The as-sas-sin I fell in love with Episode 3 & 4

⚔️THE as-sas-sIN⚔️
•[He Captured a Princess]•
❤️⚔️Episode Three⚔️❤️
••Jamal’s POV••
‘Get your filthy hands off me you bastard!!!’..Princess Leana screamed as I twisted her ankle and turned her around..
‘Call me a bastard one last time and I’ll tear your pretty face ap@rt’..I said and she went mute instantly..
I gagged her mouth and brute f0rç£ I pushed her into a large sack that had breathing holes..
Copper and his half of men were keeping the guards busy while the other half looted the treasury for their own reward..
‘Let me out!!’..The Princess screamed inside the sack and I smiled..
‘So you’ve re-moved the gag huh??Well then let’s go’..I muttered and even though she struggled inside the sack a bundled her up on my shoulders and jumped down the tree that was close to her room..
Copper and his men were alre-ady waiting for me and I nodded seeing their looted prizes on the ground..
‘What’s in it for you Shadow?? Why do you want her so bad??’..he asked and I frowned de-eply…
‘None of your business Copper,you’ve gotten what you want and now you can leave’..I said and turned around then all his men pointed their swords at me..
I was expecting this..
‘I want the princess Shadow and you’re outnumbered’..He said and a sly smile spre-ad across my face…
‘You really un-derestimate me Copper,here’s the princess—Come get her’..I said as I dropped the sack on the ground…
He made a (👉🏻) sign at his men and with ease I drew out my sword and killed every single one of them…
They really do un-derestimate me no doubt..
I’ve once fought 50 men just to get to one important target and I never leave a target un killed —Well except for yesterday and I don’t rest until the job is finished..
‘Shadow??’..Copper said in fright as he stepped back shocked at the gory sight of his men on the ground..
‘You had your chance Copper but you lost it’..I whispered and slashed his throat…
As he fought for his last breath I gr@bb£d Princess Leana and hurled her on my shoulders leaving the che-sts of coins and expensive gems…
••King Lehan’s POV••
‘What?!! Don’t tell me that Nevida don’t tell me your best friend has been captured!!’..i screamed loudly and barged into the room only to see my daughter gone…
No no..
No no no..
No no no no…
I plummeted straight to the ground in acute shock and pain seeing her be-d covers rumpled on the ground…
‘Lehan get me my daughter!! Lehan I don’t care what you do just get me my daughter!!’..Leah screamed hitting me ha-rd on the che-st but I was just too weak to do anything…
‘Your highness we have received a letter from someone named shadow’..A guard said and I glared at him…
‘What stupid letter??!’..I yelled and yanked the brown paper from his hands..
There I saw the information boldly written in a sequined handwriting..
‘Find me the bastard!! Find me the man who calls himself Shadow!!!’..
••Leana’s POV••
‘Let me go!! Let me go Ahhh!!’..i screamed as i was eventually pushed to the ground..
Slowly the sack was torn and I quic-kly rushed out all dusty and weak only to see myself in a dark room…
‘You know screaming is not going to help you’..Someone said from beside me and I j£rked..
‘Wh..what do you want from me??’..I asked with tears brimming in my eyes…
‘Actually princess I don’t want anything from you now follow me’..He replied..
‘And if I don’t??’..I scoffed and instead of saying anything else he dragged me on the concrete ground outside…
‘You’re hurting me!! Ahh you’re hurting me!!!’..I cried out as my th!ghs grazed the ground painfully..
He lifted me up and dumped me on a plain mat..
‘Look Princess I could have killed you if I wanted to but I won’t cause i have plans for you okay?? I could kill you in a heartbeat so just shut up’..He said and the anger i saw in his greyish blue eyes shook me down to the spine…
‘ killed all those people??..You killed all those men??’..i asked in fear..
‘Yes Princess Leana,if I could kill thirty men then why can’t I kill you??’..He replied and I yelped a little..
I want my daddy…
What does this man want from me??…
I’ve done nothing wrong have I??..
Minutes later he c@m£ back and untied the ropes in my hands which left a bruise..
He dropped a cu-p of water and even though i wanted to be resilient I gr@bb£d the cu-p and drank without an ounce of shame…
‘Now listen to me Princess cause I’m not pla-ying with you,you will stay here and not move an inch cause if you do I’ll make sure i kill you and s£nd your b©dy to the bastard who calls himself your father got it??’..He said and turned on the lights and then I got a good glimpse of the room..
It was beautiful with the exotic mats and pillows on the ground…
I just couldn’t explain it but the room was downright amazing..
‘What..what do you want from me?’..I asked still..
‘No questions Princess’..He said and in a flash he was out the window..
What could he possibly want from me that he brou-ght me hair and left me untied??.
I want my father to come and rescue me..
I want Ivan..
I want Nevida to tell me that everything is going to be okay..
I want my family..
••Jamal’s POV••
I roamed around the market looking for guards and then I sp©tted Jimmy —Well he sp©tted me first..
‘Jamal!! Jamal!!’..He yelled and I covered his mouth..
‘Why are you so excited today and what’s wrong??’..i asked..
‘Princess Leana has been captured Jamal,she was captured by some men who raided the palace and the shocking p@rt?? They were all dead!!! The market women say that maybe she ran away with her lover or maybe she was alre-ady as-sas-sinated’..He chattered away and i sm-irked..
‘Hmmmm so what about the king?? How is he faring??’..i asked…
‘Well he’s heartbroken that’s for sure,they said he had a heart attack’..He whispered and I smiled..
That’s Good..
If he thinks I’m done with him then that’s a very big lie..
He hasn’t seen anything yet..
‘He’s made a decree that anyone who can find his daughter and bring him the man named SHADOW would be extremely rewarded’..He said and my eyes wi-de-ned…
So Lehan has hired bounty hunters huh??..
‘I know it’s you Jamal but what I don’t un-derstand is why??’..Jimmy added and I pursed myl-ips placing my hands on his shoulder..
‘Sometimes life is messed up Jimmy and I know you won’t rat me out..Here take this —This should be enough to last you for a month until I come back’..I said dropping a pouch of coins in his hands..
‘Thanks Sha—Sorry thanks Jamal you’re the best!!’..He said aloud excitedly and ran off..
‘Don’t gamble or spend it too much Jimmy!!’..i yelled after him but he was far gone..
He’s a good kid no doubt but circu-mtances has made him become something he’s not..
A thief..
A rogue..
A dirty hustler..
Circu-mtances has made Jimmy become like me..
A loner with no home and no family to go to…
i would find someone to take Care of that child one day…
I won’t let him suffer the way I did..
Minutes later❤️
Slowly I infiltrated into the palace and gr@bb£d all Leana’s clothes—Well less formal clothes and left right out well not after drooping a note on the be-d..
••Ivan’s POV••
‘Tell me it’s a lie Nevida!! Tell me it’s not true!!’..I yelled at the t©p of my voice as Leana’s best friend told me the news..
‘It’s true Ivan,Leana has been captured’..She said but I couldn’t help but notice the lack of remorse in her voice…
‘Captured?!! Captured by who Nevida?! What are you talking about?!! We were supposed to get married in a few weeks and now you’re saying she’s been captured?!! This is unbelievable?!!’..I yelled and she stood up to me…
‘You don’t have to worry about her Ivan you don’t nee-d her now cause I’m here for you’..She whispered and I frowned..
‘Huh?? what are you talking about??’…
‘I like you Ivan’..
TBC❤️ …
Okay things are getting bubbly and Jamal is getting more heartless by the minute🤣…