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The billionaire girlfriend 2 Episode 23 & 24

🌷The Billionaire’s
🔥(She is mine)🔥
By: Kebby NG
Episode 23
“Because I love you! I love you Khalid,so much”
He froze “Say that again”
I gaze nervously at him blu-shing really [email protected]”I…..I said I love you,I know you said I shouldn’t but I couldn’t help it!”I don’t know what [email protected]£ over me, I suddenly [email protected]£ angry.
“Do you think my heart is made of stone? I’m human!..hello..Why would you ask me not to fall for you? who does that? And what kind of stupid rule is that? I’ve tried to suppress my feelings for you but couldn’t so you just have to deal with that”
I was blabbering I know but am really nervous right now…you can’t blame me for yelling at him.. I don’t know how his going to react.
I realize he hasn’t said a thing all this while and panicked OMG is he angry ?
I glanced up at him to see his face but as usual it was void of any emotion, ma-king it [email protected] for me to know what he’s feeling.
Unexpectedly, he bur-sted out laughing.”I should deal with it?”he said still laughing
He muttered some curses then he [email protected]£ serious once again,then he stared at me.
I shifted uncomfortably, ahhh.. why is he staring at me like that? I followed his gaze and froze.
Hol on …
I glanced down at myself and realized I was only in my [email protected] and [email protected] with an untied robe “holy $h!t” I glared at him in horror.
“My eyes are up here @sshole” I yelled
He sm-irked as I tried covering up myself but hands were pinned to the wall.
“My darling June, where you expecting someone else? Why did you dress up S-xily?”
“What are you saying?I wasn’t expecting anyone okay? Now let me go!”
He didn’t of course, he started trailing his hands from my tummy to my b©©b s then st©pped at my shoulder. He push off my robe and it fell to the ground living me half n-ked.
“What do you think you’re doing?” I half yelled with my heart beating fast.
“And what does it look like am doing?” he asked with a smile.
My frown de-epened more, I’m so confused right now and don’t know what to do.
I mean,I just confessed my feelings for him, firstly,he hasn’t said anything. Secondly, he isn’t mad, infact he acted as if I didn’t just ba-red my heart to him.
I remembered what he just said and glared at him”Take that negative thought from your mind Mr,cause nothing is going to happen.” Yeah I’m not going to sleep with no matter how bad my b©dy wants him.
“Whoa, you really do have a bad mind June, what do you think is going to happen?”
🥀 Khalid 🥀
I stood on her porch contemplating on what to do, then I decided to call her — even though I knew she was inside.
The way she sounded made my heart clench,she doesn’t want to see me again but too bad it’s not going to happen, She’s mine after all.
I kept on knocking the door and finally it open. My eyes wi-de-ned at the sight “fvck!” Does she realize what she’s wearing?
I quic-kly walked in and locked the door behind me so no one will see whats mine. She talked on and on but I wasn’t listening , my eyes were on her b©dy until she said the L word. “I love you”
My heart skipped.
I asked her to say it again she repeated it, gosh.. my dlck was [email protected] just by staring at her but hearing her say those words made me want to take her right then and right now. I was ba-rely containing myself when she caught me staring she looked so innocent that I couldn’t help myself anymore.
Myl-ips decended on hers, k!ss!ngher feverishly. It was h0t,w€t and damn! I missed thisl-ips. I was so scared when she got kidnapped…i thought I’d never see her again. I don’t know what I would have done if I had lost her.
I realize then that I really cared about her, that I l.. love her and couldn’t do without her. The thought shocked the hell out of me cause I never knew I’ll fall in love.
Unexpectedly,she pushed me away bring back to my s-en-ses. “St©p it!! Don’t t©uçh me!” She shouted sounding scared.
I froze on sp©t, I remember the n-ked guy from the scene and panicked, no oh God, hope it isn’t what I’m thinking”June, were you [email protected]£d?”
Tears spilled from her eyes”No,i.. don’t you get it? I want out of this deal we signed”
I swallowed [email protected], it’s high time I end this. I went closer to her,wiped her tears before saying”You want out?”
🍒 June 🍒
I nodded
“But what if I say I don’t like this arrangement too?”
I blinked”Huh?”
“What if I say that I’ve broken my own rules and do not give a damn about it, what if say that I’ve gotten so used to you and can’t live without you”
My heart skipped a beat, I couldn’t help but cry more as he spoke.
“What if I say that… that I fell for a silly girl named June”
I chuckled.
He di-pped his hands into his trou-ser and brou-ght out something”What if I ask this question” he went down on his knees”Will you marry me?”
