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The bad boys nerdy girl Episode 36 & 37

💖💖The bad boy’s nerdy girl 💖💖
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Episode 36 📚
Asher’s POV
I rolled my eyes, telling Chloe I wasn’t interested in the relationsh!panymore, she laughed, shaking hands with Stephanie, pu-lling a facial mask off her face, Damn, I got tricked again, I closed my eyes, walking out on them
“Your Mia should be very mad at you, I succeeded and I wish you good luck in your marriage life, I’m sure you will be mine very soon, remember Asher, if Ella Mia isn’t interested in you, I will always be here ” she muttered and I scoffed, before walking out
I walked into the room and sat on the be-d ruffling my hair, she actually k!$$£d me and thankfully I pushed her away, can’t believe she isn’t Chloe, I knew Chloe was dead, yet I went ahead and I fell into Stephanie’s tra-p
Now, where is Ella Mia?, I sat on the chair taking a [email protected] of water, I really hope she alright, maybe it’s time to face my life and forget any other woman [email protected] from Mia, we should have met, I a pain in Mia’s n£¢k
My phone ranged and I got a call from the club bartender saying Mia is drun!kand she needs someone to take her home, I drove towards the club hurriedly, why did she suddenly got herself drun!k, why does she think, drinking is the best option
I walked into the club, seeing her face on the alcohol stand with tears in her eyes, she looked broken and hurt, I held her hand, dragging her out, while she had a glare on her face
“let me go, you monster, I curse the day I met you ” she yelled, what is she talking about, why is she saying this?
“What are you talking about? ” I asked
“What do you think?, I won’t find out ” she yelled, pushing me away from her, while she walked towards the park near the club
“st©p following me, I don’t wanna talk to you ” she screamed angrily
“what are you talking about Ella Mia ” I asked, gr-abbing her hand, while she scoffed
“I never sle-pt with Stephanie ” she muttered angrily ” Well, I know what you did to me in the past, I remembered everything, Asher, why!! ” she screamed, while I held her hand
“Let me go, fv¢king let me go, you bastard, integrated Fool, can’t believe I fell for an idiot like you ” she yelled, struggling to get her self freed
“I’m sorry” I pleaded, still holding her hands
“what do you think, I will fv¢king talk to you and tell you that your apology is accepted ?” she asked sarcastically with a sm-irk on her face
“Well, I’m getting divorced, I can’t stand it, I can’t stand any of this pain, I’m also human, I have emotions ” she screamed, still straining to get herself freed
“Ella Mia, no, I’m so sorry ” I yelled
“Let me go, you fv¢king bastard ” she screamed, kicking my crotch, I fell flat on the floor, watching her staggered, before finally crashing on the floor
I ran towards her, raising her in my hands before taking her home , she was burning up with fever, I got so emotional, tears had welled up in my eyes as I took of her shi-t, placing a damp towel on her forehead
“let me go ” she cried again in her sleep, she would be getting divorced ,she doesn’t want a relationsh!pwith us anymore, we are up to 5month and she doesn’t want to continue anymore, I closed my eyes, realizing how stupid I have been lately, I got betrothed to someone who will love me for who I’m, and I messed up
I held her hand, soaking the towel in cold water before placing it on my forehead, she looked really pale, I was starting to get scared
I sat on the floor, with her hands linked around mine and before dozing off
Ella Mia’s POV
I stood up ,holding my hand feeling a urge to trow up, alcohols and hang over, felt Asher’s hand on mine, but I was too weak to get angry
I ran into the toilet, emptying the rubbish in my mouth into the water closet
Before stepping into the shower, the door suddenly opened and my eyes was popping out of its socket
“idiot, get out of here ” I screamed, covering my everything, thankfully I still had my [email protected] on
“Ella Mia I’m so sorry ” he apologized, and I rolled my eyes
“Get out, I am never going to forgive you, go back to the girl you k!$$£d yesterday, did you fv¢king her too ” I asked with a smug look
“she k!$$£d me, if you had stayed a little bit longer, who would have seen that I pushed her away ” he explained
“Asher, every time I fell for you, you were never there to catch me, I have alre-ady been hurt, so giving you a chance will be so fv¢king pathetic ” i muttered ,asking him to getting out of the bathroom
He walked towards me with and I glared at him with every step he took
“you idiot ,stay away from me ” I half yelled, covering my brea-st, in a blink of an eye, he was so close to me, his face on my n£¢k, fanning my n£¢k, he had his face buried in the crook of my n£¢k , grazing his teeth over my quivering skin
Is he s£dûç!ng me, I bit myl-ip, fighting the [email protected] that threatened to come, what he was doing brou-ght heat
“get away from me ” I want to yell but it [email protected]£ out in a whisper, despite how much I claimed to hate him
He smiled, savaging myl-ips as he took it in his, his hands, tugged at my [email protected], bring them down, I was standing stark n-ked, after this would I ever be able to divorce him
I wanted to tell him st©p so badly, but I couldn’t, his hands lingered round my n£¢k as he k!$$£d me de-eply and [email protected], my hands was fisted into a ball, I found myself returning his de-ep feverish k!ss
I was getting so weak in the knee, that I might fall and hurt myself, what if he is just using using me
