The as-sas-sin I fell in love with 2 finale

⚔️THE as-sas-sIN⚔️
🖤❤️SEASON 2🖤❤️
❤️🖤Episode Twenty Two
••Leana’s POV cont’d••
I cried out in pain as the men pushed me inside a caravan only for me to see TJ and Kyra along with Manir,his wife and daughter inside…
What is going on??..
Has father found us alre-ady??…
‘Leaya??’..TJ whimpered as the gag was taken away from my mouth…
‘Come here my sweet’..I whimpered back and k!$$£d his cheek in fear of what was to come later…
‘Leaya where are we going??’..he asked..
‘i…I don’t know’..I replied and k!$$£d his forehead.My heart skipped a beat as he placed his hands on my belly and another tear escaped my tear duct…
I think father has finally found us and there is no going back this time..
I am finally going to die..
TJ is going to die..
Everyb©dy is going to die which means that my one and only Shadow is dead..
🎶 Everything they ever liked..
Don’t see myself inside..
Why can’t I get it right??..
I don’t know..
🎶You’re always watching me fall..
Shadows,they like my wall..
why do I feel so small??..
I don’t know..
🎶So I walk into the dead of night..
Where my monsters like to hide..
Chaos feels so good inside no more..
🎶I lost..
I lost..
I lost control again..
Always do the same and I’m to blame
I lost control again..
I don’t,I don’t..
I don’t know who I am…
Always do the same and I’m to blame..
I lost control again..
‘TJ whatever happens I just want you to know that I love you and your father also loves you very more than you could ever imagine’..i whispered and one of the men made a sardonic snort…
‘Leaya what is going on??’..He asked again and I f0rç£d a smile..
‘Nothing TJ I love you just know that’..
‘TJ go back to sleep,nothing is wrong and if you don’t see me again just know that I have gone to the sky to meet Goddess perdi’…I said and Kyra grasped my right arm..
‘Don’t loose hope so easily Leana,you do not know what fate holds for us’..She begged and I shook my head…
‘Fate doesn’t hold anything other than pain Kyra and I have accepted it… it’s high time you accepted it too’…I said and this time it was her turn to shake her head…
‘Just wait and see Leana,just wait and see’..
••King Lehan’s POV••
The Next Morning 🌥️
‘The caravan is re-ady your highness we are about to move now’..Black arrow said as I adjusted my black gloves…
‘Good,keep everyone on high alert I have a feeling they’ll attack the castle but when they do it’ll be too late’..I muttered and placed my black turban on my head…
‘Are you sure about this your highness?? Leaving I mean—Are you sure??’..He asked and I threw him a haughty sardonic glare…
‘Maybe I should feed your head to the wild dogs just like I did to Princess Nevida’s head’…..
‘Sorry your highness,pardon my utterance’..he begged with his head sunken low and I nodded in acknowledgement…
‘Gather every bloody guard in the palace and call them to the throne room,I have an important announcement to make…I ordered and after a bow he left…
The stupid as-sas-sin my daughter is in love with won’t know what hit him when I finally escape the palace..
I just know it that he’s planning on revolting today all thanks to the goddess Perdi and this good luck charm Prince Zaphir handed to me before he was slaughtered…
‘Your highness information just reached to us about some masked men at the border with your daughter,we believe them to be of the Scorpion clan’..A guard said and my eyes popped out of my sockets immediately..
Ohhh hail the gods!!!…
I knew this good luck charm would work perfectly…
‘Change of plans!!! Gather every powerful elite guard to come along with me and leave the weaklings to protect the palace’..I replied..
‘For what if I may ask your highness??’..He asked and I stro-ked my beard with a cackle escaping my mouth.
‘We are going to pay my darling daughter a visit’…
••Leana’s POV••
The caravan st©pped at a river border and I was helped out of it by one of the men who seemed to have a sm-irk at the corner of his mouth —Which I choose to ignore..
‘Leaya where are we??’..TJ asked…
‘Yes Leana where are we??’..Kyra and Manir ch!pped in at the same time and I sighed de-eply…
‘This is the Hannika Border,the border which separates our Kingdom from Prince Ivan’s’..
