The as-sas-sin I fell in love with 2 Episode 5 & 6

⚔️THE as-sas-sIN⚔️
🖤❤️SEASON 2🖤❤️
|•{Pregnant for my Father’s worst enemy}
❤️🖤Episode Five
••Leana’s POV cont’d••
Minutes later
‘Leama the maids told me you weren’t feeling too well what’s wrong??’..Father said as he walked into my room..
‘Father I am doing okay’..I replied and he frowned de-eply..
The last thing I want is him talking-to me or feeling sorry for me cause he’s a bad man…
‘Leana you’re pale and your eyes are blurry’..He implied and I turned around…
‘I don’t want to speak with anyone father,plea-se leave me alone’..I whimpered and after hearing a sigh from him he left…
This whole environment makes me sick!!..
The lies..
The deceit..
The pretense…
The hypocrisy..
It’s all a lie..
I should have never left Shadow all alone and I should have never come back here even though I had a choice..
‘Leana??’..Nevida called as she walked into my room and I bur-sted into tears…
‘I don’t want to be here anymore Nevida!! I want to go home!!’..
‘But Leana you are ho—
‘Home?? This isn’t my home?? This has never been my home Nevida don’t you get it?? This place ceased to be my home from the moment I knew that my father killed King Gal to ascend the throne I knew it wasn’t mine!!!’..I screamed.
‘King Gal?? I thought that story was all a sham of a lie??’..Nevida asked..
‘No Nevida,it isn’t a lie and I don’t want to be here anymore!! I don’t want to marry Ivan!! I want to see my mother and I don’t want that twelve year old boy to be killed!!’..I replied…
‘That freeborn?? Well can’t you do something to let him go??’..She asked and an idea popped into my head..
‘i..I guess so’…
••King Lehan’s POV••
‘The princess might be lying your highness’..Black arrow muttered and a frown crea-sed my brow…
‘What are you insinuating??’..I asked as he bowed again..
‘There is no way the princess couldn’t have seen her captor in captivity?? ‘..
‘Leana has never lied to me and she won’t start now’..I said in defense of my daughter..
She might be acting strange ever since she c@m£ back but that’s only because she’s going throu-gh a lot of trauma…
Leana would never betray the throne not even in a million years…
‘Your highness I suggest you let me monitoring the princess and see what’s wrong with her’..He suggested…
‘No leave her alone,the wedding is tommorow night and I want you to spre-ad the news to the whole and neighbouring kingdoms’..I replied and he bowed and left..
My daughter would never lie and betray me…
‘your highness Prince Ivan’s father is here to see you’..A maid announced and I nodded..
Moments later Prince Ivan and his father walked in and I f0rç£d a smile across my face..
‘It’s nice to see you again Ovi’..I said and he nodded..
‘I want the wedding to take place in my palace Lehan’…He said and I frowned de-eply…
‘What do you mean by this??? I don’t gun-derstand cause you are marrying my daughter and you’re saying you want the wedding to take place in your kingdom???’..
‘Yes Lehan and I have my reasons for it,Ivan here has a feeling that something bad is going to happen and I feel like it too so plea-se Lehan let the wedding take place in my kingdom’..He said and then I sighed de-eply…
‘Fine then if that’s what you want then so be it’..
••Ivan’s POV••
I walked into Nirvana’s room and almost hit my head on the low ceiling which showed signs of holes…
There were letters scattered on a little oak table and a little stool….
I found my way to the little table and then picked one of the letters to re-ad..
I hope you are both doing here in the spirit world and you aren’t going throu-gh a lot of trouble..
Being a maid is ha-rd mother and father and I have to let people talk down on me anyhow not knowing that I was once a sultan’s daughter…Well Prince Ivan is very nice to me and I love him very much..
He loves me too mother and father..
Your daughter
‘What are you doing here??’..I heard and jo-lted heavily .
‘Ohhh sorry I didn’t see you there’..I replied seeing Nirvana..
‘I asked a simple question your highness,what are you doing in a poor maid’s house like mine??’..She asked..
