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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The assassin I fell in love with Episode 1 & 2

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•[He Captured a Princess]•
❤️⚔️Episode One⚔️❤️


••Authoress’s POV••

The Sheikh chuckled softly as the exotic dancer gave him a dirty lap dance while the others cheered effortlessly..

Partying was his own way of living and everything was going well —Well until the lights suddenly turned off..

‘Ali what’s going on??’..He asked his personal assistant but got no reply and in an instant he was hurled by someone over to the nearest wall…

His party guests all scampered for safety in the darkness and then the lights came back on with only him in the room…

‘Who..who are you??’..He asked looking at the masked assailant wearing all black..

‘I’m Jamal Gal but you can call me shadow’..The assassin replied and he quivered in fear..

‘Shadow?? What..what do you want from me?? How much do you want?’..The sheikh asked and Jamal chuckled softly as he slit off his throat…

Blood gushed out of the Sheikh’s neck and his hands stretched as he fought for his life…

‘Who are you??’..He asked again in a strange voice and Jamal smiled..

‘I am Shadow’..


••Leana’s POV••

A bright light shone upon my eyes and when I opened it mother was there..

‘What is it??’..i asked in a murmur and she frowned..

‘You’re late for the royal hearing Leana and your father is very angry’..She said as she walked into my dressing room picking out an outfit for me..

‘The hearing?? It’s

today??’..I asked in a yawn..

‘Of course it’s today Leana and the guests have arrived and Oh- lest I forget Ivan is right outside your door’..She replied and i smirked..

‘Ivan come in’..I said aloud and my fiancee walked in in his usual graceful self..

‘Hmmm have i ever told you my Cleopatra that you look beautiful in the morning’..He whispered into my ears and I kissed him softly on the lips..

‘And have I ever told you that you look splendid in that cashmere coat you’re wearing’..I whispered back and we went back to kissing..

‘You are both going to be late if you don’t stop what you’re doing and head to the Court chamber’..Mother grunted and I smiled..

I’ve never met someone who nags as much as her..

‘Good morning Queen Leah’..Ivan said..

‘Good morning Prince Ivan i humbly implore that you leave right now so Leana could change’..She replied and my fiancee winked at me…

‘I’ll be waiting for you at the back of the temple’..he whispered walking away and I giggled..


Minutes later❤️
Clad in a gold strapless dress and a gold nimbus around my head I walked into the royal chambers..

‘I am pleased to be here father’..I said curtly as I went down to greet my father..

‘You’re late Leana’..He muttered and I smiled and went to sit down near my mother..

The look I saw on Ivan’s face was definitely price less and a lewd smile spread across my lips dwelling in the satisfaction of seeing his reaction..

‘You know he really likes you’..Nevida,my best

friend whispered as the function started and I chuckled…

‘Yeah I know,I’m so happy with him and he says the nicest things too’..

‘You’re so lucky Leana’..she muttered and I nodded..

Nevida is the daughter of Sheikh Tej…

We’ve been best friends since we were kids and I don’t see a future without her in it…


••Jamal’s POV••

‘How much would you pay me when I kill him??’..I asked the sultan who sat adjacently to my table…

Wanted in twelve cities the last thing I want is anyone suspecting me..

‘Two million’..The Sheikh replied and I frowned..

‘Three million’…

‘Two and a half million’…

‘Three million Sheikh and no less’..i muttered and he grumbled under his breath..

‘Fine then three million it is Shadow and before I forget don’t you rat out on me’..He said..

‘I never reveal the secrets of my client Sheikh,send me a picture and consider your target dead’..

I grabbed my bottled water and tied a neck cloth around my nose so as not to be noticed by anyone and infiltrated into the market….

‘Psst,psst Shadow’..Someone called in a whisper and when I turned around i smiled..

It was Jimmy,the twelve year old american hustler who lived in the streets..

‘Hey Jimmy what do you have for me today??’..I asked and he smirked..

‘Princess Leana from what i heard would be coming to the market today with her fiancee Prince Ivan’..He said..

