The bad boys nerdy girl Episode 28 & 29

💖💖 The bad boy’s nerdy girl 💖💖
Written by Author Dammy 🔥🔥
Episode 28 📚
Asher’s POV
I watched her laugh and smile at mean things and made me scared
Her s-en-se of humor is mean, if someone else was in my shoes and I am listening to what she has to say, I would laugh so ha-rd , but I’m the one she is referring to, the fact that she wants to kill me makes me cringe
I looked at her as she sm-irked, Her stares was quite intimid@t!ng, it was like she is thinking of where to start from , she looked at me and smiled again
“Well, I don’t have a problem marrying you Asher ,the question is do you wanna marry me ” She asked sarcastically
I will never let this chance go, it is just like craving for an ice cream and you get it without having to buy it, I pressed myl-ips into thin line, before smiling at her, she laughed as I agreed to marry her, she stood up, taking her bags, walking towards her car before driving off
Her dad walked towards me and I couldn’t smile, I have met him before and he was hostile
“Young man, how do you feel about getting married to my only daughter ” He asked and I smiled
“The first time you c@m£ to my house, I was quite annoyed with you, I brou-ght Ella Mia, to your five years old birthday, check the albu-m when you get home, but you didn’t remember me
You got betrothed since Ella Mia immediately she was given birth to, that was twenty years ago, you were two years old then, you probably don’t remember, it has been a very long time though, I owe your Dad a lot, and I know you will take care of my daughter
So I’m officially supporting your relationsh!pwith her and plea-se don’t make her cry ” He said and I smiled faintly, standing up as he walked out on me
This is a lottery, A God damned lottery, I won, she accepted and I’m interested
About the death side, let’s see how far, she is willing to go
🔰 one week later 🔰
We walked into the mall and headed to the wedding go-wn section, I held her head, with a grin on my face, she was still very much unconscious about the fact that I’m holding her hands
She snatched her hands from mine, walk into the girls section, she alre-ady made it clear that she was marrying me to make life hell and I alre-ady accepted my faith
She c@m£ out with a white satin long fl@ygo-wn, that had an elegant train at the back, she looked Innocent and pure
Speaking about innocent, I hope she is still a vir-gin, she gets really uncomfortable when I hold her in my arms and squirms, unfortunately, that version of hers is expired
I’m taking this one it is so fashionable and admirable, I rolled my eyes as I chose a black tuxedo suit for my wedding
I walked towards her, holding her hand, she glared at me, before smiling
“you guys are finally getting married you c@m£ here few years ago , I styled your hair ” she explained, referring to Ella Mia
She had a faint smile on her face, like she doesn’t remember anything, I looked away and walked out with her
She is so full of surprises
I got a call from Stacey, after I asked her not to call me and that I was getting married to Mia
Ella Mia’s POV
I snorted as I watched Asher walked towards me
“what up with that sound and why are you glaring at me ” he said and I ignored him
“come with me, I nee-d to take you home ” he said and I cli-cked my ton-gue, rolling my eyes at him
“Asher , I’m twenty years of age, I can take myself home, I don’t nee-d your help, okay? ” I half yelled, walking away
He felt his arm wra-pped around my knee as he swept me off my feet, I squealed about wanting to get down and it was followed by a splitting headache
I su-cked in my breath ,gro-an ing in pain, prolonging the ah sounds that c@m£ out of my mouth , i saw an image, it wasn’t so clear, he dropped me down and I staggered and fell on the floor, hurting my knee
