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March 7, 2021


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The bad boys nerdy girl Episode 34 & 35

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💖💖 The bad boy’s nerdy girl 💖💖

Written by Author Dammy 🔥🔥

Episode 34 📚



Asher’s POV

I stood at the restaurant, pacing forth and back as I waited for Chloe, she is dead, I know shouldn’t see her but still I wanna prove to Stephanie that she is wrong, I sighed waiting for her, that girl had hurt me in the past when she left me for Jake

On the other hands, there is someone who is never going to hurt me, who will always care for me, no matter what the circumstances is, yet ,I find myself getting attached to those who will trample and mess with my emotions, those idiot who will hurt me

Since high school, Chloe and Stephanie are the ones who I have ever given a chance and they get me all worked up about loving them, I am just so attached to this whores and assholes, I’m scared I might hurt Mia

They one who will always love me without giving excuses about having feelings for someone else, if there is anything I’m focusing on it should be helping Ella Mia regain her memories

She is so interested in her past and she is hell bent on regaining it, but her I am, standing like a fool, waiting for someone who cheated on me, even at twenty two, I choose to be stupid

“Asher ” Chloe called and I stood gobsmacked, staggering backwards, I went to Chloe’s burial to pay her, her last rite

She raised her hands to touch me, but I totally freaked out, running out of the restaurant

Ella Mia’s POV

I sat on the chair, waiting for Asher, it is almost nine and he isn’t here yet, I sighed and walked into the kitchen, making dinner, I’m finally learning to someone’s wife, it feels so good, I made dinner and served it waiting for Asher

I ate my food silently, looking at the time, checking if Asher is around, I sighed ruffling my hair in anger

This idiot is keeping me so worried, my phone ranged and it was his call

I walked towards the door, unlocking it with a glare on my face, he looked worried

“where were you, I have been waiting?” I asked angrily, locking the door as he entered, It was already late and he was just coming in

His eyes met mine and he had a faint smile on his face, he looked really worried about something, he isn’t willing to share it with me

“Asher, is anything wrong with you? ” I asked, holding his hands, he smiled, pecking me on the lips

“nothing, Ella Mia, I’m just tired, so did you prepare dinner ” he asked and I smiled as he walked into the dinning hall

I microwaved the dinner and served it to him, while he ate, still worried about something, he isn’t willing to share with me

He smiled and stood up tiredly, walking into our room, while I cleared his plate, he is so worried that he didn’t pack his plate after eating

It is something he hardly let me do, I washed the dishes and walked into the bathroom, taking a shower before sleeping close to him

He wrapped his arms around me, while I trailed my hands on his chest

“Asher, if anything is bothering you, you know you can always tell me ” I said and he sighed ,sitting up

“Well, nothing is bothering me ” he lied and I rolled my eyes, getting annoyed with the fact that he is hiding something from me, I don’t have anything secret and it should also be the same for him

“Well, will you stop lying? ” I yelled angrily

“Ella Mia, I’m not in the mood for any tantrums, I’m not lying and that’s final ” he muttered through his gritted teeth
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“Asher, just tell me what is wrong with you, I might be able to help you ” I said

woman!!!, you can’t help me, as it is right now, you are adding to my problems, why don’t you just leave me alone!!!! ” he yelled angrily

Woman?, adding to his problems?, I took a deep breath, tears welled up in my eyes and I stood up gently and walked out of the room, heading into the bathroom, locking the door

Asher’s POV

I exhaled slowly as I watched Mia walk into the bathroom, I vented my anger out on her and told her that she is adding to my problem, I could hear her sob in the bathroom

But at least she isn’t going to disturb me, going there would only make her angrier, why can’t I stop thinking about Chloe, I sighed and laid on the bed, hearing Mia, put on the shower, I closed my eyes dozing off peacefully

How do I get rid of Mia without hurting her feelings, what do I still feel for Chloe, ugh, do I have to get rid of Ella Mia, she loves me

I have hurt her times and times without number but she is still willing to stay, I’m the bad guy who doesn’t deserve love, yet her simplicity and innocence is the only thing keeping her around me

Hurting her is a brutality on its own, I shouldn’t do that, it is awful

🔰 The next day 🔰

Ella Mia’s POV

I trembled under the cold running Water, it has been hours and Asher didn’t think it was okay to check on me, he didn’t take his bath in this bathroom, neither did he call my name

I stood up, packing my wet hair into buns, when I came out of the bathroom it was noon and Asher wasn’t at home, I wore a new pajamas, curling up on the bed, feeling feverish and sick, I covered myself up

