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The alpha and the female warrior Episode 6 & 7

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Chapter 6

Theme : The First Mystery (Untold)



We sat in awkward silence for a while, only the sound of us eating filling the silence. Looking around, I noticed everyone looking down at their plates. I sighed inwardly, wondering if we were going get pass this.

“Elisia, you are legendary among the werewolf community. How did you get into fighting?” Leona asked, breaking the heavy silence.

Thank God for Leona. I wouldn’t have been able to take another minute of suffocating silence.

“Elisia had always been strong, for whatever reason. It was only when she was 12 when she showed interest in fighting.” Jay answered for me. He glanced my way, wearing a proud smile.

I didn’t miss how at that moment, Theo’s stormy blue eyes flicked between us before he resumed eating.

“I love fighting and everything that comes with it.” I said, finding it hard to explain my passion.

Leona grimced and said, “Including all the injuries that come with it?”

I chuckled at that and shook my head, “Excluding that, but I usually don’t let my opponent get a few blows on me anyway.”

“Wow, you sound confident.” Julian retorted, smirking at me. “Irene is pretty good, one of the best warriors in this pack.”

I nodded at this, ignoring the uneasy feeling increasing within me. Jayden sent me a reassuring look, making me reply with a grateful smile. Again, not missing how Theo’s eyes narrowed at me.

Julian must’ve sensed my uneasyness as he quickly said, “I didn’t say that to intimidate you in any way. I was just stating the truth so you don’t go easy on her or anything. The way she looks…well, it’s easy to underestimate her.”

“People underestimate Elisia on a regular basis. She resembles a doll, one you wouldn’t want to break but in fact, she’s the one who can break you.” One of my pack members laughed.

“Irene is one of the best fighters I have had the honor of training.”

Everyone stilled as they focused their attention on him. The first thing he says since he sat down, is to praise my opponent?

“She is an extraordinary warrior and deserves to win the upcoming fight.” Theo carried on, making my jaw drop in disbelief.

How can he say that? I’m literally sitting next to him. His mate; the same person going up against Irene! I would’ve thought he felt a little worried that his mate will be fighting ‘one of his best warriors’.

Jay slowly put his utensils down as he glared at Theo. “Elisia deserves to win this fight, she has never lost.”

“Irene has never lost too.” Theo replied cooly, not bothering to spare a glance at Jay.

I closed my eyes briefly, to calm my emotions. I, annoyingly, felt betrayed and hurt. I hate feeling this helpless and weak; it’s a foreign feeling. Is there an off switch for these emotions or something? Does he really not have any feelings towards me?

“Well, she hasn’t met me yet.” I cut in, interrupting Jay’s attempt to pick a fight.

Theo looked up slowly to meet my cold gaze. I steadied my gaze, making my dislike for him very clear. No one can make me weak, not even you.

One of my pack member laughed awkwardly before saying, “You speak highly of Irene, even a little lovingly if I may say. Is she your mate?”

I choked on my meat, making Jay stand up in concern. I noticed a slight smirk developing on Theo’s face when I quickly glanced at him. Ugh. After promising Jay that I was fine, I carried on eating.

“Irene is very special to me.” Theo replied, smiling to himself. I glared at my plate, hating how jealous I felt. Why? I don’t even know this Theo guy to feel jealous! Fate must’ve made a mistake when it decided to make us mates.

Wait…he didn’t even try to deny that Irene is his mate.

No one spoke for a while until Leona broke the silence again. Bless her.

“Alpha, I have something to confess. It concerns when you arrived here.”

Theo made a gesture to say ‘go on’.

“Well, you said you smelt strawberry and vanilla when you came. I hadn’t burnt any candles that has those scents. I’ll have buy some, I guess.” She explained, her brows furrowing in confusion.

Theo’s expressionless face faltered for a split second, before he composed himself. “There is no need; forget about it.”

A smug smile spread across my face as he confirmed my suspicions. So the strawberries and vanilla scent definately must’ve been me. Interesting, so that’s how I smell to him? At least he doesn’t know how he smells like to me, that would be embarrassing.

A wicked smile replaced my previous expression as an idea crossed my mind.