‘Really?? So we are in your kingdom?? That means…that means—
‘My father kidnapped us and he’s probably on his way here now to kill us’..I cut in reluctantly and sat down on the ground in tears…
’Sorry I couldn’t save you little one’..
‘Leaya??’..TJ muttered pointing at oncoming horses and I scrambled up to my feet as I sp©tted father from afar…
This is it then..
I am finally going to die…
‘Well,well,well if it isn’t my betraying and dirty stricken daughter’..He said as he got down from his horse and I gulped ha-rd ..
‘You have me father,I’m here do as you wish!!’..
‘ I will do as I wish but first I have some few things to say…Looks like the bastard in your belly has grown’..he replied..
‘My child is not a bastard!!! My child is of a pure royal blood!! I am the bastard!!’..I yelled…
‘Bastard?? Yes that is pretty much what you are cause you went against your family!!! Against everything I worked for to give you a better life all because of one lowly as-sas-sin who doesn’t care about you!!! Where is he now huh?? Is he dead?? Scared?? Where is he??’..He yelled back and I bur-sted into tears…
‘He is the as-sas-sin I fell in love with and I am still in love with,he’s my one and only!! His dirty sandals have more integrity than you and his dirty linen is purer than your life!! He’s an as-sas-sin yes he is!! But the bloodstains on his sword has more value than you will ever have!! Yes father I am no longer the scared princess!!!! I am no longer a princess in fact I am the wife of an as-sas-sin!!!! I am the wife of a lowly man and I am SHADOW’S wife!! so do whatever you want!!! Kill me!! At least I’ll die knowing that I defended my husband with my last breath!! You see this baby?? This baby is a symbol of the love we share together!!’..
‘Enough Leana!!!’..
‘Shut my mouth for me Lehan!! Shut it for me!! You are nothing but a coward afraid of an alleged dead man!! You really think I would let you kill me without pricking your dirty conscience?? Now everyone what you’re going to witness is a man who wants to kill his daughter because she’s in love with his worst enemy!! A dirty minded father who doesn’t care about anyone and most especially not about himself!!!’..I yelled on further…
‘Leana that is enough!! Guards get me my sword!! Now what you are all about to witness is a father about to kill his betraying daughter!!!’..He fired back and I smiled..
‘I humbly accept your death speech father kill me’..I said and went down on my knees…
He raised his sword up and just as he wanted to strike I heard a voice..
‘You know I had to wait for the woman after my heart to make her speech before doing anything’..
‘What??’..I muttered and turned around only to see a masked person behind me..
‘Hey my love,you really are a sharp mouthed woman but it’s time for me to handle this’..He said and I g@sped loudly as the masked person to re-move his mask..
‘No nee-d to scream my love,just move back a little bit cause this is going to be one bloodbath’..
❤️🖤Episode Twenty Three
••Jamal’s POV••
In all my years of living no one has ever stood up for me the way Leana stood up for me even though she was at the point of death.
Now tell me why I shouldn’t love this princess??…
‘Jamal…J… Jamal’..She stuttered and I helped her aside and k!$$£d her slowly on thel-ips…
‘We have a lot to talk about but it’s time to end this,do I have your permission to kill him???’…I asked and she placed her index f!nger on myl-ips..
‘Make him die a very slow death Jamal and don’t give him any pity!! Make sure you re-move each p@rt of his b©dy and burn it’..she said and I k!$$£d her again..
‘You have surely changed I love you’..I whispered and she walked to the other side of the log…
‘You don’t know who you’re messing with Gal!!’..Lehan screamed and I scoffed loudly…
‘You know I’ve waited a long time for today Lehan!! The day you finally pay for your evil deeds!!! The day you finally die for killing my parents and ma-king my sister die!!’..
‘Me?? Your father treated me like I nee-ded his help every single time which I didn’t!! Your father made me look like a mere servant in the eyes of—
‘My father treated you like his best friend you bastard!!! He treated you like his brother you s¢v-m!! Now you decided to kill him all because of envy and greed!!!’…I snapped and we both drew out our swords at the same time…
‘I have gaurds all over this border as-sas-sin!! You are terribly outnumbered!!’..He said aloud and a sly sm-irk appeared at the corner of myl-ips…
‘You think??’..
