna too worry too” I said yeah I didn’t tell her about meeting them , she will freak out and want to go with me which will not end well.
“Good day , alert the police as soon as I go , but let them be in a hidden place, I will give you a call in an hour time ,and I will s£nd the location, make sure it’s only you both to come in ” Collins said.
We nodded .
He shook us and quic-kly left.
Well I guess today will be though .
Iyna’s p.o.v
It’s been a month alre-ady thank goodness my matter has died down, I was really embarras-sed to even come out , the press was all over me , bombing questions at me , my grandma got the news and was really sorry that it has to happen.Nicholas parents also helped in the issue and still accepted me, they even invited my family over,but am scared, what if my mom refuse to come, it will really hurt me, I just pray she comes.
I’ve been feeling sick for a long time now , and I just don’t know what’s happening to me , I kept vomiting, I try to tell Nicholas about it, but he has lots of things to deal with so I just can’t trouble him yet since Dorris case is still on ground.
“Iyna….you should taste this chilly bean its really delicious” Tobi said putting the meal In my mouth .
“Yummy it tastes good”I said .
“Well I made it for my b©yfri£ndlast-night, he really loved it” she says happily i smiled .
She must really love this Jacob guy ,I’ve only met him twice and I must say his really funny to be around.
“Tobi ….tell me , is Jacob really serious about the relationsh!p? I asked .
She gave me a questioning look.
“Iyna …do you think,his not serious? She asked .
“No, his very funny and good to be with …I didn’t mean for it to……..
Oh God am sick .
I quic-kly ran into the bathroom and throw up, I kept throwing up, Tobi ran into the bathroom and ru-bbe-d my back .
“Iyna are you okay ? She asked .
I washed my mouth and cleaned my face I took a de-ep breath.
“I don’t know Tobi , I’ve been feeling so sick since this p@rt few days , I kept throwing up every little thing I eat” I said ru-bbing my temple.
She looked at me for a while .
“Iyna when last did you see your circles?” She suddenly asked .
I thought de-eply .
“It was earlier last month , I’ve been expecting it since the first week of this month but non yet “I said .
She looked at me with wi-de eyes .
“Iyna …could it be that …your …..
My eyes wi-den as realization dawned on me
Oh my God it can’t be.