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The bad boys nerdy girl Episode 24 & 25

💖💖 The bad boy’s nerdy girl 💖💖
Episode 24
🔰Two years later 🔰
🔰Canada 🔰
Ella Mia’s POV
Well, hello there, proper introduction ,What the first thing I do when I wake up
I walk towards the mirror, taking a look at my pretty face, admire every [email protected] of my b©dy, with a smile on my face
My teeth [email protected] is pink heart shaped and I don’t use [email protected] anymore , I use fashion able and medical eye contact, [email protected] su-cks
I’m EML, Ella Mia Lopez, the crazy bit-ch, oh yeah, I don’t take trash, waiting patiently for right time to go Las [email protected]
Asher, I have been waiting patiently for that bastard and Aidan, my bestie, he is patiently waiting for my arrival, I can’t wait to finally meet his girlfriend
Stacey and her crew, the ones Aidan talked to me about, I still don’t remember everything they did to me, but I was told they treated me badly
I’m a social media influencer, I have a thing for fashion and styles, though times has changed but I’m still the super genius, I won’t call my self a nerd
I’m studying business administration, As the only heir to the Lopez family ,I have business to take over
I wore my G string with a short shiny leather Sk-irt and a red gathered pleat t©p, that ba-rely covered my abd0m£n, my pieced ñ@v£l, sparkled as I stood in front of mirrors, tying my hair into buns, I wore my stiletto heels and walked out of my room
I bu-mped into Miranda, she sighed as I watched me
“Michael called me ” she said and I rolled my eyes, scoffing, he is my fifth b©yfri£ndthis month
“so? ” I asked ,picking the invisible dirt in my nails with a smile on my face, she sneered
“since this month began, first it was Jason, then Aldean, James, Kelvin and now Michael? ” she muttered and I laughed
“I really don’t have time for you, you chatterbox ,you should be grateful that I’m not flir-ting with your fiance ” I said and hissed loudly before walking out
After all, I’m twenty, I get to decide what is right for me, I don’t know who I was before that accident, but I’m happy with the way I am, I took my car keys, driving off to school, I could finally drive without getting into an accident
I walked into the college campus and it was buzzing, I stepped out of the car, swaying my h!ps as I walked towards the lecture hall, yeah, I’m EML after all ,I deserve some attention, I have an exclusive sit and I gained special treatment
Well, I’m a prankster, College beauty Queen and I so much love it, Canada is a beautiful place though, so exciting and always buzzing with fun
I smiled as I sat beside Michael, his [email protected] actually thought I would [email protected]£ him for too long, he is just one of the guys on my “must [email protected]£ list”, I sm-irked holding his hand, feigning emotional pain
“Michael, trust me, I found out few ago that I was betrothed to some sick guy” I muttered, crying, I [email protected] cry, I mentally rolled my eyes as he hvgged me
“I guess I have to let you go” he said and I ti-ght£ñed the hvgs ,smiling as I hvgged , what a fool, I thought.
I sat on the chair properly as the teacher [email protected]£ in, I really don’t know why I chose business administration
“Ella Mia ” the teacher said and I stood up gently, walking towards the board, this Man is a pain in the @ss
Why the hell does he call me every time to solve a question for the other students, I walked towards the board, taking a maker, solving the equations,
“Well, you are right ” he said and I walked back to the sit
🔰Las [email protected]
Asher POV
I smiled as I walked into the [email protected], I [email protected] concentrate with Stephanie, we are in college but she is still fv¢king nymphomaniac ,always talking about S-x, I can’t help but to think of Mia, I wonder how she is doing, had I known that I won’t see her till no, I wouldn’t have shattered her hopes about us
My music career is going quite, Stephanie is a pain in my @ss, I caught her slee-ping with Daniel, every time he would ask me where Ella Mia was and every time he asked, all I felt was guilt
I walked towards the [email protected], college and celebrities paparazzi, I hate ’em, it was better at high school, at least no one disturbe-d me, I was the flir-t then
Even at twenty two, life is kinda weird, it just doesn’t go my way, I can’t marry Stephanie ,that bit-ch and Dad, he is always talking about marriage
I sighed and I sat in the [email protected], Daniel smiled ,sitting beside me, with a sm-irk on his face, at first, it sounded absurd and annoying when I heard that she was slee-ping with him
