The as-sas-sin I fell in love with Episode 7 & 8

⚔️THE as-sas-sIN⚔️
•[He Captured a Princess]•
❤️⚔️Episode Seven⚔️❤️
••Leana’s POV cont’d••
‘Hey big guy!!!’..Shadow said as he crouched to the little kid’s level toying with his cheeks..
The little child just called Shadow daddy!!..
So he has a kid?!!..
‘Okay TJ go to your room’..He said and for a moment I saw something like an ounce of affection in his eyes but it was quic-k to fade away…
‘Come with me’..He muttered in a cold voice and I gulped ha-rd following him into a wi-de room with beautiful Egyptian gra-phics on the walls…
‘Is he your son?? That boy i mean’..i asked and he turned back to look at me the moment he was at the door…
‘It’s none of your business princess now go change into something appropriate and come down for lunch’..He said and shut the door..
I stared outside the large window and from a distance saw the landscape..
The village was in between a no man’s land and the vastness was something I couldn’t comprehend…
Why on earth would such people live in such a land without having access to other cities..
Now I really un-derstand what he meant by no one would find me..
‘Hello’..a squeaky little voice whispered and when I stared at my door little brown hair popped up..
‘Hello Little one,what’s your name??’..I asked urging the little boy to come over..
‘ TJ but daddy calls me Tee-Tee’..He replied and I smiled ruffling his little mop of brown hair..
‘Nice to meet you Tee-Tee,I’m Princess Leana’..I whispered and he nodded running away..
After taking my bath I changed into a simple go-wn and went back downstairs only to see Shadow sharpening another sword..
‘Is this all you know how to do??’..i asked and he squinted his brows at me..
‘I can kill you too’..He murmured and i nipped my bottoml-ip..
‘Yeah you’re also rude,temperamental,broken and you’re a killer of men’..I retorted..
‘Yeah you’re right and you’re a spoilt princess who thinks life is all about roses and perfumes’..He replied..
‘I am not!!!’..I protested..
‘You are too!!’..
‘i am not!!’..
‘I accepted that I’m a ruthless inhuman person so you have to accept the fact that you think you have a perfect life!!!’…
‘I don’t think i have a perfect life!! Things just work out my way that’s what’..i said and he rolled his eyes ignoring me all of a sudden..
‘Uhmm Sha—Sorry Jamal I..I..i really want to know want you want from me’..I muttered in a calm polite tone…
Maybe If I’m nice to him he’ll be nice to me for a change…
‘What do I want from you?? I want nothing actually cause you’ve got nothing to offer just from the fact that you’re my wife’..He murmured and I scoffed loudly..
‘Your wife?!! I am your wife?? We’re not even married and i never said the I do word!!’..i yelled and he snickered a bit holding out a picture to me..
‘You were saying??’..he said and when i looked down at the oil painting i was shocked…
‘But…but this isn’t possible!! There’s no way i could have married you without knowing?!? That’s bizarre!!!’..i cried out shocked at the picture of me and Shadow in the holy temple..
‘Well it isn’t bizarre as you claim it to be,i drugged you and married you so you’re mine princess’..He said..
‘No I’m not yours!! I’m Ivan’s!!! I have a fiancée that i love and you’re saying you married me in a temple?? That’s what i call cra-p!? And besides we’re not legal —
‘Legally married??’..He cut in abruptly and then handed a laminated certificate over to me…
Married on the 25th of September in a temple..
Ozli Marriage registry..
Tears sli-pped from my eyes and my hands shook and he just walked closer to me…
‘So wife should we take this conversation to the room or—
‘Stay away from me you bastard!!! Stay away from me!!’..
‘Ohhh now you don’t want me to return you huh?? What are you so scared of huh?? Tell me’..He whispered pinning me to the wall with his face two feet away from me…
‘You despise me so much so why are you keeping me here??’..I asked and he smiled lowering down hisl-ips and when i muffled a cry he just nipped my ear and walked away…
Even though i hate him so much i couldn’t deny the heat i felt when his hvge b©dy was close to mine..
What is wrong with me??..
••Jamal’s POV••
‘Daddy is Le-Le going to be my new mommy??’..TJ asked as he tried tou-ching my dagger and i sl@pped it off his hands..
‘What makes you think she’s going to be your new mommy and why are you calling her Le-Le??’..i asked as he snuggled his way up to my other sword but brou-ght him down immediately..
‘She..she y-old me her name..L..Le…Leaya’..He replied and i couldn’t help but chuckle..
