The as-sas-sin I fell in love with Episode 5 & 6

⚔️THE as-sas-sIN⚔️
❤️⚔️Episode Five⚔️❤️
••Leana’s POV••
‘I think i feel better now’..I murmured after a few minutes of contemplating if I should go n-ked or not..
I mean like I can’t even do it for the world..
Even my Fiancee Ivan hasn’t seen me n-ked cause the custom is to wait until your wedding night before exploring so why on earth would I even take off my clothes in front of a man I hate…
‘Fine then,come out for dinner we leave tonight’..He said and I g@sped loudly..
‘Where are we going??’..I asked in fear..
‘Don’t ask questions princess just do as you’re told’..He replied in gruff tone and walked away without saying anything else..
My w@!st still hurt really really bad but thankfully I could still move unlike before when it was worse..
I followed him to the living room and then he gro-an ed at the plate of food that was on the ground..
There were rice cakes and beef stew…
Egg sandwiches and soya milk and the best of all lobster soup…
Where did all this come from??.
‘Eat up’..He murmured and my eyes wi-de-ned immediately…
••Jamal’s POV••
Minutes later
I opened the locket and smiled as my hands rummaged throu-gh the wooden structure of the little piece…
I vowed never to take it off the same night it was given to me and the same night i lost everything..
This locket was the only i have left and was also a symbol to make me never back down from what i was born to do..
Trained to do..
Destined to do..
‘I’m done eating’…Princess Leana said from behind and i jo-lted immediately wiping the tear that sli-pped off my eye..
‘Are you okay??’..She asked and i frowned…
‘I think I’ll start giving you dirty sl@ps when you cross the line..Now go put on something warm we have a long journey ahead of us’..I replied and she nodded..
‘You know you could just tell me what my father did to you’..she said and I frowned again..
‘Last Warning Princess!! Cross the margin and I’ll make you regret it!!’..
‘Is that what you hate?! Getting asked intense questions?!! If you’re truly as smart and strong as you say then tell me what happened?!! You’re clearly keeping me here not because of ransom and now you’re taking me away and pray to Hera that you’re not taking me to be a slave!!’..she fired back and my fists clenched fighting the urge not to hit her…
‘Fine then you want to know where I’m taking you to?! I’m taking you to a place where your precious father wouldn’t be able to find you no matter how you try and then I’m going to marry you!!’..I yelled and she yelped like a dog again..
‘Ma…Marry me..You’re going to marry me??’..
‘Yes Princess Leana I’m going to marry you and then we’re going to have children!!’..I replied and pushed her out of the way..
Like father like daughter..
Both callous and full of themselves
‘All these for me??’..I asked…
‘No when you’re done give the remnants to the dog of course everything’s for you!! Now shut up and eat up!!’..He said in a loud voice and I bit my lowerl-ip..
••Ivan’s POV••
I heaved a short sigh as I stared outside the window at the stars which clearly reminded me of Leana..
She used to love the stars more than anyone in Egypt..
She knew all about them and what each constellation means..
I just..
I just miss her so much and i wish I could just find out just where she is..
Father has given me three days to make a decision on the choice of finding another bride..
Even i myself I’m so ashamed to call him my own father cause he’s clearly showing no sign of remorse..
He just wanted me to marry her not fall in love with her!!…
What would King Lehan even say when he hears of this betrayal..
‘Ivan??’..I heard Nevida’s voice and then I quic-kly adjusted myself..
‘What are you doing here??’..i asked in a gruffy tone..
‘I..I..I just c@m£ here to apologize for what happened earlier’..she replied and I frowned..
‘Apology accepted Nevida now you can leave’..I muttered and immediately she broke down in tears..
‘You don’t un-derstand!! No one un-derstands me!!’..She cried out..
‘Nevida what’s wrong??’..i asked..
‘What’s wrong is that no one un-derstands what I’m going throu-gh…I’ve been friends with Lea ever since we were kids and somehow I feel like she’s the lucky one.Parents who love her,a fiancee who adores her…She..she’s smart and beautiful and has everything and what do i have?? What do i have Ivan?? I have nothing..I’m not beautiful,my parents don’t even Care if I’m alive or not cause they’re too busy running their kingdom and do I have someone who loves me?? Hell no!!’..She explained and I sighed de-eply..
