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The bad boys nerdy girl Episode 26 & 27

💖💖 The bad boy’s nerdy girl 💖💖
Written by Author Dammy 🔥🔥
Episode 26 📚
Asher’s POV
I could [email protected] concentrate, looking at Ella Mia got me all distracted, she laughed, holding the boys hands, we focused as the lecturer, lectured us about our new t©pic, Kendall’s empire college lecturers are like very crazy
“Ella Mia ” Mr Kendrick called and I smiled, let’s see if she has completely changed, he called her towards asking her to work out an equation, she walked towards the board, smiling as she held the marker on her hands, working the equation
Mr Kendrick is always un-der the impression that pretty girls are always dumb, she worked it perfectly well, carrying us along with everything she did
“she returned the marker and walked towards her sit, wra-pping her hand around that boy hand ” I scoffed as I watched her smile with him
🔰 Few hours later 🔰
I sat on the chair wondering what they were talking about, when Stephanie jo-lted me out of my thoughts, she smiled and k!$$£d me, probably to make Mia mad, but she wasn’t affected
Instead she k!$$£d him [email protected], fusing hisl-ips to her, ton-gue k!ss!nghim, wra-pping her hand around his n£¢k while he held her [email protected]!st
” damn, this is annoying ” I seethed and rolled my eyes, she is not my girlfriend though
I felt jealously surge throu-gh me and I walked towards them, dragging her out of the [email protected] to the hall ways
“Why are you k!ss!nghim? ” I asked sarcastically
“Well, Mr Asher Byron, I believe I owe you no explanations ” she answered calmly
Removing her hand from mine, walking away
I pu-ll-ed her back looking at her, staring into her eyes
“were is your [email protected]” I asked, wra-pping my arms around her [email protected]!st, she smiled, comfortably, everything about her has changed, the Ella Mia, I knew would squirm around to get freed
She wra-pped her arms around my n£¢k
“How would you feel if you girlfriend caught us in this position ” she asked with mean smile on
“Asher!!!!” Stephanie screamed angrily and I scoffed
Ella Mia’s POV
I smiled as I watched Stephanie ruckus, smiling before walking out, I felt her hands on my arm as she pu-ll-ed me r0ûghly ,trying to [email protected] me but I caught her hand on time, pushing her, ma-king her fall on the fall
“you won’t dare to hit me, except it is a death wish ” I growled, facing her b©yfri£nd
“instead of trying to [email protected] me, [email protected] your flir-ty b©yfri£ndand ask him to st©p following me around, it pisses me off ” I half yelled, glaring at him, before walking back to [email protected], bu-mping into Stacey and the rest of them
I don’t remember anything about them, and I pray I don’t remember anything, I walked into the [email protected], bu-mping into Stacey, she hissed loudly, trying to gr-ab my n£¢k
“Damn this fool ” I seethed and rolled my eyes
“Are you insane ” she asked and I walked out on her, that’s the best thing, I don’t wanna argue with any fool, it just doesn’t make any s-en-se
I sat on the chair with Adrian and Scarlett, they look at me and smiled
“you shouldn’t k!ssmy b©yfri£ndlike that, it makes me feel like puking ” she uttered and I smiled as she cringed
Let’s just take a stroll ,it been a very long time since I did that
“No, I think Adrian and I wanna go out together for the main time, he has to make up for the k!ss, you know ?” she answered and I laughed as I watched him walk outside
My smile faded away as I met Jake standing in front of me, I scoffed and he smiled, holding my [email protected]!st, I rolled my eyes, taking his hands from my [email protected]!st, before walking out, he pu-ll-ed me close to him and it s£nt some flash of quic-k image of my [email protected], I just couldn’t fathom what it was, it was followed by an headache
I [email protected] him [email protected] on the face, asking him not to t©uçh me again before walking to my sit, I sat down trying to recall the image, but I couldn’t
This is not the first time he tried this, I’m so sure
Stacey’s POV
I sat on the chair gobsma-cked, I haven’t been this [email protected] ,but Mia had the guts to insult me, wait, Who is she