From Leana to Leaya..
‘She’s not your mommy TJ your mommy is dining with the gods up there just like the rest of the family’..I said and a glint of pain appeared in his eyes…
‘But I want my mommy!!’..He whimpered..
‘But you have me don’t you?? Don’t you want daddy too??’..i murmured as a string of worry formed on my forehead…
Maybe i should have made him stay with Nurse Ahneeka who takes care of him when I’m gone…
‘But…mommy!!’..He began crying all over again and i carried him up in my arms stro-king his head lightly…
He still sobbe-d heavily and then Leana c@m£ in…
‘Tee-Tee come over here’..she said and surprisingly he jumped down from my b©dy and ran towards her..
What the..
I’ve been the only thing he has for his two years of living and all he could do is run to a stranger that he’s just met today..
‘Your daddy is a bad boy’..she whispered throwing me a haughty glare…
‘Did you just call me a…’..My voice trailed off as soon as he started laughing at that insult and even though she was the last person i wanted to be with him i couldn’t help but smile…
‘Tee-tee come here’..i murmured extending my arms but he buried his face on Leana’s hair instead…
Just great..
Now he’s getting emotionally attached to the daughter of the man that made us both loose everything…
‘I’ll be in my room’..she muttered and left with him in her arms and I almost laughed as he win-ked at me..
He’s the only Person I’m happy for..
The only reason I’m still alive and the only reason i wake up every morning in this cold dark world…
••King Lehan’s POV••
‘Your highness this c@m£ in for you’..My royal steward said as as she dropped something like a wedding pres£nt in front of me..
‘What is it??’..i asked and he opened the box..
My hands went first to the letter which said;
‘Oh gods plea-se me merciful!!’..i said aloud and then when I saw the picture of Leana and Shadow or whatever he calls himself wearing a mask I broke down in a strangling cough..
‘Help!! Help he’s having a heart attack!! Help someone call the queen!!’..Was all i heard before i blacked out…
••Leana’s POV••
At Night❤️
There is something complicated about Shadow and i just can’t seem to put my f!nger on it..
First he’s a deadly,ruthless as-sas-sin..
Then he’s like the savior of the whole village cause the people seem to love him..
Secondly he hates me and my father for an unknown reason and then he acts like he’s hitting on me..
And then Tee-tee!!!..
Even a blind person couldn’t deny the affection the had for that child and the bond they both share…
It’s like he’s a whole different person entirely..
‘No!! No!! No!!’..I heard the squeal of a little voice and turned around only to see TJ blank n-ked with his little groin dangling about with soap all over his b©dy…
And then Jamal ran out with a soapy sponge in his right hand and a serious look on his face…
‘Tee-tee come here now!!’..He yelled..
‘I…I don’t want bath!!’..The child squealed with delight and they began running in circles..
‘TJ get here now!!’..Shadow yelled and when he sp©tted me with an amused look on my face he frowned…
‘What are you doing here go to your room’..he said and i had to bite my lower l-ips o as not to laugh..
‘Yayyi look at me!!!’..His son yelled and when I turned he was wiggling his soapy bu-ttocks..
❤️⚔️Episode Eight⚔️❤️
••Leana’s POV••
‘Look i could help you bathe him if you want??’..i offered and Shadow st©pped dead in his tracks..
‘You’re the last person i would ever ask for help princess so just stay in your lane’…He retorted loudly and I rolled my eyes..
‘Look i know you hate me but your son could sl!pand fall to the ground’..i implied..
‘Fine then but this is the last time—Tee-tee let Leana bathe you’..He grumbled and then walked away..
‘Yaaay!! Leaya is going to bu-athe me!!’..TJ screamed and jumped on my b©dy..
I ruffled his hair and then placed him in the h0t tub and poured an amount of water over his head…
There was a time i would daydream about Ivan and i having kids and how i would bathe them and pl@ywith them..
But now it seem all good to be true…
Shadow is never going to let me go back no matter how I beg him..
‘Le-le how old are you??’..TJ asked and i smiled..
‘A woman doesn’t like revea-ling her age to the man she likes’..
‘Buh I’m not a man’..he protested as i wra-pped a towel around him..
‘You’re not a man but you’re my man,now run along before your daddy gets angry’…i whispered as soon as I sp©tted Shadow at the door listening on our conversation…
I saw the affection in his eyes as his son ran towards him and couldn’t help but smile…
How can a man who kills men without pity be so loving towards his son??..
