The adventures of Bimpe Episode 27 & 28

Bimpe crawled out of her upside down car, with her belly. Like a snake, she crawled away a few feet from the car as she saw the flames were sweeping forward and in no time the car would explode, she had not finished the thought when she heard the sound of voices. It seemed her pursuers had followed her down to the valley. She managed to stand up, even as she was feeling dizzy and it was like she would pas-s out, she still dragged her feet. When the voice got close, she began to run, adrenalin pumped into her system as fear of death filled her mind. It was like she was on steroids, the pains from the head and arm wound dulled ad she ran with all her might.
She was running, running and running, her legs were weakening, her go-wn was drenched with sweat , and soot from the explosion, it stuck to her back, her makeup was all sticky, her mascara ran like black oil down her face, the br@zilian extension she had on was dripping sweat and stuck to her head and face. she couldn’t run any longer, but if she wanted to be alive, she had to. She turned back to see if her pursuers were behind, she saw no one. She decided to rest and catches her breath, just then her phone rang;
Bimpe: “Hello”
Brian (on the phone): “You can only run, but you can’t hide, this is my city and I will get you.” She began to fidget, and the phone fell out of her hand as she began to slowly go down, till she slumped on the red sand, consumed with fear. As she l@yon the ground, her face in the sand, tears dropping from her eyes, mixed with phlegm, pooled on the red sand ma-king it muddy. She thought back to how and where it all started… and wished she had taken a different path. What were riches without love, happiness and peace of mind? Having lived so long in poverty, she pursued riches, wih greed, not minding who she hurt, she allowed one fatal attra-ction to deviate her from the good path she was on. She took a wrong turn, thinking that revenge would bring her happiness. She loved Yusuf but could she blame him for not loving her back, when she destroyed his mother because, of her thirst for revenge.
Bimpe: “Oh had I known, I would have pursued my studies, done menial jobs if I had to. I would have graduated and got a good job, I would have built financial security gradually, and nob©dy would be pursuing me now, to kill me” she began to sob.
She was so lost in her thoughts she did not hear the sound of approaching feet, she saw them when they were alre-ady close. She staggered up to her feet. And tried to run, but it was too late. A staccato of gunsh0t rent the silent valley.
Dapo found out the offices of Barrister Demba, he thought that since she was Bimpe’s lawyer, he would know where he could find her. Barrister Demba was in his office relishing the court victory he secured for Bimpe, when his secretary c@m£ to announce the pres£nce of a man who wanted to have a talk with him.
Barrister Demba: “s£nd him in” he said and went to a little coffee machine at a corner table. He brewed two cu-ps of coffee. When ne turned, he saw the man who had approached Bimpe at the courthouse, and blamed for Chief Bamigboye’s death.
Barrister Demba: “You didn’t say all you nee-ded to say. Get over your friend’s death alre-ady”
Dapo: “That’s not why I am here. I am here to inquire about Bimpe. She is my daughter, when she told me that story at the courthouse; I realized she is my daughter”
Barrister Demba: “Sorry I cannot help you, anyone who wanted access to her could just claim to be her long dead parents, no, that won’t do”
Dapo: “plea-se I beg of you, she nee-ds to know she is not a bastard and she is my daughter” he said.
Barrister Demba was taken aback, how would Bimpe think she is a bastard, she had told him that her parents died long ago. Anyways, he decide to give him the address of Alhaji’s estate which was now occu-pied by Bimpe’s relatives.
Dapo reached the estate and told the security at the gate that Bimpe asked him to come, they told him that Bimpe was no longer resident at the estate, but her relatives were here. Tell anyone around that Dapo Ogunleye is here to see them. He hoped that if they were really Bimpe’s relatives, they would know about him. He waited at the security for almost 30 minutes before he saw his childhood friend approaching the gate. He was older now, but the face was still there.
Dapo: “Aburo mi” he said when Ladejo got near.
Ladejo: “Dapo, ha Dapo, how did you locate this place” the two men embr@ced each other. No matter what had happened between them, they were still friends, the bond was rusty, but not broken.
