The as-sas-sin I fell in love with Episode 9 & 10

⚔️THE as-sas-sIN⚔️
•[He Captured a Princess]•
❤️⚔️Episode Nine⚔️❤️
••Ivan’s POV••
‘I nee-d a lead of some sort don’t tell me you have nothing on him!!!’..I yelled angrily at my pri-vate investigator..
‘They don’t call him shadow for nothing your highness,he cleans up his tracks too well’…The pri-vate bounty hunter who had jotter in his right hand and an eye patch on his left eye replied..
‘That’s why you’re a bounty hunter!!! This as-sas-sin has my fiancee for heavens sake so I don’t nee-d an excuse telling me how good he his and how good he isn’t!!!’..I implied in a loud voice obviously letting out my sheer frustration on him…
‘He covers his tracks way too well your highness!! He’s so good that it’s like he wasn’t even there and from the looks of it he’s targeting a p@rticular circle…I’ve rounded off all the people killed by him for the past few weeks and twelve of them are in connection with Princess Leana’s father’…He said..
‘And i don’t pay you to act like a sheriff!! I know he has a personal vendetta against the king that’s why he captured Leana!! But what I don’t know is why?? You’re a bounty hunter and that’s your job!! Find him!!!’..
Minutes later❤️
‘What do you think you’re doing Ivan?!!’..He yelled and I frowned..
‘I’m trying to find my wife father’..I said pursing myl-ips..
‘Of all the stupid things you could do i didn’t expect you to go against me Ivan!!!’..He screamed and mother immediately rushed to the ongoing scene…
‘Ivan plea-se listen to your father!! It’s obvious Leana isn’t going come back!! I mean he’s an as-sas-sin isn’t he?? I’m pretty sure he’d have killed her by—
‘No she’s still alive and well!! Just a year that’s all I nee-d! If I don’t find Leana I’ll marry someone else—plea-se’..I begged and after a moment of hesitation they both relented…
‘Fine then.You have a year to find Leana and if you don’t then get re-ady to marry a woman of my choice’..Mother said and they both walked out of the room…
••Leana’s POV•
At night☄️
‘Dad!!! Mom!!! Don’t leave me!!’..A little boy screamed at that moment I j£rked up in fright as my eyes opened..
p@n-ting heavily I stared at the blank night outside the window and with my hands quivering shamelessly I lied back on the be-d…
Unable to sleep due to fear of having the same horrific dream repeat itself i stared blankly at the ceiling…
What is Ivan doing right now??..
How is father faring??..
Is Nevida doing okay??…
‘Not asleep??’…i heard the familiar de-ep baritone voice and jo-lted so sharp that my legs reached the other side of the be-d…
‘Wh..what do you want??’..I asked seeing Shadow’s magnificent b©dy leaning on my doorway..
There was something scary and at the same time interesting about the way he looks at me..
‘Come with me’..He said in a whisper and turned around…
I packed my hair in a tousled bun and wra-pped a shawl around the nightgo-wn I was wearing and followed him to the kitchen…
‘You didn’t tell me you couldn’t cook’..He muttered after a minute of dangling silence..
‘You didn’t let me speak’..I replied and he rolled his eyes to the other side..
‘Fine then I’ll teach you’..He said and my eyes wi-de-ned..
‘You hate me’..I corrected..
‘I don’t hate you,I loathe you but that doesn’t mean I’ll let you feed my son garbage when I’m off doing business’..He replied..
‘Ohh you mean killing people??’..I retorted..
‘Seems like I’ve been a little too familiar with you last chance princess,make one more dirty comment and I’ll sl@p the hell out of you’.He warned and that did it..
My mouth went shut..
The Next Morning⛅
Learning all the recipes of TJ’s favorite food i yawned loudly leaving the kitchen followed by Jamal who didn’t even show any sign of being tired..
‘Daddy??’..TJ murmured as he ru-bbe-d his eyes looking as cute as he always was…
‘Tee-tee come here’..Shadow murmured in a sweet voice totally different from the gruff tone he used in talking to me…
‘I’ll be going to gaza for a while okay?? And I’ll be back soon’..He added..
‘But I..I yon want you you to go’..TJ whimpered and i saw the pain in the little boy’s eyes…
All he sees is a father but all see is a thief,an abductor and and murderer..
‘No little one you can’t come with me,I’ll be back before you know it’…Shadow whispered and i couldn’t bear but smile at the both of them..
I can’t believe he’s a totally different person entirely when left with his child..
‘I want to come with you!!’..TJ cried out..
‘Look you have Leana d—
‘Fine Leaya would be with you until I get back’…Shadow said and k!$$£d his forehead..
‘Come with me’..He said back to his usual self and before i could say anything else he dragged me into a dark corner…
Our bodies t©uçhed for an instant and i felt something like a spark in b©dy which i didn’t even know existed before..
‘Now I’ll be leaving for Gaza in a few minutes and i have eyes everywhere Leana so don’t even think of leaving this area’..He whispered with his husky breath grazing my skin..
