The adventures of Bimpe Episode 29 & 30

Prosecutor: “You will call your brother and tell him you have been re-leased and you want to see me. Make sure you convince him to meet with you. The venue would be 4pm, at Mama Cas-s”
A man was walking down the dusty path, it was actually down the valley, it was shorter route to his place of work, the recession was not smiling at his pocket and he nee-ded to cut cost, so he trekked this path every day. He saw the burning car and knew there had been an accident, he felt sorry for whoever was in the car, and wished that he had been there earlier. That was how he felt about every misfortune, he always wished there was something he could have done to prevent it. Then he saw a m—d ahead, it looked like a person. He quic-kened his speed and it was like he was not getting there fast enough, he began to run. He reached the sp©t and saw that it was a young girl.
Man: “Oh my God, what happened to you, oh she is dead” he bent down and held her wrist to check for a pulse.
Man: “Oh thank Jesus” he said as he felt a very faint pulse. If he did not get her help immediately she would die. He heaved her on to his shoulder and began to run, even though she was heavy like a dead b©dy… she was alre-ady at death’s door.
Man: “plea-se God, save her, just this one soul, save her” he muttered un-der his breath as he throttled to find the expressway. On the expressway, he flagged down a taxi, but on seeing Bimpe dripping blood, they drove away. He was still dancing up and down looking for a taxi when a police van arrived. They saw the man with the woman dripping blood, with bullet holes on her back.
Police: “Hey you”
Man: “plea-se rush this woman to the hospital, I found her down in the valley, plea-se don’t let her die” They carried Bimpe into the van and handcuffed the man, he would nee-d to explain to them why he was with a woman that had been sh0t.
They took her to the nearest hospital on the expressway, with their sirens blazing and howling. At the hospital, the nurses transferred Bimpe into a gurney and rushed her to the Intensive Care Unit. At the same time, they got the surgeon that it was a matter of urgency. Five minutes later, the surgeon have scru-bbe-d and in his scru-b go-wn rushed into the theatre with his team. He staggered when he saw who he was going to operate on.
Nurse: “Doctor, what is it?”
Question: Who is the Doctor and why does he look flabberg@sted?
Nurse: “Doctor, what is it?”
Dapo: “My child, Bimpe” He rushed to his set of equipments and began work on Bimpe, they had to get the bullets out. This was the ha-rd est test of his life since he began practicing Medicine; the fate of his child l@yin his hands. He began to pray as he worked on her.
Dapo: “God don’t allow her die in my hands. Help me, show me what I should do” he muttered his prayer. Somehow, the media got the news and soon it was on the news in every radio and television outlet that Bimpe was sh0t multi-ple times and fighting for her life. There was speculation as to who the culprit was. Only one detective thought that Alhaja who escaped from the courthouse and has never been seen again could be responsible for the attack on Bimpe, he also thought of Brian, the son of Chief Bamigboye.
Detective: “Ha, that little woman has stepped on a lot of toes” he said as they got re-ady to storm the hospital. They knew it was related to both the murder of Alhaji Dambazzau and Chief Bamigboye, so they had to be there, if she survived to get her statement , and also to be on the lookout, if her as-sailants would come for her again. They also had to set a drag net for the culprit.
Oyinda had no choice than to cooperate with the police to tra-p her evil brother. She made a call to him, it rang several times he did not pick.
Oyinda: “He is not picking his call”
Prosecutor: “Then you will here for a long time” just then the prosecutor received a call, after listening for a while his face bec@m£ grim. Then he dropped the phone and held his head.
Prosecutor: “It seems your brother has been busy, Bimpe is un-dergoing surgery right now, she was attacked, multi-ple gunsh0ts to the back, she might die. And if she does, I might lose my job, the backlash will be too much, I was pursuing the wrong and allowed the main culprit get away, and it is all your fault, you had better think of ways to bring your brother in, because it is about to get brutal for you.”
Oyinda began to tremble, she remembered her dad, and wept. If he was alive, all these would not be happening. Just then, her phone rang. An idea just entered her head and she decided to use, after all Brian’s stupidity caused their father’s death, she had better start looking out for herself. She pressed the receive bu-tton.
Oyinda: “hello aburo mi”
Brian: “Where are you, I am leaving the country and I want you to come with me”
Oyinda: “I am in a friend’s place”
Brian: “But you were arrested inside the court room”
Oyinda: “Yes, but I posted bail. The trial will begin only when they l@ytheir hands on you. I want to come with you wherever you are going. But you have to finish what you started. Heard Bimpe is in the hospital, she is on her way to recovery”
Brian: “What! She was dead when I left, is that girl also a witch? I am coming right away, tell me the address”
Oyinda: “Are you mad, you want my friend to see you, your face is all over everywhere, I will meet you at Mama Cas-s, not the one in Ikeja, meet me at the one in Ajose Adeogun, by 4 pm. Don’t be late” he said he would do just that and she hung up before he could hear the defeat in his voice. She wished there was another way out. At four, she was taken to the police officers mess where she was given a bath, and given fresh clothes to wear for her meeting with her brother.
Doctor Dapo worked on Bimpe for five hours, by this time Ladejo, Basirat and Dele had come to the hospital. Basirat felt guilt, she began to blame herself. If only she had been responsible, if only she had brou-ght her close after the ab-ortion and made her un-derstand that one mistake should not determine the path her life would take, and then Bimpe would not have chos£n this path, she wouldn’t be fighting for her life as she was doing now.
Basirat:”plea-se God, if you can save her, just this once, I will change, I will be a better mother and woman” she prayed. Ladejo on his path begged God not to take away his only daughter; she was the only daughter he had, since God blessed him with only boys.
Ladejo: “Children should bury their parents, not the other way round” he prayed, his heart was heavy. Dele was old enough to know that if Bimpe died he wouldn’t see her again, so he pleaded with God in his own way to deliver his sister from the clutches of death.
After the surgery, Bimpe was not responding, she was in a vegetative state. Dapo tried all he could but one bullet was stuck there between the third and fourth vertebr@e, if he pushed further, she might never walk again, so he left it. The Good Samaritan was re-leased when it was clear that he had no hand in the attempt on Bimpe’s life. He coordinated with Dapo and invited his church members to keep a vigil. They prayed all day and all night. But Bimpe remained as she was.
To be continued…