Dapo: “My brother and friend, plea-se forgive me, forgive me”
Ladejo: “I forgave you long ago. The past is past” He took Dapo to the house where he met Basirat. Basirat’s heart quic-kened, when she saw Dapo, and she remembered the past again.
Basirat: “Ladejo, what is this man doing here?”
Ladejo: “He is my friend and has come to visit us. Sit down; this is not the time for your childish tantrums.”
Dapo: “I am so happy I found you, I have been t©p Ilisan, and nob©dy knows where you are”
Ladejop: “Bimpe, my daughter has abandoned us, but she left us well. I had an accident which destroyed my leg, she helped me have surgery on it and resto-red my ability to walk again. She also took us from ILisan to this place, gave me a business in real estate. I am well to do now, but I am not happy, The only daughter I have rejected me in front of a congregation on her wedding day”
Dapo: “That was you?”
Ladejo: “You were there? I had a cap on”
Dapo: “I am convinced now that Bimpe is my daughter. I am sorry Basirat for denying you before, I was scared, I was so young, with my whole life before me, I was irresponsible”
Basirat began to weep, the whole shame she felt those years, her parents didn’t care for her welfare, they said if she could sleep with a boy and be pregnant, then she was capable of taking care of herself. She went throu-gh it all alone, and since the child was born, she had res£ntment for her. Even when she grew to look a lot like her, she still res£nted her and saw Dapo whenever she saw her face.
The bullets r!pp£dinto her, as she fell slowly to the ground and crumpled like a ragged doll, with her life blood draining out of her and been soa-ked up by the sand. She raised her head to the heavens and said;


Bimpe: “Receive my soul Father” she closed her eye lids.
The men reached her, and called to the others. Brian and Alhaja reached the others and looked down on the little girl that had been a thorn in their flesh. On the floor, her head was at a wrong angle, looking at her they would never imagine that someone so fragile could be so powerful.
Alhaja: “I told you, I made a mistake not killing you that time before you married Alhaji, but I don’t make mistakes twice. So long” she spat on her and walked away.
Brian: “So long b—h” he spat and walked away with his men.
Question: Is this the end of the road for Bimpe? Was she responsible for Alhaji’s death?
At the muson center, the fashion week was about to start, but the sponsor was nowhere to be found. The advisory team in Cytron tried calling their CEO, but it rang and rang, she was not picking up. It was unlike her. They decided to s£nd the president to repres£nt her at the event, but everyone noticed that Bimpe was abs£nt.
Oyinda was held in detainment and charged with being an accessory to crime, and also for perjury because she lied in court that she saw Bimpe kill her father when she knew it was Brian who did that. Bail was refused her, she was told that until her brother was caught, she would be in police custody. Sitting in the cubic jail cell, she wished for company, but found none. Even the prostitutes that were arrested by the police had been bailed just two hours after their arrest. She had been here for 48hours and she didn’t know when she would leave. Rats and c–k roaches were her cell mates, stinking rats that were not afraid of her. They would come close to her and look at her like she was a stranger in their abode, then they would come close to her feet and pick at it. She got so frustrated, she began to wail and ban-g on the gate of her jail cell.
Oyinda: “Let me out! Let me out!” she cried. The prosecutor in charge of the murder case c@m£ to meet her.
Prosecutor: “You haven’t seen anything yet and you are crying. When the trial is concluded, you would be s£ntenced and then jail will be your home for a long time. You made a fool out of me in court; I hinged the whole case on your testimony, not knowing it was all bullcra-p. Help me find your brother and I might be lenient.”
Oyinda: “I will do anything” she replied. She felt a pang of guilt but quic-kly brushed it. After all, she has been here and her brother had not s£nt help her way, he was somewhere, free and she was suffering for what she didn’t do.
Prosecutor: “Good” he beckoned to a junior officer to bring her out of the cell and take her to his office. In the office, he offered her a glas-s of water, which Oyinda gulped down for she was tasty.
Oyinda: “What do you want me to do?”
Question: Will Oyinda sell her brother to the police? Is BIMPE still alive?