“You must’ve loved that scent, to have wanted it in your own room.” I spoke, smirking and liking my plan already.

Unfortunately, Theo completely ignored my comment and said, “You were eavesdropping.”

He didn’t ask, he stated it.

I shrugged like it was no big deal. “I do that sometimes, I can’t help myself.”

“You know, I should buy you a strawberry and vanilla candle or something. You sounded like you really loved the scent.” I pushed, enjoying his stone cold face flush a little. He looked a little flustered that no one else would’ve noticed, except me. He knew that I knew what I smell like to him.

Julian spoke up and said, “You should buy him vanilla and strawberry ice cream. He’s obessed with that combination of flavours.”

Did I hear right? He loves vanilla and strawberry ice cream mixed together? How cute!

I shook my head, surprised at my train of thoughts. Did I just call him cute? Lord, help me.

Although I heard what Julian said, I asked him to repeat what he said. Just to rub it in Theo’s face. Just as Julian was about to repeat himself, Theo interupts him.

“Was there anyone who smelt something that didn’t belong here?”

I widened my eyes, realising what he was doing.

“Damn, weirdly enough Elisia smelt chocolate and cinnamon the entire time we were here. I couldn’t pick up anything close to those scents.” One of my pack members answered, oblivious to my outrage at him. I tried to avoid any eye contact with Theo.

It was too late, as I caught a smug smirk plastered on his face.

“Chocolate and cinnamon?” He confirmed, letting out a deep chuckle. I acted as though I didn’t really care as I began to chow down on my food. I couldn’t shake off the feeling of someone watching me, making me look up to see who it was.

My gaze met two pairs of eyes staring at me with amusement. I cocked my head to the side in confusion. Julian and Leona broke eye contact with me, shifting their gaze to Theo and then me again.

Oh shit. I looked around the table again, realising they are the only ones, excluding Theo and I, who found their mate.

Judging by the way they were looking at me, they must’ve put two and two together. Firstly, I kept smelling particular scent that no one else smelt and the same thing happened with their Alpha. The same experience all mates go through, including them of course. Secondly, it wasn’t hard to notice the heavy tension between Theo and I.

Leona caught my gaze and wiggled her eyebrows in a teasing way before she glanced a Theo. She giggled to herself, making half the table glance her way in surprise. Yup, she definately knew.

Theo paused his eating session, to run his hand through his silky jet black hair. Something I noticed he’s done that more than a few times since we started eating.

“So since the period of time that we’re staying is up to you, could you tell us when we’ll be able to leave?” Jay asked, clearly uncomfortable at the power hierachy.

“Thinking of leaving already?” Julian joked, putting an arm around Jay.

“I haven’t decided yet. Honestly, I haven’t given it much thought.” Theo said, slightly shrugging.

I let out a sigh of frustration, all the Alpha’s I’ve met are very organised an ensure that the guests do not stay too long. Every wolf edventually feels homesick and needs to return home, back to their pack.

“You’ll be meeting Irene tomorrow. You’ll be given a tour of our fighting grounds where you’ll have the opportunity to train even more, if you wish.” Kobi spoke up, reminding me that he was still here. He’s just so quiet.

“That sounds good!” I exclaimed, putting my hands together in anticipation. While everyone were finishing their last bites of their meal, I made my way to the kitchen to clean my dishes.

“Wait for me!” Jay called out though the mind link.

“Hurry then!” I replied.

Just when I started to started to use the dish soap, I hear someone walking in.

“Jay, you better help me. I always find myself cleaning your dishes too.” I complained, scrubbing a plate.

Jay stayed quiet, which made me chuckle softly. He better feel guilty! I moved on to scrub another plate, half expecting Jay to hug me from behind like he usually does or when he dances like crazy when cleaning up.

“What? No hugs today?” I laughed, rolling my eyes. “No dancing?” Closing my eyes, I twirled on the spot gracefully holding my arms above my head.

“No. No hugs and no dancing for you.” A deep voice vibrated across the kichen, making me freeze. I turned around to see Theo tall figure leaning on the fridge with his expressionless face. He had his hands crossed over over each other as he observed me coldy.

