The billionaire girlfriend 2 Episode 21 & 22

🌷The Billionaire’s
🔥(She is mine)🔥
By: Kebby NG
Episode 21
🍒June 🍒
I arrived at New York late afternoon leaving uncle Ryder behind of course. I took a taxi home.. speaking of home, I contemplated going home to Uncle Ryder’s house but decided against it.
All I wanted right now is to go home, sleep and forget this past few months.
So I went home to I and Kay’s house. It’s been three months since I met Khalid. It’s bittersweet looking back now cause I fell in love with a guy who will never love me.
I’m sure he’ll even forget me immediately, he has many girls willing to kill theirself for him.
He might even blackmail someone else. Sigh, I got myself into this so I shouldn’t blame anyone.
Getting home, I flung myself to be-d exhausted after everything.
I wanted to call Khalid so bad, even if it was to hear his cool voice.
I’ve secretly loved the way he call my name, maybe hearing it from him might ease my broken heart.
I’ve heard from people talking about one-sided love, I never knew it hurts nor knew I’ll experience it someday but I guess I am now.
I glanced at my house phone lying beside me wondering if I should or shouldn’t call. If I could hear his voice one last time I’ll go far away from here and try to forget him.
Just as I was about calling him, my phone rang startling me.
I checked the caller ID and blinked.
Why is he calling?
I stared at the phone till it st©pped ringing. Then someone started knocking at the door again confusing the hell out of me.
I took a step forward to go check who’s at the door but st©pped when my phone rang again.
I had no choice but to pick up.
“H.. hello?”
“June” Khalid muttered softly in the way he usually does.
I instantly felt warm all over”June where are you? Are you okay?”
I swallowed and nodded.
I realize he wasn’t with me so I spoke up”Yes, I’m fine”
He was silent at first then”Tell me where you are June, I want to see you.. I want to know how you are, what happened to you.. tell me June, who took you? ”
I bit myl-ips, blinking the tears from my eyes, I shook my head”I’m okay Khal, that’s all I have to tell… Just.. just don’t call me anymore, I don’t want to have anything to do with you”
“June.. damnit! Tell me where you are for chrissake!”
“I’m safe” with that I hung up.
The tears spilled from my eyes continuously, I let the phone drop to the ground and cried.
However, it was short lived. The person at the door didn’t let up, kept pounding on the door.
I sniffed, wiped my tears before moving towards the door”Who’s there?”
Strangely, the person didn’t reply, just kept knocking. “I’m coming!”
I unlock the door and froze at the sight. He flashed me a killer smile that got my heart beating.
I blinked”K.. Khalid?”
He sm-irked”That’s right, who else where you expecting?”
I was at lost on what to say.
How.. when? Who told him where I am? I thought he was in Orleans? I glanced behind expecting to see Kay and Charles but nope, they weren’t there.
I dragged my attention back to Khalid”What are you doing here?”
His eyes bec@m£ cold as ever”What am I doing here? Should I remind you that we signed an agreement together?”
He started coming closer, I had no choice but to move backwards.
He stepped into my house and locked the door behind him.
I gulped, oh boy.
“What are you doing? I just told you I don’t want to see you anymore!”
He shrugged”About that darling, I don’t agree with that sweetheart. Hmm you’ve alre-ady broken the rule for trying to back out from this agreement. It requires punishment”
My back reached the wall, before I could escape,he tra-pped me and pinned me to the wall.
I g@sp”Punishment? But I didn’t see anything like that in the agreement!”
He raised his brows”Did you re-ad the complete do¢v-ments?”
“I.. I.. Khalid o can’t do this anymore! I can’t continue with this agreement,to this rules and… I just can’t! I’m not that kind of girl Khalid. My life has changed drastically ever since I met you. I’ve been humiliated by your mom in every worse way. I’ve been kidnapped and..I..”
He interrupted me by placing a f!nger on myl-ips.
I met his gaze and swallowed.
“Why can’t you do this anymore June?” He asked calmly like he didn’t hear anything I just said.
“Go on tell me”
“It’s because…” I searched his face for a while then I dropped the bomb.”Because I love you! I love you Khalid,so much”
Episode 22
🌹 Kayla 🌹
“She’s heading back home so we go after her”
My heart skipped the moment I heard that. What? So soon? I wanted to ask but kept mute.