It was getting very cold and I had monstrous frostbite from staying under the shower for the whole night

All I wanted was an apology from Asher, I closed my eyes, bearing the pain and cold, the door clicked and I knew he was around, why am I suddenly so nice to him, why can’t I fight back at him

He laid on the bed, not turning to see my awful purplish skin from frostbite, I was still so cold and I was starting to ache at my joint

🔰 the next day 🔰

I opened my eyes slowly, taking a look at my surroundings, he wasn’t here, if only he lifted the duvet of my skin, the window was opened and every where is cold

It has been two days since Asher had spoken to me , I wanted to hear him out, give him advice, show him how loving and caring I am, but where has it ended

My legs were hurting a lot and I had to call, I called him times without number but he wasn’t picking up, I scrolled down to Aidan’s number, dialing it

“Aidan…. It….me.. Ella Mia ” I cried, taking deep breath, trying to focus on my call

“what’s wrong Mia, why are you crying ” he asked as I sobbed

“I’m dying, I’m hurting all over, I…need….your….help ” I cried and he hanged up, telling me he was on his way

Is this love?, why am I so hurt, my head moved from side to side as I trashed in pain, I groaned, taking deep breathing, not knowing how to explain my pain

I was really hurting, the door to my room opened and it was Aidan, he lifted the duvet of my body and winced when he saw my skin, carrying me in his back, he climbed his bike my a scarf to my back, making me cling to him

I got quite dizzy and closed my eyes passing out

Aidan’s POV

I sat in front of Ella’s ward, with a smirk on my face, that bastard can’t take proper care of her ,she looked so indisposed when I got to her house, crying and groaning, I got us here somehow, what excuse will Asher give, that frostbite wasn’t a good one

🔰 Few hours later 🔰

Asher’s POV

I walked into the house with restaurant buying dinner for her, she looked extremely cute in this outfit ,we ate dinner quietly and it was finally time to head home

I pecked her and drove her home, before going back to meet Ella Mia, she is always under the blanket, not worried about what I did anymore, I really don’t know why she doesn’t get mad at me

I walked into the bedroom and it was empty, I headed to the bathroom seeing it quiet, got me mad

That bimbo, ugh, this is unbearable, what has she done this time, I bumped into Aidan with a faint smile on my face

“Are you with my wife? ” I asked and he pushed me on the jaw

“your wife??, when was the last time you checked on that girl ” he asked angrily

“why do you have a problem with what I do with her ” I asked angrily and I got another punch on the jaw

” Where is she? ” he asked angrily

“I don’t know where she is ” I retorted angrily

“you asked me if I have a problem with what you do with her, yes, I have every problem with that, she is at the hospital, she ended up with pneumonia and bronchitis and you don’t fucking know, yet, you call yourself her husband ” he yelled and I sighed

“First, you are the cause of her memory loss, now pneumonia and bronchitis, what else do you want from her ” he screamed, before walking out on me, while I sat on the chair and ruffled my hair

I’m so confused


Episode 35



Asher’s POV

I sighed as he walked out, wait ,what was that?, I caused her memory loss ?, that’s freaking impossible, I never did, I do not owe her anything, not her memories, why do I keep hurting her, maybe I don’t have feelings

But why do I get so obsessed her when she is with another guy?, I walked towards the kitchen, when was the last time she ate?, I asked myself and sighed

I heard her quick breathy murmurs but I didn’t care to ask her if she was actually alright , what kind of husband have I turned to, I thought I loved her, why does Chloe keeps getting in my way

This is awful, I wore my tanned trouser and shirt before driving off to the hospital, ah, geez, her parents are in that ward, how do I come in without getting insulted

“Asher, thank God you brought her here on time ” her mom said and I heaved a sigh of relief ,I nodded and forced a smile out, taking Aidan’s credit, Mia wasn’t opposing the fact that I brought her to the hospital, did she save me?, I cleared my throat, rubbing my neck

“Now that you are here, we should leave ” Her mom said to her dad, pecking Mia’s head, asking me to take proper care of her, they walked out of the room, but the glares were still on me ,I’m talking about Ella Mia’s glare

She turned her back at me, with a frown on her face, I tried to touch her, but she smacked my hand off

“Mr Asher Byron, get your fucking hands off me, your presence annoys me, I was trying to be the perfect wife, but you blew it up, I swear I won’t give you another chance, whoever she is, you can have your way with her ” she uttered, standing up ,raising her fingers at me, I smirked holding her hand

