December 4, 2020


Mind blowing palace

The billionaire p.a episode 53 & 54

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For the next few minutes or more, I completely forget what Van has done and did to me. Damon’s words are enough to keep me calm and composed. Eventually, it wore off.

I took a bath and laid on my soft bed with my eyes on the ceiling. My thoughts were occupied with Van. All my hard work down the drain. I had little money left so I do not regret staying back to work. If only I had been more careful, he wouldn’t have found me.

Escaping from him last time cost me literally everything. He won’t make the mistake this time, I’m stuck with him whether I like it or not. This time, I have this weird feeling in the pit of my gut that it’ll be worse than before.


Over the next few days, I feel insecure about everything. I had my house double checked for cameras, I changed all my locks and looked over my shoulders in everything I did. I began to live the life of an outcast, a loner.

I followed the latest news updates and Octavia moved the wedding up. A cover photo was displayed and the editor captioned them as the happiest couple in town. I crumpled it in a ball and tossed it into the trash. While they’re having the time of their lives, I feel like am caged.

A wild animal perhaps. Van kept to his words, I noticed the littlest things. He even managed to have some of my neighbours watching me. It gave me the creeps.

The mailman, the food vendor. All of them had hawk eyes directed straight at me. My things were packed and ready. The moment I see an opening, I’m out of here.

I’ll find a place to hide before I board a ticket out of the state. It’s not safe here for me anymore. I had a feeling Octavia wasn’t even done with me yet. She was too powerful to let what I did to her slide. Van possessiveness makes me feel powerless. Just too many problems on my back making me unable to think straight.


A week had past and I’m still not able to leave. The minute I try, I get blocked. On the upside, Van hasn’t paid any surprise visits. He just seems to want to keep me close and nothing more.

I had just returned from an evening jog surprised to see my lock had been tampered with. My heart pounded against my chest and the next minute I felt a sack being pulled over my head. A strong body carried me into a car and zoomed off. As I tried to scream, a needle pierced my skin making me pass out.



I regain consciousness when the feeling of water touches my skin.

“Get those off her! She’s not an animal.”

Van voice booms from the edge of the room. I’m blindfolded so I can’t see sh*t yet his voice can’t be mistaken for any other.

I can feel the holds been cut off from my wrists before the bag or blindfold is taken away. I expect to be in a very dark room with a window like I’ve watched in the movies but instead I’m in a very pretty room. The bed is neatly arranged still. I looked forward and as expected, Van stood there watching me. I rushed towards him delivering as much slaps as I could onto his body. They were weak of course my body felt drained but I cared less, he needed to feel the intensity of my anger.

He’s set to marry soon. I even took it as my get out of jail free card. I imagined he’ll be too busy with the wedding preparations or honeymoon to care about me and then I could just slip away but instead he kidnapped me.

“This is kidnapping! I swear to God I’ll have you arrested.”

He chuckled staring at me surprisingly amusing.

“I don’t get how I can be funny in any way Van! Why won’t you leave me the f**k alone! Just go!”

I scream shoving him hard.

“I can’t leave you Elena. I love you.”


I scoff.

“You don’t love me. You barely know the definately of love.”

I continue forcing myself not to get emotional. He doesn’t get to know this hurts me. He doesn’t.

“You’re getting married. You’re going to live the perfect life. You claim you love me but you seem fine with getting married to another. Do you see how sickening that is! Just let me go!”

“So you can try escaping. You’re smart, I know. You’re still here till I figure out what next to do. The house is yours you just can’t leave.”

He turns away to leave.

“Van please don’t do this! Let me go!”

I beg, tears threatening to stream down.

“I’ll come to see you everyday. Bye Elena.”

He tries to peck me. I push him off and try to run towards the door. One of his hefty bodyguard captures me in his grip taking me back to the bed.

“You can’t run Elena. Don’t even try. They have instructions not to hurt you but they’re other ways to subdue, I love you.”

“You’re demented!”

“Bye now.”

He states, turns around for the second time and leaves. The gruffy man scowls before taking his leave too. I curse the day I met Van Mikeslson. Heaven knows how much I curse it!

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