‘Look Nevida you know pretty well that Leana loves you more than anything in the world and I’m pretty sure she’s thinking of you right now,you just have to stay calm and collected okay??’..I said ru-bbing her shoulders and surprisingly she rested her head on my shoulder…
‘Everything is going to be okay’..I murmured and stro-ked her hair..
plea-se Leana..
plea-se help me find you so quic-k so I won’t fall into the tra-p your best friend is luring me into…
••Leana’s POV••
After an hour or so my bags were fully packed and Shadow dragged me out from my room..
‘What exactly are you doing??’..I asked as he tied my hands..
‘ma-king sure you don’t do anything stupid’..He replied and then bundled me on his shoulder like a bag of grain..
‘Let me go’..I whimpered in pain as he took me outside and dropped me in a large cart that was carrying goats..
‘I..I can’t stay here!! Let me out of here!!’..I yelled and he sm-irked..
‘I just want you to get a glimpse of what would happen if you tried anything stupid’..He said and I almost vomited right on his leather p@n-ts…
I’ve never even been near a goat all my life and now he’s threatening to keep me in a truck full with them…
How wicked can a person be?!!..
Before I could say anything else he hurled me out of the cart and placed me in another comp@rtment which was much more comfortable with the slee-ping be-ds and and beautiful lamps..
‘Ree let’s move!!’..He yelled and the cart started moving..
I watched keenly as he toyed with the locket on his n£¢k inti-mately and couldn’t help but noticed the grief in his eyes…
‘Why do you love that thing so much??’..I couldn’t also help but ask…
‘It’s none of your business just leave me alone!!’…He growled..
‘Well it wouldn’t have been my business if you didn’t capture me..I’ve noticed you always t©uçh that locket whenever you’re near me’..i replied and he scoffed..
‘I’m giving you your last chance princess the last time you got yourself hurt and this time i would do more than just hurt you’..He threatened but I didn’t budge..
‘Shadow right?? The people you kill they call you shadow right?? The bad people call you Shadow right?? You kill people for money’…I said stabbing him with hurtful words but he didn’t even cringe..
‘Yes Princess,i kill people for money and you know what?? I love it’..He whispered and i spat near him..
‘You’re a disgrace and a mistake of a human being’..i said and then he sl@pped me ha-rd across the face—So ha-rd that I spat out blood..
‘The next time you call me a mistake of a human being then I’ll make sure I kill you and s£nd your murderer of a father to hell where he’s truly meant to be’..
❤️⚔️Episode Six⚔️❤️
••Jamal’s POV••
She had no right..
She certainly had no right to call me a mistake of a human being when she doesn’t know what I’ve been throu-gh…
‘You’re a monster!!’..she whimpered loudly and I ignored her..
‘Reeshab st©p the truck!!!’..I yelled as soon as I sp©tted the motel…
It’s alre-ady late at night and no longer safe for traveling..
I can take on more than a hundred bandits but right now I’m not in the mood for fighting….
‘Wait you’re not taking me to the goats are you??’..Leana asked and I sm-irked..
‘No come outside’..i murmured and she staggered so bad out of the caravan that I had to hold her by the w@!st to support her..
‘You’re super clumsy,watch your back next time’ ..I murmured and she nodded.
Minutes later❤️
‘My leg hurts and I’m hungry’..She nagged for the third time..
‘Go to sleep’..I replied..
‘But I can’t sleep!! My leg hurts!!’..She said more louder this time but I ignored her anyway and continued sharpening the dagger for my next target..
‘Go to be-d princess’..
‘I’m hungry’..
‘Go to be-d’…
‘My leg hurts!!’..
‘I said go to be-d!!’..
‘I said go to be-d!! Nagging won’t get me frustrated in anyway cause I know the game you’re pla-ying okay?!! Now go to be-d!!’..I yelled and she started sobbing all over again…
‘plea-se Shadow just let me go home’..She begged and I sm-irked..
‘You won’t go anywhere until your father reaches out in tears and on his knees and besides—I’m not a human being remember’..I replied and she instantly went mute..