‘I want to talk to you N—
‘Sorry I’m very busy your highness,I’m busy preparing for your wedding remember?? The venue has been moved here so there’s a lot of work to do and Princess Leana is coming over too’…She cut in and turned around..
‘Nirvana I never wanted things to turn out this way’..I said and she flin-ched angrily.…
‘Enough!!! Enough of all this!!! I’m sick and tired of all this nons-en-se talk Ivan!!! You meant for this to happen! You wanted this to happen Ivan!! You just nee-ded a person to use and sleep with and I stupidly fell for your lies!! plea-se just stay away from me and I’ll stay away from you! I’m happy that you’re happy with a prissy and proper princess and me knowing for a fact that a maid has no place in your heart!! Thank you Prince Ivan for ruining my life!!’..She screamed and ran away ..
‘Nirva..Nirvana wait!!’..I hollered but she was alre-ady gone..
She’s an orphan??..
And a Sultan’s daughter??..
••Leana’s POV••
At Night 🌌
Tomorrow I’m getting married..
I thought I had enough time to prepare!!.
I thought I had enough time to st©p all this and now I find out that I’m getting married tomorrow???…
‘Your room princess Leana’..a maid muttered with a little bit of anger in her voice as she ushered me into the room….
‘A..are you okay??’..I asked her and she nodded..
‘I should be asking you this cause you don’t look happy too your highness’..She said and I sighed..
‘Well I know it might be strange telling you this and all but I don’t want to get married to Ivan’..
‘What??’..Her eyes wi-de-ned..
‘You heard me,I don’t want to marry Prince Ivan…Marrying him was my dream before cause we loved each other so much but now I don’t know what to do?? I don’t love Ivan anymore and I don’t know how to say it to him’..I explained..
‘So you don’t know what to do?? And you don’t know how to say to him that you don’t love him anymore??’..She asked and I nodded..
‘Uhhh Princess Leana can I say something to you?’..
‘Yes you can’..
‘Well Prince Ivan and I…..well Prince Ivan and I had an affair when you were captured’..She said and my eyes wi-de-ned..
‘I..I don’t un-derstand’..
‘Prince Ivan said he loved me and I loved him too,I still love him too more than anything and then when you returned everything changed,he said he didn’t want things to end between us and he didn’t want to hurt you…I feel like he used me and now you’re both getting married tomorrow…I’m pregnant your highness’..She explained…
‘What?!! You’re what??!!….
❤️🖤Episode Six
••Leana’s POV cont’d••
Here I was feeling guilty about not being happy to marry Ivan who had been with me throu-gh thin and thick only to find out that he feels the same way…
‘I should’ve never said anything I’m sorry’..Nirvana the maid muttered as she proceeded to leave and I grasped her arm…
‘No..No don’t say that Nirvana I’m happy you told me’..I quic-kly said and she sat down back..
‘You know it hurts pretty bad knowing that you’re being used just because you’re a scullery maid’..She said in tears and I winced loudly.
‘Ivan didn’t use to and you will never be used Nirvana,Ivan is not a user and I’ve known him for a eight years to prove that’…
‘But you’re still going to marry him aren’t you?? He’s still going to marry you!!’..She cried out and I shook my head..
‘I will not marry Ivan knowing that someone loves him and is carrying his seed Nirvana’..I said..
‘So what are you going to do??’..She asked..
‘I have a plan’..
••Jamal’s POV••
‘Dont you dare tell me to calm down!! Don’t you dare tell me to calm down!!!’..I yelled..
‘plea-se listen to me Shadow,she has moved on!’..Dagger replied trying to placate the situation…
‘Listen!! She claims to love me and she’s getting married to her fiancee tomorrow??! She pla-yed me Dagger!! She did this on purpose and made me fall in love with her so that she’ll escape and go back to her father!! What was I expecting from the daughter of a murderer!’..I screamed…
I la-id down my whole reason for living for her too make a choice..
I could’ve just killed her father but I didn’t cause I loved her more than anything..
I accepted her decision to leave even though I was hurt by it and now she’s getting married to someone else??..