“Ella Mia, I’m so sorry ” he begged amidst the k!sses, carrying and dropping me on the washing hands ,[email protected] my legs with his middle and ring f!nger around my w€t ti-ght entrance, I head fell back as I felt his hands de-ep inside my, moving up and down, the [email protected] s I had tra-pped in my throat [email protected]£ out as I shuddered, I felt myself climbing and climbing to the s-en-sation I couldn’t un-derstand, while his mouth fused to my brea-st, he su-ckled on my perky n!ppl!s while his f!nger worked his way into me, I [email protected] ed his name in sheer plea-sure, working my hands into his hair, [email protected] his scalp before holding on
It was followed by an intense need to pee, just can’t un-derstand this feeling, it get me all worked out, that i was starting to shudder and screamed
Asher f!nger was still having his way inside me, I clenched round his f!ngersand my eyes almost rolled into my skull, I shuddered, screaming his name, asking him to get his hand off
Swears, I was starting to w€t my self, Asher smiled, despite the fact that it happened, I fell on his arm, not wanting to go on
“having a squir-ter is a turn on ” He said and I furrowed my brows as he wanted to move on
If he sleeps with me, I will be no different from other girls
“plea-se, respect my decision for once, leave ” I muttered, pointing my hands to the door, he walked out and I sat un-der the shower, back to my s-en-ses
I buried my face in my knee, sobbing quietly
Episode 37 📚
Ella Mia’s POV
I sighed and inhaled de-eply, taking about my future with Asher, I shouldn’t give him a second chance, he is just going to misuse it as usual and apologize for hurting me
Three weeks had past and all I could think of is the silent treatment I have been giving him, I’m not willing to talk to him, I don’t even wanna see him, I’m just being alone
Loneliness isn’t the best, seeing as Asher is willing to change only got me guilty, but I should not be guilty, if he finds someone else, he is just going to ignore me and pretend nothing happened, I just have to teach myself to get used to being without him even when he is not close to me
As usual I was so lost in thought that,the entire dinner had gotten burnt, I rushed to the kitchen and I was welcomed by the thick smoke surroundings it, my lungs got congested, I was starting to [email protected] for air, I managed to switch off the [email protected] cooker before running to the room to take my inhaler
My breath [email protected]£ to normal in minutes with minute and I sat on chair, holding my head
The past few weeks has been so hectic, I’m busy focusing on my school course while Asher is walking on his father’s business
Talking about Asher, we don’t even live together, he comes home on weekends , that’s the only time we get to see and my ego is getting ahead of me, I’m so annoyed at myself, is it about the fact that I can’t just forgive him even if my mind says otherwise, I really do love that idiot and it is freaking me out
Our family doesn’t really know what’s going on between us, I wanna hvg him ti-ghtly and k!sshim de-eply telling him how much I have forgiven him, but I just can’t, I wanna tell my mom about this so badly but I can’t
Thankfully, the semester is coming to an end, I really hope I get to see him, I only get to see him talk on screen when he comes to a business show on TV
Did I mention that he had quit music, Just focus on the family business, I could not forgive him and it has gotten the worst [email protected] of me out
He said he couldn’t take the marital responsibilities responsibly, but he wants to take the business serious
My pla-yful Asher [email protected]£ a shadow of his former just because I refused to forgive him, getting my memories back only made me more conscious about being the one getting hurt
Asher’s POV
I walked into my [email protected], I do not live with Ella Mia and it is like eating me up inside, all I needed is forgiveness
I have been working my @ss out, Just to get her thoughts of my head, I need peace, she is keeps getting in my way, she keeps interfering, I got to know how valuable she is when she gave me silent treatment
We don’t talk anymore, if my marriage life is based on a song it would be that of Selena Gomez and Charlie puth, I really need to hear her voice ,hold her close to me, tell her how much I love her
And Stephanie, that bit-ch is living a good life after creating an havoc in my marital life
I wanna strangle her and kill her, but I just wanna love Mia and prove to her that I’m a good person and I was being childish, I just wanna make things right for us
I love her, I don’t wanna make any more mistakes, I love her a lot, I wanna make love to her every now and then, tell how I love, this is so unbearable
I walked into the house which was gifted to us, we should build another house
I booked tickets for our honeymoon, it has been six months since we got married, we need break, a vacation, a perfect life, I just wanna apologize to her and make up to her mistakes
She looked so lost in thought staring at her nails, I smiled and walked towards her ,hoping that she would talk to me
” how are you honey ” I said and pe-cked her on the cheeks, her faint smile brou-ght a creep of blush on her face , I laughed faintly
“Hey ” she answered with a shrug and I smiled
“you have been ignoring me, Ella Mia, I’m willing to change for you ” I said ,holding her hand, while I watched her rolled her eyes
She walked out and hissed ,while I ran into the room, before she could lock, I tra-pped her in my arms, hvgging her as ti-ght as I could
“let’s go on our honeymoon ” I said and she had a “like seriously ” look on her face
I don’t have anything planned yet but I want to turn out yet
She reluctantly answered and I smiled faintly, I promise to make you proud of me, we are spending a month in Manhattan beach, there is a beach house preparation for the both of us
It has to be ro-mantic

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