“Ella Mia, I’m so sorry ” I begged

“I don’t wanna hear your voice, I don’t know what happened before the memory loss, but you like taking me for granted, right? ” she asked angrily

The classy and badass Mia was back, the part that gets me very obsessed, that part of her that doesn’t let me rest, I tried to hold her but I was kicked on the crotch

I groaned in pain and watched her lay on the bed, with a smirk on her face, she watched me wince and smiled

“A little taste of your own medicine, won’t hurt you, okay? ” she stated

🔰 The next morning 🔰

I woke up, seeing the doctor inject Mia, her silly cries was what woke me up , I stood up, sitting beside her as she refused a shot, I held her hand, watching her glare at me

“I know you hate me, but must you show your hatred ” she half yelled as I held her in place, tears had welled up in her eyes as I watched her took the injection, she hissed in pain and finally I released her from my tight grip, she stood up, asking the doctor about wanting to go home

The doctors gave permission to discharge her, while she called Aidan to sign it, while I looked at her, I hate this side of her, but It is just the part of me, that makes me worried about anyone taking her from me

“I’m here, so why have you called him ?” I asked angrily

“you weren’t here when I was dying, okay, go ahead and sign the papers, just to let the world know that you tried to kill me and to your greatest disappointment, you didn’t succeed” she muttered, with an eye roll

And I felt guilty, still signing the papers, she called Aidan telling him about visiting him and it only got my head hot

“Asher, I have problems, I wanna share it with someone who is willing to share his problems with me also and obviously you can’t ”

“Ella Mia, it is quite complicated ” I explained, trying to hold her hand, but the glares restricted me

“oh, yeah, it is complicated, but I still don’t wanna be here right now ” she said and I rolled my eyes

” why ? ” I asked angrily

” if I stay with you, you might say I’m adding to your problems, and I don’t wanna be the reason behind anyone problem, you must be thinking that I’m some stupid bimbos, who will still be here to love you even when you take me for granted, Well, Asher, I might have feelings for us, but I definitely won’t take any nonsense, I have been trying to act like the former me and I kinda have a hint of what you did to me in the past, if you are not interested anymore and you have found someone of your choice, I will leave you alone, okay ” she retorted, walking into a taxi before driving off

I sighed ,feeling really stupid, I got her really mad, didn’t I, I got a call from Chloe saying she wants to meet me at some restaurant, I rolled my eyes, taking my car, I have to end that relationship, right now and here

Ella Mia’s POV

I sighed, asking the driver to follow Asher’s car, I just wanna see what he is up too, he stopped at some restaurant, while I got down, following him

He walked into the restaurant and I sighed as I saw him walk towards a lady, pecking her cheeks, before holding her hands

I stopped and turned away, then turn back to him,he was kissing her, then what am I, a toy?, who is just being played with despite the fact that I’m married to him

I bumped into Stephanie and she laughed

“looks like someone has gotten heartbroken ” she mocked with a smug smile

“How is that your freaking business, you like putting your ugly ass cheek into people’s business, don’t you? ” I retorted angrily

“what do you mean by that, if you know what’s best for you, stay away from these cheat, he rocked me on bed times without number and she is the next person, who is the next?, maybe you ” she laughed and walked out

I sighed, holding my face in my palm, walking towards the car, I got a warning from my brain asking me not to take a taxi, I was so sure this has happened before, I walked on the streets, lifelessly, my hands and legs, swayed effortlessly as I walked into the hours, crying my lungs out for hours

“Lies!! It is all lies!!!, Asher why!! ” I screamed into the hair, trying to control my breath, I sighed, wiping my tears off, I’m gonna leave him for good and start my life afresh, lies, deception, heartbreaks, I cursed the day I met him, I screamed as I found myself remembering everything that happened in the past, how we met in class when he was singing, how he stood up for me, how our chemistry project, how I developed feelings, how he stole my first kiss, how he made promises and shattered my hopes, when Stephanie came back and the car accident

I screamed my lung out, holding my head, curling up into a ball, I shuddered as I took each breath, covering my eyes as I heard distant voice in my brain

I’m gonna kill him, I will kill that motherfucking bastard, that good for nothing bastard, I wore a big top with with sneakers, driving off to the club, what is he busy doing now, fucking her?, then he would lie

” I hate him ” I screamed, starting the car, going to club where I wanna drink my sorrows out

Tears filled my eyes as I walked into the club, I don’t remember learning how to drink, but I just wanna forget this heartache, this pain, this problem, who I am, Asher

I stood at the bar, forcing myself to swallow a shot of tequila, shaking as it burned my throat , I trow em back till I lose count

Crying out




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