He walked towards me, but I st©pped him from carrying me, I was weak, but I limped into his car and he drove off
🔰 Wedding bells 🔰
I chuckled repeated as the make up artist dolled me up, knowing what I had planned for Asher, this wedding would be one of the craziest thing that ever happened to me
I wore my wedding go-wn, taking pictures posting it on my instagram page
Dad held my hand as he walked me down the isle, plea-se be over alre-ady, I just wanna welcome Asher’s nightmare
I said the vow impatiently, k!ss!nghim before the priest said we could, everyone thinks I can’t get enough of him, but only I knew what was in my mind
” I now pronounce you as husband and wife ” the priest said and I chuckled, wi-nking at Asher
We got into the car as it drove us to the house we got as gift, I walked into the bathroom, lying in the tub, celebr@ting my victory
I walked out in my S-xy lingerie and I watched him smile at me, was he going to claim his right as my husband
His smile faded as I brou-ght out a vibr@tor on our wedding night
” I don’t think you nee-d that ” he said and I smiled, b!owing a k!ss
“Oh really, now you are going to tell me what I nee-d and what I don’t nee-d ” I asked sarcastically with a sm-irk
“you don’t nee-d a vibr@tor, I could give more than enough plea-sure, the vibr@tor can’t even do that ” he boasted and I brou-ght out a dil-do
His winced as I brou-ght it out, “you have surely changed” he seethed and I laughed
I noticed the bulge in his p@n-ts and I laughed
“Mr Asher Byron, don’t tell me I got you arou-sed” I asked, with my hand, ru-bbing his n£¢k, myl-ips teasing his upperl-ips
He held my w@!st, pu-lling me close to me, I cringed internally ,pushing him away from me, before entering the bathroom, I locked the door from inside
Switching on the vibr@tor, ma-king sure it made a lot of noise as it buzzed, while I la-id on the floor, m0@n ing loudly
He ban-ged the door, asking me to open up, I was very far away from the vibr@tor, in fact I was sitting at the back of the door, m0@n ing like I was in ecstasy
“oh… fv¢k….prove…to…Asher……. that… ahh…ow…You… Are…better than Asher ” I screamed and peeped throu-gh the hole
He was at the entrance, knocking on the door, in anger, he could break my head if I c@m£ in
If he is this angry and jealous of an object, how would he react if it is human, I thought and smiled
This is just a taste of your own medicine, thinking about everything, I really don’t know what Asher did to me, but I wanna pay back
I smiled, faking m0@n s and screams and as I felt heavy ban-gs on the bathroom door
💖💖 The bad boy’s nerdy girl 💖💖
Written by Author Dammy 🔥🔥
Episode 29 📚
Asher’s POV
I gro-an ed as she m0@n ed, she suddenly st©pped m0@n ing and opened the bathroom door, coming out with a faint smile on her face
“Well, now that the vibr@tor has done it job, I will also do mine ” I said, holding her hands
She rolled her eyes and la-id on the be-d, dozing off, I gro-an ed as I watched her lie on the be-d, I can’t f0rç£ her, I have to create a situation where she would willingly give herself to me, but how, she is so stubborn and she isn’t that innocent, seeing as she had successfully plea-sure her self S-xually
I scoffed and turned my back on her, ensuring she was fast asleep, I took the vibr@tor and hit it
This j£rky bastard thinks he can take my place, I muttered Smashing it outside, before coming back to sleep
I la-id on the be-d, watching her full pinkl-ips that p@rted slightly as she breath in and out , Her long eyelashes battering her face as she sle-pt
Pure crazy Mia, why did she change this much, I thought. Before dozing off.