“Charles, come with me”
I watched in a daze as they both walked out of the room. Gosh.. my mind is a mess right now.
I’ve been thinking recently about me.. and Charles. What will become of us if we return?
Ahh I’ve gotten used to being with him, I’ve fallen in love with him and I’m not sure I could do without him.
Will he forget me once we leave?
Damnit! I realize I don’t know much about him. I hope it’s not too late or is it?
🌴 Charles 🌴
“…. I’m going to relieve you of your duties Charles”
I stiffened immediately”What? ”
He’s not saying what I’m thinking right? We’re currently at Khalid’s study, I thought he wanted to talk about June but nope.
The first thing he uttered is that he wants to relieve me from my duties? I mean what the fv¢k?
He laughed”Look at your face, it isn’t what you’re thinking. I just don’t want you working as my guard anymore. You’re like a friend to me and you have a girlfriend who I’m sure you love very much. Being my guard won’t be good for your relationsh!p, you nee-d to spend more time with her”he said shocking the hell out of me.
I blinked. Hold on.. is Khalid seriously talking about love or what?
My boss will never do that, never. “You’re firing me?” I asked instead cause I still don’t get what’s going on”But I’ve been your guard for years … What do you want me to do now?”
“Look I’m not firing you okay, you can start working in my company or something. Just take some time off and focus on your girlfriend”
I sighed. I know he’s doing a good thing for me but I don’t like it.. not one bit. being a guard is my hobby and..
“You can guard your girlfriend that way, from what I’ve learnt this few days.. Kayla is a crazy girl. I’m sure she’ll get into a lot of trouble without you by her side”
Well, when he put it that way, there’s no way I can reject. I sighed dejectedly “What about you? I thought you said we should leave now”
He sm-irked”I changed my mind, I’ll be the only one going. For now. You guys can continue having fun, join us when you’re re-ady”
He gave me a manly Pat on the shoulder and walked past me”Boss?” I called out.
“It’s Khalid now Charles”
I nodded”You love her don’t you?” I asked watching his reaction. Sadly, he didn’t reply, he only smiled and walked out.
I remained in the study for some time before going to meet Kayla.
She was sitting on the sofa, staring out blankly. I watched her for a moment and felt proud of myself for the first time. I really do have good eyes for choosing a pretty girl like her.. I moved to her, and pushed the fallen hair from her face.
She blinked”Hey”
“Hey yourself, what are you thinking about? It’s not a guy is it?” My eyes narrowed at that.
She laughed”No, actually it’s about us”
I c0cked my head”Really, what about us? ”
A blus-h crept onto face ma-king me curious. Kayla rarely blus-h but when she does, she’s breathtaking.
“I’m scared! I’m afraid that when we return.. that, you’ll forget me. I still don’t get this thing going on between us”she muttered and pouted herl-ips like a child.
It was so funny that I bur-sted out laughing. Maybe what Khalid said is true,I nee-d to spend more time with her.
“What? What’s funny? St©p laughing!” She glared at me
I chuckled”Sorry.. it’s not funny. Okay I won’t laugh anymore.”I soberly said when she got angry.
I took her face in my hand”Listen to me Kay, I’ll never forget you okay? You made me become add!çted to you, to your craziness. I can’t do without you anymore. I love you Kayla so take those silly thought away okay?”
Her eyes were wi-de as she stared at me”You love me?”
I ruffled her hair”Of course, and I’ll love it very much if you bec@m£ my girlfriend. What do you say?”
Her mouth slowly lifted up to a smile.She threw herself into my arms”Yes! I’ll love that too. And I love you too Charles”
I smiled.
🥀 Kayla 🥀
The air in the room bec@m£ heavy. I felt his hands going into my shi-t.
Then he gr@bb£d my b00bs molding it softly. I g@sp cause it’s so s-en-sitive this days, a mere t©uçh from him got me dripping we-t.
I loos£n my hold around his n£¢k and stared at him.
Hisl-ips suddenly descended on mine, k!ss!ngfeverishly. I m0@n ed wanting more.
Just as I was about k!ss!nghim back, I got a weird feeling.. like I wanted to puke.
I pushed aside but when it continued, I pushed Charles away and rushed to the bathroom.. puking out whatever was left in my tummy.