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April 20, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The bad boys nerdy Episode 2 & 3

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🎀The bad boy’s nerdy girl 🎀

Episode 2




Ella Mia’s POV

I stepped out of the class, leaving the musician behind, he is so rude, how could he asked me to leave the class, I was so lost in thought that I bumped into Stacey Lynn

Holly Molly, I bumped into my worst living nightmare ,Stacey and her crew, these three are crazy, their mentality sucks, they are awful, I looked at her, trembling in fear

“Ella Mia, how come you still can’t see with your thick eyeglasses ” she asked sarcastically

“I’m sorry Stacey, I am really sorry ” I apologized, trying to walk away

“you stink!!!, like seriously, didn’t you take your bath did morning? ” she asked sarcastically, tapping her forehead

“your mouth is stinking ” Eliza said, yeah, she is one of Stacey’s crew

“Hey, do you have a perfume, let’s brush her teeth with it ” Mariana said

“I’m really sorry Stacey, I didn’t mean to bump into you ” I pleaded, bringing my palm together, apologizing


” get me the perfume ” Stacey said, holding my mouth, parting it, forcing the liquid contents into my mouth

“Will you just stop this useless act of yours ” Jake yelled at the hall ways, my eyes was blurred with tears

“Stacey,how long do you intend to be this

mean?, you were about to poison her with a perfume ” Jake yelled, holding my hands, dragging me behind him


I wiped my tears repeatedly, embarrassed about everything that had just taken place

” Jake, I’m so sorry but she is the one at fault here, why does she always have to get on my nerves ” she uttered seductively, licking her lips, acting all coyish and crazy

I scoffed and fisted my palm, smiling as usual, I hate to say this but I have a big time crush on Jake, he even stood up for me, Woah!

“I could cool your nerves, you know ” he said and I sighed

“yeah, meet me immediately after school is over ” he said and walked away

I walked back into the classroom, and I meet Asher standing front of me

“Hey, four eyes, what do I do about you, damn, I saw everything that happened at the hallways and the question is why didn’t you fight back ” he asked and I gave him a confused look



Asher’s POV

I looked at her and sighed

“because mom said it is not good to fight, she said I have a reputation and fighting might spoil it ” she answered innocently and I rolled my eyes

Whoever her mother is, she is not doing her daughter any good , I looked at her as she walked towards her sit, scribbling things in her note, I wonder if she is innocent or fooling me, she is seventeen acting like ten years old, how on earth

can anyone take their mother’s words so serious, she is so fucking naive



Ella Mia’s POV

It was finally class period, the art teacher has a way of making the class very interesting, I took a look at every one, they had this bored look on their faces, including Jake, he looked tired

I decided that I would be telling him my feelings today, but I will be communicating using a love letter

The class was finally over and it was time for break, I walked towards him holding my neatly folded paper, Stacey came forward, grabbing the letter from me


“Hey, give it back ” I said

“let’s see what it is ” she uttered, calling the attention of everyone

“No, Stacey, give it back to me ” I yelled, trying to grab the sheet from her, she pushed me and I landed on my butt

“Awwn, it is a love letter ” she said and everyone laughed


” 💖 Dear Jake 💖
💖 you are like a hero that I have been longing for 💖
💖 You are like Superman that steps in to save me from a villain 💖
💖 how could anyone be as amazing as you are 💖
💖 you are so cool and every time I watched you, I wonder how anyone could be as perfect as you are 💖
💖 you are amazing and I just wanna tell you that I have feelings for you and I hope you can give us a chance ” she read and the class was filled with laughter


I bit my lip hard that it started hurting, I have never been this embarrassed, my lips shook as I cried

Jake stood up, laughing ,walking towards me, I gulped in hard as I cried

“it disgusts me to know that you have feelings for me ” he uttered and I closed my eyes, crying my eyes out

“A nerd like you has feelings for Jake, soon we would start to hear that ants and bees have feelings for him” Stacey said, making everyone laughed, I walked towards my sit and sat down quietly in shame, crying silently



.Asher’s POV

I watched as she cried as I smiled, perhaps if I should fight back, I would stand a chance to be her friend

