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April 20, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The billionaire girlfriend 2 Episode 13 & 14

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🌷The Billionaire’s


🔥(She is mine)🔥

By: Kebby NG

Episode 13




I was following him out when the unexpected happened.

Reporters were everywhere…what the hell? Where did they come out from?

I couldn’t afford to be recognized by them so I thought of a way to get past them.

I gazed helplessly at the guy walking away to the parking lot and cursed”Aghh fvck it!”

I adjusted my cap and followed blended with the crowd.

It took time but when I finally got the parking lot,I saw him driving out. Oh hell no!!

I didn’t bring any of my cars cause it’ll be too suspicious,neither of my guards were with me. Shit!

I quickly learnt the plate number and texted it to my investigator asking them to track it down.

Then I phoned them to come pick me up.

It took time but they came.”Any news about the location?”

“No sir, they’re working on it”

I growled impatiently, damnit! That jerk of a Khalid couldn’t even protect her. They just took her without his consent.

“Where to sir?”

“Just keep driving and call in the rest, we’ll go in the moment we get the location”


After an unknown amount of time, a text finally came in. Perfect!

❤️ Khalid ❤️

I walked towards Melissa and watched her every expression. She looks quite shocked to see me.

But apart from that.. there was

nothing suspicious about her, she didn’t show a flicker of panic. Could it be that I’m suspecting the wrong person?

No, I’m sure she’s the one, I have many enemies but none will dare do such a thing except one.

She has a recent grudge against us and from what I’ve heard, their family isn’t the one to give up. The thought got me mad all over again.

I glared at her and coldly said “I’m going to ask you this one time, where is she?”

Melissa’s mom came to stand in front of her daughter”Khalid.. you’re here? What happened? Did he came to apologise?I said it Lisa! He will definitely come to his senses”

I scoffed, apologise?

Does she seriously think that I Khalid will do that?

I ignored her and faced Melissa”Don’t make this complicated than it already is .. WHERE. IS. SHE?”

“I.. I don’t know what you’re talking about! Where is who, Khal?”

I growled”Do NOT call me that!” Only June has the right to do so. I thought angrily and walked towards her-entering her personal space.

I knew immediately that this method was intimating cause I saw fear in her eyes”What are you doing? I really don’t know what you’re talking about” she cried.

Her mom looked anxiously at us”What’s going on here? Lisa?”

“My girlfriend was kidnapped last night” I calmly said but I was feeling anything but right now.

“What? How? A..are you trying to say my daughter has a hand in this?”

I shrugged and stared at Lisa in a scrutinzing way. “Of course..look at her,she

looks dressed up so early in the morning, I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s off to wherever she kept June”

I just need a damn clue,the police are already working on it but I can’t just sit down and do nothing.

I needed to do something so that’s why I’m here.

Charles had to restrain Kayla too cause she fought him hard wanting to come along.

I turned my attention back to Lissa who was shaking her hair vigorously

“I..I really don’t know what he’s talking about mother,I told you where I’m off to didn’t I?

You have to believe me mom,I know he’ll think I did it cause of what happened but the truth is..

I let everything go,I forgave him”


I must say she’s really an actress, I would have believed she’s innocent if not for the fact that she sounded desperate.

Too desperate.

I shook my head and turned to leave, I’ll definitely ask my men to keep an eye on her.

Melissa is not to trusted.

I haven’t gone far when I heard a phone ringing.

I halted my steps and turned to them”Whose phone is that?”

They didn’t reply, staring at Melissa’s ashen face, I knew it was hers. I went to her”Pick it up”

“Hey! You can’t tell me what to ..”

“I said, pick the goddamn phone up!!”I yelled.

I saw she made no move to pickup so I grabbed the phone from her, answered it and put it on speaker.

“Hello ma, we’ve got a problem”


Episode 14


❤️ June ❤️

His fingers were rough on me, brutal even.

I tried to push him but he pinned me down in a way I couldn’t move an inch.

I whimpered breathing hard hating the fact that my body is reacting to this. I don’t just understand this feelings!