‘TJ loves her Dagger!! TJ loves her more than anything and I have to watch in pain as he struggles without her! He cries every minute because of her and you’re saying I should listen?! I’m going to kill every single person in that palace Dagger and I don’t care if Leana is there I’m going to kill every single person in that place!! I’m going to kill her fiancee and her father and while she watches every single person she loves die I’m going to kill her too!!!’…
‘Dont rush yourself into doing something you might regret Shadow! I have a feeling that King Lehan is forcing her to marry someone else and if Leana really wanted to teach you a lesson King Lehan’s guards would be swarming here by now’..He said and I frowned…
‘I don’t care Dagger!! I don’t care I’m going there tonight and I would make her look at me in eye and lie to me!!!’..
Minutes later♥️
‘Yayyi where are you yoing???’..TJ asked as i laced up my sandals..
‘Yes Shadow where are you going and why did you bring me here??’..Kyra ch!pped in and I frowned..
‘Leana is getting married to Prince Ivan tomorrow’..I said..
‘What?!! Just few days?! That’s betrayal and you see?? I never trusted her one bit but you were so drun!kin love with her and couldn’t see throu-gh her facade!? Sorry Shadow!’..She exclaimed and then TJ bur-sted into tears…
‘Leaya!! Yayyi bring her back!!’..He cried out..
‘No TJ Leaya isn’t coming back cause she’s broken your yayyi’s heart so bad’..I muttered trying to hold back the tears in my eyes and pressed myl-ips to his forehead…
‘Shadow plea-se be careful’..Kyra muttered and I nodded as I got on my horse…
Leana is going to give me the answers I nee-d right in front of every b©dy…
••Leana’s POV••
The Next Morning 🌥️
I stared at myself in the mirror sad and happy at the same time as my hands rummaged throu-gh the sheer gold fabric I was wearing…
My whole outfit was gold with a little bit of white and I couldn’t help but cry looking at myself..
Am I willing to risk everything??..
Am I re-ady to loose everything??..
Am I re-ady to do this??..
‘You look so beautiful’..Father whispered as he walked into my room…
‘Mother didn’t hear that I was getting married?? Where is mother?!!’..I asked with a frown on my face..
‘Your mother had an altercation with the queen of Peru! They’re in a court now but she’ll be here soon’..He said in a shaky breath and I nodded as he walked closer…
‘Father is there something you should tell me?? Before I get married to Ivan that is’..I muttered and he rolled his eyes..
‘I know pre wedding jitters are affecting you Leana and your mother also felt this way when we got married but everything is going to be okay Leana you just have to cool down and believe that you are surrounded with people who love you’..he said and I rolled my ton-gue so as not to buffer..
People that love me??..
Is he joking?!!..
How can he say people who love me?!!..
I’ve always been living with liars and I didn’t know now he’s telling me people who love me?!..
‘Hmmmmmm’..I murmured and turned around to see Ivan..
‘I’ll leave you two to speak’..Father said and walked away..
‘Leana…I…I uhh..
‘Is there something you should be telling me Ivan?? I feel like you have something to say to me’..I cut in and a note of curiosity sparked in his eyes…
‘I…I uhhh…I don’t have anything to say to you Leana’..He stuttered..
‘Ivan are you sure you have nothing…you have nothing to say to me?? I asked again..
‘Well I only have to say that I’m happy that you are finally here and that I love you more than anyone in this world—
‘Ivan?? You don’t have to lie to me’..I cut in..
‘I am not lying to you Leana,I’m saying the truth that I love you more than anything in this world and I want to spend the rest of my…
‘sorry I nee-d to vomit!!’..I cut in again and thank goodness there was a bowl and I quic-kly threw up inside it..
‘Leana are you sure you’re okay?? You’ve been acting a little bit strange ever since we met??’..He asked again…
‘I am fine Ivan you don’t have to worry about me but are you okay??’..I replied..
‘Yes I am perfectly fine…Let’s get married shall we??’..He muttered and I f0rç£d a smile..
‘Yes let’s get married’..
May confusion never happen in our lives like the way it’s going to happen in this story😅😅…
Is Shadow really overreacting??..
And why on Earth is Ivan lying like this??..