The billionaire girlfriend 2 Episode 17 & 18

🌷The Billionaire’s
🔥(She is mine)🔥
By: Kebby NG
Episode 17
❤️ Khalid ❤️
One of my guards was driving me to the address when I got a call from Nelson. He’s another guard of mine who I can truly depend on to do what I want.
I frown, why is he calling again? I noticed their car has slowed and wasn’t following up behind us.
📞 Yes?
He was quiet at first then he dropped the bomb.
📞Sir, the girl.. she just jumped off the bridge.
I blinked”What? What do you mean by that?”
He gulped nervously.
📞 She lied to us boss, she pretended to have carsickness and said something about puking. Before we knew it, she jumped into the river”
I growled angrily.
📞She jumped? She .. she fu-ckin jumped and you’re telling me this? Go after her, I want her found immediately”
I knew that bltch has something up her sleeves. What should I do now?
Should I go back or continue to look for June?
I gro-an ed and ru-bbe-d on my temples, no one messed with me and goes scot free.
“Is everything okay boss?” Dave asked from the drivers seat.
“No!! Nothing is goddamn okay. Drive quic-kly, June might be in trouble!”
I might as well go for June while they’re finding that Lisa bltch.
Minutes later!
We arrived at the location, I hurriedly c@m£ out of the car and rushed towards the uncompleted building— ignoring my guards warning.
I nee-ded to find June, I never knew I’ll get this scared of loosing her. I’m petrified!
All kinds of thought has been running throu-gh my mind but I suppressed it.
I searched the whole building and found it empty. Oh God no no, don’t tell me we c@m£ to the wrong address..
I entered another room and froze.
fu-ck!! Her clothes..
We’re at the right place but June isn’t here.. only her clothes. I crouched down to pickup the torn clothes.
Does that mean she was.. she was R@p£d?
I clenched my fist, they will pay for hurting her. Those bastards will pay.
At this moment, the guard standing outside by the car wanted to go in. He wanted to protect his boss but suddenly felt movement behind him.
He quic-kly turned to see a half n-ked guy trying to run.
Is that the kidnapper?
The thought snapped him into action. Within seconds, he had him restrained. “Who the fu-ck are you?”
“No.. I’m no one. Just a beggar who lives here”
The guard would’ve believed, he almost did but thought about it for a while”If you’re a beggar then where were you running to?”
Just then, Khalid walked out looking lost. He took in the scene in front of him before asking”What the hell is going on here?”
“I think he has something to do with this” the police arrived and Master K asked them to take him away.
♠️ June♠️
I slowly regained consciousness and listened to my surroundings but couldn’t hear anything.
I breathed in the fresh air enjoying the light breeze on my skin when I suddenly remembered.
I tensed up, opened my eyes and gazed around only to see an unfamiliar room. where am I? The last thing I can remember is seeing uncle Ryder…
Hold on, uncle?
What the hell was he doing there? How did he find me?
C.. could it be that he’s been stalking me all this while?
My head pounded as I thought about it, I sat upright and gro-an ed. I hurt all over from the b!ows I took from that j£rk.
Reminiscing about what he did brou-ght tears to my eyes, is that what an almost r@p£ feels like?
It was so terrifying a.. and… the door opened then. I turned to see my uncle Ryder walking in.
“You’re up.. how do you feel honey?”
I frown at his behavior, he was acting.. awkward as if he’s afraid of my answer.
I suddenly remembered the embaras-sing moment and flu-shed immediately.
Ryder has seen me nûd£ and beaten up.. I don’t blame him for thinking otherwise.
“I’m fine” I replied nonchalantly. I’m still mad at him from before and don’t want to talk to him right now.
How weird that all this things are happening to me..
I’ve been living my twenty two years like a normal youth but then Khalid showed up and everything went haywire.
I was blackmailed, Khalid made me do things I didn’t want to. I found out my uncle is a drug dealer, a killer.. name it. I was kidnapped and almost got R@p£d for chrissake!!
But now I’ve heard enough.
I’m not going to let anyone use me as they plea-se anymore. With that thought, I faced uncle Ryder and said”I wanna go home” there I can start my life and live it the way I want.