After a few minutes of knowing she was asleep I tied a n£¢k cloth around my nose and headed out but not before locking the door…
••Ivan’s POV••
The next morning💛
‘There’s a package for you here your highness’..a maid said as she walked into my study with a box and dropped it on my table..
‘Open it’..I ordered and she took a penknife,opened the box and then all of a sudden she screamed and ran away…
What the..
I looked inside the box and when I saw the contents of the box I vomited right onto the ground..
It was a head..
A human head..
The head of Liam,the man I put in charge of taking finding information on Shadow…
His head was right on my table and with a note on it..
I think I might have un-derestimated this man!!..
For the sake of the gods what does he want with Leana?!..
What has she done?!!..
‘The Gods!!! What on earth is in this box Ivan?!!’..Nevida yelled as she walked into the room and sp©tted the gory object..
‘What does it look like huh?!! It’s a freaking head with a warning that if I tried to find Leana I would be next!!!’..I snapped and she g@sped loudly..
‘We have to alert the king about this Ivan!!! We have to do something!!’..She said resting her hands on my shoulder as a means of support…
‘I just miss her a lot you know?? Her smile,her cheerfulness,her charisma everything! I just miss her so so much’..I sighed and surprisingly Nevida k!$$£d my cheek…
‘Everything is going to be okay Ivan,hopefully her captor would re-lease her soon but you’re a man and as a man you nee-d to be taken care of’..She said.
‘What do you mean by that??’.
‘This is what I mean’..She replied and the next thing I knew herl-ips captured mine as she pushed me softly onto the large oak table..
••Leana’s POV••
I yawned loudly and opened my eyes only to find myself in the caravan going to only the gods know where…
‘Wh..How did i get here??’..I asked with my hair swaying from side to side…
‘We’re here’..Shadow replied and then the caravan st©pped immediately…
‘Here?? Here where?? How on earth did I get back in here?!’..I asked..
‘You’re a sound sleeper’..He replied blandly and I g@sped loudly..
‘No I am not!! I’m always aware of everything that goes around me even when asleep!!’..I protested and she snickered shortly..
‘Look princess I don’t have time to answer any of your questions but all i know is that you were m0@n ing your prince charming’s name all throu-gh the night’..He said as we both c@m£ down from the truck..
He quic-kly covered me with a nose veil and before I could question him any further children and women surrounded us in all happy moods..
‘Jamal!! Jamal!! Jamal!!’..They chanted all bubbly and excited and in response Shadow handed clothes and food over to them..
Where is this place??..
And why do the people look so unkempt?!..
And his name is Jamal??..
There are more complexities to this man than I expected..
‘So your Name is—
‘No questions princess come with me’..He cut in rudely and I followed him like a rat would follow the smell of cheese…
‘Why is a veil over my head??’..I asked as my eyes darted towards the women who waved at me in pure smiles…
‘What is this place?!’..i asked and st©pped walking..
‘Has anyone ever told you that you talk too much?! Just follow me and shut the hell up..And oh keep those shackles hidden’..He retorted and i pursed myl-ips..
How on earth can someone be so bitter??..
We walked and walked until we were both a little bit far from the village and then I was short of words when we got to a magnificent mansion…
What the…
‘So what are you going to do now??Sell me to a rich merchant??’..I asked but he ignored me and opened the heavy gold door…
‘Welcome to my home Princess Leana’..He muttered..
‘Ohhh you’re bluffing there’s no way you own this house!!!’..I said aloud in disbelief and then two young men ran over…
‘Welcome Shadow!!’..The said excitedly and then it dawned on me…
He really owns this hvge mansion!! But if he really does then what could he possibly want with me?!!…
‘You own this place?!! But you’re an as-sas-sin?!!’..I yelled and he rolled his eyes..
‘I might be an as-sas-sin but it doesn’t mean I’m a poor man looking for ends meet’..He replied and before i could come up with a better come back a little kid on his cute wobbly feet ran over and screamed..
Our as-sas-sin is rich and a little kid calls him daddy?🤣..
And Nevida is kind of confusing don’t you think?