Oh shit. Wasn’t Jay on his way? I glanced towards the door for any sign of him, but saw no one. What’s taking him so long?

Sighing softly, I turned back to finish washing the dishes. Why wasn’t paying attention to the change in scent in the air?

“My bad, I thought you were Jay.”

Why did I say that? I don’t need to explain myself.


Ah, that’s right. I always forget everyone calls him Jayden.

“So I’m assuming hugging and dancing is a regular activity in your pack.” He said, raising an eyebrow.

“Not really, it’s just our thing.” Jay corrected him, as he strolled in. They faced each other, silently judging each other. I looked between them, feeling the cold electricty crackling between them.

Theo was the first to break the staring contest and faced me.

“Don’t you know how to use a dishwasher?” He asked condescendingly.

“What?” I shot back, narrowing my eyes at his tone.

“Don’t tell me you don’t know what it is.” He retorted, a side of his mouth curling up slightly. Damn, he looks so…

I stopped myself from finishing that sentence.

“I know what a dishwasher is and how to use it.” I said, gritting my teeth. “What are you implying? That there is one in this kitchen?”

“If you looked hard enough, you would’ve saved yourself from scrubbing all those plates.”

Does he enjoy making people feel like an idiot? I looked around to find the dishwasher, feeling a blush forming from embarrassment. I scrunched my nose in confusion when I couldn’t find it yet again.

“Then where the hell is it?” Jay questions, raising his voice at Theo.

Theo looked unfazed by Jay as he lazily moved from his spot and stopped right in front of me.

He looked down, holding my gaze so intensely. His eyes seemed to analyse every inch of my face as though he’s seeing it for the first time. His hair shifted, making a lock of his hair fall down near his eyes. I suddenly had the urge to reach out and put it back to place. How would his hair feel between my fingers?

Theo’s jaw suddenly clenched as his eyes hardened.


I snapped out of my dream-like state, finding myself staring into the eyes of a rude and annoyingly, good-looking Alpha. I crossed my arms over each other, showing no effort to move. He may be an Alpha, but he needs to learn some manners. Was so hard to say a single word?

“What’s the magic word?” I asked patronisingly, as though he was a child.

He stared at me, looking very unamused. Jay looked like he had enough of our interaction as he put himself in between us, distancing the space between Theo and I.

“The dishwasher must be behind you, under the kitchen sink. That’s why he asked you to move.” Jay explained.

I immediately moved, wondering how I could’ve missed that. Then I saw a cupboard door under the kichen sink. Don’t tell me it’s been behind this cupboard door the entire time.

Jay opened the door to reveal a dishwasher sitting there. I huffed in annoyance as I started to explain myself.

“It looks like an ordinary cupboard! Of course, I wouldn’t have guessed that there was a dishwasher hiding behind a cupboard door.”

“All cupboards look the same here, she wouldn’t have known where it was. This is your place and she is a guest. The least you could do is help her, especially since you were the first to come in after her.” Jay said, backing me up.

Theo rolled his eyes and shrugged, enraging Jay even more. I could tell Jay was trying his best to hold back from lashing out. Any wrong move could mean anything, especially in this pack.

“You two don’t have to clean, we have a cleaner for that.” He said, leaving the kicthen.

I watched him walk out in disbelief. Why hadn’t he told me that before I started? Although, I would’ve probably still washed the dishes even if I knew there was a cleaner. But still!

“D*ckhead.” Jay muttered in the mind link.

Sighing loudly, I began to rinse all the plates and dry them. I reassured Jay I’d be fine washing up and told him to go to bed. As soon as I was done, I dried my hands and leaned against the kitchen counter.

What a weird day…


I looked up, startled by the sudden voice. The voice came from a middle-aged women wearing an apron with a mop in one hand. Her eyes glossed over as though sad emotions came over her all at once.

I looked behind me to see if she was talking to someone else, but found no one in sight. I turned back around and faced the lady.

“Sorry, I’m not lily.” I corrected her politely. I suddenly had a strange desire to protect her, as though she is my own. But my own what?

The women’s expression went from sad, to confused and then to defeat.

