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January 23, 2021


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The adventures of Bimpe Episode 7

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People felt the police should have waited till after the funeral before arresting Alhaja Zainab. But soon, they were more concerned about why Alhaja killed her husband of many years. Bimpe watched the whole show with detachment; she could not wait to leave the funeral. So, as soon as the prayers were done, and Alhaji’s body carried into a car that would convey him to the graveyard, she entered her car and left. She drove off oblivious of a car that fell in line behind her, tailing her all the way to the house.


At the police station, Alhaja was being forced to confess to the crime of murder. She called Barrister Demba, who happened to be Alhaji’s lawyer, but he refused based on a conflict of interest. She had called her son and he was on his way to Nigeria. The other wives abandoned her because they didn’t want to associate with an alleged killer, they didn’t want to be fingered as accomplices. Alhaja called on the help of her friends, they hired a celebrity lawyer, a senior advocate of Nigeria. First they arranged her bail hearing. But bail was denied, someone higher up had called to make sure she was not bailed. All the rich friends and business associates of Alhaji Dambazzau believed Alhaja to be the culprit; she had the means more than any of the wives. They believed she felt betrayed by Alhaji for marrying other wives and even someone young such as Bimpe, so they wanted her to pay for her crime with no leniency. This group of friends was also pushing for an early trial, so trial was set for a fortnight, and Alhaja was to remain in prison throughout the period of trial.


At 8pm, Bimpe dressed in a black jalabiya which had a hood attached to it, and wore rubber shoes which left no foot prints. She drove out of the compound to a deserted place to meet with a man, and this time also, she was being followed and was oblivious to it.


Early in the morning, of the next day. People gathered around a man dressed in a black suit, he was lying in the pool of his own blood and body fluids; he had a knife buried in his stomach. He was already dead and rigor mortis had already set in. Soon the police arrived, with an ambulance team and a coroner. They closed off the place as a crime scene, and set to do preliminary investigation. After a few hours, the case of the dead man was transferred to the division handling Alhaji’s murder case. This was done because, it was found that the dead man was indeed one of Alhaji’s body guards, also, the knife wound was identical to that of Alhaji’s. This meant that he was killed by the same knife used in killing Alhaji. The police suspected that he was the one who actually stabbed Alhaji, and he was killed by whoever contracted him, as tying up loose ends. But the police were baffled by the fact that Alhaja was in prison, was the culprit of the murder, still out there?



Question: Who is really the murderer of Alhaji?

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