I sighed and scoffed, I saw her walk towards the canteen, she said something about EML, I knew I have [email protected]£ across that name but I didn’t know where it was coming from
I took my phone, checking instagram, she is the social media influencer, I took a look at her pictures as scrolled, her latest post was about how dumb students of Kendall’s empire college were
Well, how dare she, I walked towards her, gr-abbing her ponytail, she stood up, Pushing me [email protected] that I fell on the floor and hurt my knee
“you wanna die ” She asked sarcastically, pu-lling my hair ,slashing the water in her cup on my face
“The next time you do this, you’d be dead, okay? ” she yelled angrily, letting go of the painful grip she had on my hair
I gro-an ed as she walked out of the canteen
“she is mad ” I convinced myself and walked away
Ella Mia’s POV
First Asher, then Stacey, followed by Jake, I hope this idiots won’t continue stressing me out
I’m so sick of it
I sat on the chair, resting my head on the desk, everything about here gives me an headache that I don’t un-derstand , I stood up wearing my face cap as I stood up, pu-lling my jumpsuit down a little bit
Walking out of the [email protected], my lecture for that day was over, at least Aidan could help me out with the headache
I stepped out of the empty [email protected] and I was dragged inside by Asher
“Ella Mia” he uttered and locked the door, I sighed and walked towards the door, feeling his hands on my arm
“fv¢king get your hand off me ” I screamed angrily
He carried me, slamming my back against the wall, ma-king me wince in pain, I inhale de-eply, exhaling slowly, I gr!pp£dhis hair [email protected], pu-lling it with a mean smile, he dropped me, watching me in total disbelief
“I don’t know what you think of me, you idiot, but I don’t like you near me, okay ” I muttered dryly
He pu-ll-ed me close to him, resting on me, burying his face in my n£¢k, breathing slowly, his warm breath fanned my n£¢k and I got a strange flash in my [email protected]
I gro-an ed in pain as my knee felt weak, when ever I get that flash, it brings an exhaustion,i raised my knee and kicked his groin, before walking out
Adrian and Scarlett, [email protected]£ in, I fell on Adrian’s che-st to make Asher, jealous, but darkness surrounded me and I [email protected] out
Episode 27 📚
Aidan’s POV
I walked into the Kendall’s empire college and I saw Scarlett and Adrian with an unconscious Mia
“what happened to her ” I asked as we dropped her in the car, Who knows what happened, I hope Jake is not behind all of this, he is the only idiot capable of doing this, I held Mia’s hand as Adrian drove her home
Thankfully, Her parents weren’t home, we dropped her on the be-d and hoping she would open her eyes soon
🔰 Two hours later 🔰
“Was she always like this in Canada? ” I asked as I placed a damp towel on her forehead as she burned with fever
“she doesn’t fall ill, I’m also shocked” Scarlett said
“Who knows what that Asher guy did to her, she was with him when all of this happened ” Adrian said and I sighed
She opened her eyes slowly, holding her head
“fv¢k this headache ” she muttered
“When was the last time you used your drug, the one they prescribe-d at the hospital after your accident ” I asked and she smiled mischievously
“truth to be told, I don’t know where the drug is and besides I don’t need it ” she muttered and I rolled my eyes
“you have been seeing some images, right? ” I asked and she nodded a yes
“well, you have to start using it everyday, otherwise, you will end up [email protected] out everyday ” I said and watched the sneer that formed on her face
She smiled as stood up, still staggering, I held her arm and walked her down the stairs
“what’s the time ” she asked and I smiled
“let’s go to club guys, it has been a very long time since we did that ” she said with a smile on her face
“Did Asher take her to club in the past? ” I thought as I rubbe-d my forehead
I checked my time and I realized it was late, I promise Lina an evening [email protected]£
“Ella Mia, take care of yourself ,okay?” I said as I walked out of her house, driving off to Lina’s house
Ella Mia’s POV
I wore black polka dotted tanked t©p and a white sneakers , curling my hair into short wavy hair, I took my [email protected] and walked out of my room
