The bad boys nerdy girl Episode 32 & 33

💖💖 The bad boy’s nerdy girl 💖💖
Episode 32 📚
Asher’s POV
I sighed as I stood at the entrance of Ella Mia’s ward, why did she suddenly pas-sed out, I hope she is not pranking me, I held my head in my palm, ruffling my hair, the doctors c@m£ out and walked me to his office, while I sighed as I walked in
“who are you to the patient? ” she asked
“Her husband, is there any problem? ”
“Your wife has been suffering from amnesia ” she stated and I felt a ban-g in my heart
“wh…what? ” I asked, unable to believe what I heard, is that why she has changed a lot, what really happened, why does she has Amnesia ,A lot of thoughts filled my head and I ba-rely listened to what the doctor said
“you are pushing her too ha-rd , she would eventually remember everything ” she stated and I scoffed, pushing her too ha-rd , and how have I ever done that to Ella Mia , I nodded my head, giving a faint smile
“She hasn’t been using her drugs recently, that is why she keeps pas-sing out, plea-se, I believe you have a responsibility towards her, you should be able to take proper care of your wife ” she said, giving me some tablets and injections for Mia
” Ensure that she uses her medicine and when she pas-ses out next time, inside of bringing her here, you should inject here, it will help to reduce the tension on her br@in and minimize the weakness ” she said and I sighed, thanking her before walk out
Ella Mia is really a piece of work, she is to difficult to handle, arrgh!!, I nee-d a break, ever since I got married to her, A lot has happened
Thinking about it, it is ba-rely a week since we got married and she is a hvge pain in my n£¢k
I walked into her ward, seeing her l@yon the be-d, breathing softly, her close eyelid and long eyelashes, moved slightly, is she awake and pretending to be asleep, I scoffed and sat on the be-d with her, brushing myl-ips against hers, she sprang up, pushing me
“Asher, you seriously don’t have to do this every time you get the chance ?” she asked frailly, looking quite pale
“why didn’t you tell me ” I asked
“That what? ” she asked
“that you do not remember anything from your past ”
“Well, I don’t know anything about my past, but it is the best thing happening to me ”
“$h!t…. Ella Mia, you used to have a very peaceful past, you are so cool and calm, A pretty young nerd with thick eye glas-ses and teeth br@ces , you were so naive and innocent” I praised and watched her smile
“hmm, Asher I really don’t want to remember that past, I heard I was bully, hurt, mocked ” she muttered, side hvgging me
“Still you were the most beautiful creature ”
“Asher, st©p it ” she mumbled, snuggling beside me
Ella Mia’s POV
“So how long have you d@t£d Stephanie for ” I asked and watched him smile faintly
“I d@t£ her for two years before she left the country”
“hmm, do you love her? ” I asked and he frowned
“The truth is that, ever since I met you, the feelings I had for Stephanie vanished, I just didn’t want to hurt her, but then I found out that she is cheating on me on my best friend and she is nymphomaniac ” he explained and I chuckled
“But then you still plea-sured her S-xually? ” I asked
“No, I didn’t ” he answered and it brou-ght a hvge smile on my face, I was just f0rç£d to laugh, he held my hands, pe-cking my cheeks
“I love you Asher ” I muttered, k!ss!nghim lightly on thel-ips
He smiled as he walked out to sign the discharge papers, I waited for him eagerly and wore my clothes, he held my hand and we walked out together
Asher’s POV
I smiled as we walked into the room, I hope she doesn’t find out that I lied to her, she is Ella, she is never going to accept me knowing that I sle-pt with Stephanie
I walked into the kitchen, preparing dinner, I served it and we ate silently ,thankfully the relationsh!pis back to normal, but she deserves her lost memories, Stephanie is out of my life so I can finally concentrate on Ella Mia, she deserves a lot of joy and happiness, I caused her pain and it is definitely not one of the things she could get over, instead she was affected, I ensured she used the pill that was prescribe-d to her
While I sle-pt on the be-d, beside her, stro-king her hair, I sighed as she closed her eyes ,enjoying the s-en-sation
“Asher I’m feeling giddy, I might sleep for this sweet s-en-sation ” she muttered with her eyes half closed
I smiled, pressing my self into her, while she giggled, before finally dozing off
Ella Mia’s POV
I squirmed on the be-d, remembering Asher and I got along well for the first time, I opened my eyes slowly, feeling Asher’s legs between mine, Damn it is still very early wait, what is this, why is it poking me, he moved in his sleep and a m0@n escaped myl-ips, this is insane, but I am awkwardly comfortable with Asher’s early morning erection, wait!!, Is he purposely doing this, I thought, getting up, I was starting to feel very h0t at my forbidden zone, what is this awkwardly interesting tingling s-en-sation between my legs
I sat on the chair beside the be-d, watching Asher stand up on the be-d, what has he done to me
“Ella Mia, why are you all red ,are you feeling sick?” he asked, walking towards me, holding my hand
It made it worse , hell, my b©dy was yearning for Asher’s t©uçh
“wait, are you blu-shing ” asked Asher and I walked away
He held my hand, pu-lling me back to him and I gulped watching him, he smiled
“you look pretty, but damn, if you could see yourself in the mirror right now, you are extremely cute ” he said and I smiled
My hands clutched at the collar of his shi-t and I shuddered, standing on my toes to k!sshim, he smiled raising me up in his arms, k!ss!ngme slow and de-ep
My whole b©dy was demanding for his attention, but I just couldn’t ask
Episode 33 📚
Asher’s POV
