December 1, 2020


Mind blowing palace

The billionaire p.a episode 15 & 16

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“Damon. I can’t believe this!” She raises her voice at him in a girly squeak.

“Jenny, we were just working I promise you.”

“Working! She insulted me, aren’t you supposed to be firing her!”

She retorts throwing daggers at me.

“I just hired her yesterday. Besides she’s really good at what she does.” He adds making me grin.

“Alright. But why are you two “working”…”
She trails off with a quote.

“Behind Closed doors huh and isn’t working hours over Damon! What aren’t you telling me!”

“Nothing, I swear it.” His face is flushed and he is clearly not liking this but I really don’t care.


“Leave me alone Damon. Have fun with your whore.”

“What did you call me…?” I ask trying to control my temper.

“Whore, slut.” I raise my hand landing a resounding slap on her cheeks.

“Did you just slap me?” She asks facing Damon.

“No, definately not. My hands just made contact with your cheeks.”

I respond in a sarcastic manner.

“Damon do something!” She yells.

“You know what Jenny! Am sick and tired of your over Possessiveness and your tantrums. It’s over between us!”

“Damon, you can’t seriously be breaking up with me!” She gasps and I’m trying my best not to laugh right now.

“I’m not breaking up with you. I already did.” He retorts and I can’t hold it back anymore. I hold my tummy and roll my eyes in laughter.

“Watch what I’ll do!” She shrieks and walks away. I swallow my laughter as he glares at me.

“Very funny Miss Salvatore. We need to finish up quickly and get home. ” He says and I giggle lightly before getting back to work.


We’re almost done and Damon doesn’t ask any more questions after the incident with Jenny.

“Hey…what about this….” I turn and our head bumps making me recoil in pain.

“sh*t!” He curses holding his forehead.

“Are you always this clumsy!”

“Yes.” I reply truthfully. He shakes his head showing me the paper work when lightning strikes.

“Oh God! It’s going to rain.”

“I’ll get my driver to take you home.”

“U-Umm it’s okay, I can go home myself.”

“I ask you to stay over, I’m not letting you go home yourself.” He says and I gulp.

“He can’t find out where I live, it only complicates matters.”

“That’s ok, it probably won’t rain heavily.”

I said followed by a nervous chuckle.

“Alright, if you say so.” He rolls his eyes and I smile.


Half an hour later, we’re done with everything and it’s raining cats and dogs outside.

“My driver just called, he can’t make it. My car’s outside which means I’m dropping you off. No buts, let’s go.” He says in a commanding tone. I drag my feet towards the stairs refusing to take the elevator again.

He waits for me downstairs, shaking his head lightly at my actions.

“I’ll go look for an umbrella. There should be one in the Janitor’s closet.” He says and I hold his arm stoping him.

“Is the Billionaire bas***d afraid of getting a little rain on him?” I ask teasing.

“Of course not.”

“Then let’s go.” I open the door for him to lead the way.

We both rush out into the rain running as fast we can towards his car. By the time we get to the door, we’re both drenched. He’s soaked all through making his hair really wet, water slowly drips towards his face and for a second I ogle at him mesmerized.

Why haven’t I noticed all this while how handsome my boss is?….


I realise I’m staring at him as he waves his hands in front of me. I blink my eyes and snap out of my trance.

The door is open and he gets in while I do same. He turns on the heater in his car which I didn’t even know could exist and I suddenly feel a little better.

“f****ng cold…” I hissed after a few seconds.

“You should get home. We wouldn’t want you to be late tomorrow.” He says starting the car.

“Just give me directions to your house.”

I gulp again, smacking my lips.

“He can’t find out where I live.” I thought forcing a smile.

“Go straight and take a left at the next street.” He nods his head and drives away following my fake directions.


After a while, I make him pull over at a neighborhood. It’s close to mine but still a little far away.

“This is where you live?” He asks turning the car of.

“Yep.” I reply popping the “p”

“I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.” I said getting out of the car.

“Alright.” He responds in a hard tone.

I start walking turning around and he’s still there, I shrug it off and continue working finding an alley to use as a shortcut. There’s still a slight drizzle adding to the fact that I’m a little cold so I have to rub my skin and try to warm myself up.

It’s really late so I walk as fast as I can through the dark alley clutching to my purse as tightly as I can.

“I’ll be home soon.” I say trying to reassure myself.

“Who goes there….” A gruffy voice calls out and I shiver slightly.

“Looks like our catch for the night.” A much deeper voice adds.

“Preety too.” A cold voice says making a voice count of three men. I finally catch a glimpse of them in front of me. I turn around and try to run but they’re fast on my Chase.

“Where do you think you’re going….”

One of them says holding me by my leg making me hit the ground. Another one grabs my purse containing my phone and some money.

“Let me go!” I fight him off standing up but the other is quick to grab me.

I bit down on his hand harshly making me let me go holding his arm in pain.

The other one grabs me by my waist and raise me up and the first slaps me across the cheeks.

“We were going to let you go but after that stunt, I think I’l””l have a taste of this feistness ” He says touching my cheek, I try to slap his hands away but I’m held back tightly. He licks his lips and I can only imagine what’s he’s going to do to me.

Suddenly, he pushed back to the ground and I hear punches flying. It’s dark so I can barely see the face of my saviour. One of them holds onto to me why the other goes off to help his friend.

I hear him groan and he’s also on the ground yelling in agony. The last one took the coward’s way out and ran out.

I fell to the ground looking forward and his face becomes clear. He reaches over with my purse in his hand and I try to breath properly.

“How stupid do you think I am?” Damon asks in an angry tone.


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