The billionaire girlfriend 2 Episode 15 & 16

🌷The Billionaire’s
🔥(She is mine)🔥
By: Kebby NG
Episode 15
❤️ Khalid ❤️
I saw she made no move to pickup so I gr@bb£d the phone from her, answered it and put it on speaker.
“Hello ma, we’ve got a problem”
I raised my brows at that, crossed my arms and watched her with a satisfied sm-irk on my face.
I’ve gotten news.
At this moment, Melissa’s face was ashen by these, she gazed at Khalid not knowing what to say or do.
Gosh! She’s really in de-ep soup now but it’s not like she will accept defeat. Right?
She nee-ds to think of a way out of this and what the hell did this idiot mean by we’ve got a problem?
Didn’t he just said he got everything un-der control? Melissa sneered in her heart.
She can’t bear anything to go wrong, not now anyway. Aghh she should have left Jack to do the job! Why did she later give the job to some hoodlum? Everything was going good and now….
“Hello? Are you there Miss?”
The phone drew her attention, she glanced at her hand then at Khalid and put the phone on her ears.
“Hey Ben, what do you mean by that? Is the p@rty not going to hold again? What of the rest?”
Damnit! Oh God in heaven and all things holy let him un-derstand me.
“Um.. Miss?”
“Hello? Hello? Ben can you hear me?” I pretended then quic-kly hung up.
“Oh that was my friend I told you about mom, we were planning to go to his friends p@rty… ”
“Oh.. you see? I told you my daughter doesn’t know anything about this Master K. Why don’t you… “.
She quic-kly shut her mouth up the moment Khalid’s cold eyes glared at her.
Then I felt his eyes on me..
I swallowed and tentatively raised my head to meet his gaze”Is that all Master K? I have somewhere to go”
“Enough acting now Melissa, I can see throu-gh your lies. Do you actually think that I’ll buy that? Who was that one the line? ”
“W.. what? I alre-ady told you… ”
Just then, the unexpected happened. My phone was suddenly snatched from my hand.
“What? Why the heck! Give it back! I said give it back!”
Melissa started panicking when she saw Khalid dailing a number. He spoke a few words before hanging up.
“You are coming with me” was all he said before dragging me towards his car. Two guards appeared and took me away from him.
“No.. you can’t do this!! Mommy! Mommy help me! Don’t let them take me away!”
Mom was also running to me but a guard blocked her p@rt.
I was f0rç£d into the car with guards at either side of me.
It sunk in that this was really happening. If Khalid takes me to where that b’tch is then I’m finished.
I’ll be dead.
I clearly asked that guy to do whatever he wants with her so.. did he hurt her?
Aghh this is so annoying!
My br@in started working on a plan on boo escape. I nee-d to come up with something, arghhhh
🧡 Khalid 🧡
I’m so furious right now, this is all my fault!
If I hadn’t brou-ght June here to Orleans, all this wouldn’t be happening to her fu-ck!
I actually called Charles and asked him to trace all the recent calls from Melissa’s phone.
He knew where I was headed and said he’ll get back to me. I trust him to do a good job so I drag the witch with me.
Ten minutes of driving to no where in p@rticular, a text c@m£ in showing an address where June is.
Damnit!! That’s like two hours drive from here!
I’ll be there soon June, just stay calm.
🌻 Melissa 🌻
I started sweating as they drove outSk-irt of town . I immediately knew where we were heading to.
Oh God help me.
Suddenly, I got an idea 😏
Which is great, I just hope it works out.
In twenty minutes time, we will be driving pas-s a lake. It’s more like a river, quite big . I can use that as my escape.
Thankfully I’m a good swimmer, I learnt some years back for competition. I’m glad I did that.
Twenty Minutes Later!.
Just as we were about pas-sing the river, I made a gurgling sound.”St©p the car! I’m gonna puke!” I said anxiously.
They didn’t, I held my tummy and place a hand over my mouth”I’m serious guys! Long drives makes me sick!”
They gazed at theirself and st©pped the car. I smiled finally!
Episode 16
💞 Ryder 💞
I drove to the address immediately leaving my guards to catch up with me.
My head was in a mess now, I can’t even imagine the horrors my niece was pas-sing throu-gh.
A sweet thing like her shouldn’t be facing such kind of thing that’s why I’ve always protected her right from when she was young.
I’ve tried my best to give her all the good things in life, to shield from all the horrors of this world but it seems like I didn’t do a good job.
I drove with a heavy heart, driving like a madman. I think I attra-cted some attention cause the police were soon on my tail.
Now I have to think of getting them to st©p following me so I navigated all round the city till I finally got rid of them.
After an unknown amount of time, i arrived at the destination.
My guards on the other hand were yet to arrive. I didn’t waste time, I ran inside the uncompleted building.
Half way throu-gh, I registered that they kidnapper might have a gun with him so I st©pped running.
I quietly sneaked round the building looking for her. “June?” I whispered.
I felt movement from the room behind me and went there only to find the biggest shock of my life. “June!”
“Uncle?” She said before she blacked out.
I took in the scene of her n-ked and the unconscious man on the floor and cursed. Damnit!!
It has alre-ady happened!
I didn’t get here on time.
The thought brou-ght tears to my eyes. I took off my jacket, covered her and crouched down to pick her up.
He’s really going to pay for this June, I promise.
I walked out of the building and la-id her in my back seat. My guards arrived.
I growled”Bring that unconscious bastard here! I’ll make him regret ever tou-ching my June”
They ran inside the building and c@m£ out shortly— empty handed.
I blinked”Where is he?”
“We didn’t see anyone in the building sir” they muttered shifting from foot to foot.
“What do you mean by.. aghh” I just have a bunch of fools around me.
I huffed and went into the building myself but shockingly, the guy wasn’t there. Oh no, fu-ck!!
“Search the entire building!! He shouldn’t have gone far”
Agh gosh, the guy must’ve regained consciousness and ran away.
Melissa 💙
They gazed at theirself and st©pped the car. I smiled finally!
The guard beside me gr@bb£d my arm and gave me a ha-rd look”If you try anything stupid.. I’ll make you regret it”
With that, he opened the door indicating I should step out. I did and fell down to the ground holding tummy.
I gave a pained gro-an “Aghh my tummy”
The guard beside me cursed”Damnit!! What is it again?” He muttered frustratedly. Hmm I’m sure he’s mad enough to strangle me right now.
I pursed myl-ips pitifully”I.. i I’m also in my period. I’m having serious cramps.” I let a tear drop while looking at him.
He gritted his teeth then glanced at his fellow guard.”Do you un-derstand a thing she just said?”
He shrugged”Nope and I don’t care. Let’s get going before Master K comes looking for us”
Oh $h!t!
I’m running out of time. What am I going to do? I just nee-d them to step few inches away so I can jump into the river.
I only hope I don’t die carrying out this plan.
“Hey get up! You’ve received enough air”
He wanted to gr-ab my arm but before he could do that. I let out a loud cry, using that opportunity to get a little bit closer to the river”Oh God, I think I’m gonna die”
My tears were now falling freely. They saw I was serious and started panicking.
“What should we do about her?” One asked
“I don’t know, call the boss”
The hvge guy c@m£ forward”Here, let me help you up”
He helped me up but before he could as-sist me to the car, I faked barfed.
He quic-kly let me go”Damnit!! She’s gonna puke” that was my clue, I ran as fast as I could then jumped over the bridge.