Ella Mia’s POV
I woke up early, taking my books, re-ading it as I sat on the chair, everything seemed weird, especially slee-ping beside Asher, I was still so ashamed about yesterday, how I was able to m0@n as loud as that without doing anything to myself was a mystery, I dropped my books and took of my eyes glas-ses wearing the medicated contact lenses as I woke up
Now what do I do, I walked back inside and I looked around for the vibr@tor I was using to pretend
Ah, geez, he broke it, I will make him pay for breaking it, I walked into the kitchen , ma-king myself pasta and tomato sauce, I knew he was going to ask for breakfast but I didn’t care, how the hell could he break my vibr@tor, I didn’t use it but damn, that S-x toy was expensive
He walked out and he walked into the dinning, opening the empty pot
He sighed and opened the cu-pboard, bringing out food stuffs, he was about to fry, so I excused him, since my asthma attack might be triggered
I sat down, watching him make some chicken nuggets and noodles, he sat in front of me, praising the noodles, while I rolled my eyes, now he wants to make me jealous of the food he was eating
I scoffed and walked towards the bathroom, I seriously have to let him pay for destroying that vibr@tor, damn it was expensive , I walked into the bathroom, opening the tap and the pressure of the water c@m£ out with an unbelievable pressure
I was so shocked that I was f0rç£d to scream
Asher’s POV
I ru-bbe-d my temples as I ate my noodles hungrily with a chopstick, I was so hungry, but I was also laughing, as I heard Mia’s screams
I sm-irked eating my breakfast comfortably, hearing her scream brou-ght a joy I could explain
This is childish but this is how she wants to be handled, I ate my food peaceful, no glares and stares
Let’s see who gets to die first, she gave my our first night to a vibr@tor and I gave a spoilt pressure tap as a wedding gift
Tit for tat, I smiled, but it was followed by a thud and I sprang up immediately, ru-bbing to the bathroom, the short damp shi-t, hvgged her flawless curves, what is with the thud I heard, her perky n!ppl!s poked the shi-t and I smiled watching her, drowning in her beauty, fantasising
“st©p staring Asher and help me out ” she half yelled, trying to cover the tap, the pressure kept l!çk!ng from other p@rt
I chuckled walking towards her, she threw me a “like seriously” look , I laughed as I held her hand, she moved back with every step I took ,until she was un-der the broken tap
Her pink we-tl-ips p@rted, trembling as a result of fear, though she had changed, but the features were still there
“stay away from me Asher? ” she half yelled, pointing her f!nger at me
I sm-irked, holding her hand pinning both hands above her head, I ni-bbled her ear-lobe, watching her squirm like the innocent little br@t she was
” let me go, you bastard ” she squealed with a glare, her hair fell on my face as she squirmed, she was so we-t as water made contact with her skin, her eyelid fluttered open as myl-ips made contact with her
I tra-pped her legs in my knee
“you think you are the only one capable of getting back at me ” I asked huskily, nuzzling her ears
She gulped in, breathing heavily as I tea-sed her with myl-ips, with my hands still above her head, I bent low, su-ckling on her erected n!ppl!s, I got so carried away with the plea-sure, she squirmed and screaming
She pushed me and I fell flat on the floor, how dare you, she rasped, giving me sl@p, squ-atting on t©p of me, she took her bathroom sli-ppers, sma-cking my face ha-rd as she cried
Now, take a look at the irony of the situation happened now, she was sma-cking my face , ha-rd with bathroom sli-ppers and here she was crying her lungs out
“how dare you ” she muttered and wearing her sli-pper before walking out of the bathroom
Ella Mia’s POV
I sat on the be-d, shuddering, I curled up into a ball, no one ever tried this with me, I might have changed but I’m not cheap, he doesn’t have the right to t©uçh me, still unable to recover from the shock, I trembled in fears, ru-bbing my hands over my brea-st
He t©uçhed me, God dammit, he really did, I’m gonna get back at me, that’s for sure, I pout, whimpering like a cold puppy
Asher’s POV
It had been over 1 hour and she didn’t get out of the room, l walked into the room and I saw her laying down on floor, whimpering and trembling with the cold shi-t that ba-rely covered her fair th!gh
” $h!t” I muttered, walking towards her, I held her hand and carried her, guess she wasn’t re-ady for tantrums , I took a dry towel wiping her we-t hair
” You might catch a cold ” I muttered, asking her to pu-ll of her dress
She glared at me and I walked out, smiling
“is she suddenly scared? ” I asked and rolled my eyes as I sat down, watching the television
Today is fun, but I knew I was expecting a strike back from her, with the look on her face, I could tell that she wasn’t going to spear me
Yesterday it was Mia 😄
Today Asher won 😒
Let’s see, Who wins tomorrow 😇
Why is Mia scared despite being a badas-s