The adventures of Bimpe Episode 10

The whole courtroom went into an uproar, people were shouting “ha haha”, they always suspected she killed Alhaji, but to have her agree to the crime was a surprise. Some began to throw invectives at her, calling her names like “murderess” “wicked woman” and sorts. Bimpe was in the court room, sitting behind the prosecutor’s table, where the other family was sitting. She had thought it would take a long trial to nail ALlhaja Zainab, but she had not expected that she would own up to the crime so easily.
Bimpe: “I guess people can do anything for the people they love” she whispered to herself, and turned to look at Yusuf, who was sitting a few feet away. Their eyes met and locked, Bimpe turned on her charms, putting on a sober face.
Judge: “Order in my court room” he said hitting the gavel.
Barrister Ziggy: “My lord, permit me to approach the bench” he said
Judge: “Approach”
Barrister Ziggy: “My lord, plea-se allow us recess, so I can talk with my client”
Judge: “You have been talking with your client for weeks since this trial was scheduled, what else is left to say” the judge replied him, obviously irritated by the barrister’s airs.
Barrister Ziggy: “My client is not in the right frame of mind, she is crazy, even if she killed Alhaji, she did not know what she was doing”
Judge: “You do realize you are taking this trial to another dimension?”
Barrister Ziggy: “Allow me talk with my client just for 10 minutes”
Judge: “Court is in a ten minutes recess. Counsel, you can use any of the conference rooms for your discussion. Just 10 minutes” he said and hit the gavel.
The spectators in the court room stayed in place, they were not re-ady to miss any action. They watched as Barrister Ziggy led Alhaja Zainab to the back as the judge followed them. Yusuf made to follow them, then st©pped and sat back. Bimpe walked up to him, and sat next to him.
Bimpe: “I know how you must be feeling, we do not know what led Alhaja to kill Alhaji, but she is still family and we would support her as much as we can”
Yusuf: “You pretender, since she was arrested, what have you done, except jubilate. Have you visited her even once?”
Bimpe: “I have not visited because, she wouldn’t appreciate it. I didn’t want to vex her so she wouldn’t say something that would complicate the case”
Yusuf: “My mother did not kill my father”
Bimpe: “She did. You have been away for so long, you don’t know what she is capable of. I don’t mean to badmouth her, but your mother is capable of so many terrible things. She is the reason; your father married me, to protect me from Alhaja. She s£nt thvgs to my house to beat me, and they each took turns in ra-ping me, I stayed in the hospital for a long time, and since then I still have post traumatic stress. How would he have known that she would turn around to kill him” she said and began to sob. There were c@m£ra flashes, and Yusuf turned to see reporters taping every word Bimpe was saying. He turned back in time to see Bimpe smiling. She turned sober immediately she saw Yusuf looking at her. Soon Barrister Ziggy led Ahaja Zainab into the courtroom, his face was gloomy.
Court Official: “Court rise” The reporters went back to their place and everyone stood up, to herald the entrance of the judge.
Judge: “Barrister Ziggy, what do you have to say, are you still pleading insanity?”
Barrister Ziggy: “Yes my lord, my client is not of a sound mental health. She does not know the gravity of what she has done”
Judge: “And you think, I will just take your word for it?”
Barrister Ziggy: “No my lord, I am re-ady and willing to prove it.
Prosecutor: “We have evidence to prove that she knew what she was doing, and pleading insanity is a way to escape the gravity of her crime” The judge thought for a short while, his eyes roaming the length and bre-adth of the courtroom, behind his spectacles.
Judge: “The case is adjourned till 14 February, and the defendant will remain in jail till the trial is concluded” he hit the gavel and stood up to leave. Alhaja zainab was led into the Black Maria, as the crowd waiting outside thronged to get a glimpse of her.
Ladejo un-derwent a major surgery on his legs, and after the surgery, he stayed in the hospital for months. During this time, Bimpe did not go to see him,she s£nt gifts instead. But, Ladejo being the man he was, refused to accept the gifts, saying that, he had to see his daughter. After months of rehabilitation, he went back to Ilisan, praying that one day, the only daughter he has ever known would change her mind and come see him. Her step brothers, Dele, kunle and Afolayan all checked the road to their house every day, hoping to see their sister coming home. But they would be waiting a long time because; Bimpe had decided to stay away from them, even though she kept s£nding money for their upkeep and her siblings’ education.
