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the beast proposal episode 27 & 28

(Forced Marriage💍)

💛Written B�y: �Olamide. A✍
🖊Pen Name: Wealth🖋

__🗞Book Page Twenty Seven (27)🤗__

💚💗Mehel’s Pov💗💚

“What…?!” I shrieks. This shouldn’t be real, no it should not. How the hell will the council leaders suggest such, huh ?

Oh no ! My plan seems to backfired. Phew !😤

Well I’m still the same cunning Mehel, I’ll strike in some other ways.

Online shopping for buyers and sellers in Ghana is the answer.


💙💖Anurag’s Pov💖💙

“Thanks a lot, I’m so happy about this. I’ll like it if the council leaders accept my appreciation and I apologized for swearing earlier.” I said to the council leaders.

“Its nothing Anurag, you aren’t like this before and we understand too.” The village head smile.

“I’ll request from the village councils for me to take my leave.” I requested.

“Yeah. Sure.”

“Namaste, sirs…”

“Namaste to you too…”

I winked at Mehel, he ball his fist secretly s£nding a deadly glare.

“fv¢k you, loser…” I mouthed at him with a smug expression.

He grunted. “fv¢k you too…” he mouthed back. I smiled satisfied before walking out of the village council.

💟💗Saga’s Pov💗💟

“Whatever…” I rolled my eyes at Jeph at placed my head between my laps. I’m feeling bored💔, I missed Amrit😫. I should have given her a call since yesterday buh I forgot my phone in my room, it hurts😣 .

We arrived at the shopping mall not less than twenty minutes💚.

💜Banaras Int’l Mall💜 was boldly displayed at the top of the mall. Too much of technology❤.

I hastily get down to avoid rude conversation with Jeph, he shuttled into the Mall while I trailed behind.


Jeph asked me to choose enough shirts👕🥼 and trousers👖. I was glad, atleast he speaks to me nicely. I picked randomly, enough for four months.

“Are you done picking ?” He asked.

I smiled with a nod. “Yeah. Thanks a l…”

He cut in. “That’s for the boss not mine. In my own case of viewing, I don’t think you need new clothing’s but the Boss thinks its necessary.” he said without feeling remorse .

“Say whatever you like , tch. Do I look like I care ? Duh !” I said and hissed.

“Whatever…” he shrugs. “Follow me, when you’re done talking.” He uttered rudely and walk ahead.

I trailed behind with the Cart🛒.

“Won’t you help me with this, huh ?” I called out and turned abruptly.

“You have hands, don’t you ?” He gnarled.

“But I want you to, I’m still Anurag’s guest. So ?” I replied snottily.

He glared at me before he managed to push the cart. “I’m still gon’ get back at you, keep that in mind.”

“Till then…” I smirked. He stopped the Cart at the Jewelry section. Nice necklaces, wristwatches and bracelets. Unis£× though❤.

“Choose, you don’t need to waste my time.” He ordered bossily.

I picked a simple pure❤gold🧡chain and a wristwatch. A diamond💎 made bracelet (don’t ask for the owner😚).

Jeph stare wildly at me. “Are you being serious ? That’s for females, you fool.” Jeph snapped.

“I know, that shouldn’t be your headache.” I hissed and continue shopping.

“Weird, tch !” He muttered under his breathe.

“I heard that, s√¢ker…” I haunt😚 with a smile.


We paid through card💳.

The cashier stare at us, most especially, Jeph. Those flirting stares.

“Hey…” Jeph smirked and snapped her hands backward. “Quit staring, you aren’t my type of flings. Whore.”

“Stop it please, it hurts…” She winced painfully.

“Let go off her, s√¢ker.” I gritted my teeth.

“Now I get it, she’s your…”

I cut in. “Stop it.”

He let go off her hand with a haunting smile. “Let’s go.”

“I’m sorry, he’s crazy sometimes.” I apologized to the cashier. She just nod with a dry smile.


“Hey, Jeph. Anurag is back.” Pintu said.

“Alright, Thanks…”

“Can you help with my bag ?” I said to Jeph.

“Hmm…Sure.” he nodded.

I get this, Anurag is back.

Boldly written and Authored By:
Hor Lhar Mhee Dhey
“You okay ?” Anurag asked immediately we walked in.

