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April 20, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The assassin I fell in love with 2 Episode 19 to 21

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🖤❤️SEASON 2🖤❤️

|•{Pregnant for my Father’s worst enemy}•|

❤️🖤Episode Twenty



••Leana’s POV••

‘i want my yayyi!!’..TJ cried just as he woke up and my eyes opened from my fake slumber…


‘I want my yayyi Leaya!!’..He cried again and I heaved a deep sigh..

‘TJ your yayyi will be here soon,he’s trying to get some thing for you for Yulemas’..I replied and his eyes widened..

‘Really?? Yayyi wants to get me something for Yulemas?!!’..

‘Yes now can we please go to bed?? I’m very tired’..I murmured and his eyes closed again….

For how long am I going to keep lying to this little child??…

How long is he going to realize that his father might never come back??..

My eyes began to flutter close but the action was short lived when I began hearing somewhat of a commotion from outside…

‘What is going on??’..Kyra asked..

‘Bring out that abomination of a wife!!!’..Someone yelled and I flinched lightly…

Am I the abomination??…

What do they want from me??..

‘I have nobody in my house and even if I did how is it any business of yours?!! You all should leave before my men throw you into my dungeon!!’..Marni yelled back and after some time the noise died down and he came into my room…


‘Its nothing to

be worried Leana just go back to bed’..He cut in but still I noticed the anxiety in his eyes…

‘Marni please tell what is going on??’..I asked and he heaved a deep sigh..

‘Okay let’s see here,well the villagers think you’re responsible for the calamity that bestowed the other village…He replied…

‘Me?? I didn’t do anything?? did I??’..I exclaimed with tears already brimming in my eyes..

‘Well two girls died hours ago and they think you’re a bad omen’..He replied and I pursed my lips..

Am I a bad omen??…

Do I bring ill luck everywhere I go??..

••Ivan’s POV••

‘We have to help them Nirvana!! I don’t how but I know we have to help and we have to help fast!!!’..I said aloud as I walked into the room…

‘We can’t do anything Ivan! We both know there’s nothing else to do!!’…Nirvana said and I clenched my fists..

‘News reached to me that he finally killed Queen Leah and now he’s planning on doing something else,if we don’t get the council quick on this all hell is going to let loose’..

‘I know Ivan but I no longer want you involved in all this, you’re clearly biting off more than you can chew’..She muttered while swatting a fly…

‘Remember the promise we made to Leana?? That we would always be there in her time of need?? This is the time Nirvana,we have to help her and we have to help her now!!! For the sake of her child!!’…

••Jamal’s POV••

‘Ahhh please don’t!!!’..Princess Nevida screamed as I plucked off her second fingernail with

a smile on her face..

‘I shouldn’t??’..I asked and she nodded vigorously..

‘You know Leana used to tell me stories about you,about how she trusted you so much to the extent that she could lay her life for you…She really loved you Princess Nevida,loved you more than anything in the entire world and you hated her with so much scorn and envy…Why if I may ask?? Because she’s more beautiful than you?? Yes she is?? She’s nicer than you?? Yes she is and because she had a Prince and you did not?? Yes she did cause Prince Ivan saw the good in her and not you!!! You are just a spoilt and canny princess who wants everything and everyone for herself’..I whispered and when I plucked out her last finger she yelled out in pain…

‘Please stop!! I won’t do it again!! I know everything you need to know about King Lehan!! His secrets everything!!!’…


‘I know everything about King Lehan please don’t do this anymore I can’t take it!!’..She begged and I dropped my piercing knife for a carving one….


‘Okay…Okay he..he..he is part of a cult called the Scorpion cult they have a meeting inside the castle every full moon’…She said..

‘Go on’..I urged and she panted heavily..

‘And…And he also had a secret entrance that leads to the Ganju river and back for emergencies and then he…he..he is into some dark magic’..

‘I don’t believe in dark magic’..

‘I…I’m not lying he..I have seen things no one has ever seen before!! Why do you think no one ever dares him apart from you!! His Kingdom isn’t so big?? but it’s the most powerful Shadow pl…please let me go I don’t have anything left!! please give me a second chance:..She cried out as I took out my carving knife..

‘You’re going to get your head Shaved Princess Nevida,your make over isn’t yet over’…


••Leana’s POV••

At Night 🌃

🎶I want you back..
I need you right here next to me..
I want to hold you close..

