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April 23, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The bad boys nerdy girl Episode 30 & 31

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💖💖 The bad boy’s nerdy girl 💖💖

Episode 30 📚



Ella Mia’s POV

I sat on the bed, drying my hair off, wrapping a towel round my torso, I wore an high waist white Jean and a black tank top, to get rid of how awkward the environment was, why will Asher suck on my breast after having breakfast after I’m not his mother

I need to teach that scum a lesson, he was so mad at a vibrator, let’s see how he deals with humans, at least he wouldn’t kill an human being


That bastard, I scoffed and walked out with a flat sandal and my messy hair, I wasn’t in the mood for makeup, I just wanted to get back at him, that would be nice, he looked at me and laughed, was he mocking me, did I made it obvious
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I walked out the car and drove off to Aidan’s house, on getting there tears welled up in my eyes again, remembering what he did, Now he won, I wanted to get back at him, Aidan hugged me as I cried out, patting my back

I narrated what happened and he burst out laughing hard, I glared and watched him, trying hard not

to laugh

“why was I scared ” I asked myself and sighed before narrating what I wanted to do as a pay back, he looked at me with a faint smile

“Are you sure it is not a bad idea ” He asked with sarcasm in his voice

“why do you think it is a bad idea ” I asked

“you saw his reaction with an ordinary vibrator ,he destroyed it and jokingly sexually harassed you ” he said and I sighed

“what if….. ” he said and the glare on my face made his voice trailed off

He smiled looking at me as I stood up and hugged him, thanking him for the advice I gave myself



Stephanie’s POV

I walked towards Asher kissing him on the lips, while he pushed me away asking why I would ever do that to him

Crazy jerk

“you monster you slept with me ” I screamed ,he smiled and looked away

“I’m not ready for your tantrums ” he stated as he walked away from me asking me to leave his house

“So after a night with Mia you decided that I’m not the best thing for you ” I asked sarcastically and watched him scoffed

“you were never the best thing for me Stephanie, you were always a torn in my flesh ” he half yelled, asking the leave

I fused my mouth to his kissing him as hard as I could and Ella Mia came in

She walked out with a mischievous grin on her face, before walking in back

“so now you are still aiming

at my husband? ” she asked with a scornful and mean look

“what do you mean by that ” I asked sarcastically

“if you still love him, you can have him Stephanie, he is just useless and he might as well be cheating on you ” she whispered walking into her room

“Asher, she is not against our relationship ” I screamed angrily

” I’m not a cheat like you Stephanie, I’m loyal, please Leave ” he growled pushing me out of the house ,while I stood motionless, unable to understand everything that happened



Asher’s POV

I scoffed walking into our room, she smiled, sitting on the chair, brushing her hair

“Ella Mia Byron, what was the for ” I asked sternly

“what do you mean by what was that for, I just didn’t want to interrupt the couple’s moment ” she answered nonchalantly, fixing the ring in her hand

I just didn’t want to make her uncomfortably, seeing how she cried this morning, it was already evening and we sat in the room, I was working on my new song, and she was busy taking pictures, I sighed walking take those stylish pose with skimpy and sexy clothes , I smiled watching towards the kitchen, when I heard a knock on the door , it was Adrian, her boyfriend

I rolled my eyes ignoring his greetings, Mia walked out ,jumping , his hands was under her butts as she kissed him, they were enjoying the moment so badly that I heard a click on the door lock, what were they planning to do in our matrimonial room, it was a matter of time, before I heard moans coming out from the room

Was he actually…. Oh my gawd, I walked towards the door, knocking on it, this is crazy, she actually has a lot of guts, If this is how she plans on getting back at me then I won’t take it

I walked into the guest room ,taking the spare keys out, I might really kill this bratty girl this time, she doesn’t even respect me

I opened the door and caught them kissing, thankfully, they weren’t doing anything

“what are you doing here ” she asked angrily, while I walked towards Adrian punching him hard on the jaw

She walked towards him, slapping me hard on the cheeks

“Oh ,my husband can bring his girlfriend home to probably make out with her while I can’t ” she asked angrily, while I stood gobsmacked

“I didn’t kiss Stephanie, she kissed me ” I defended and it was followed by another slap


“it is not of my fucking business, Who I decide to sleep with is my choice Asher it is non of your business, okay ” she muttered, holding Adrian’s hand, walking out with him, I grabbed Adrian’s hand, pushing him out of the house, the fact still remains the same, Ella Mia is mine, fucking mine I’d kill anyone that comes between us