Episode 24 sami final
He di-pped his hands into his trou-ser and brou-ght out something”What if I ask this question” he went down on his knees”Will you marry me?”
I stilled, holy moly!
To say I’m shock now will be an un-derstatement. Is he really on his knees or I’m beginning to see things?
“Khal?” I said softly, begging him with my eyes to say this is true.
I won’t be able to ba-re it if this is some kind of joke, no. I truly want to believe this is real.
He must’ve seen the look on my face cause took my hand”It’s real June, I love you.. so much”
Geez it’s happening, it’s really happening.
It was so shocking, I [email protected]£ overwhelmed and couldn’t ba-re it anymore so I did the only thing I could. I fainted.
🌹 Kayla🌹
Charlse stayed beside me, holding my as I puked everything left in my tummy. I breathing [email protected]”Gosh, what’s wrong with me”
Charles moved to the faucet, poured water in a [email protected] and gave it to me. I rinsed my mouth before getting up from the ground.
“Are you okay?” Charles asked
I nodded”Yeah I’m fine, maybe the egg I prepared Didi settled in my tummy” I answered nonchalantly but my mind was churning with emotions.
It can’t be what I’m thinking, is it?
No, this can’t be happening.. I tried to remember when last I saw my monthly flow but couldn’t seem to remember.
God, I hope whatever made me barfed was the eggs not….
“Hey, come on let me carry you to the be-droom. You look pale. Maybe you should get some sleep”
Normally, I would have objected but I didn’t, I let him take me to the room then something occurred to me.
“Hey, where’s Khalid? I don’t think I’ve seen him since you both went into the study. Aren’t we going to New York again? I really need to see June” I rushed out at ones.
“Whoa easy Kay” he sighed”Khalid left earlier, said he’ll be going alone. So we can spend more time together… Except you’re re-ady to go home now? ”
I blinked, yes I do want to go.. I want to know the reason why I puked but instead saying that, I shook my head”Let’s stay here for some days before going back”
We arrived at our be-droom, Charles la-id me down gently on the be-d. “Sleep okay? We’ll go out later for dinner”
I nodded and f0rç£d myself to sleep. Later, I’ll think about this.
I felt al-ips on my face, k!ss!ngme.. it continued all the way down to my n£¢k then slowly towards my b00bs.
What the hell?
My eyes snapped open to see Khalid sitting on my be-d,his head near my b00bs. I panicked, [email protected]£d his hair and pu-ll-ed it ti-ghtly.
“What do you think you’re doing?”
He chuckled”Waking you up, relax… Ouch let go of my hair before you pluck them off”
My cheeks heated, I slowly let go of his hair”What happened?” I remember him proposing and then…oh jeez I fainted.
I covered my face immediately,gee that is so [email protected]
I heard Khalid laughing”Awwn don’t be shy,I really need you to tell me something”
I dropped my hands”What’s that?”
“Do you really love me?”
I bit myl-ips and nodded”Since when?”
I blu-shed thinking about it”I realized it that day we..erm the day we almost had..” Gosh I didn’t know it was possible cause I blu-shed more.
“Uh huh ..the day we almost had what?” Khal said in a curious tone.
I glared at him”You know what!”
“You mean s3x on the couch?”
I pushed him away and got up, the duvet cover opened revea-ling my half n-ked che-st. My eyes wi-de-ned,I try to cover up quic-kly but was st©pped by Khalid”Leave it,you look so h0t this way”
I lowered my head but didn’t cover up, damnit! I can’t believe I’m really doing this.
“So, I’m still waiting for my answer June, you’ve kept me waiting for long”
I knew what he’s talking about,do I want to marry him? Yes!! A big yes…but “Are you sure this isn’t another trick of yours? Or deal?”
What? You can’t blame me for being so careful. I thought with a shrugged.
“No,it isn’t…I really want you as mine.. legally so what’s it going to be?”
My mouth lifted up to a smile”Yes, I’ll love yo be Mrs Black..but your mom”
“Doesn’t matter”
He suddenly pushed me back to the be-d,then his big b©dy was covering mine. He held my face in his hands then ever slowly,hisl-ips fell on mine.
It wasn’t the demanding k!ssas usual,it was slow and sweet. My hands went to his che-st but instead of pushing him away,I wra-pped my arms around him — welcoming him.
He growled his approval.
He broke the k!ssafter a while”June..I..I really need you” he’s said in a husky tone.
Instead of answering, i raised myl-ips to meet his. That seems like an answer to him cause he took over”Yesss”
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