🎶Please don’t scare me..
Or despair me..
I just want to hold you close..

‘Leana you should eat’..Kyra muttered as she placed her hands on my shoulder while I looked at the stars..

‘What do you think he’s doing right now??’..I asked..


‘I mean Shadow,what do you think he’s doing right now??’..I corrected myself..

‘Maybe flying through a window now or punching someone’s eyes’..She replied and we both chuckled..

‘You know…He’s been through a lot and sometimes I get hurt seeing him in pain,he’s just a normal loving man you know??’..She added and my hands subconsciously rubbed my protruding belly…

‘I know and knowing I’m part at fault hurts more than you can ever imagine…I…I remember when he would scream at me for being such a pain and how he would give me footrubs and how he would massage my hair like spooning silk,he would always make me feel warm at the slightest opportunity and…and I…I just miss him so much you know!’..I bursted into tears and she stroked my hair lightly…

‘We just have to accept our fate Leana,he might have died who—

‘No don’t you say that!! My Shadow is not dead!! He might not be immortal to you buy he is to me and he made a promise!!! My child would live to see it’s father!! he can’t just die can he??’..I cut in..

‘Leana please you have to be strong,Shadow trusts you enough to help with—

‘I don’t want anything,I just want my Shadow back is that too much to ask?? I want my Shadow!!’…

••King Lehan’s POV••


‘Happy Yulemas your highness’..Black Arrow bowed as he walked into my throne room..

‘Keep the greetings to yourself Black Arrow I want my tributal gifts and presents from the other kingdoms! Have the servants bring them in’..I ordered and with a whistle from him ten maids walked in with heavy crate boxes..

‘This came from an anonymous person your house highness,along with a mesage’..One of them said and handed a thin scroll to me…

I opened it and then gasped heavily reading the message aloud;



Check the crate


‘Open the crate!! Open the crate!!’..I yelled and lo it was what I least expected…

Nevida’s head was inside and it clearly came with an inscription that said ‘YOU ARE NEXT’..



❤️🖤Episode Twenty One



••Jamal’s POV••

‘Hello Prince Ivan’..I muttered and Leana’s ex fiancee clad in shock quickly jolted to the other side of the room..

‘Wh..Wh…what do..what do you want from me?? what are..what are you doing here??’..He asked pointing a glass paper weight at me and I smirked..

‘I’m here to ask for your help’..

‘My help?? How is Leana??’..He panted heavily and at the sound of Leana my fists clenched tightly…

‘I..I..I don’t know’…I managed to say and his brows perked up..

‘What do you mean by you don’t know?? She is your wife isn’t she??’…

‘Mind your business Prince,I am not here to be interrogated I only came to ask for your help’..I quickly snapped and the tension in the room eased a bit…

‘Help with what??’..He asked..

‘I want to take King Lehan down, permanently’…I replied..

‘That could take months to plan Shadow are you sure you want to do this??’..He asked again and I nodded..

‘No matter how long it takes I am willing to take that risk and finally take the tyrant down for good… It’s no longer about Leana anymore it’s about claiming my rightful place on the throne and fulfilling my promise to my parents grave..I need all the allies I can get’…

••Leana’s POV••

Three Months Later ❤️
‘Here have this, you’re all tired’..Marni’s wife said as she handed me a bowl of water and cornbread…

‘Thank you’..I panted heavily and accepted what she gave me..

It’s been three months since Shadow left and now everyone including Kyra claims that he’s already dead..

Now I’m beginning to loose hope in waiting for him any longer and my pregnancy has grown so big..

Is Shadow not really going to be there when our child is born??..

Is he dead??..

‘You are thinking again aren’t you Leana??’..Kyra asked and sat next to me..

‘I miss him Kyra, it’s been 90 days and he hasn’t returned—I am beginning to lose hope Kyra and..and I think he’s dead’..I sniffed loudly as tears and snot came out of my eyes and nose….

‘Please take it easy Leana you’re heavily pregnant and he… have to move on Leana—Please’..She begged clasping her hands in mine and I nodded wiping my tears away…

‘Leaya!! Leaya!!’..TJ ran over and linked his arms around my big belly..