I sighed as she walked towards the bathroom, A little shower together won’t hurt, I thought and entered the bathroom with her, she ru-bbe-d her n£¢k with a faint smile on her face
“why are you here ” she asked
“just wanna bath with you ” I mumbled and smiled, watching her blus-h
“Get the fv¢k out of here! ” she half yelled with a smile on her face
I laughed and walked out, smiling at her red face, she laughed and called me back, stepping into the Jacuzzi ,she wra-pped her arms around my w@!st, gyrating slowly on my th!gh as she k!$$£d me
I smiled ,holding her close to me,with love and plea-sure, I smiled k!ss!ngher de-ep and pas-sionately ,she m0@n ed, squirming at my t©uçh, while I laughed at her innocence
⌚Few hours later ⌚
We sat on the couch, eating popcorn as we watched a ro-mantic drama ” show me love” it got to the £r0ticp@rt and I watched her look away, while I smiled, convincing my baby maker not to get arou-sedby the scene
Ella Mia’s POV
I sighed as the movie got over the £r0ticscene was alluring, I was so curious about trying that scene but too young to get pregnant since we were still at college
I walked into the kitchen, ma-king warm rice and tomato sauce with cabbage with accompaniment
Calling Asher for lunch, he smiled, ma-king me sit on his l@p, while he fed me
I blu-shed repeatedly, knowing I have him all to myself, that Stephanie couldn’t even sleep with him, I smiled as he fed me, feeling his hands, sneak inside my th!gh ,my b©dy shuddered on it one accord and I smiled faintly, trying to control myself as his hands impatiently tugged on my p@n-t
My breathing bec@m£ ragged as I felt him watch me, unbearably uncomfortable by the scene, his hands p@rted my leg , he stood up, k!ss!ngme softly, carrying me in his arms before walking to our room
He dropped me on the be-d, linking his hands in mine
“have you ever done this before ” he asked and I gulped, nodding a no, this felt incredulously good ,I was so curious about the s-en-sation in between my legs,it was tingling and I spre-ad my legs a bit wi-de, watching him bend my knee
I shuddered and bead of sweat formed on my forehead, I felt his hands on my S-x, he la-id beside me k!ss!ngde-ep and ha-rd , no pene-tration, just ru-bbing me
I m0@n ed into his mouth, not believing I was actually doing it
Asher’s POV
Damn, she is like an add!çtive pill, I can’t get enough, I didn’t want to scare her away with pene-trating, ru-bbing her slit, slowly and gently, I in-serting my middle f!nger, watching her arch again my f!nger, I smiled, savoring every taste of her skin, while she m0@n ed sweetly in my arm
She p@n-ted as I ru-bbe-d and f!ngered with a fast rate, holding my hand, trying to pu-ll my f!nger out, her head fell backwards as she convulsed round me
Arching and screaming, I slowly inser-ted my f!nger, ru-bbing her as fast as I could
“I’m gonna pee, I might we-t myself…. Asher….ahhh!! ” she screamed ,trying to take my hand off, she clenched around my f!ngers, screaming like crazy, trowing tantrum about wanting to pee, while I smiled as she calmed down
That was too intense for a first Orgasm, she closed her eyes slowly, dozing off quietly, while I walked out of the room ,heading towards the dinning table, I had specially watch that movie to get this, thankfully it happened
I cleared this dish and sat on the chair, writing new songs, just nee-d inspiration and it was here without striving ha-rd for it, thanks to Ella Mia
🔰 one week later 🔰
I stood at the entrance of the lecture, journalist and their paparazzi, I scoffed as I entered the hall with Ella Mia in her clas-sy pink and blue flowery go-wn,she looked extremely cute, l smiled as she walked into the clas-sroom with me
I smiled sitting down with her, she took out a note, wearing her eyes glas-s, it was still as thick as hell, I missed the old Ella Mia, that simple and gentle girl
The lectures c@m£ into the hall and Stephanie walked in with him, smiling, is she fv¢king him too? “, I definitely have to check myself for any infection
She win-ked at me as she sat behind me, ru-bbing my che-st from behind, I rolled my eyes, hoping that Mia wouldn’t look at us, now that we are finally getting along, I don’t want any arguments or fight
I stood up and went outside, while she followed me
“And what do you fv¢king want from me? ” I asked angrily
“Give me just one thing and I promise not to disturb you again ”
“Asher, your b©dy and A little break up S-x won’t hurt ” she explained and I got really mad at her
“I’m married to Ella Mia, I can’t cheat on her, okay? ” I screamed and watched her laughed
“Don’t tell me, you suddenly turned into a good guy overnight, what if I told you that Chloe is still alive? ” she asked and I was shocked to my teeth
“Firstly, Chloe is dead, and fine, I turned into a good guy, something you couldn’t change me too, you should be ashamed of yourself ” I yelled
“she is alive, Chloe never died, I just couldn’t tell you because I wanted you to myself ” she explained
” if this is another charade to get me, Stephanie you might have turned insane ” I yelled
She smiled and gave me her address and I had a frown on, I really loved Chloe , but Ella Mia is my pres£nt and she is my past, I hope I don’t end up hurting her again
“what’s wrong? ” Ella Mia asked and I sighed holding her hands as we walked towards the clas-sroom, I sat on the bench, while she sat on myl-ips, hvgging me, I made this mistake once and I hope I wouldn’t do it again
“ugh” I let out a smile, watching her chuckle
“Why are you suddenly worried? ” she asked, ru-bbing my cheeks
“Nothing Ella Mia ,nothing ” I answered with a faint smile on my face, my phone beeped and I checked it
“I hope you are re-ady to see Chloe ” Stephanie asked and I rolled my eyes