He didn’t expect this cause he blinked”What? Why? Why don’t we talk about what happened to you dear.. I know you pas-sed throu-gh a lot.”
I glared at him”I wasn’t asking you Ryder, I said I want to go home without you!!” I yelled ma-king sure to call him by his name.
Suddenly he did the last thing I least expect. He fell down on his knees and..
Episode 18
♠️ Kayla ♠️
I paced around the house like a mad lion waiting for Khalid to return. He’s been away for too long and I’m beginning to get worried.
There haven’t even a call from to tell us what’s going on.
It’s driving me insane!
The last thing we heard from him is that he’ll be arriving at the destination where June was but there hasn’t been any upd@t£.
I felt like screaming, like going insane!!
The first thing I’ll do ones they find her is to tie her up and board the next flight home.
I don’t care if that sounds like a caveman style but I’m willing to do it for her. We will return home to our good old days where our life is as boring as hell.
At least we had a peace of mind… A thought suddenly popped into my head. What of Charles?
Will I leave him too?
Our relationsh!phas been pretty good, I.. I think I love him.
Yeah.. it’s been on my my lately, after discovering that I was shocked. My first reaction was…
Oh. My. God!
How can I love a guy I met not long ago?
I mean I know we’re attra-cted to each other right from start but falling for him? Gee I know I’m in de-ep soup alre-ady.
How will i admit my feelings for him?
Ahh damnit!! Why did I even fall for him in the first place?
I’ve been with many guys.. well not too many but I’ve never fall for or think of falling for anyone.
So why Charles?
It might be his charms and all.
He was sitting in the living room with a phone placed on his ear.
I glared at him angrily, he made me fall for him.. does he love me too??
How will he feel if I say it to him?
At this moment, his eyes met with mine. He froze and then stood up and c@m£ to me.
“What?” He asked softly.”Why are you glaring at me?”
I blinked.. oh! I was? I totally forgot.
“I was? I’m just thinking…”
His eyes narrowed”About what? Hope it isn’t a guy”
For an instance, I forgot all my problems and gave him a sly smile”Yeah.. a guy”
His countenance changed immediately”Which guy?”
I walked past him to the kitchen to get a glas-s of water”Oh the guy is so cute, handsome with a b©dy that’ll melt women p@n-ties…”
Before I finished my statement.. I suddenly felt a arms wra-pping around me.
I was r0ûghly pushed to the wall, pinned and before I could think it, his mouth landed on mine in a bruising k!ss..
I g@sp”Uh..”
Hisl-ips were demanding. Possessive. Domineering.
I let him have his way with me and it seems he loved that cause he bec@m£ gentle with the k!ss.
After a long while, he pu-ll-ed back.
I gazed up at him in a daze.. breathing ha-rd “Hey, What.. was that for?”
“Don’t ever think about other guys”
I blinked”Huh?”
“Think about me melting your p@n-ties but don’t think about any guy again!”He growled angrily and stomped away.
I stood there for while wondering what just happened. I was only joking for chrissake.
And he.. he was Jealous?
Hmm, Jealousy is a good thing isn’t it?
🍒 June 🍒
Suddenly he did the last thing I least expect. He fell down on his knees and gr@bb£d my legs.
“I’m so sorry June, forgive me”
I blinked, what the heck!!
Did he just apologise?
“Um..let me go uncle, this isn’t the time for this. Just s£nd me home”
He ti-ght£ñed his hold on me”plea-se June,yell at uncle,sl@p me..just do something but don’t hate me. I won’t be able to bear it”
“You should have thought of that before living the kind of life you live. All this treated me like a fool,a stupid clueless fool! You were doing this behind my back and couldn’t even tell me?
Do you know how it felt hearing it from others?
It was like a b!ow to me uncle! I felt so stupid cause the uncle I knew wouldn’t do that.
The uncle I know is a good man and wouldn’t hurt anyone but you!! You’re a liar! Cheat,killer!
I don’t know who you are so let me go this instance!!”
“I know June, I’ve hurt you so much plea-se forgive me. Tell me one thing to do to gain your forgiveness”
I blinked, one thing? An idea popped into my head”You really want to know?”