Just at that moment arrows were fired from all sh0ts and every single guard around the premises just fell to the ground..
‘Do not even bother about your men at The palace Lehan they’re dead alre-ady’…I said and before he could blink I cut of one of his ear with my sword and he yelped out in pain…
‘Arggggh!!! What are you doing?!!’..
‘Well I cut off one of your ears just like you did to my mother!! My love where should I cut next??’..I asked Leana..
‘His hands!!’..She replied and I cut of two of her Father’s hands..
He plumetted to the ground and I kicked his stupid b©dy to Leana’s feet..
‘Shadow what are you—
‘He killed your mother Leana,you should do the honors’..I muttered and handed my sword over to her,scooped TJ up in my arms and covered his eyes…
‘Shadow are you sure??’..She asked..
‘Leana I am your father!! I made sure you got everything you ever dreamed off!!’..Lehan begged.
‘You are not my father Lehan,you ceased from being my father the moment you killed all those people’…She replied and then decapitated his head right of his b©dy without remorse or pity…
‘It’s over’..I whispered..
‘It’s over’..She replied and covered me with her warm embr@ce…
Hours Later ♥️
‘Are you re-ady??’..Leana asked as she placed her two hands on my shoulder..
‘I really don’t want to be a king Leana and you—
‘Shhhh don’t say that again Shadow.You were always a king right from birth,you are the heir to the throne and your generation after that will carry on your legacy and in this case you do not have a choice.The people nee-d a good leader and you are one good leader Shadow,I can’t do it?? I’m heavily pregnant’…She interrupted and I winced loudly…
‘This wouldn’t have been possible without you Leana’..
‘You know I used to think my life was perfect but now I think it’s more than perfect with you,TJ and our child’…She whispered and I rested my hands on her protruding belly…
‘She’ll be here soon right??’..I asked..
‘I think it’s a he’..She replied..
‘And you know this how??’..
‘Cause it kicks a lot and —Oh my it kicked again’..She g@sped loudly and a chuckle escaped myl-ips..
‘You are one in a million Princess or should I say Queen Leana’..
‘And you are the best thing that’s ever happened to me King Shadow or should I say King Jamal’..She murmured and I k!$$£d her forehead…
‘Sh—Sorry your highness,they’re waiting’..Nita said and I held my breath a little bit…
It’s time to take what’s rightfully mine…
••Leana’s POV••
🎶But every song’s like,
Gold teeth,grey goose,trippin’ in the bathroom
Bloodstains,ball go-wns,trashin’ the h0tel room..
We don’t care..
We’re driving Cadillacs in our dreams..
🎶But everyb©dy’s like,
Crystal,Maybach,diamonds on your timepiece
Jet planes,Islands,Tiger’s on a gold leash..
We don’t care…
We aren’t caught up in your love affair..
🎶And we’ll never be royals…
It don’t run in our blood..
This kind of luxe just ain’t for us..
We crave a different kind of buzz…
I can be your ruler..
You can call me queen bee..
And baby I’ll rule..
I’ll rule..
I’ll rule..
Let me live this fantasy..
A tear sli-pped off the corner of my eye as the trumpet was b!own and everyone bowed as Shadow walked into the throne room…
He’s changed so much to the extent that I can’t even recognize him anymore in that beautiful gold robe he was wearing…
‘He looks so good Leana,you’re really a blessing and…and…I never thought I would see this day’.Kyra said in tears and I held her hand…
‘Now I know the name Shadow rings a bell in you all ears and…and I am that man called Shadow’..Jamal started and everyone g@sped..
‘Yes and besides the reputation I’ve carved out for myself I am also Jamal Gal,the son of Karin Gal,The King who was murdered in cold blood by the predecessor King Lehan…Now I am not a perfect man or a good person but I will serve you not as a king but as a true born son of this kingdom!!!’..He added and everyone In the throne room cheered on..