‘Well if you really don’t trust me why leaving me with your son??’…I asked irritably and shivered internally as a slow smile spre-ad across his face…
Dare‘You wouldn’t dare me princess,my pres£nce and demeanor scares you to death’…He whispered and lowered his head and win-ked..
‘Now listen.TJ is allergic to peanuts and he doesn’t like night baths,make sure you tuck him into be-d at 9pm sharp and he loves his noon snacks—Don’t leave the house Leana!! I repeat don’t leave the house’..He said and walked away..
‘Wh..when will you be back??’..I asked..
‘None of your business’..
••Jamal’s POV••
I’m only leaving TJ with her cause I know she wouldn’t try doing anything stupid..
‘Are you re-ady??’..Jas asked as I tied my n£¢k cloth around my nose…
‘Yeah let’s go’..
Minutes later❤️
‘Jamal!!’..Jimmy yelled as he jumped on my b©dy as soon as I tapped his shoulder…
‘How are you champ??’..I asked and he nodded in excitement..
‘So I found out that the king had a heart attack is that true??’..I asked..
‘Yes it’s true,they’re searching every nook and cranny for Shadow but luckily we don’t know who he is’..He replied and then I noticed the injury in his arm..
Something like stro-ke lashes..
‘Who did this to you??’..i asked taking his arm and he yanked it away immediately..
‘’s nothing’..
‘Don’t be a saint Jimmy who did this to you??’..I asked more sternly..
‘The butcher Hakeem,he took all my money just because complained of how he cheated me and slashed me with his knife’..He confessed and I nodded..
‘Pl..plea-se don’t do anything to him Shadow He’s just a j£rk that’s all’..
‘I won’t do anything.Take this’..I said handing a paper over to him…
‘Go to this exact same location and stay there Jimmy,I want you out of the streets.You’d get everything you nee-d in that house and if I find you here I’ll make sure i kill you myself got that??’..i added and he nodded..
‘Thank you Jamal,i don’t care what anyone says you’re my angel’..he said in tears..
‘I’m not an angel jimmy,I just don’t want you to end up like me’..
••Leana’s POV••
At night☄️
‘I want to go pl@youtside’..TJ murmured against my che-st…
‘No Tee-tee your daddy said we shouldn’t leave the house’..I whispered and he started crying..
‘I wanna pyay!!’…
‘Okay fine we’ll just go outside for a while’..I said finally and carried him outside..
For the first time I got a whiff of fresh air..
The little lights from the windows of the village houses was so beautiful that I kicked back my legs and enjoyed the view..
‘Tee…’..My voice trailed off as soon as I couldn’t find TJ beside me anymore..
‘TJ!!! Tee-tee!!! plea-se if this is a joke st©p it!! Tee-tee!!!’..I yelled..
‘What are you doing outside I thought I left instructions?!!’..I heard Jamal’s voice from behind me and then I paused..
Oh the gods!
❤️⚔️Episode Ten⚔️❤️
••Jamal’s POV••
‘I won’t repeat myself twice princess!! What are you doing outside!!’..I yelled with my eyes alre-ady blazing red in anger and when Leana kept mute I dragged her inside and pushed her against the wall…
‘Just one command!! One command and you disobey me!!!’..
‘I..I just went outside to view the village’..She said in tears..
‘The next time you pu-ll a stunt like that then I’ll make sure I burn your skin with a h0t spoon’..I warned and she plummeted to the ground…
‘Tee-tee?? Tee-tee where are you??’..I asked looking around..
‘Tee-tee where are you??’..I asked and she sobbe-d lightly..
‘He…’..Her voice trailed off as soon as a little hand wra-pped its way around my legs..
‘Yayii!!!’…TJ screamed and I carried him up in my arms..
‘Miss me??’..I asked k!ss!nghis Chubby cheeks..
‘Yayyi you beat Leaya’…He murmured and my eyes traveled back to the sobbing woman on the floor..
‘She’s not important to us Tee-Tee’..I replied and carried him to his room..
‘But she is’..he whimpered against my shoulders and I stared back at her..
What do they know??..
If only he knew that Leana’s father was responsible for the reason he doesn’t have a mother…
If he knew then he wouldn’t say she’s important to us…
••Leana’s POV••
The bruise on my left arm grew bigger and I sniffed loudly limping slowly to my room…
He doesn’t really hate me according to him—He loathes me.He loathes me with so much pas-sion that he can’t even bear the sight of me….
Why doesn’t he just kill me??..
Why doesn’t he just kill me and end the whole torture???..
Why doesn’t he just kill me since he can’t bear the sight of me..
My hands raked throu-gh my clothes which was alre-ady ac¢v-mulating some spe-ck of dusts and then when i found my eggnog colored dress I pu-ll-ed out the card Ivan gave to me…
There was a special place for every card he gave…
Stay strong during our times of peril.
Stay strong and even though you can’t i will.
This card is just a reminder that I’ll be with you forever..
Whenever you nee-d me I’ll be here..
Stay strong Leana..
I love You..
Ivan Khal.
He was always a wonderful poet..
Now i nee-d his soothing words more than anything in this world..
He was always so compas-sionate and intelligent in dealing with people while Shadow is just a sneaky lying bastard who is two faced..