“I know, I’m sorry. You just look like someone I know. I knew. She’s definately gone, for sure.” She said, shaking her head in despair. I watched her helplessly, not knowing what to do. She seemed to be mourning for someone. Someone who disappeared or even died?

Just then, I noticed something weird. Her scent. There was something weird and different about it. I took in a deeper breath, this time really analysing what is wrong.

Her scent doesn’t match the pack’s scent. Every member of a pack share similar scents to let others know you’re apart of a pack. Everyone here smells collectively like a pack. Except her.

“What pack are you from?” I asked, intrigued to know why a non-pack member was working here.

Her pupils quivered as she looked from side to side. She looked terrified for a split second before she decided to answer.

“I’m from this pack, The BlackShadowed Pack.”

Surprised at her answer, I take a step forward to look at her closer. I felt like I knew her and that she is someone I want to protect. She, hesitantly, took a step back.

“No, you’re not.”

“Yes, I am.”

“Please, don’t lie to me. I know you belong to another pack, so can you tell me why you’re here. I can help you.”

Different scenarios raced through my head as I tried to make sense of the situation. A non-pack member is working here and refuses to admit she is from another. She is clearly terrified to say anything, making me assume that she is here against her will.

And what terrified me even more is the instinctual urge to protect this women.

“What is your name?”


“Are there others like you?”

Silence. However, I did not miss her head nodding slightly.

“Will I see you tomorrow?”

She nodded very quickly, letting me know that is all she’ll be answering.

I wonder who lily is?




Chapter 7

Theme : Irene



I sprinted down the hill, feeling the cool breeze against my skin. I kept my gaze on the path in front of me, just so that I don’t face plant the floor and eat grass. When I reached the bottom, I looked up to catch a glimpse of Jay. Squinting in the sunlight, I managed to make out his tall muscular figure as he began to make his way down.

Another figure appeared next to him, making him slow down. Julian and Jay seemed to get on really well and they’ve not even known each other for a whole twenty four hours yet.

“They get on well.”

I turned to look at Leona, who was standing beside me. She was smiling up at them like I was.

“They haven’t left each others side since this morning.” I chuckled, shaking my head at them.

“To be fair, we haven’t left each others side since this morning too.” She reminded me, winking at me.

That was very true. At breakfast, Leona and I were sitting next to each other and chatting about shows we enjoyed watching. Julian, Jay and Kobi were sitting together talking about God knows what.

Theo decided not to come down for breakfast, which kind of peeved me off. Does he usually skip breakfast, or is he avoiding me? He hasn’t exactly done anything about this whole mate thing, and neither will I. I got a big match to focus on anyway.

Right now, we were on our way to their fighting grounds. I was excited to see how theirs looked, and maybe, as the chief warrior of my pack, I could draw some inspiration and see how I can implement it back into ours. The BlackShadowed Pack is known for their ‘fearless’ and ‘merciless’ warriors, so it would be interesting to see how they train. Today is also the day I’ll be meeting my opponent, Irene.

Leona and I chatted for a bit, waiting for the boys to reach us. The four of us walked past a large sign that said, ‘BKSD warrior’s fighting area’.

“BKSD?” I questioned, nodding at the sign.

“Initials of our pack.” Julian explained simply, making me nod. We walked for a minute or so longer before I was able to see any signs of a fighting area.

Six large fighting cages came into view, the sight of them making me feel giddy. There were so many warriors in gear on the field, looking up surprised by our presence. I noticed, as we were getting closer to them, that a lot of them became more tense.

Their eyes were focused on Jay, but looked away when Jay made eye contact. I tried to hold back a smile, amused that these fearless warriors felt uncomfortable in another Alpha’s presence. Although Jay isn’t an Alpha yet, he sure is living up to his future title already. I couldn’t be more proud of our future Alpha.

Scanning the fighting area, I noticed the lack of females. I would say there was about a handful female wolves in the sea of male wolves.

“Do all the female wolves get training in basic combat?” I asked. I hoped the answer was yes, because all packs usually provide basic defence lessons to all pack members for their safety. It would ensure that they have enough skills to defend themselves in the case of an emergency.

“Of course! Just because there is a low percentage of women in our defence forces, it doesn’t mean that they don’t receive training for basic fighting skills.” Julian answered, looking a little offended.