‘Hail our King!!! Hail our King!! Hail our King’..
‘The time of Tyrany is over!!! We are going to live in peace and Joy!!! In prosperity and in abundance of happiness and so help me Perdi!!!’…He yelled raising his staff and tears fell out of my eyes…
‘That is my as-sas-sin Kyra!! That is my as-sas-sin!! That is the as-sas-sin i—That is the Ahhhhh!!!!’..I cried out and all focus turned over to where I was and then I felt a we-t s-en-sation gliding down my legs…
‘Leana what’s wrong??’..Shadow ran over and I gapsed holding onto his head..
‘I…I…I don’t know I…I…I think I Ahhh!!!!!’…
⚔️THE as-sas-sIN⚔️
🖤❤️SEASON 2🖤❤️
|•{Pregnant for my Father’s worst enemy}•|
❤️🖤Episode Twenty Four {Sixty One}❤️🖤
♥️🖤♥️Final Episode/Epilogue ♥️🖤♥️
••Jamal’s POV••
‘Leana…Le..Leana look at me!! Leana just breathe okay?? Breathe!! Just breathe and you’ll be fine’…I said to Leana as she grasped my hand ti-ghtly…
‘Sh… Shadow I..I can’t…I can’t do this’..She rasped heavily and I k!$$£d her knuckles..
‘Go get a midwife will you?!!! The coronation is over right now my child is about to be born!!’…I screamed aloud and murmurs traveled from all over the room as the guests left..
‘We nee-d to take her to the room your highness’..Nita muttered and I nodded but as soon as I placed my hands un-der her arm Kyra st©pped me..
‘We’ll take it from here don’t worry’..She said..
‘No you don’t un-derstand she nee-ds me!! I can’t leave her in pain like this?!!’..I bluntly refused and she smiled..
‘The King is not supposed to be p@rt of this until his child is born Shadow, it’s the—
‘Well damn the law Kyra!! I am going to be with her as my child is born!!’..I still refused..
‘Sh…Sh…Ahhh….Shadow listen to her..I’ll..I’ll be okay..I’ll be okay’..Leana stuttered and I k!$$£d her forehead…
‘Are you sure??’..
‘Y…Yes I’m sure’..She whispered and I stood and watched the other two women take her away…
Who made that rule??.
That a king can’t see his wife or help her bring their child to life??..
‘Your highness someone is here to see you’..A guard said to me and I gro-an ed un-der my breath…
‘I am not in a good state of relating of talking with any—
‘Shadow!!!’..Jimmy cried out as he ran towards me but was st©pped by two other guards..
‘Leave him be’..I ordered and when they let go of him he hvgged me really ti-ght..
‘You finally did it Shadow!! You finally bec@m£ the King!! You finally granted justice to everyone of us!!’..He said and I wiped his tears away…
‘Yes and since I’m the King now how would you like to stay in the palace for the rest of your life??’..I asked and he nodded vigorously..
‘I would like that very very much and….’..His voice trailed off as soon as Leana’s scream echoed throu-gh the palace walls…
Oh Perdi plea-se help her..
••Leana’s POV••
‘Leana plea-se one last push!!! One last push!!’..Kyra begged as I gr!pp£dthe white sheets…
‘That was what you said the last time Ahhh!!!! I…I can’t do this!!’,..I cried out in so much pain…
‘You can do it Leana,I can feel the head alre-ady!! Do it for Jamal!!’..She begged but I shook my head..
‘I…I…I can’t and to hell with Ahhh!!! To hell with you all’..I screamed in tears..
I didn’t know it would be this painful??..
‘Leana plea-se just one last push!! I can see the head!! Nita get me some clean sheets fast!!’..Kyra yelled and after gaining an ounce of courage I did it…
‘Ahhhhh!!!!!’…I screamed at the t©p of my voice and felt something sliding out of my b©dy…
‘It’s a girl!!!’..Nita screamed .
‘A queen is born’…Kyra added and my eyes bec@m£ so blurry that I couldn’t even see my child..
‘Tell Shadow’.Was the last word which c@m£ out of my mouth as I finally drifted off to sleep….
