The billionaire’s girl Episode 14

Chapter 14
. (Iyna’s p.o.v)
Right now, me and Nicholas l@yon my be-d. Don’t ask me how we got here ,you should know alre-ady, we started k!ss!ngand we ended here and doing it again.
Somewhere in my heart i felt happy and loved as I recalled my grandma’s words .
*Once you see whom your heart de-sires even your heart can’t st©p you*
*Learn to love and beloved*
Yes I can’t let my mom past continue to hunt me, I met and fell inlove with Nicholas, and am happy he does too, and I agreed to be his girlfriend, he was so happy that he gr@bb£d me at once , k!ss!ngthe hell out of me and we ended up here,I never knew he had this good side of him am still surprised, after what happened between us I thought he wàs gonna ask me to leave and call me one of his flings but instead the unexpected happened.
Nicholas hensmith confessed his love to me, Yes all this time we do shout at each other we were inlove but didn’t realize it, at least now am just praying that we last ,cause am scared , what if he ends up leaving me just like my mom was left by Raymon’s dad and mine, I will feel so hurt , thinking about that got me even scared. “Baby are you okay? Nicholas asked pla-ying with my hair as my head l@yon his che-st.
“Yeah” I whispered.
“Are you sure? You seem to be worried about something” he said . I raised my head and looked at him he stare at me back , his so handsome with does beautiful eyes of his, maybe I should ask him about Dorris.
“Umm….Nick…what happened between you and Dorris ? I asked. He signed and t©uçhed my hair .
“It’s a long story” he said.
“I don’t mind listening to it” I said tou-ching his face he took my hand and k!$$£d it .
“Umm….well, she’s my ex…”he said and i nodded. “I was so much inlove with her back then , actually it was gradually, cause I never believed in loving someone due to my grandparents story of how they hurt each other till at last they ended up together, same goes to my family, theirs was even worse , I discovered that love hurts a lot so I try not to enter into that line at all”
“But my thoughts changed when I met Dorris , she was so beautiful that I fell instantly inlove with her, I tried and bec@m£ her friend, and we were always together, I really showed her my love …and I asked her to be my girlfriend, she was really happy and we started d@t!ng, I told my family about her although my mom didn’t approve it same goes to my two sisters, they said they don’t like her, but I refused to listen to them because I really loved Dorris ”
He took a de-ep breath, somewhere in my heart I feel jealous seriously.
“So, the first year of our relationsh!pwas going well, the second year Dorris started being distance, each time i try to talk to her she gives me cold attitude, at a point I thought maybe i did something wrong , but she never told me anything, I do take her out and make sure I get anything she wanted but she distance herself more, I bec@m£ worried, and suspicious that she was up to something”
“My mom told me to Break up with her but I couldn’t, I just couldn’t hurt her, after some months I decided to propose To her at least we can be engaged while we study at college, then that day I found Dorris k!ss!ng…….
He st©pped
I t©uçhed him and pushed him to continue.
“She was k!ss!ngCollins” he said .
I g@sped. “What? I asked .
” Yeah , Collins was my friend back then, but after that day I broke all ties with him, it’s recently his father started doing business with us that’s why he was p@rt of the meeting the other day ” he said. Oh my no wonder he looks so angry when ever he sees Collins.
“I had a big fight with him, thinking he k!$$£d Dorris , but Dorris never said a word, i was expecting her to start explaining to me or even apologize, but she looked me in the face and told me , she doesn’t love me but Collins, I was broken…I couldn’t believe it, even right there I thought she was joking, I even knelt down and begged her to not hurt me like that ….but she told me shes done with me and Collins pu-ll-ed her away ,i just couldn’t believe it Iyna….I never knew Dorris will do such a thing to me …
“My family bec@m£ so furious at her most especially me , and that’s because I didn’t listen to them, I ended up throwing the ring away , it was useless. She breaking up with me made the whole situation worse and I completely hate to feel love, I hate the word love and I began to use women any how I wanted , I didn’t want anything to be attached just one night stand and your gone, I started seeing love as something that only hurts people after you pour out your emotions then you get stabbe-d right behind you , Dorris turned me into a complete j£rk and I hurt many women just because I was mad of the situation”
Tears fell from his eyes, me too I was alre-ady crying. “Why does it have to hurt so much Iyna … thinking about it ,and the humiliations and mockery I got from people, I was broken beyond repair……
He pu-ll-ed me to him and held my face as he looked into my eyes. “But then I met you ,and I wanted nothing more but to have you ,…Iyna I love you so much and I don’t want to loss you too, I will die if you leave me ” he said.
I shook my head.
“Don’t say that ,….I won’t leave you …Dorris has hurt you so much and to think she hurt you Because of Collins i just can’t believe it, she deserved to be punished, she doesn’t deserve to be loved by any man , how could she hurt you so badly ” I said tou-ching his cheek. “Iyna….that’s why I was really upset when Collins was trying to flir-t with you , and then he s£nt you flowers, I bec@m£ furious that his trying to take you away too, I just lost it each time I think you won’t belong to me ….but I just want you all to myself, I love you so much Iyna …..I really do” he said .
I nodded.
“I love you too” I whispered.
And I k!$$£d him.
And hvgged him. Dorris has hurt him so much , that bit-ch ….
And then Collins that as-s-hole.