“our girlfriend is a piece of work, you know? ” he mocked, wra-pping his arms around my n£¢k, I rolled my eyes and pushed him off
He is such a pain in my n£¢k, and Aidan? “,The girlish boy, he is now a model, his straight figure and pretty face, he knows where she is, but won’t tell me
Aidan’s POV
I sat on the chair, with my girlfriend, Lina, short form of Angelina, she is the sweetest girl I ever known, [email protected] from Mia, she smiled acting all shy, she was raised by the sister in Catholic Church, she is an orphan, same age as Mia, if Mia didn’t lose her memory ,they’d be the same character, Lina is an introvert, she doesn’t talk except she is asked too, she is also a model like me
We met at the modeling academy, her adopted parents are rich people, she is really lucky, the also want me as their son in law, she seemed very innocent, but no as innocent as she looks , We made out like mouse, Well, I’m a lucky man though
I was the first and I wanna be her last, I thought as I held her hand, and Mia
That silly bestie of mine keeps changing b©yfri£ndlike she is changing her clothes, she is a social media influence with a crazy fashion s-en-se, she is smoking h0t and S-xy
I hope she is still innocent and pure, with the pure, with the rate of which she [email protected]£ boys, I’m so tired and all she says is I wanna enjoy my life
Jake’s POV
I smiled as I sat in the lecture hall, watching Asher and his stupid girlfriend, Stephanie, if she was Ella Mia, I will get back at him, but seeing as it is Stephanie, nature is paying back real good
I once sle-pt with the bit-ch, I smiled and looked away
Stacey’s POV
I sighed as I looked at my instagram page, Who the hell is this EML, what does she do and why does she have a lot of followers than me
She doesn’t even live in Las [email protected], she is based in Canada, I dropped my phone off, so cool that Kendall’s empire has a college too
We are all in that college and Stephanie hooks Kendall, the queen of campus, I hope some takes the title from her
🔰 Canada 🔰
I sighed as I got a call from Dad, he told me to come home, what’s going to happen to my title as the queen of campus
I sighed and scoffed, dad’s jet is coming this evening
To everyone that wrong me, welcome to your nightmare
Now I have to get a fake b©yfri£nd, Adrian has to help me this time around, he is prettier than Asher, did I just say prettier, Adrian is the closest male friend I have in Canada and he looked feminine than masculine when it comes to facial looks
I smiled as I told him about the plan
Las [email protected]
Welcome the queen of trouble, welcome your nightmare, welcome EML
Episode 25
Ella Mia’s POV
🔰 few hours later 🔰
I stepped out of the jet, holding Adrian’s hand, he was with Scarlett, his girlfriend, these two are crazy, I walked out stylishly, looking around if I would see Aidan, it has been two years, fv¢king two years without him
“looking for someone ” I heard him say and I turned back, he was holding Lina’s hand, I smiled side hvgging him, greetings his girlfriend politely, the last thing I wanna do is fight with her, I offered a handshake and she smiled, A blush crept on her cheek and I was f0rç£d to laugh
“seems Aidan is [email protected]!ngsomeone who is just like him ” I said and he smiled
I introduced him to Adrian and Scarlett, these two are really crazy, if his girlfriend could let me pretend to be his girlfriend, and he’d happily excepted
I smiled as we walked into my car with my luggage packed, Miranda must be feeling relieved, after all now she has the whole Canada to herself
We got to my house and it was still the same, calm and cool environment can’t believe I grew up here
We walked in and mum hvgged me, I miss her a lot, that I wanna make up for the hvgs I didn’t take for years
As usual, Dad wanted the best for me I would be going to the Kendall’s empire college, I smiled feeling happy with everything happening to me
It is a blessing in disguise, let’s see how everything turns out, Aidan walked into my room as I sat on the chair, arranging my clothes in my closet
He smiled, talking about everything that happened recently while I sat down and watched him talk, smiling at the funny incident and laughing
I sat in front of him, folding my legs, asking him, to curl my hair, he smiled, doing it with plea-sure
“who taught you how to make hair ” I asked with a smile, he chuckled answering me, with a smile on his face
I yawned as I walked him out of my house and watched him walk down the street till he was out of sight