••Jamal’s POV••
‘Don’t tell me to calm down Ivan!!! Don’t tell me to calm down she’s in pain and I can’t do anything about it!!’..I sl@pped Ivan’s hand away as he tried calming me down..
‘You shouldn’t be stressed about things like this Shadow she’s going to be fine just wait and—
‘It’s a girl your highness!! it’s a girl!!’..Nita cried out as she ran towards us..
‘Who is a girl?? What do you mean??’..I asked..
‘I…I mean it’s a girl!! The queen has given birth to a girl’..She answered and before Ivan could say anything I ran over to the room and bur-sted throu-gh the door only to see Leana asleep and a wooden cot beside her…
My daughter was inside…
My own daughter was inside…
‘She’s beautiful’..I whispered as Leana opened her eyes..
‘Mmmh’..She murmured back and then I scooped the little bundle of joy in my arms and sighed de-eply…
‘Thank you’..
‘For what??’…
‘For her,she’s way more perfect than I ever imagined’…I whispered and k!$$£d her forehead…
‘What should we name her?? Arila??’..She asked..
‘No that’s a terrible name’..I replied .
‘But you said—
‘If I died but I’m not dead am I??’..I chuckled loudly and she jabbe-d my ribs pla-yfully…
‘Malea’..She said and I smiled…
‘Malea is a good name and TJ would be disappointed cause he really wanted a brother’…
‘He’ll learn to love her that’s what I’m sure of just like the way I love you’…
‘Yes and I love you too’…
#Two Years Later♥️🖤
‘St©p pla-ying with your sister like that Prince Terin it’s not safe!!’…I yelled at the t©p of my voice..
‘But she pinched me!!’..He cried out and I sighed de-eply…
Five years old and a total pain TJ now thinks we don’t love him like we used to but it’s not true??..
Malea is still very little and she rewires extra care than before..
‘Yayyi!!’..She squealed and I scooped her up in my arms..
‘No…bad let go of my bu-ttons Malea they’re gold’..I tried st©pping her from eating the bu-ttons on my shi-t..
‘Yold??’..Her head tilted to the side in inquisitively..
‘Yes Gold,you don’t eat or pl@ywith it’..I replied but she ignored whatever I was saying anyway…
Where on Earth is their mother?!!..
She just disappeared without a trace and it’s really annoying cause I was planning on leaving for Oura village…
‘Father can I pl@ywith her??’…TJ asked..
‘As long as you don’t hit her head with a straw doll then fine you can pl@ywith her I’m going to go look for Leana’..I replied…
‘Leana?? She’s in the garden’..He said and my eyes lit up angrily!!!..
What on Earth does she think she’s doing leaving me with the children when I have more important duties to carry out??..
••Leana’s POV••
I breathed de-eply as soon as I know my surprise was re-ady and then turned around only for me to bu-mp into my husband…
‘Ohh Sha—
‘This isn’t funny Leana what are you doing here?? You know Malea nee-ds you and..’..I quic-kly cut him off by placing my f!nger on hisl-ips…
‘Are you forgetting something??’..I asked..
‘What??’..he retorted..
‘You’re 31 today Jamal’…I replied and his eyes brightened up..
‘It’s my birthday??! I totally forgot it’s my birthday!!!’..
‘Thankfully I remembered and I have a surprise for you’..I whispered inside his ear and just then two guards took off the large cover…
I g@sped loudly seeing a large statue of Me wearing my as-sas-sin regalia and a large inscription ‘SHADOW’ crested on it…
‘Leana did you—
‘Yes,you nee-d to be worsh!ped Shadow, not as a god of anything but as the br@vest person I’ve ever met’…I replied and a tear sli-pped off his eye..
‘Are you crying??’..
‘What did I do to deserve you Queen Leana?? You’re a goddess’…He winced and I wra-pped my arms around his n£¢k..
‘And you are the as-sas-sin I fell in love with and still in love with’..
‘But I still want one more gift though,as long as Malea won’t disturb us’..He whispered and carried me up on his w@!st..
‘You are insatiable’..
‘And it’s cause of you Leana,all because of you’..

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