Any nearby clubs, I Google searched on my phone map, taking stylish pictures, after all ,I’m twenty years old ,no one would question my outfit and dressing
I drove towards the club, dancing my headache out, bu-mping into a strange guy
“Hey Mia ” he said and I had a skeptical look on my face, I don’t know who he is and he knows me
“who are you ” I asked, taking a cup of fruit punch
“I’m Daniel, Asher’s friend ” he said and I looked at him, trying to remember him
“I’m sorry, I don’t know you ” I said and walked
I walked into my VIP section in the club, I booked it, taking pictures in my designer clothes
I sat alone posting pictures, dropping my phone
Asher’s POV
I held my head, trying to figure everything out, why did she [email protected] out, she is complicated and mysterious
Daniel walked in with a confused look, trying to figure out something
“why do I feel like you bu-mped into a ghost ” I asked sarcastically with a sm-irk
“what do you mean ” he asked sarcastically ,ru-bbing the back of his n£¢k, he only does that what he is confused
“what happened out there ” I asked
” I saw Mia and she doesn’t know who I’m am, she said I’m sorry but I don’t know you ”
“Maybe, she doesn’t remember you ” I said and he laughed
“are you sure ” He asked and laugh, taking a sh0t of tequila
I smiled and stood up, bu-mping into Mia as I stepped out of the VIP section we were in
She rolled her eyes as my eyes roamed greedily on her b©dy, I wished she was mine, she glared at me, walking out
I followed her and I watched her enter her car, driving off angrily, I hope she doesn’t hurt herself
I got a call from Dad, asking me to come home immediately, I paid the waiter who attended to us
I drove home angrily, what does this old man wants to tell me, why does it seem so urgent
I walked into my room, taking off my shi-t ,changing into my pajamas before walking into his room
” Dad ” I said and watched him smile at me, did he just smiled at me, like seriously
” Up until this moment, you have been allowed to do everything you want… ” he paused, taking a sip of the coffee in front of him
“Your mom and I are very happy, thanks to the decision my dad made, she is smart, beautiful and loving, that is why we were able to raise you up with love ” he said watching the uneasy look on my face
“what are you up to ” I asked angrily
“Well, starting from now, you are not allowed to have an girlfriend, you have been betrothed ” He said and I feigned a smile, before frowning
“you don’t have any right to choose who I get to love, it’s totally non of your business ” I said and he laughed
‘let’s see, actually, you will be meeting him tomorrow ” he said, standing up to switch off the light
I walked out angrily and sitting on a chair, holding my forehead
Ella Mia’s POV
I scoffed as I stood up, walking angrily, Who ever he is, I’m gonna kill him ,I have tolerated enough of this, no one gets to make a decision on who I have to get married too, to make the matter worse, I don’t know who he is
And I’m meeting him tomorrow this is annoying
I screamed my lung out as I got to my room, telling Aidan about it, he laughed ,telling me, how it served me right
🔰 Next morning 🔰
I woke up, taking my bath, wearing an emerald green short pla-id shi-t and a white satin [email protected] t©p and high wedged sneakers , straightening my hair
I walked out as dad walked me to the restaurant where I’m supposed to meet him
All I have to do is reject him gently
Asher’s POV
I drove towards the restaurant where I’m supposed to meet the idiot, I wanna get married to
I got there, seeing her turn her back at me, she is pretty h0t though, I walked towards her an my jaw dropped
“Asher? ” she called and I looked at her, she wasn’t some celebrity crazy fan, but Ella Mia
“what are you doing here? ” I asked with a sm-irk on my face
“I’m not here for you, I’m here for some crazy bastard that I have been betrothed too ” she said and my jaw dropped
I was drowning in her beauty and shocked at her words
“Well, I’m that crazy bastard ” I said and she had a smile on her face
Not just any smile, but am mean smile, she cackled evilly, tapping my cheeks
“you are not up to anything, are you? ” i asked and watched her giggle, [email protected] her hands as she laughed
“so you have chos£n death 💀 ” she asked, with a sneer
If looks could kill, I’d be dead

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