‘Are you sure about this Jimmy??’..I asked and he nodded…

‘Here take this,go get yourself lunch’..i whispered with my hands ruffling his mop of brown colored hair and slipped a few notes inside his pocket..

‘Thanks Jamal!! I could buy one of those fancy pies and cakes with this!!’..He said excitedly and ran off…

Ahh that kid…

He’s just like me when i was his age.Left alone in the streets with no one to go back to…

All because of one person —The bastard that calls himself a king…

He made me who I am today…

A ruthless and wanted assassin who just wants revenge and revenge I shall surely have..

But first I have to wait for that princess…


••Leana’s POV••

The hearing was over and every important guest began leaving the courtroom one after the other..

Hungry and tired I walked over to the buffet table and grabbed a piece of beef stocking into my mouth…

‘You know you shouldn’t be eating with your hands my princess’..A hand slid across my waist and I smiled..

‘I’m hungry your highness and besides no one saw me’..i said as he placed a wet kiss on the nape of my neck…

‘I can’t wait for you to be my wife Leana,I just can’t wait to make you mine’..He whispered and I slapped his hands that was resting on my bosom…

‘You’re such a pervert Ivan and since you’re acting so corny today will you go to the market with me?? Just the both of us??’..I asked as he turned me around..

‘The market?? What would people think of me Leana??’..

‘That you’re a sweet gentleman Ivan so wait let me change into more comfortable clothes and we can go’..i replied..

‘Can I come with you??’..He asked holding my hands..

‘Haha you’re crazy’..I said and walked off..

Minutes later❤️
I packed up my hair in a tight bun without the help of the maids and grabbed a shawl to cover myself..

‘Don’t tell me that’s what you’re wearing to go shopping’..Ivan muttered throwing me a skeptical look as I walked outside the palace..

‘What’s wrong with my outfit??’..I asked…

‘You’re too beautiful my love so shall we??’..He replied linking his arms in mine and we both left..


••Jamal’s POV••

‘Copper I need you to do something for me’..I muttered after knocking on a shackled house…

‘What do you want Shadow??’..He asked in a grumpy tone…

‘I need your help to capture someone Copper’..I replied..

‘You never need help in doing anything Shadow what’s going on??’..He asked as he came out..

‘It’s a really big fish’..I murmured..

‘Hmmm Shadow what’s in it for me??’..He asked and I smiled…

‘A lot Copper,a lot is in for you if you lend me your men for some time’..

If my plan comes out successful the king would be so shattered that he would beg..

I would make him beg and make him suffer for what he did years ago…

He would suffer for every single pain he caused me,his kingdom would suffer for what he did and may the gods help me if i don’t make sure of it I might as well be dead..

Princess Leana’s father would suffer and i would make sure of it..


••Leana’s POV••

I heaved a short sigh as Ivan and i walked around the market..

‘I hate this place already’..he grumbled..

‘Don’t be such a grooge Ivan,let’s go to the jeweler’..I replied linking his arms in mine and then we passed a narrow alley..

My eyes looked around the place and then i heard footsteps behind me…

‘Is somebody following us??’..I asked and before Ivan could answer a man masked man grabbed my shawl and purse running away..

‘Thief!! Thief!!’..i yelled running after him..

‘Leana wait up!!’..Ivan called out from behind me but I ignored him anyway..

There’s no way I’m letting this thief get away..

❤️⚔️Episode Two⚔️❤️



••Leana’s POV••

I ran with every power and strength in my bones but the thief was just too fast…

He ran away into only God knows where leaving me to pant heavily…

‘Leana what is wrong with you??’..Ivan asked as he dragged me up from the ground…

‘ palace…The Palace key is in that bag Ivan!! father trusted me with that key’…I replied still panting heavily..

He said something I couldn’t hear as my head spun around so fast that I heard woozing noises..