I dragged her hands, watching her struggle with me, I’d take her and mark her as mine

Ignoring her screams and protest to get herself freed from my grip, I held my in place holding her hands, burning face in her neck

I watched her shuddered as I nuzzled her earlobe, my lips suckled softly on her neck for her long time while she cursed ,I left her leaving a bright red spot now that is an hickey

She threw a pillow at me, ruffling her hair angrily, I became very curious about something, didn’t care if she was going to cry

Is she still pure and innocent or she isn’t anymore, though I didn’t care, but she is always changing sometimes she is the innocent Ella Mia, another time wild Ella Mia, she is just like an upgraded version of her former self

I took a deep breath, walking close to her, knowing I was about to make her cry by checking how intact she was, should I? Or should I not

I walked out of the room, I wasn’t going to it now, except I wanted it to be a death wish , I walked into the kitchen making dinner for us, she smiled mischievously as I placed her dinner in front of her

I walked into the room to take something , I took a bite from my dinner and it was so salty she sat on the chair with an innocent look plastered on her face

Mia is really a pain in the neck, I rolled my eyes and sat quietly on the chair, watching her eat ,while I was starving

“That’s right Mia eat to your satisfaction, I still have something to check, you need a lot of energy to struggle and fight with me tonight, I’m still checking you up “, I thought watching the smile on her face and the hickey I gave

I won’t go further though , just checking, let’s see how she would make me jealous after this


Episode 31 📚



Asher’s POV

I sighed as she ate peacefully, not minding the fact that I was actually starving , she packed the plate, walking out before sitting on the couch in the sitting room, I sighed, I hope she would let me check, I just wanna confirm, this is crazy though, but we are both adults, capable of controlling ourselves

“Mia ” I called and I watched her glare at me, I felt guilty for what I was about to do, but I just have to do it

“promise to be a good girl, it won’t hurt and you won’t need to cry, okay ” I said, watching the sneer coming from her face, I walked towards her, holding her leg apart and she pushed me

“are you crazy, what are you trying to do? ” she asked angrily and I scoffed

“Just wanna check if you are still a virgin, if you are still one, it will clear up this misunderstanding, sometimes you are wild and sometimes you act innocent, so a little confirmation won’t hurt ” I answered calmly ,knowing she was never going to give in to my words, unless she is forced

“are you crazy, is this a joke? ” she asked, standing akimbo, I wished she was in those lingerie, it won’t be hard, but she is wearing a pajamas

“I have never been this serious ” I uttered, walking towards her, watching her run from me, she walked towards the door, trying to open it, while I smiled, I was acting like some rapist and it is funny, I just wanna check


She ruffled her hair and glared at me

“Asher, if you come close to me, I will end your life ” she threatened and I smiled

She ran into the kitchen, taking a knife, tch, she can’t even kill an ant, I walked towards her while she pointed the knife at me, her hands fidgeting ,she dropped the knife panicking as I held her hand, she screamed out

Thankfully, no one could hear us now, she was already tearing up, it won’t even hurt, common, just the two fingers test, I swept her off her feet, crying her on my shoulder, she bit my ears hard, it was so painful, that I dropped her on the bed, I sighed and holding her in place

“Asher… Noooo!! ” she screamed angrily, fighting me, squirming under me, this is harder than I thought

She was sweating and struggling with me, crying ,calling out for help, my face was filled with lines of finger scratches, so fucking strong

” comply and I promise not to hurt you, I swear ” I promise and if fell on deaf years, she was to stress and was starting to gasp for air, shit, she is asthmatic, how could I have forgotten

I manage to pin her hands above her head, she was already tired, I exhausted it, all she did was cry. A smirk tugged at my lips, I managed to overpower her after so much effort
She is a pain in my neck

She pushed me and and I fell on the fall, while I sighed as I watched her run towards the laundry room, trying to lock the door

Today is very tiring, I just wanna check you Mia, I walked into the laundry room, locking the door

“Asher, you bastard ” she screamed as I dropped her on the iron table, pressing myself tightly towards her, while my hands slipped off the trouser she was wearing

Just the first step, seeing how violent she got when I removed her trouser, she stood up trying to open the door, swears, I wasn’t able to take a look at her, she had became red, my face was numb from her scratches