‘Hey what is it??’..I asked forcing a smile on mine…

‘I saw yayyi!!!’..He said aloud and when I couldn’t take it anymore I bursted into tears…


‘Your father isn’t coming back Terin!! He’s dead!! Your yayyi is dead!!!’..I yelled and seeing how his eyes glistened in tears I clenched my fists in pain…

‘Yayyi is not dead’..

‘TJ your yayyi is dead and—Come here’..I whimpered and stroked his soft curly hair..

‘Yayyi is going to come back Leaya,I promise you’..He murmured and I kissed his forehead…..

The sooner I accept the fact that he is dead the better for me…

‘Let’s go in and —Oh my!’..I gasped heavily as I felt something sharp in my belly and sat back down on the curved stone…

‘What is the problem??’..Kyra asked..

‘The baby it…it kicked’..I rasped already out of breath for a while..

‘Shadow has a warrior in there doesn’t he??’..She smiled and I couldn’t help but also smile and cry at the same time…

it’s so bad that he’s not going to see our baby grow up to be as great as him…

••Authoress’s POV••

Prince Zaphir,the leader of the SCORPION Cult smiled as he lit his smoke pot and his eyes swiveled up in ecstasy of the satisfactory steam…

Shadow on the other hand, watched keenly from the window and when the time was right and two of Prince Zaphir’s guards left he pushed his way through the glass into the room…

‘Who are you??’..Prince Zaphir asked in his Anuk dialect and Shadow smirked a bit as he drew out a dagger..

‘Twenty years ago your cult helped King Lehan to lead a coup and highjack the throne from the Gal family….I am Gal’s son’..He said and Zaphir couldn’t help but gasp loudly…

But Lehan said he was dead?!!…

King Lehan told him the assassin was dead and was burned to death in his village square??!!..

‘You…you can’t…you can’t do anything’..He stuttered loudly and Shadow smiled again..

‘In five seconds every single guard will die starting now’..

Groans and sounds of slaying swords was heard in exactly five seconds and Prince Zaphir clutched a nearby sword for protection…

If he could move right now he was going to make sure Lehan dies a very painful and slow death…

‘You don’t have to worry Prince Zaphir I am not going to kill you?? I am going to torture you just like I did to the other members of your bloody cult’..Shadow whispered and quickly threw a sharp iron stake which painstakingly pinned the Prince to the wall…

‘Let me go!! I never had anything to do with you!! I don’t even know you!!’..

‘Me?? Don’t act like your members don’t want me dead!! I killed 65 of you all all by myself!!’..Shadow screamed in anger and pain…

For years he vowed to kill all the people responsible for making his life a living hell and how he has found their leader..

And he was going to die a slow painful death…

••King Lehan’s POV••

‘I don’t care!!! Use every resource you have!! Find him!! Find the assassin named Shadow!!’…i yelled at black arrow.


‘I don’t want any buts from you black arrow!! Do not fail me that is all I know!! Make sure you find Shadow and get Prince Zaphir to come up with a meeting!! I need every Ally I can get and he’s the only one left!!’..I yelled again and just then the maids brought in another crate with another message..

I opened it and it read this ;




‘Quick!! Open the crate!!’..I yelled and when the crate was opened I yelped at the top of my voice..

It was Prince Zaphir’s head!!!!…

‘Pack my things,get a carriage or a caravan!! Just pack my things’..I ordered one of the maids…

‘what are you planning on doing your highness??’..Arrow asked..

‘No questions!! Just do as I ask and find Shadow!!’..

••Leana’s POV••

At Night 🌃
‘No!!!!!’..I yelled as I woke up after having another terrifiying dream again and Manir ran into the room..

‘Another bad dream??’..He asked and I nodded still panting heavily..

‘Are you—

‘Don’t worry I’ll be okay, good night’..I cut in and covered myself again with the bed cover and after shrugging he left…

what was the meaning of the dream I had??…

There was just blood everywhere…

‘Stay quiet princess’..I heard someone say and then a hand over my mouth..

‘Mmmmmmmh..mmmmmmh…mmmmmh’..I fought hard but all to no avail as I was being tied all around with a gag in my mouth and then taken out of the room through the window…

Who are these people and what do they want from me?!!…

What is going on??..





Could it be King Lehan who has found his daughter again??, Or someone else??…
What do you thunk??..

And where on Earth is King Lehan going to??😂..

I thought he was unbeatable??…

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