‘Go to sleep’..I heard and jo-lted away from my clothes..
‘What do you want??’..i asked Shadow who was clad in his black hooded as-sas-sin regalia and an axe hoarded over his shoulder…
‘I want you to go to be-d and watch over TJ for me’..He replied with his voice alre-ady hoarse…
‘So you could what?? Go kill someb©dy??’..i retorted..
‘You’re not far from wrong princess,I’m actually going to as-sas-sinate someone now go to sleep and…’..His voice trailed off as soon as he saw the card in my hand..
‘What’s that??’..He asked..
‘Nothing’..I replied and he snatched the card right off my thumbs..
He stared at the letter and then after a minute he crushed it to a small crumble and threw it back at me..
‘He’s a bad poet’..He murmured and I couldn’t help but scoff…
‘You’re not only evil but jealous too’..
‘Jealous?? Of your prince charming?? It’s no use re-ading his love letters judging from the fact that you’re alre-ady mine’…He said and my brows perked up…
‘Yours?? Just because I married you or you married me doesn’t make me yours!!! I despise you Shadow!!’..
‘Say it again’..
‘I despise you!!’..
‘Say it again’..
‘I despise you Shadow!! I despise you!!’..I screamed and he crouched down to where i was on the ground..
‘That’s good cause I despise you too but that doesn’t Change the fact that you’re mine Leana and thank your gods that you’re not in my be-d right now’..He whispered and rose up to his feet again..
His be-d??..
What does he mean by his be-d??..
••Ivan’s POV••
The Next Morning⛅
I f0rç£d my way into the central market searching for Dagger,another bounty hunter and them someone tapped me from behind..
‘You the prince??’..A man with a rugged haircut and dirty beard asked and I nodded gulping ha-rd …
‘I’m dagger who do you want me to find??’..He asked handing a liquor glas-s over to me and i shook my head..
‘I want you to find the man who calls himself Shadow’..I muttered as my nose twitched at the stench of his canopy..
‘Who?? Shadow??’..
‘Yes shadow’..
‘Ohhh sorry i can’t help you with that’..
‘If Shadow was really a catchable person I would be a billionaire by now your Highness—He isn’t someone you mess with…I…I’m sorry I have to go’..He said as fear danced in his eyes and walked away briskly..
Why does every bounty hunter keep telling me the same thing?!!..
Minutes later I walked back into my room angrily only to be shocked at the n-ked Nevida on my be-d..
‘What are you doing here?!! And where are your clothes?!’..I asked with my eyes wi-de-ned alre-ady..
‘Ohhh come off it Prince Ivan,your mother told me of how lonely and frustrated you are’..She replied…
‘Leana is your best friend Nevida I thought you were emotional about always being left out I never thought you would…
‘Shhh’..she whispered placing herl-ips on mine and instantly I pushed her away from me…
‘St©p it!! Nevida just st©p it!!!’…
••Leana’s POV••
Shadow was yet to be back from wherever he c@m£ from and TJ was alre-ady asleep thus giving me free time to roam around the house….
A room with a boldly conscripted signboard ‘SHADOW’ on the door caught my eye and i walked towards it…
With a fli-ck of the doorknob I walked inside and g@sped seeing the tall shelves of books around the whole room…
Books about Egyptian theology,books about the wonders of the world,books about the King’s tomb of Gaza…
Basically books about everything!!!…
With a swipe of my f!nger I collected dust from one of the books and then a card sli-pped out..
A poem was written..
A poem about pain and suffering…
A feeling that is always vain..
The pain I get whenever knowing that the void in my heart would never get filled..
Even by killing..
Laughter,joy,goosebu-mps and tears..
I would love to have those genuine feelings again but I can’t..
Because of pain and suffering…
My hands shivered as the card dropped to the ground and I covered my mouth in tears..
He’s just a man overcomed by pain and suffering..
‘What are you doing here?!!’..i heard and turned around only to see him by the doorway with clenched fists and red angry eyes..
‘I..I..I just c@m£ to cl..clean the..
‘Get out!! Get out of here and give me that!!’..He yelled and yanked the car away from my hands as soon as he walked closer..
‘I…I’m sorry I didn’t know you also write poems’..I murmured and he threw me a haughty glare..
‘No I don’t write poems it’s not mine’..He gr-unted un-der his breath…
‘You don’t have to lie I…
‘plea-se get out of this room!!!’..He yelled pointing at the door which just slammed shut immediately..
I walked over and tried opening it but it wouldn’t budge…
‘It wouldn’t open’..I said and he walked over..
‘That’s not possible the key is—Tee-tee!!!’..His yelled curtly knowing why the door would budge..
‘Yayyi apologize’..TJ’s little voice replied..
He’s two years old how can he lock doors??..
Oh his father is an as-sas-sin…
‘Terin Jamal open the open the door now!!!’..Shadow screamed but the little kid giggled..
‘Yayyi just apologize’..He said and Shadow turn back to me..
’I guess we’re stuck here then..I would never apologize to you’..He muttered and i gulped ha-rd in fear..
‘Tee-tee plea-se open the door!!!’..