My cheeks started to burn from embarrassment, I hadn’t meant to ask it like that. Julian chuckled at my reaction and said, “I’m not that offended, you just asked an innocent question. It’s all good, Elisia.”

Glad that misunderstanding was out of the way, I changed the subject. “Where are your arenas? I’d like to take a look at them, if you don’t mind.”

“Right this way! Personally, I prefer the arenas than the cages.” Leona said, her eyes shining bright. “It’s much less claustrophobic, you know?”

“These fighting cages are literally as big as three storey buildings, but she stills calls them claustrophobic.” Julian said, teasing her. Leona said nothing but still rolled her eyes.

Following Leona and Julian, I saw numerous arenas that were occupied by more male wolves. Getting closer, I made my way toward one of them that had two wolves fighting. I observed their match, intrigued about their tactics.

After analysing each wolf’s strength, I realised one of them preferred to use his power and strength to win and the other preferred to use his agility and speed to win. Two very different fighters were put against each other. The match ended; it was almost a tie but the strong wolf ended up winning.

When both of the exhausted wolfs stepped down from the arena, I blocked their path.

“Do you have a minute to spare?” I asked clearly, looking at them both. The two male wolves looked at each other tiredly and shrugged at the same time. I stepped back to let them come down to drink water and grab towels. They faced me with tired expressions on their face as they wiped the sweat of their faces and neck.

“I’m sure you both realise that you two have very different fighting styles.” I started to say. The two wolves nodded, wondering what I possibly had to say.

“Our chief warrior has pointed that out to us many times, so we’ve been put against each together countless of times.” One of them said.

I nodded, glad that their chief warrior knew what they were doing. “Do you know why they did that?” I asked.

They looked at each other before sighing. I bit the inside of my cheek, knowing that being questioned was the last thing they wanted after a tiring match. I could feel Julian, Leona and Jay’s confused stare behind my back but I tried to ignore it.

“To get us used to fighting someone with a different style of fighting?” The other replied, making his answer sound like a question.

“That is important, of course.” I said, not wanting to debunk his answer. “But the main reason your chief warrior put you two together is so that you can learn each other tactics. In other words, steal your opponent’s strength and make it your own.”

I pointed to the one of my left and said, “Your strength is your power and strength.” I pointed to the other one and said, “Your strength is your speed and agility.”

“Both of your strengths are equality as good and important as each other. That is why the match almost became a tie.”

I turned to the strong wolf, “You won by just the smallest margin, you know that right? He could beat you some other time, if he tried harder. So what do you both need to do, to be an all-rounder?”

“Since I’m good at being agile and I’m fast, you’re saying that I should work on my strength.” The other wolf said.

“Bingo!” I exclaimed, throwing my hands in the air. “It works vice versa. If your strength is being strong, then work on your speed and agility. That way you would have an exciting and tiring match rather than just a tiring match.”

“Sounds good to me.” One of them said, grinning.

“And to me.” The other said, high-fiving his opponent.

“Good luck!” I cheered, giving them a thumbs up. I backed away until I was with my group of friends. They greeted me with impressed expressions and commented on how hard it is to give advice to younger wolves, especially when they’re in their mid-teens.

Just then, a loud rumble echoed from the distance. Everyone turned towards the dense forest that was just around a hundred meters from us. The sound seemed to come from there; the tall full trees seemed to shake a little from the impact of the sound. Suddenly, a large pack of wolves emerged from the forest, running towards us.

A large black wolf with striking golden eyes seemed to lead the pack of wolves behind them. It was considerably bigger than the rest and the blood dripping from it’s mouth and smeared all over its snout did not go unnoticed. It wasn’t hard to guess who it was, with that distinctive cocky attitude radiating off him. So this was why Theo was no where to be seen in his manor.

I take a defensive stance, not sure what was happening. It wasn’t until Leona put her warm hand on my shoulder when I relaxed a little.

“It’s fine, you can relax. It is just some of our pack members returning from their morning run.” Leona explained, calmly. “There is a morning, afternoon and evening run for the pack, a chance to shift and let their wolf run and hunt. You will not see anyone shifting out of those time-frames.”