And his trying to have his way with me that bastard
Nicholas’s p.o.v
After telling Iyna everything i felt relieved, am so happy she belongs to me now, but I won’t lie that am not scared she might change her mind about me, I really don’t want her to hurt me and leave me just like Dorris did. She loves me and I love her, but I will never leave her, I must keep her here with me forever she stole my heart and it will remain that way .
Right now she’s ma-king food in the kitchen and am watching her, she’s just blu-shing and I Chuckled. “Your ma-king me uncomfortable Nicholas” she said.
I went close to her and hvgged her from behind.
“Are you sure? I whispered k!ss!ngher ear.
She chuckled and try to push me away .
“Now your distracting me mr man” she said. I turned her to face me, and pl@ywith her hair .
“Am so happy we are together” I whispered.
I k!$$£d her forehead.
“Why don’t you let me cook the meal? I asked.
She eyed me. “So you can burn down my house right ? She said .
I laughed.
“Am a good cook believe me” I said
“Mr Nicholas hensmith I doubt that ” she hissed and turned back to cooking. “Do you think am lying? Ok why don’t you ask yourself….why don’t I have a maid ” I said and she turned to me.
“Yeah that’s true … why? She asked.
I pu-ll-ed her to me by the w@!st. “Because I cook for myself sometimes…..the first maid I had wanted me …so I told her to leave and since then maids are terrible”I said.
“Hmmm….as if you weren’t happy she’s over you ” she said and I raised an eyebrow. “Someone is jealous” I tea-sed.
“Of course not” she replied.
“But why do you sound so ….your jealous”I tea-sed on.
“Did you sleep with her? She asked suddenly ma-king me to draw back. “Iyna.,…no…I didn’t, i told you I told her to leave…. besides I don’t do that in my mansion….I do it in the h0tel ” I replied.
She seem upset and she turned her back and continue cooking. “Iyna .”I pu-ll-ed her to face me again.
“Am sorry if my past is hurting you , but you should know your the only one now …I love you and I won’t hurt you … plea-se trust me ” I said .
I looked into her eyes and she t©uçhed my face . “Am sorry am taking it personal, it’s your past , I wasn’t there then…it shouldn’t hurt me “she says.
“Iyna…..I want you to trust me okay , plea-se…we nee-d to trust each other to make this relationsh!pwork , I won’t hurt you ….. promise me you won’t ever think am cheating on you …. promise me you will always love and trust me ” I said.
“I promise…..”she whispered.
I smiled and I bend my head and we started k!ssing, I didn’t know for how long . “. Ahhhhhh. ….THE FOOD IS BURNING”
We quic-kly pu-ll-ed away as we heard the shout .
It was Tobia.
Iyna’s p.o.v
I rushed and off the g@s ,. “Oh my god the pancake is burnt” Tobia cried out coming to see it.
Nicholas chuckled, I laughed.
“Wait a second….” Tobi said looking at us.
“Prince charming….oh my gosh …it’s you , what’s going on…you both were k!ss!ngso pas-sionately…..I smell something” she said .
And Nicholas chuckled
“Are you both …….?she asked
I smiled, she jumped up. “Yessssssaaaaaahhh…….this is amazzzzzing….
……….” She shouted and jumped ont©p of Nicholas.
ma-king them to fall on the floor , I bur-st out laughing.
“Oh my god am so sorry ” she said trying to pu-ll him up Nicholas chuckled. “Calm down” he said laughing.
“Finally….am so happy for you both , I can’t believe after all this year’s Iyna Finally decided to have a b©yfri£nd……. thank goodness shes finally forgotten her Mo………. “Tobia “I cut her off and shook my head telling her not to complete her word.
She suddenly chuckled.
“Oh my …what was I saying? She laughed
Nicholas looked at us confused. “Forgotten what ? He asked.
Oh my gosh am not re-ady to tell him this , what if he doesn’t want me anymore after finding out am a daughter to a pr©st!tût£and I don’t even know my father . “Umm….oh prince charming… actually what I mean to say is ….Iyna Finally forgot her promise…that she will not fall inlove with you ” Tobi changed it and we laughed.
“Really…so you actually promised not to love me? He asked amusingly.
“Yeah kind of “I replied.
“Yes prince charming….umm…’s funny right ? Tobi asked.
“Yes “he chuckled. And pu-ll-ed me to him.
“Awwwnnnn….I really love this couples….you know what you both to go seat down In the living room I will make another meal ….then we can watch Netflix and eat so well…..”she said happily. “Common go” she pushed I and Nicholas out of the kitchen.
“We are going”I said and Nicholas chuckled.
Later we ate and began watching Netflix together, the movie is really interesting, I rested my head on Nicholas shoulder all throu-gh, and he pla-yed with my hair sometimes he will look down and our eyes will meet .
He will quic-kly steal a k!ssfrom myl-ips and I will blus-h, once Tobi catches us she will clear her throat and face the TV back.
“Am watching the TV” she quic-kly said and we Chuckled.
I was so happy, I never knew this day will come that I will fall Inlove with the Man i dislike before. Am so happy, my grandma nee-ds to hear this .
Later Nicholas k!$$£d me and went home , he said his picking me tomorrow on his way to the office, I refused but he insisted so I gave in.
Tomorrow am gonna be ri-ding with him to the company.
I turned and saw Tobi piping throu-gh my back to see, I pushed her in .
“She’s inlove ….she’s inlove” she shouted.
“Tobi” I yelled and chase after her..