I sighed de-eply and went towards my room and then i paused at the door as soon as I heard Shadow’s voice..
‘Tell me a story daddy’..TJ murmured as he covered him with a blanket…
‘Okay—There was once a young boy who had a family,a family that loved him very much and he loved them too..but then a bad man killed them all and only the little boy survived’..Shadow narrated and TJ and i g@sped at the same time…
‘So what happened to the young boy daddy??’..TJ asked..
‘Well he survived,he survived and hustled in the streets and now he has a new family —You’..Shadow replied and i couldn’t help the tears that poured out of my eye…
Shadow was the young boy in the story..
The one who lost his whole family..
The one who hustled on the streets..
Oh God when Shadow meant that my father was a murderer did he me—
Did he mean my father killed his whole family and he survived??..
No no no..
This can’t be true my father would never do something like this!!..
My father is so innocent that he can’t even kill a fly talk less of Shadow’s whole family..
‘Are you spying??’..I heard and quic-kly jo-lted back from my reverie..
‘N…no I was just listening to you. story that’s all’..I stuttered and he gr@bb£d me by the arm..
‘Look princess this isn’t your fancy castle and I’m not your prince charming so if you want to be alive you abide by my rules got it?!!’..He said squee-zing my arm and I gro-an ed in pain…
‘Fine plea-se let me go!!’..
••Jamal’s POV••
The Next Morning⛅
‘The king has had a heart attack Shadow’…My spy whispered into my ear and walked away which put a smile on my face..
I knew the picture would have a major effect on him..
This is just the beginning of his suffering —My marriage to Leana is just the beginning of his suffering…
‘Wake up princess’..i grumbled un-der my breath splashing a little bit of water on Leana’s face…
‘Ughh Ugh you’re so evil!! Tapping me would have done the trick you know?!’..She protested and i bent my head closer to her face…
Somehow i just couldn’t resist looking at her beautiful face…
‘I love seeing the irritation on your face now come downstairs TJ is hungry’…I said and her brows sh0t up…
‘What do you mean by that??’..
‘Cook,you’re my wife now aren’t you so you have to cook’..i replied and didn’t give her a chance to talk before leaving…
••Leana’s POV••
I don’t know how to cook??…
I’ve never been in the kitchen before i..I..i don’t even know how to boil an egg..
‘Leana get down now!!!’..Shadow screamed from downstairs and i gulped ha-rd packing my hair in a tousled bun…
‘Good morning Tee-tee’…i murmured trying to keep a calm look on my face and the little kid nodded..
‘I’m hungry yayyi!!!’..He squealed tugging at Shadow’s trou-sers..
‘Leana would make breakfast for the both of us in a minute’..He replied and pointed at the kitchen..
Minutes later❤️
‘Ouchhh!!!’..i yelped as some p@rts of the h0t oil burned my skin..
‘I asked you to make dinner not kill yourself’..Shadow muttered as he leaned his magnificent b©dy on the doorway..
‘Your breakfast is re-ady’..i said wiping a trickle of sweat off my brow and handed him a two plates of Romo salad and sandwich…
TJ whispered to me that it’s his favorite…
‘This looks like it’s been vomited by a dragon’..He gr-unted and i frowned..
’Are you always grumpy?? Just have a taste!?Looks can be deceiving!!’…
‘Okay fine then I’ll eat the poison you made’..He grumbled un-der his breath..
I followed him with my own plate and prayed silently for the food to be okay.He dropped his food in front of TJ and I sat down opposite their direction..
‘Thanks Leaya’..The little boy thanked and I smiled..
They both dug in into their breakfast and then i noticed Shadow’s pause…
‘Wonderful!! Your cooking is t©p notch!!’..He praised and my eyes wi-de-ned..
‘Really?? My cooking is —
‘No!! Hell no your cooking is terrible!!! There’s too much pepper in this!! Do you want to kill me?!’..He yelled and then all of a sudden TJ started coughing loudly..
‘Leaya I love it don’t mind yayyi’..He said..
‘St©p lying Tee-tee she’s a terrible cook!!’..Shadow contradicted and the little boy bur-sted into tears..
‘What is it now?!!’..Shadow grumbled and TJ went to the ground..
‘Yayyi say Leaya’s cooking is good!!’..He cried out…
‘Fine!! Fine as long as you st©p crying Lean
‘Fine Leaya’s cooking is good!!’..
Something is going on here..
And it’s TJ🤣..