November 25, 2020


Mind blowing palace

The billionaire p.a episode 67 & 68

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A few seconds passed. Then, she cleared her throat.

“Firstly… Sir…”

She drawled out batting her lashes.

“You’re my boss and so therefore have no business what so ever in my personal life.”

Her words struck deep in me. I began to regret asking about it in the first place. I could tell for some strange reason it hurt her and then again, it looked like she did in fact have something to hide.

“Secondly, I owe no explanation to you concerning my extra curricular activities so you have no right to ask.”

She choked slightly and exhaled opening her mouth to speak, obviously not done with me yet.

“Thirdly, I know am just your personal assistant but I thought maybe, just maybe you’ll know me a little to tell I wouldn’t do that sh*t. I guess I was wrong. Just because we had that encounter doesn’t mean I go around with men or anything like that.”

She spat out and stood up to leave.


I countered making her halt.

“You know what I mean Sir.”

“Elaborate. I don’t.”

“The accident yesterday.”


I drawled out taunting her.


“Oh you mean the kiss…”

She let out a low gasp and her shoulders slumped.

“Is that all Sir?”

She asked turning around. I bit my lower lips keeping my gaze on her. Hers were quivering slightly.

“Yes, that would be all. Just one last thing Miss Salvatore.”

I got up from my chair taking quick strides towards her. She didn’t move lifting her head and focusing on only me.

“Yes, Sir….”

Her voice was shaky. The closer I got, the faster her defenses were crumbling.

“How was the kiss?”

I ask staring deep into her eyes.


She stuttered unable to form a complete sentence.

“I asked how the kiss was? I want to know if I was bad at it. You know just in case I want to kiss another woman soon. ”

“I don’t think this is appropriate Sir. I’ll be taking my leave now.”

She turned around about to make a run for it. I quickly held her arm halting her movements at the same time pulling her close.

“Tell me. Then, you can leave.”

I whispered using her back to face me.

“It was…”

“The truth….”

I added listening to her haggard breathing.

“I can’t fully remember Sir. It was okay but I can’t remember much but it was okay.”

She rushed the words out trying to calm her breathing.

“Are you sure Miss Salvatore?”

I asked taunting her further.

“Yes. Yes, I am.”

She said quickly.

“Alright then. You can go.”

I let her slip from my grip. She exhaled taking two steps backwards.

Suddenly, i took her by surprise, spun her around and crashed my lips on hers wordlessly.


I expected yet another rude remark, I even practiced breathing exercises. Worse comes to worse, I get fired. That’s more likely to happen in this scenario. Never the less, I grew a pair and entered his office.

“About two minutes from now, I’ll be getting my things ready to leave.”

I mumbled to myself pushing the door opened.

We all know what I was doing two minutes later. Just like the first kiss, it took me by surprise and I froze up. His lips were moving at a slow pace expecting me to show signs of wanting it. I couldn’t personally because I didn’t know if I actually did.

Suddenly, his hands had trailed down and gripped my waist with a little force. I gasp at our closeness and the next I felt was his tongue pushing deep in me. It was like a wake up call. I had to admit it felt really good. Slowly, I opened up and let him kiss me moving my lips against his for the second time.

My hands had reached the back of his neck. There was practically no space left between us as our tongue battled from dominance. A fight which was already lost from the beginning.

I had to break the kiss seconds later, it was getting extremely hard to breathe. My face was flushed and I looked towards the door panting. I could hear his haggard breathing as well as he tried to get back in control.

“I umm….”

I clamped my mouth realising that I might make a fool out of myself.


He called out breathlessly. My name had never rolled off someone’s tongue so perfectly.

“Look at me. Please.”

His voice sounded needy but I couldn’t bring myself to actually turn around.


The same voice came again. Only this time, it sounded closer. Much, much closer.


His breath fanned the crook of my neck, he was right behind me. My throat was dry, I couldn’t speak even if I wanted to.

“Look at me please….”

He practically begs touching my arms. Electric current runs through my spine. I feel like a f****ng teenager on Valentine. I can’t even move. It’s like an stuck or something.

“Elena, I….”

He tried to say the same time as I took a deep breath. I repeated the same action until it finally clicked. It’s happening all over again. I’m making the exact same mistake I made with Van Mikeslson. This is exactly how it started with him. Taking me to parties, kisses in the office. Who knows if Damon is engaged to that Stacy woman.

This must be freaking deja vu. I can’t believe that after years history is repeating itself. Not this time, I’ll just have to put an effort in and control myself. I will not be weak. Not this time. I turned around and faced him. Then, I took two steps backwards to avoid another “mistake”

“The last kiss was a mistake. This was an even bigger mistake. I’m your assistant and you’re my boss that’s the only relationship that can exist. I’m sorry Sir but I have work to do. I need to leave now.”

I flashed him my best fake smile keeping my sh*t together. I will not break down in front of him. I nodded my head, turned around once more and began walking towards the door like a frigging zombie.



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