The bad boys nerdy girl Episode 22 & 23

💖💖The bad boy’s nerdy girl 💖💖
Written by Author Dammy 🔥🔥
Episode 22 📚
Ella Mia’s POV
I sobbe-d out loud, waiting for my driver, I felt so mad , at Asher and myself, this is so absorb, I shouldn’t be treated like this, I have been cheated time without number and this one really affected me a lot, this is so shocking, I took my car keys, everyone keeps taking me for granted, why am I so gentle, now the driver isn’t here to drive me home, as usual he would apologize and I’d forgive him
I took my car keys, stepping into the car angrily, whatever faith has decided is what would get me home safely, I started the car, driving home recklessly, breaking all traffic rules, I stepped on the br@ke and I loose total control of the car, and it tumbled
Glas-s breaking. Total car wreck. Blood tricking down my for head, I smiled faintly as people gathered round the wrecked car, darkness slowly surrounded me.
Ambulance and siren wailing, what happens next?, I closed my eyes , tra-pped in darkness
Asher’s POV
I smiled holding Stephanie’s hands, pe-cking her cheeks as we made out ,it been a very long time as I did this
“I thought you were never going to come back ” I said and she smiled, pe-cking me
” Who was the girl, she seems hurt when you said she is just someb©dy ” she said and my mind drifted towards Mia, I hope she is fine, I left her after ma-king promises
But I really love Stephanie, besides she is getting betrothed to someone else, it is just pla-ying safe and pla-ying around with her, thankfully, Stephanie c@m£ quite early
I wore my clothes and smiled
“She is just one of those stupid girls out there ” I answered frailly and she laughed
“you haven’t changed every since I left, thought you promised to be loyal ” she asked and I sighed
“hmm, I tried though, but I failed ” I answered and tied the lace of my shoes
She laughed and wore her clothes, we walked out of my room and sat in the kitchen while she made dinner, it was alre-ady Six and my manager called me, I knew it was time for practice, she packed the dinner in a flask and we walked out together
Aidan’s POV
I sighed as I waited outside her house, waiting for her, I hope she is fine, she has been missing every since school was over and I was there to inform her parent, I walked on the streets with Miranda, she was also very worried, we stood at a corner, taking a cool bottle of water, it has been over five hours, it was alre-ady seven pm and Mia was no where to be found
“The only heir to the Lopez family was in a fatal accident this afternoon and she has been rushed to the hospital and her condition remains unknown as she has been rushed to the famous Lopez hospital 🏥 ” The headlines says and we were dumbfounded , as she watched the news, she was filmed in a wreck car
I drove my bike towards the hospital and rushed in with Miranda
“how the hell did that accident happened, she is still training at driving school, she can’t drive a car ” Miranda said and I sighed
“Did anything about at school ” she asked
“Yeah, Asher girlfriend showed up at school and it seems he had given her hopes about them being together”
“so she got angry and risked her life ” Miranda uttered and gro-an ed, ruffling her hair
I sat beside her, holding her hands, while we waited for the doctor in the ICU
⌚ two hours later ⌚
We sat down with Mia’s parents, wondering what Mia’s faith actually was
“tell the grooms family that she won’t be getting married anytime soon ” Mia’s dad said on phone, hanging up before taking a look at me
“you must be Mia’s friend” he asked and I nodded a yes, he smiled and held my shoulder, patting my back
After what seemed like forever, the doctors c@m£ out
“she is out of danger but we have to keep her un-der observation for 48 hours ” the doctor said and walked out, I peeped throu-gh the ICU doors, watching her breath with the help of oxygen, bandaged face and arm
She is quite critical and Asher?, That bastard had only hurt her, he doesn’t deserve her, he joked with her emotions and even k!$$£d her, knowing he had Stephanie by his side.