Let’s see how I get back at Asher, I entered the couples room at the wrong time, they were almost ma-king out, the only person with clothes was Adrian ,thankfully it was Scarlett, if it had been Adrian, I would have mocked him for the rest of our lives
I walked out and crashed on my be-d, thankfully, every wall in the house was soundproofed, my parents would have gotten mad if they knew they were having S-x
Talking about my S-x life, you seriously don’t wanna know what I have been up to ,trust me when I say you don’t wanna know
I rubbe-d my face treatment on my skin, laying on the be-d, dozing off
🔰 Next morning 🔰
I stood up ,taking my bath, walking towards my shelf ,taking my books, it was just 5:30 in the morning, I have the entire day for prank and trouble ma-king, but this time of the day for re-ading, I took out an [email protected], I hate it though, but I’ve got to use it at the moment
I diverted my attention on book, taking a lot of time to memorize what I re-ad, when I checked the time, it was alre-ady 8 am, it I’m stepping into Kendall’s college, I gain a lot of attention, I dropped my books, taking off my [email protected],walking towards my wardrobe
Taking out a pink G-string and match [email protected], what do I wear, I thought, taking out a short black ti-ght jumpsuit that st©p at my above my knee, packing my hair into two buns with fringe and a long black heeled boots, applying light makeup and dark shades to give a scarier look
My cle-avagewas out, I wore my diamond stud earrings and walked out of my room, heading to Adrian and Scarlett’s room
Don’t forget to knock, my inner mind warned and I knocked, they [email protected]£ out looking at me
“Wow, you look pretty though, but this look would look better with a high ponytail ” Scarlett said and walked me to the mirror, packing my hair up and high
I smiled ,taking pictures close to my car, the latest queen is now in town
We stepped into the car, focusing on my looks, Adrian was driving, I was fixing the ring on my f!nger, admiring the colourful tattoos on my nails, which clearly says don’t mess with me
We got to the college, tracing Google Map, I wore my spec and stepped out of the car with a face cap on my face, I got to school exactly during lunch, swaying my h!ps as I walked into the lecture ,we all have general subject, I stepped into the [email protected], scanning the entire room, taking my phone, looking at the picture of those I [email protected]£ back for, firstly it was Stacey and her crew, then Jake finally Asher
“Miss, you [email protected]£ late on your first day ” The lecturer said and I scoffed, taking my face cap off
I alre-ady made quite an impression in the hall, every where was silent
“oh, I’m so sorry, I [email protected]£ back from Canada recently so I don’t know the rules here ,so what were you saying? ” I asked mockingly with sneer on my face
“Miss, what is your name? ” he asked and I smiled
“Ella Mia Lopez ” I answered taking my spec of, with a sm-irk
Facing the [email protected], I felt Asher’s gaze boring my skin, murmuring un-derground, it made me happy
“Well, guys, proper introduction ” I said with a smile on my face
Asher’s POV
I stood unconsciously, gobsma-cked, the Ella Mia, I knew doesn’t dress like this
“hi everyone, [email protected] and unlucky bastards, I’m EML, I hope we get along well, if you don’t fv¢king get in my way, else you are inviting a nightmare ” she warned sternly
“oh, this idiot is trying to scare us away ” Stacey said with a mocking smile
“it’s not my fault that your dumb [email protected] couldn’t translate my messages, sit your freaking @ss down if you don’t want any scar on your fv¢king ugly face, I pity the idiot [email protected]!ngan unlucky fool like you, sad bit-ch ” she retorted with a sm-irk on her face, it was followed by a mean smile
The [email protected] was filled with laughter un-derneath, she changed, goddamn, she really did .
I looked at her
“Asher, I’d really appreciate it if you st©p drooling, you shouldn’t be sad that your. fv¢king nymphomatic girlfriend isn’t as pretty as I’m ” she said and I sat down
Still unable to recover from the shock I just received, I watched her walk towards the new boy, holding his hands, pe-cking him on the cheeks
What the heck, I shouldn’t be saying this but she is my nerdy girl, what’s with the tattoo on her f!ngers
She tapped Jake’s shoulder , with a sneer on her face, that mean smile and her clothing
“long time, no see honey, you have alre-ady wanted to get in my [email protected] well we’d see about that ” she said loud enough and I smiled
This would be fun though, I hope she doesn’t have anything against me

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