“Ah, I understand.” I replied, nodding my head. It was similar to our wolf-run schedule in our pack, although we have a little more freedom to shift when we need to.

A large amount of wolves changed directions and trotted into a nearby building, which I am assuming is the changing area. However, a few others, including Theo, did not change direction and made their way over to us. There was another wolf running beside my mate, considerably a lot smaller. They had light brown fur with a red streak going down its back, making me smile in relief and amusement. Why did Kobi looks so tiny in his wolf form? He looks so cute!

Kobi, in his wolf form, trotted up to us with Theo by his side. There were several other wolves behind them, who I’m assuming are higher ranked warriors. I skipped towards Kobi, ignoring Theo completely and said, “I was wondering where you were!”

I heard Julian choke on nothing and ask, “You were?”

I didn’t pay attention to him as I got even closer and observed the red streak on his fur. “So you do have a red streak! It looks really cool, it’s the exact same shade as your hair.”

Kobi cocked his head to left expressing his confusion, making me want to squeal in delight. Why is he so cute? Like a puppy! I shifted closer, wanting to touch his fur, his green eyes watching me warily. Just as I was about to touch his fur, he turned his head to snap his teeth at my hand. Luckily, I got my hand away in time or it would have been mauled with his sharp teeth.

Leona grabbed the back of my shirt and dragged me back.

“Alpha.” She said, bowing her head a little. She turned to Kobi and said, “Chief warrior.”

Chief warrior?

“We’ll wait for your return after you shift.” She continued. Theo and Kobi as well as the others trotted away, but not before Kobi snarled at me. I stared after them in confusion, wondering what I’d done wrong to him. I think I might’ve gotten too close and he didn’t like that.

As soon as they were out of earshot, Julian stepped in front of me and said, “What on earth was that?”

“What was what?” I replied, clearly out of the loop. Leona, Julian and even Jay were clearly on the brink of laughing. “Can someone fill me in here? Why did you call Kobi, chief warrior? How can a Gamma also be a chief warrior?”

“That’s because, that wolf wasn’t Kobi.” Leona said slowly, as though I needed time to digest that.

“What do you mean that wasn’t Kobi? Julian, the beta, wasn’t with the Alpha leading the pack this morning so the Gamma was running next to Theo, where his position should be. Not to mention the red streak down the back of that wolf. Kobi told us he has a red streak down his back in his wolf form and that it would be easy to recognise him in the sea of wolves.” I said, listing all the reasons why I thought it was Kobi.

“Did he mention the red hair and the red streak is a rare genetic condition?” Julian asked, wearing an amused smile.

“Yup, and the key word is ‘rare’. It shouldn’t be easy to find someone with that condition.”

“Nope, the key word is genetic.” Julian corrected me. “Did it not occur to you that he may have siblings?”

“Oh shit.” I blurted, looking back at where they stood. Julian, Leona and Jay burst out laughing at my reaction, while I frantically think of some kind of apology. “Jay, how did you know it wasn’t Kobi?”

“Well, it looked like a female. It could have been a small male wolf, but it looked way too small to be a Gamma one.” He replied, still holding back his laugh.

“I knew that.” I muttered under my breath, making them laugh even harder. “I really did think he looked really small! Just because I didn’t say it out loud, doesn’t mean I didn’t think it.”

They laughed even harder at my attempt to save what little dignity I had left. It wasn’t until they stopped laughing that I realised something.

“Oh my God. Are you telling me this pack’s chief warrior is a female?” I asked excitingly, trying to not get my hopes up.

Leona winked at me and replied, “You bet!”

“That is incredible!” Jay said, looking equally as impressed as me.

“It was Theo’s idea actually, believe it or not.” Julian added, not missing the way his and Leona’s eyes glanced at me as he said that.

Really? It was his idea to make his powerful pack’s chief warrior a female? I have to say, I am pretty impressed.

“Who is she?” I asked, wanting to meet her as soon as possible.

Julian and Leona smile wavered a little before they decided to tell me.



“Yes, Irene.”

“Speaking of the devil, here I am!” A female voice rang out, making us look towards her.