🔰Two days later 🔰
Asher’s POV
I smiled as I sat with Stephanie, it has been two days now and I can’t find Mia, is she so hurt that she can’t move on, this su-cks, I took a look at Aidan and he was re-ading a note with so much attention and focus, I looked away, maybe Ella Mia is just down, she would be fine, I was alre-ady selling tickets for the concert, in a month time, I would have mastered the dance steps
Stephanie’s POV
I looked at Asher as he stared at that empty sit, why is she so lost in thought, is he perhaps thinking of that “just someb©dy ” I thought and tapped him slightly ,he smiled and hvgged me ti-ghtly, k!ss!ngmy forehead
🔰One month later 🔰
Aidan’s POV
I walked into the hospital and entered Mia’s ward, she was slee-ping soundly, I hoped she opened her eyes very soon, it has been a month now and she isn’t opening her eyes
She coughed and opened her eyes slowly, calling her mom’s name, I smiled and called the doctor, her mom rushed into the ward, holding her hands
“mom, I don’t wanna stay here…. ” her voice off as she coughed and asked for water
She drank water, hvgging her mom ti-ghtly, chanting a mantra of I don’t wanna stay here, take me far away from here, I watched her cry, the doctors injected her with sedative and she fell unconscious immediately
“will, prepare a ticket for Ella Mia ,she nee-ds to go away from here ” Her mother uttered hvgging her dad, this is all thanks to Asher, she doesn’t wanna stay here with us
Asher’s POV
It has been a very long time since Mia had c@m£ to school, I felt bad for her, my concert is keeping me very busy that I don’t have any time for myself, I walked towards the stage, practicing the dance with my crew
Stephanie’s POV
I sat with Stacey and her friends as they mocked Ella Mia, I have heard a lot her and it is so funny ,she doesn’t even stand a chance to be with him, gross!!. I stood up gently and walked into my car ,driving off to the stage where Asher was practicing
Let’s just see how everything turns out, I hope he doesn’t find out what I’m here for, we are cheating on each other and it is equal
🔰 The next day 🔰
Aidan’s POV
I sat on the chair beside Ella Mia’s be-d and watch her winced in pain as she sat up gently
“who are you ” she asked, giving a confused look
“I’m Aidan, your friend ” I explained and she held her hair ,trying to remember
“do you remember Asher? ” I asked and watched her nod a yes
Miranda walked in and greeted her
“when did you come her? ” she asked skeptically with a frown
Miranda stepped forward and held her hand
“don’t fv¢king t©uçh me ” she screamed
The Ella Mia would never use an F word, absorb
“and where is Asher, where is that bastard ” she asked angrily
Mrs Lopez POV (Ella’s mom)
I stood in awe as the doctor explained Mia’s condition, she doesn’t remember anything, she has amnesia and they only person she remembers she is so mad at him
The ill words she says is from the influence
I wish they didn’t meet each other, I’m so mad at myself for allowing their friendsh!p, she is the only child I have and she is going throu-gh all this, thankfully she remembers me
The doctors said taking her far away from here would help and I hope it does
the Next Day 🔰
Ella Mia’s POV
I sighed as Aidan wheeled me throu-gh the hospital hallways for fresh air and I smiled, he is so nice, he looks so familiar yet I don’t seem to remember him, the only I remember is Asher and the pain he caused me, he shouldn’t have made any promises when he knows he won’t fulfil it and his ugly faced girlfriend, I would make all of ’em pay for the pain, they had caused me, I feel cheated on this is awful
“are you aware of Asher’s concert ” Aidan asked as he wheeled me back to my room, that mother fv¢ker had a concert and I wasn’t informed
“No, but I would like to attend it ” I said and he smiled, looking at me, I smiled back, can’t deny the fact that I have a soft sp©t for him
🔰later that night 🔰
I wore a face cap and covered my face properly Aidan was willing to sneak me to the concert ,I smiled and thanked him as the time of the concert got nearer and nearer
He carried me in his arm and dropped me in the dark, putting my wheel chair in the car as we drove off, he said he had booked the tickets for quite a while, but I wasn’t interested in what he was saying all I want to see was Asher Byron, he had stabbe-d me in the back
We got to the concert and everywhere was quite loud, people chattering, noises everywhere, Aidan booked the VIP tickets for the both of us, he wheeled me towards the VIP section, where we stood it was close to the stage I’d get to see his face from this side
Crowd cheering, loud noise, the stage lights Was on and thousands of people were there cheering, calling his name, some over dramatic nuisance, pas-sed out on stage
He c@m£ out on stage performing a dance to his hits debut albu-m, singing along with his fans
He looked different as he danced, to his songs
★ Few hours later ★
The atmosphere was alre-ady quite calm as it was time for him to sing his love song
It’s probably for his girlfriend,I sighed and rolled my eye
“🎶 how would I live without the smile on your innocent face 🎶”
🎶you’ve got me sick, no one can solve my medical case 🎶”
🎶living without you would be an horrible faith 🎶”
🎶 I’ve been longing for days to see you pretty smile 🎶
🎶 Waiting for the right time to make you mine 🎶
🎶 watching from a mile away 🎶
🎶those smiles could help me heal my day 🎶
‘ 🎶 those words you speak could make me change my ways 🎶
🎶 Baby, you’ve got to know that I have been living lonely days 🎶