“Please..”I cried out in fear when I felt something deep in my tummy.

It felt like my inside was going to fall out. I’ve never felt this intense before. I panicked

“Stop this please.. whoever hired you will be mad”

He laughed”She asked me to do whatever I like with you and looks like I love this p*ssy of yours.

They’re so tight, I don’t think any d’ck has felt this in a long time.” He smirked

“And guess what darling.. I want a taste.”

As if to demonstrate, he added two more fingers in my _

Making me cry out in pain. “Oh God” aghh

I feel like he’s tearing me in to two, is what s3x feels like? If that’s the case I don’t want to experience anything like this again.

“Hey.. relax, I’m only trying to help you out here. This feels small compared to my d’ck.”

I got angry then and for the first time ever, I did what I don’t usually do.

I cursed.

“Fvck you!!!”

He stilled and scoffed”No, fvck you b*tch!!” He gave me a resounding slap making me scream”Seems like I’m being too easy on you”

His eyes blazed, he got up angrily and jerk me by the hair. “No! I’m sorry. Don’t do this!”

My heart was pounding so fast, I struggled hard to release his hold on my hair but to no avail.

I was suddenly pushed on to something. I gasp the quickly turned to see him taking off his clothes.

I froze.

It felt my whole world has stopped. It’s happening. It’s really happening!

By this time…

He has already taken off his clothes. I stared at his crotch wide. Oh my God.

I felt like puking!

It’s so ugly, I didn’t know what I was expecting but gosh!

All thought fled from my head when started walking towards me.

I unconsciously moved back”Stay away from me. Look, Master K is my boyfriend. He’s got money. I can give it to you, any amount just think!”

He halted his steps”Master K? That’s more reason to carry out this plan. He’s my number one sworn enemy and I’ll be so damn glad to have my revenge on you”


He didn’t give me time to react, he jerked me to him and in one smooth move, he tore my cloth from my body leaving me clad in only undies.

I moved away from him the moment he got distracted with my body. A wood was at the far end of the wall.
If I could reach it then I could use it on him.
“Look sir… taking your revenge on me wouldn’t mean anything. You have to be a man to stand up to Khalid yourself. Besides, Khalid doesn’t love me so it’ll be a waste of time.”

Oh gosh I hope this works,I need to get out of here before he truly hurts me.
“What do you mean by that? I thought you just said he’s your boyfriend?” He asked in thought.
I moved another inch back”Yes,I did. But it’s a fake relationship so..” this is one of the reasons I shouldn’t fall for him.
Khalid doesn’t love me..he just wants my body,just like every other guy. Is he looking for me?
Does he even has I’m missing?
I was thinking that the guy has finally given up but I’m wrong. He squinted at me”Are you trying to distract me? I don’t care if Khalid loves you or not. You’re still his girlfriend so I’m going to carry out my revenge.”
I saw he was closing the distance between us so I ran towards the wood.

I got to the wood and was about to grab it when I was suddenly pulled back.
A punch landed on my face”You b’tch!!”
The punch kept coming. On my face. Body. All over.
I don’t know how long it continued but it. finally stopped. I fell down to the ground with a thud.
My breath caught, no.. oh gosh he’s gonna do it.
I felt so weak, I couldn’t even do a thing as he climbed on to my body. “This is what you wanted ISN’T it? I tried to be good you’re taking me for granted.”

He pushed my legs apart and got between it but before he could insert his _ in me, I stretched out my hand, grabbed the wood and hit him hard on the head with the little strength I have left.

Nothing happened.
He stilled, touched his head in shock”Did you just.. hit me?”
Before I could reply, he collapsed on my body.
I grunted. He’s so heavy!
I laid there for awhile but when I couldn’t bare his weight, I managed to push him off.
Suddenly, I heard footsteps.
I panicked again, jeez I need to hide but can’t even move an inch. I was so weak.
“June? June?”
Someone appeared in my line of sight. I gasp slightly”U… Uncle?” I said before blacking out.


Oh geez 🤦 Ryder has her now.

What do you think is gonna happen??

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