“Of course, yeah. And thanks.” I smiled and sat opposite him.

“Take ’em to his room, Jeph.” Anurag told him, Jeph smiled with a nod.

“Sure thing, boss.”

“Look here, I got you some packages.” Anurag smiled and stretched a box towards me.

“Huh ? what’s there ?” I asked and took it from him.

“Check yourself 😚.”

I gently open the box, it was an iPod and a iPhone too.

“What…? This is much.” I [email protected]

“It isn’t, an apology on behalf of Mehel. He’s such a d!¢k head😔.” He replied.

“Woah ! I’m speechless . Thanks a lot😚.” I smiled.

“You can make calls at anytime…”

💎💖Amrit Pov💖💎

I don’t know what came over me yesterday but I actually followed Mehel home. Chander won’t stop giving me those gawk of his. Here seems weird, smoking a lot. I almost choke, thank goodness for the private room Rama prepared for me🖤.

I’m bored, can’t even reach Saga. Good gracious, I miss him a lot. His phone is at home, I brought it along mine.


Mehel came in looking gloomy.

“What’s wrong ?” I find myself asking. Do I care ?

“Had an argument with my older brother…” he sigh and ruffled my hair.

“You’ve got an older brother ?”

“Yeah. I got one. Anurag.” He hissed.

“What…?” I [email protected] “You and Anurag are related ?”


👿The Beast Proposal💅
(Forced Marriage💍)

💛Written By: Olamide. A✍
🖊Pen Name: Wealth🖋

__♨Book Page Twenty Eight (28)💗__

💗💜Amrit Randy💜💗

Mehel came in looking gloomy.

“What’s wrong ?” I find myself asking. Do I care ?

“Had an argument with my older brother…” he sigh and ruffled his hair.

“You’ve got an older brother ?”

“Yeah. I got one. Anurag.” He hissed.

“What…?” I [email protected] “You and Anurag are related ?”

“Yeah. My Foster brother though buh he’s older, his father, Mr Randy and my Father, Wilson, were good friends then.” He said.

“Did I hear you say Randy ?”

“Yeah. Your dad.”

“You mean my dad, huh ?”

“Of course, your biological father.” He said with a sigh.

“You aren’t even a stranger to my family.” I blurted out. Then something struck my mind.

“Wait ! Are you Dylan ?” I asked curiously.

“Yeah. I bear Dylan cause I grew up in New York, dad named me that.” He explained.

Now I remembered…

📺🚗F l a s h B a c k🚗📺

💗✍Author Wealth Pov✍💗

“Dad ? Who’s she ? I mean that girl who came with Mr Randy.” Twelve years old, Dylan asked Wilson.

“That Amrit, Mr Randy’s daughter.” Wilson replied with a smile.

“Amrit ? What sort of name is that ?” Dylan asked.

“Its an Indian name, same way yours is Mehel. Don’t worry, you’ll visit India soon.” Wilson replied.

“Awwn, dad ! I can’t wait to.” Dylan giggled.

“Now be a good boy, come say hello to her.” Wilson pulled his hand gently towards Randy’s table.

“Hello to you, Sir.”

“Hello Dylan, how are you doing ?” Randy smiled and tap his cheek lightly.

“I’m good as ever.” he grinned and turned towards Amrit. “Hey…”

“Hi. I’m Amrit Randy.” Eight years old, Amrit said coyly.

“I’m Dylan. Dylan Wilson…”

“Hey kids, you can go play outside. We need to talk business, alright ?” Wilson said to them and they gave him a nod.


“Haven’t seen you before, you reside here in New York ?” Dylan start up a conversation.

“I came here for a few weeks holiday with my Dad but lives in India with mom.” Amrit explained.

“Woah ! That’s nice. My Mom used to live in India but I lost her last year.” Dylan sigh deeply.

“I’m sorry…” Amrit sympathies.

“Its nothing.” Dylan smiled.

“Oh Dylan, you’re here ?” A voice said from behind.

“What’s wrong, Win ?” Dylan scoffs. Amrit nudged at him.

“That’s rude…” she whispered.

“Well, its nothing. I came searching for you cause I can’t find you inside. I’m bored.” Fourteen years old Darwin sighed.