‘Leana?? Leana are you okay??’..I heard Ivan say but that was the last thing I heard as i blacked out into oblivion…

Minutes later❤️

I opened my eyes and turned around only to see myself in my room…

‘I heard you chased a thief’..Dad said from beside me and I stretched my arms..

‘Who told you that??’..I asked and he frowned..

‘Don’t lie to me Lea,Ivan told me everything’..

‘Okay fine father but I had no choice did I?? You entrusted me with the Palace’s gate key and I lost it’..She replied with a sullen look on her face..

‘Why on earth would you carry a palace key in your bag Lea?? I thought you’ve dropped that habit??’..Father asked and I rolled my eyes…

Ever since I was a kid I developed an habit for putting important things in my grey khaki bag..

Even as an adult I still carry my bag like a three year old..

‘Father I’m sorry’..i murmured with my head sunken low..

‘Don’t worry Lea,everything is going to be okay and besides it’s not like we’re going to be under attack??’…


••Authoress’s POV••

Jamal watched keenly from the window looking at his target play with his little daughter…

Even if the target was a bad man or a good one he just didn’t care…

The only thing he cared about was the little girl..

After closing his eyes cursing himself for what he was about to do he slipped on his nose mask…

Al,the name of the father who was playing with his daughter noticed how the light dimmed and then finally turned off..

‘Daddy?? What’s going on??’..The little girl asked holding her father’s leg..

Hearing her little whimper Jamal couldn’t just help it…

To be an assassin one had to be heartless and heartless he was but he wasn’t totally inhuman??..

‘Run out of the country’..Al heard and jolted in fright,turned around only to see a masked man in front him..

‘Who..Who are..who are you??’..He stuttered in fear…

‘I’ve been sent to kill you’..Jamal replied..

‘Kill me?? Oh please I’ve done nothing wrong!!..i know the Sheikh sent you but please I’ve got nothing apart from my daughter’..Al begged and Jamal sighed..

‘Leave Egypt tonight and never return,if I find you then I’ll kill you myself’..


••Jamal’s POV••

The Next Morning⛅

I walked into the market and smiled seeing the Copper with the package..

‘You got it??’..i asked and he nodded giving me Princess Leana’s bag…

‘I don’t like this plan of yours Shadow but i hope you’re right’…He murmured as i opened the bag…

What I needed was there..

The Palace key…

Good sense of information and observation told me that the Palace key would be in her bag..

A few trinkets and expensive clothes were also in the bag but I threw it over to Copper..

‘Give this to Kyra she needs it and get your men prepared for tonight we’re going go raid the palace’..I said and he nodded…



••Leana’s POV••

At Night
Nevida smiled as i showed her the roses Ivan got for me with a card.

Hope you’re okay and still beautiful as ever??..
I’m sorry i couldn’t be there when you woke up cause i had much more pressing matters to attend to..
Just few weeks my sweet Leana..
Just few weeks till you eventually become mine…

I hope you love the flowers and send my wishes to your friend Nevida too..

Love you..


‘Awww you know you’re so lucky,Ivan is so charming’..She said..

‘Yes i know that and that’s why i can’t wait to be his wife’…I replied with a blush on my cheeks and then all of a sudden the whole candle lights went off..

I frowned deeply and called one of the maids to light up the candles but got no reply..

‘What’s going on??’..Nevida asked and i shrugged…

’I don’t know maybe they’re all asleep or something’..

‘Are you sure?? Let me go check it out’..She muttered and before i could stop her she was already out of the door…

I bit my bottom lip and then all of a sudden i began hearing noises and then ‘Under attack!!’..

‘The palace is under attack!!’..A guard screamed and I jolted in fear..


The palace is under attack??…

I quickly ran over and grabbed onto one of the long candle sticks..

‘Put that down’..A deep hoarse from behind me said and i screamed..

‘Who!! Who are you?!! What do you want from me!!??!?’..I screamed and slowly turned around only to see someone turned a mask…

‘I am Shadow and you Princess’re my captive’..




There you have it guys..

The story has just begun and Leana has been captured..

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