“sorry Mia, but if you had listened and comply, you won’t be in this state ” I muttered, carrying her in a way that she was wrapping her legs around my waist, while I fell on my bed, with her hands behind my back, there she is trapped, she got extremely scared and her high pitched scream almost got me deaf

I pulled of her panties, touching her butt cheek, I cautioned myself, asking myself not to go further just checking, damn I was so aroused staring at her flesh

My hands wandered on her hair free mound, she shuddered, screaming and shaking

“I promise, it won’t hurt ” I said, parting her soft mound lips, she was starting to vibrate above me , I inhaled deeply as my hands was at her entrance

“what if she is still intact ” I thought as my hands lingered round her entrance

She was shuddering with every touch, I managed, inserting my finger, she hissed in pain and my hands was barely in

“Asher, ah…. It hurts ” she cried and I got my hands off

If she is still a virgin, what was with the dildo and vibrator, why is she pretending, she went limp in my hands, unconscious, I bit my lips, I should have known the moment, I got her trousers of

This is insane, but I totally exhausted her tonight, I raised her legs wearing her pajamas on her, I hope she doesn’t kill me, I definitely wasn’t going to be speared, I went to Far, I laid her properly, before sleeping beside her, I hope I wake up tomorrow


Ella Mia’s POV

I woke up, feeling embarrassed, my face flushed thinking about what he did, I have to make him pay though, I stood up gently, heading to the bathroom, taking my bath, and wearing my clothes , I took what I wanted locking him up

I sat on the chair, eating popcorn, watching movies, while I heard him, knock on the door, I rolled my eyes, and continued watching the movie, I just couldn’t leave this idiot behind and hang out with friends, just in case of any emergency

I took a lot of pictures, yet I still couldn’t concentrate and stop thinking about what Asher did, he was in the room, banging the door hard, that’s his fault and he is only getting punished for his mistakes

Thankfully his phone was with me, so I was going through it, that jerk, how could he do something as despicable and harassing me, swears if he wasn’t my husband, I would have gotten him arrested

I took a look at his chat with Daniel,his pal,I felt awkwardly strange , he sounded so familiar and I just couldn’t figure out who he was

I continued scrolling up, ignoring Asher’s hard knock on the door, I froze when I got where I found out that Stephanie was cheating on him with Daniel, I laughed my lungs out as I continued scrolling, I suddenly stopped ,seeing what happened exactly before my accident

“💬 Daniel, I’m like very confused about everything, I unintentionally hurt Ella Mia today

💬 what happened exactly, you sound worried

💬 Actually, I was in a state of dilemma, pleasing Mia would hurt Stephanie and pleasing Stephanie would hurt Mia I just couldn’t decide

💬 So who did you chose ?

💬Stephanie, If I had chosen Mia, she would have bullied the hell out of her

💬 Then why exactly are you feeling bad ?

💬 cos I have raised Mia’s hope high and made promises, now I have broken it ”

💬 it’s probably for the best though, I’m sure she is gonna get over it, and besides she is a strong woman

💬 Thanks Daniel” the conversation and and I had a faint smile on

So that is what happened exactly, do I still have to be angry, I was about to drop the phone when I saw Jake’s chat

Seriously, Who knew reading Asher’s chat would be so exciting

I scrolled down taking a look at his chat with Jake, that bastard also tried to harass me, but I slapped him hard the other day

I froze when I saw his chat with Jake

“💬 The sooner you avoid Ella Mia the better it would be for you and I. 😑

💬 why,are you jealous?
💬 Just don’t want you near her,you cunning motherfucker!!😡

💬 how would you feel when you find out that she is with me😏

💬 Jake,fucking stop this nonsense, you and I know that you are just so obsessed and you wanna get in her pant,😠

💬 yeah , I’m so close to achieving my aim though 😏

💬 And what do you fucking mean by that 😒

💬 take a look at this 😉”

And it was followed by a picture of me, half striped,type up to the celling,in my hello kitten dress, it was followed by a sharp splitting headache ,I felt weak, trying to recall, I crawled towards our room, trying to remember, the headache had weakened me, I opened the door, falling into Asher’s arm, breathing slow as I got barely vivid image



Asher’s POV

I watched Mia breath slowly like she was about to pass out, groaning trashing in pain

“if you think I’m affected with the pranks you are pulling, then you must be crazy ” I uttered watch as she finally passed out in my hands

With a slow and unusual breathing, I sighed raising her up in my arm, now what suddenly went wrong?, I rushed out, dropping her in my car, driving off to the hospital

Please be fine Mia



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