Yusuf believed his mother killed Alhaji, nevertheless he still went to the prison to see her, and he loved her no less.
Yusuf: “You must have had your reasons for doing whatever you did. I won’t judge you, rather I will support you towards gaining your freedom. Barrister Ziggy promised that, claiming insanity was the fastest route to getting your freedom” he said on one of his visits. But like every other day, Alhaja did not reply a word.
Bimpe began to pursue Yusuf vehemently; she would go to the company where she had made him president, and bring him food she had cooked herself. She would also pick him up at the close of day and they have dinner at any exotic restaurant of her choice. At first, Yusuf was shutting her out, and refuting her advances, but soon he gave in. Bimpe was too beautiful to resist. With her full curves she tantalized him in b©dy con dresses, and dazzled him with her one sided smiles, till he could not hold back. One evening, she bathed with Jasmine scented water, and oiled her b©dy with her favorite Egyptian oil. This was her ritual, when she was re-ady to spend the night with the late Alhaji. And this night, she was determined she would spend it with his son, Yusuf. After her bathroom ritual, she sli-pped on black transparent lace lingerie, and threw on a mink coat over it. She set her sights and feet towards Alhaja’s house which Yusuf now occu-pied.
Yusuf was in the living room that his mother once occu-pied, all around him were emblems of her, pictures, her Koran, her favorite perfume smell. He felt a s-en-se of melancholy, he felt useless. There was nothing he could do for his mother; she didn’t even want his help. She was languishing in jail, his father’s properties were in the hands of a total stranger, and he felt powerless to do anything. He stared into space, thoughtfully. Maybe there was something he could do, he thought. A knock c@m£ on the door, and it opened to reveal Bimpe, the woman he had been thinking of. Different emotions pla-yed on his face; hatred when he remembered his mother, alone in jail, on the verge of losing her mind, and lvst when Bimpe unlashed her mink coat to reveal her creamy and luscious b©dy.
Bimpe: “I know you want me” she said as she walked in and flung the coat away. Yusuf had his mouth open the entire time. His mind was telling him to s£nd her away, but his b©dy was alre-ady responding to her. The smell of her poison was intoxicating, and he could not wait to taste her venom.
Yusuf: “I have wanted you from the very first day I saw you” he said and pu-ll-ed her to him. They began to tear each other ap@rt. Like his father, he was able to get her b©dy to respond to him, so she was unfettered, as they made love, right there on the living room floor. When they were both spent, Bimpe began to get up, but Yusuf pu-ll-ed her back.
Yusuf: “Stay with me, tonight” he begged. Bimpe was surprised, and happy. She leaned in and k!$$£d him, and that was how they started another round.
The sun streamed into the room, throu-gh the lace curtains, Yusuf woke up and realized that he was in the be-d in the master be-droom, he wondered at what time of the night they made it to the be-droom, and surprised still, he turned and saw Bimpe slee-ping peacefully, her hand wra-pped around his w@!st. He was taken in by her soft features which were relaxed in sleep. He could see that she was really a young girl. He didn’t believe all the sinister things his stepmothers were telling him about her could be true. But he knew better… he had seen her conniving abilities, how ha-rd her eyes could be, and how calculating she could be. He didn’t know when his hand left his side and was c@r£ss!ngher face. He was so engrossed that he didn’t realize that, Bimpe’s eyes were open and she was staring at him. And her eyes were not ha-rd , but they looked dreamy, and she was looking at him like he was her god.
Yusuf: “I love…”
Bimpe: “I love you too, I never in my wildest dream believed that I would love someone again” she said and hvgged him. Yusuf looked perplexed, she had gotten him wrong, he had wanted to say “I love your eyes”
Yusuf: “Oh” he sighed and pu-ll-ed her away gently.
Bimpe: “See you later; I have got to get to the office. This is the first good sleep I have had in a long time” she said and k!$$£d him, before prancing downstairs in her birthday suit. She st©pped abruptly when she saw the second wife coming into the house.
Second wife: “What is going on here, eh Bimpe.Alhaji is no longer here, what are you doing here n-ked”