“You can see I’m with a friend.” Dylan hissed.

“I’m sorry. Hi, I’m Darwin.” Darwin smiled at Amrit.

“I’m Amrit.” Amrit giggled.

“Look, she’s from India. Same country with Mom, nice right ?” Dylan chuckled.

“Yeah. And she’s beautiful too.” Darwin complimented.

“I think I like her.” Dylan whispered to Darwin.

Darwin scoffs. “You think ? You’re not even sure, confused soul.” He whispered back.

“I’m sure…”

“Why can’t you tell her ? Huh ?”

“I’m afraid to. I dont even know how to approach her.”

“Hey, what’s the gossip ?” Amrit interrupted.

“Its nothing. Brother’s talk, you know.” Darwin chuckled nervously.

“Oh ! I get.” Amrit said with a dry smiled.

“Hey, Amrit. Let’s get going, dear.” Randy called out.

“Coming dad.” Amrit yelled back and turn to the boys. “Goodbye, its nice meeting you both.”


📺🏍E n d O f🏍📺
🕰⏰F l a s h B a c k⏰🕰

“How come I didn’t come to know all this since all this while ?” Amrit whimpered.

“Maybe cause you’re still young then.” Mehel chuckled nervously.

Amrit glared at him.

“I fell for you at the first sight. So I decided to informed my dad about it since he doesn’t turn down my request…”

☎📷F l a s h B a c k📷☎

“Dad ? Can I have a word with you ?” Dylan requested.

“I’m busy now, as you can see son.” Wilson dismissed.

“Please Dad. It won’t take long.” Dylan said.

Wilson sighed. “Alright, go on.” He said without taking his eyes off the laptop.

“The first time I saw Amrit, mr Randy’s daughter. It may sound weird, dad, but I fell for her. Can you help ?” Dylan asked with a pout.

“I’ll see to that.
Don’t worry, I’ll try my best though. Now get up to meet Anurag.” Wilson said.

“Where are we going again ?” Dylan asked.

“Jill of course. To collect the stuff from him. Now hurry.” Wilson ordered strictly.

“Whatever dad.” Dylan scoffs.

💣🚬H o u r s L a t e r🚬💣

“Its just something simple, you can do it.” Wilson said to Randy who’s on a smoke.

“I know, but she’s still young.” Randy replied.

“We can sign a contract on it, they can get married in future. If you sign ’em with me, I promise you ¼ of my wealth.” Wilson offered.

“That’s like a bribe, you know.” Randy chuckled.

He thought for a while. “Okay, I’m in.” Randy puffed out hair.

Wilson brought out a do¢vment. “We can sign a paper to seal our agreement.” Wilson said. He brought a pen also and signed✍ before [email protected] them to Randy, he didn’t hesitate before signing✍ also…

📺♨E n d O f♨📺
🖤💯F l a s h B a c k💯🖤

“So my dad had sold me off to your family when I was young ?” Amrit asked broken💔.

“No, he didn’t sell you off. Its just a marriage contract between our parents.” Mehel replied.

“Shut up, you hell of a beast.” Amrit yelled.

“I’m sorry…”

“You’re sorry, huh ? Sorry my foot.” Amrit scoffs irritatedly.

“I mean it when I said it.” Mehel sighed.

“I know you are. Allow me think.” Amrit scoffs.

💔💓Amrit Randy💓💔

I don’t know why but it actually weird to think about this. Father signed a marriage contract on me when I’m still young ?

You won’t understand how I feel right now unless you’re in my shoes. Till his death, never knew he’s a mob. Maybe that’s why mother decided to live in her hometown.

I feel broken💔, i badly need Saga to confined in. I feel like crying my eyes out.

‘No, Amrit. You’re stronger than this.’

“Amrit ?” Mehel called.

“Let me be, please.” I snapped.

He turned my head toward his, giving me an intense gaze. My stomach churned in happiness when our eyes locked, his face just an inch apart.

“I fell for you the first day I saw you, though I was young then. I always wish to see you by my side everyday, until you left. Even until now, I still love you and will do anything for you to be mine. I mean it Amrit when I say this. I’m deeply in love with you…”


Finally, Mehel confessed his feelings to Amrit😆. Awwn !😘🙈.



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