Chief Bamigboye: “Welcome my dear, to our humble abode”

Bimpe: “There is nothing humble about this mansion, but I appreciate your modesty.” She replied with a small smile. Oyinda came down the stairs at that moment, her mouth was agape.

Oyinda: “Is this you, Bimpe?” she rushed down and came to embrace her. Chief Bamigboye smiled at this.

Bimpe: “It has been so long, how are you doing?” she said

Oyinda: “Nothing much ore mi. seriously, we need to talk babe”

Bimpe: “We will do a lot of talking tonight won’t we?” she said with an intense look in her eyes.

The house keeper told them dinner was set, and they all walked to the dining room. The room had the touch of a woman, but Bimpe knew it was not Oyinda.

Bimpe: “Is the madam of the house not at home, I can’t wait to meet her, she has a beautiful home” Everywhere became silent, at that point, Brian walked in.

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Brian: “The temperature in this room can freeze my balls” he said, as he took a seat

Chief Bamigboye: “My wife is late, she died few months ago, and she was suffering from Thrombosis cancer. It is the reason I want you to marry my son Brian”

Bimpe: “Wow”

Oyinda: “Wow indeed, take a chill pill dad. Did you ask Brian if he wanted to marry Bimpe?” Bimpe looked at her, and the realization hit her: Oyinda still saw her as beneath her, despite the wealth she had acquired. She also realized that even before, despite her pregnancy, Oyinda never wanted her as a sister-in-law. As soon as the issue of marriage was raised, she had turned into a fighting cat. Brian looked at her and smiled, he probably thought she was still in love with him. If only he knew.

Bimpe: “When I met Brian, he had a fiancée who was coming in from the United States, what happened to her” she asked, her curiosity piqued.

Chief Bamigboye: “Brian had a fiancée? I surely did not know about that” he looked at his children with a questioning look, they both kept their eyes down. Another truth dawned on Bimpe. That c–k and bull story Brian told her when he rejected her pregnancy was just that… a c–k and bull story. Brian had broken her heart and her life for nothing. She got up abruptly.

Bimpe: “Please I need the rest room” she said and Oyinda offered to go with her.

Oyinda: “My father is a funny man; you must not listen to him”

Bimpe: “Why not, he is a very wise man, and I like him”

Oyinda: “Really. Well, you are not planning to marry Brian, are you?”

Bimpe: “I think you should concentrate on what you would do, than what I would do.” She said and continued washing her hand. Oyinda pulled Bimpe and turned to face her.

Oyinda: “Brian did not want you to marry him then, and he doesn’t want to now. Get over him already. I thought you were in a relationship with Dominic, what happened to him. Forget about my brother” Bimpe folded her fist and punched Oyinda on the mouth.

Bimpe: “You b—h, this is not the same Bimpe you knew, watch yourself around me. And if I want your brother as husband, I would get him, but do I need your brother, that good for nothing loser?” she sighed. Oyinda looked on helplessly as Bimpe wiped her broken mouth, and pushed her forward out of the restroom.

Chief Bamigboye: “oyinda, what happened to your mouth?”

Oyinda: “She…” but Bimpe cut her off.

Bimpe: “she tripped and fell. She was so happy to catch up with what have been going on with me, she didn’t notice the floor” she replied Chief, then turned to wink at Oyinda who had her mouth agape. Brian smiled, he was thinking of the proposal his father had made on his behalf. He liked this Bimpe he was seeing, she was classy and rich. If only he knew.


Ladejo brought his family to Lagos, to live in the estate. That night they had a family dinner, where Bimpe tried to catch up with her siblings’ life and education.

Dele: “Aunty mi, your house is fine oh”

Basirat: “Yes it is, but how did you come about it.”

Bimpe: “I do business, I have a lot of companies, assets, so this house is just a tip of the ice berg” she replied.

Basirat: “But how did you acquire them?”

Bimpe: “Mother! This dinner is not to satisfy your curiosity. It is to know about my siblings. Ba mi, I have been thinking, that you could start a real estate company. You can only occupy one house; there are others worth over millions. It is a good start for your real estate company. I will employ a business consultant in real estate to meet with you”. She said and stood up, unable to stand her mother’s judging eyes.

Bimpe: “You think i did prostitution? No,i was able to recognize opportunity when i saw it, smartness and God got me here. I am not worth his love, but he continually favors me,he fights for me even when i don’t know it, so don’t sit there and judge me!” she turned and walked out.

Back in Ilisan, a man came to the quiet community, going around asking for Basirat, he gathered the snippets of Information he could about her. He found out she was married, but gave birth to his daughter. They also told him of the bastard who decided to walk in the path of her mother, that she even did an abortion that almost claimed her life. This broke the stranger’s heart, but what broke his heart was the fact that no one knew where Basirat and her family had relocated to. They even told him that the bastard daughter was the first to leave. She could not withstand the scandal of her abortion; she left the village and was never seen again. The stranger, after spending days in Ilisan, without making headway, he left.

Somewhere in Lagos, Dominic was working with a private investigator. He had a folder full with findings, and the front was marked “Bimpe”.

Investigator: “It is too early to make a move. Patience, bro”

Dominic: “Just a little more, I cannot wait to bring her down” he said angrily. The investigator looked at him with a weird look on his face.

Investigator: “Excuse me, I have to make a call” he said and went out of the room. He dialed a number in his phone and stuck it to his ears.

Investigator: “I will do as you have said” he said after listening for a while. He went back inside and asked Dominic to hand over all the evidence he had with him, as he had to study them and build their case. Dominic was hesitant to hand over his file, but he convinced himself he could trust the investigator, he had been with him from the beginning, when he first had his suspicions.

Dominic: “I do not need to over emphasize the need for caution, this is all we have”

Investigator: “of course” he replied and stuffed the folder in his port folio. The investigator before entering his car, removed the sim card from his phone, and smashed it under his foot. He turned back and looked towards the house where he had come from.

Investigator: “You are lucky to be alive, i hope you abandon this project.These men are powerful” he said aloud before entering his car, and driving away.

At the same time, Dominic received a phone call; he thought it was the investigator.

Dominic: “Did you forget something?” he said

Caller: “Listen carefully, you have been allowed to go Scot free and unscathed for this adventure you have just completed. But our eyes are on you, make a wrong step, and you will kiss this world goodbye” the caller said and hung up. Dominic began to fidget, he had thought he was doing an undercover investigation, and at the right time, he would carry his findings to the police covertly. He wondered who would have exposed what he was doing. He thought of the investigator, and dialed his number. The operator told him the number was not available.

Dominic: “No, no, no, it cannot be” he said and fell on the ground, frustration brought tears to her eyes.

Question: What do you think Dominic knows about BIMPE?




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