“what is so special about you Jake “I asked sarcastically

” OMG, it is Asher Byron, the musician ” Stacey said and I sighed

“it disgusts me when my name is coming from a bitch like you ” I rasped angrily, not sparing her a glance


“Nothing Asher, it is just that this plain Jane stands no chance with me ,she is fucking naive, I don’t deal with dumb innocent fools like her, I deal with hot chicks ” he answered

” You could have easily rejected her offer, I know it took her a lot of courage to confess her feelings for you and here you are, you shattered her confidence into tiny bit ” I yelled angrily

.”And you Stacey, when you are done with this stupid act of yours, see me as early as eight tomorrow otherwise I would cancel your deal as the dancer in my new music video ” I uttered authoritatively as I walked towards Mia, grabbing her hand, making sure we walked out of the classroom together


🎀Episode 3💖



Asher’s POV

I sighed as we got out of the classroom, facing each other, she had guilt written all over her face, sobbing quietly as I watched her
“if you have a problem with me staring at you Mia, you should just tell me ” I uttered and watching her , her eyes were glued to the floor as she cried


“Hey Mia ” I called and watched her cry, taking of her glasses, she wiped her tears

“Mia, please stop crying “I pleaded holding her hands

“I know you think I am cheap, I mean who am I to think I deserve love, I am so ugly and stupid ” she said, crying her lungs out, I side hugged her and rubbed her oily straight hair

“Nooo, Mia, you are good the way you are, it is only fools that fails to see your beauty ” I muttered and watched her wiped her tears


She is the first girl I can fucking talk to without getting aroused, I feel so comfortable around her, I know it seems like an insult, but she is not the type that would make me feel like I have to take advantage of her ,she is pure energy and she is cool

“I just wanted to confess how I feel about him and he made me felt like a fool ” she said and I smiled

“it’s okay Mia, let’s go back to the classroom ” I said and walked into the classroom

“Goddamn, we have math test ” I said and she gasped

“Do you have to use this type of words ” she asked

“what type of word?, oh, you mean God damn ” I said and she nodded her head

“Yeah” she answered and I smiled

“never mind, let’s just go back to the classroom ” I said and we walked back to the class,



Ella Mia’s POV

My gaze was fixed on the floor as I walked into the classroom, tearing a sheet of paper settling down for a math test ,Asher sat beside me and I smiled


The test started and I have to confess it was so simple
And Asher?, he didn’t even write a thing, she sat down, sketching a tree and river, I took his sheets solving the equations giving it back to me, he smiled at me and I laughed

Oops, I am sure my teeth brace was obvious,i covered my teeth and tried to keep a straight face, he smiled

“you don’t have to cover it, you look pretty with the braces ” he uttered and my face flushed


“woah,you blushed ” he said and I smiled

“wow, you smiled ” he said and I laughed out

“Damn, you laughed ” he uttered and I smiled, this time I was laughing so hard and it brought attention of the classmates

Something is so strange, Stacey hasn’t collected my test sheet from me, is she perhaps scared of Asher, she is definitely going to fail this test

I submitted my sheets and walked out of the class, Asher did the same thing though I helped him with it

“thanks for helping me ” he said and I smiled

A girl walked towards him, wrapping her arm around his neck kissing him on the lips, I thought kissing and stuff is for married couple, I looked away, trying not to defile my eye


I walked away and took my lunch box, taking a bite of sausage rolls and cheese cake

“Yeah, eat it okay, you dumb ass ” Stacey said and I sighed

“I really didn’t do anything, why are you calling me a dumb… ” I said and watched her as she took my lunch box and emptied the food on the floor

I sniffed and watched her stepped on it, I cried out, taking a look at the food mother had prepared with a lot of love, she woke up as early as possible to make it for me and here it is ,on the floor !

I walked away leaving my pink lunch box on the floor

Asher’s POV

I watched as Stacey harassed Mia, is she just dump, why the hell is she not fighting for her what’s rightfully and that Stacey
I will make her miserable, why do I feel so attached to Ella Mia

Why do I feel like she is my long lost little sister, I walked towards her lunch box packing it up, I already checked her school file, I am two years older ,why is she such a cry baby




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