The most gorgeous looking girl I have ever seen was walking towards us. She had straight waist-length dark red hair that contrasts her stunning bright forest green eyes. She had on the tightest warrior gear on, showing off her toned, lean body. She seemed to, like me, sport absolutely no makeup. Her hair was parted in the middle giving her a sleek look. I couldn’t lie, she looked stunning.

So this is Irene?

I was so taken aback from her beauty that I hadn’t noticed Theo walking beside her. He looked incredibly handsome and attractive. He wasn’t in fighting gear, but the way he walked across the field alone would make anyone yield to him. My eyes zeroed in and focused on Irene’s arm snaked around Theo arm.

A surge of anger and jealousy erupted within me, making me shift on my feet as though I’m getting ready to fight in battle. I looked at Theo, wondering why on earth he was letting an unmated female touch him. Actually, I should be wondering why he’s letting her touch her in front of me! He should know how hurtful and angry that would make me.

When Theo succeeded in making eye contact with me, he immediately reached for Irene’s hand…and held it. I looked away, trying to hold back any traitorous tears that was threatening to spill. I am such a strong wolf and warrior, yet I can feel weak in a second when Theo makes a simple move. I hate that he makes me feel this way. The only new emotion I was ready to accept from my mate, was love…not jealousy, anger, betrayal and pain.

What is even more sad, is that they even look good together! Not that I would ever mention that…ever.

Irene and Theo stopped in front of us and waited for us to say something. No one said anything. I couldn’t and I wasn’t sure about the others. I, inaudibly, took a breath in and gathered the confidence I had left. It’s time to be the better person and show good sportsmanship.

“Hi, I’m Elisia Knight.” I introduced myself. “As you know, I’ll be your opponent so may the best woman win.”

I put my hand out for her to shake it, then immediately regretted it. Suddenly, I remembered all the bad things she’s said about me on social media and I’m now doubting if she’ll give accept my handshake. After a few long seconds of her observing my hand, she finally decides to take it and shake it.

She flashes me her perfect smile and said, “I’m Irene Wolf. Before you say it, I know…I have an ironic last name.”

I chuckled a little, feeling awkward and not knowing what to say. She seemed…nice. I guess, if you ignore the fact that she almost tore my hand off earlier and ignore that rude things she’s said about me online.

“I hope we can get past any prejudice we have of each other. The internet is a place where things can be blown out of proportion and where things you say can be taken the wrong way.” She retorted, winking at me. I nodded at what she said, causing her smile to widen even more.

“I’m sure you’ve met our lovely Theo.” She continued, leaning her head on his muscular arm.

Our? Lovely?

“Yes, they have. They’ve also had a look around our fighting area.” Leona interrupts, her face missing her usual warm smile. I completely forgot that Irene is their chief warrior, whoa. She’s also Kobi’s sister, double whoa.

I glanced at Theo to see how he feels about having an unmated women stick by his side like that. Doesn’t it feel wrong? Especially doing it front of me, his mate. I know he has no feelings towards me, but shouldn’t this mate attraction make him feel guilty in some way? This mate attraction has made me feel emotions like jealousy and anger, so shouldn’t it have the same affect on him?

If the mate attraction is this strong, I can’t imagine how much stronger the mate bond is. All I need to do is avoid any skin-to-skin touching and I’ll be safe.

I don’t know how long I zoned out for, but when I focused on the conversation again, Irene and Theo were leaving. To my dismay, together.

“I hope to see you around.” Irene said smiling, before she left. She has a pretty smile, but something about it seems…off?

It is as though she’s good at faking a genuine smile, that everyone thinks it’s genuine. But her smile seems a bit…fake to me. I shook my head, scolding myself for thinking like that. I’m probably thinking like this because she’s so close with Theo and that is not fair on her. It’s not like she knows we’re mates.


Who else knew the red streaked wolf was Irene even b4 it was mentioned?

Who else felt the moment of suspense?

Who else think there might be complications as Irene is kobi’s sister?

Ah!!! Feel the moment



So what do you think about Irene? How do you feel about Theo’s behaviour?

Trust me, the story just found it’s engine,

It’s about time we start moving….. 😋

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