🎶 I’m so lost without you, baby I love you soooo… So much ” he sang emotionally as he welcomed Stephanie to stage, k!ss!ngher de-eply and pas-sionately
I felt angry surging throu-gh my b©dy streams as I watched them k!$$£d each other
The concert ended soon after the couple’s lovey dovey moment and Aidan took me back to the hospital
I swear I wanna cry but I can’t, something tells me that I am not one I was before
Maybe because I have clocked eighteen and I am not seventeen any longer, I’m now an adult
Miranda wasn’t here anymore, she had gone back to Canada, but I will be living with her very soon
Asher’s POV
I sighed as Stephanie cling onto my arms, k!ss!ngme softly, doesn’t she get tired, why is she so nymphomaniac
“I’m so tired of this Stephanie, give me a break, if we continue at this rate, you might get pregnant ” I half yelled and watched her pout herl-ips
“Baby, I can’t get pregnant you know, I’m on pills ” she muttered and moving her hands into her briefs
I regretted living Ella Mia for her, I can’t d@t£ a nympho, she is always so hor-nyand I’m not so strong for her wild S-xual de-sires
She straddled me, gyrating ,m0@n ing loudly as she drove in S-xual plea-sure
“This is so amazing ” she muttered, b!tt!g her l!pas she shuddered on t©p of me
I was so tired that I almost coll@psed, even if I was laying on my be-d, she pu-ll-ed out as she c@m£ and I drifted off to sleep as soon as she was done
She whispered a ‘I love you ” before slee-ping beside me
🔰 Few weeks later 🔰
Ella Mia’s POV
I smiled as I ate breakfast with my mom, we are definitely shopping, can’t believe I was the owner of the trash in my wardrobe, Mom had given me a lot of money to shop as much as I wanted
I walked into the mall with Aidan, he is such a cool guy ,he smiled as we walked towards me, I kinda like him but he wasn’t my type, did I just say type, yeah, I have my clas-s now, something about me is so wrong
We shopped a lot, ranging from the skinny jeans to the short beautiful Sk-irt, the ragged Jean trou-sers and the off shouldered b©dy hvg go-wn that has cle-avageand curves
I so much love this, so fv¢king good, we headed back home, watching TV together
“Any girlfriend? ” I asked and he beamed, bringing out his dimples
“Aidan, you are not a girl but you act like one ” I cooed ,cu-pping his face in my hands, squee-zing it, he smiled and pinched my nose, while I smiled at him
” I don’t have a girlfriend, but I hope I find one very soon ” he muttered and I smiled at him
His voice seemed so calm, he is just like a female, I walked into my room, trying out my outfit while he rated it, we smiled and laughed and joked with each other, I kinda liked him, he is like the bro I never had
I hvgged him as he moved out of the my house, heading home
I would be going to Canada very soon and I hope everything turns out well, I don’t know Aidan but if he was a p@rt of my life, he was a good person
I checked my wardrobe, packing my bags, when I c@m£ across a black ti-ght mini go-wn and a high heeled boots, A flash surged throu-gh my br@in, I saw an image of someone wearing it and it was followed by a splitting headache
I screamed in pain, holding my head, this clothes definitely has some memories attached to it, why can’t I remember? ” I crashed on the floor, pas-sing out
🔰 few hours later 🔰
I woke up and my nose was filled with scent of hospitals and drugged, I must have pas-sed out of pain, I thought, taking de-ep breath, opening my eyes slowly
“Baby, you are awake ” Mom said, k!ss!ngmy forehead, I smiled and sat up slowly
“You are traveling out of the country very soon, What I mean is as early as tomorrow, you are going to Canada tomorrow ” she said and I scoffed
“Don’t you think tomorrow is a little bit to early? ” I asked sarcastically
“No, it is for your own good girl ” she muttered and walked out
Stephanie’s POV
I sighed as I watched Asher sleep peacefully, this j£rk, I c@m£ back here not because I love him but because he is the only one that gives me plea-sure without complaining
He has the guts to call me nympho, I rolled my eyes, smiling faintly at myself as I took my bath, it was alre-ady morning, can’t believe it ,he actually yelled at me
Oh stupid, I sighed as I walked towards the door of his room
Aidan’s POV
I smiled as I hvgged Ella Mia, can’t believe she is leaving for Canada and she won’t be back anytime soon, she hvgged me with tears in her eyes, I smiled patting her back as I carried her bags and dropped it in the car booth, she pe-cked me and waved goodbye as the driver drove her off to the airport
The least I can do is to make her see Asher for the last time, though she is mad at him but she still has feelings, she might have tried her entire best to cloud her emotions, but she has soft sp©t on him
I drove off to Asher’s house, bu-mping into his girlfriend, I muttered a sorry, entering his room
“Hey you, what are you doing here? ” he asked standing akimbo, with a sneer on his face
“Actually….i…. ” My voice trailed off as I remembered what Mia went throu-gh, she doesn’t even know her self, she is an alien to herself ,thanks to him
“Nevermind” I muttered dryly
“Do you still think about her? ” I asked and watched him smile
“No, she is just a shadow in my past, she is better off without me ” he said, walking into his bathroom and I walked out
Asher’s POV
I sighed as ru-bbe-d my face with soap, I really don’t know I want, I’ve hurt Mia for Stephanie’s sake and I am actually getting hurt
I hope I get over this
Ella Mia’s POV
I walked into my dad’s pri-vate jet as we headed to Canada, I would be back very soon, to get back at you all
I sighed, leaning on the window as the jet took off