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March 5, 2021


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The billionaire p.a episode 31 & 32

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He called breathlessly.

Damon looked back and forth between us. I quickly got up adjusting my dress maintaining his gaze.

We haven’t been in the same room for over two years. Whether I choose to admit it or not, I really missed him.

“You two know each other?”

Damon asks but I couldn’t respond. I just kept staring.

“No, we don’t.”

I cleared my throat and tore my eyes away.

“I’m really stressed. I’d like to go home and rest now.”

I felt agitated. Van kept staring at me. It made feel extremely uneasy.

“Alright then, come on.”

I led the way, when I passed Van his eyes were on mine. He hasn’t changed one bit. I gulped at the intensity of his gaze.

Damon wasn’t buying anything, the look on his face told me everything.

I finally walked out of the house and got into his car.

“I guess I’ll see you for the signing say tomorrow at your company?”

“Actually, I’ll come over to yours.”

Van suggested.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.”

His voice was hard and firm. It felt like he was talking to me more than Damon.

I rushed into the car nibbling at the edge of my nails.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes. Just tired.”

I responded quickly. He ignited the engine and drove off.

Almost three years of running and staying away from the Mikeslson, three days of working for Damon Salvatore, everything gets blown.

I contemplated getting home, packing my things and hitching a ride on the first bus out of the city . I shook my head In negation. He had already seen me, if I ran now he’ll Chase me no matter what.

“Miss Salvatore…”

I heard a faint voice say. I didn’t pay attention until a soft hand tapped mine.


I trailed off gulping.

“We’re here.”

He announced.


I trailed off and quickly stepped out.

“If you’re not feeling well enough, you can rest easy.”

“No, I’m fine.”

I forced a smile. No need running now, he’s seen me already. It has begun.

Two cars at the end of the street watching me. Woman in a baseball hat trailing me.

Barely ten minutes, he already has every eyes on me.

Like I said, running would be pointless at this time.

“I’ll see you tomorrow Mr O’Cornner.”

I bade formally and get into my house.

I slumped against the door pushing back old memories. This time, they don’t want to stay buried. No matter how hard I try, memories began to flood my head.


I shoved him away holding my lips.

“We can’t Mr Mikeslson. You’re engaged. Please, no more.”

I ran off before he could stop me, hot tears streaming down my cheeks.

I was full on crying when someone slapped me. I held my cheeks and it was his fiance.

“You social climbing b***h!”

She screamed pulling my hair dragging me back to the party.

“Stop it!”

I moaned in pain, it hurt like hell but she didn’t care.

She tugged at my roots and I was the center of attraction.

“This is what happens to girls who tries to bite more than they can chew.”

She announced to everyone before pushing my head into the big bucket of punch {juice}


I cuddled myself tightly cringing at the memories.

It’s all coming back, history is slowly repeating itself yet again.



I groaned in bed getting up. Scratching my head lightly, I realised I didn’t take a shower before crashing after watching a movie last night.

I yawned still feeling a little tired. My gun shot wound still hurt a little, I would have to be extremely careful while taking a bath.

In two days, I’ll go see the doctor to remove the stitches and bandages.

Just out of curiosity, I put on my slippers and opened the door.

Just as I expected, man in a hoodie watching my front view. It was just one car left now though.

I groaned again. He’s already trying to take control of my life. Again.

I stepped back slowly trying to go back inside.


I screamed in pain as my forehead made contact with the door. It’s been a while since I did that.

I rubbed it softly to get the pain to subside. I carefully locked my door before getting ready.

“Wait a minute…”

I trailed off with a gulp checking my alarm clock. It didn’t ring, that only means….

“Oh my God it’s nine am!”

“f**k! sh*t! How could I f****ng over sleep!”

I scolded myself and quickly took off my clothes.


I moaned roughly touching my wound. I hissed as the pain multiplied before finally reducing.

“Maybe Mr O’Cornner might give me a pass, I did get shot.”

I smirked deciding not to rush. I’m still in the healing process so I’m going to take my sweet time to get ready.


It was approximately half an hour past nine when the cab I boarded dropped me off at work.

I stepped out, paid him in cash and walked towards the building.

I’m taking a huge leap but it’s not like Mr O’Cornner is going to yell at me. He didn’t ask me to take the day off so technically I’m doing him a favor.

I smirked once again before walking into the building. As always, I took the elevator to my floor making a mental note to see Mr Dax later on.

I was at least three feets away from my office when I heard grunting, screaming and yelling.

By the time I twisted the door knob standing at the doorway, it became clearer.

Mr O’Cornner was furiously yelling at someone over the phone. He is definately not in a good mood today. I’m so dead.

I muttered a few last prayers about to walk in.

“You f****ng piece of sh*t!”

He yelled, I shuddered and halted.

“Or maybe I’ll wait till he calms down. He’s a busy, busy man. I won’t want to get in the middle of whatever that is.”

I smiled at my decision planning to walk away.


Van mumbled behind me making my heart do a little back flip.

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