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July 30, 2021


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Tessa’s dairy finale

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Chapter 18

By Faith Godwin 🌺🌺




I became eager to know who these two pairs are. I held Jay’s arm so tight as the judge call out the names of the two pairs.

“So their names are Sonia and Alex and the other is Kim…sorry Jeremy and Tessa” he called and we all came out

“So guys you’ll be ask a question by the judges and if you can’t answer it, you’ll be disqualified. So over to the judge” he said and the judges took over.

“Pair Sonia and Alex, how many sigma and pi bond are in a triple bond?” one of the judge ask

“One sigma bond and two pi bonds” Sonia answered the question and everyone clap for them

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The judge ask us our questions and I answered it.

“It’s like you guys don’t want us to have a winner” the judge said

“Well I’ll ask another question and the boys will answer it” the judge said

“Pair Tessa and Jayden, What organic element is responsible for the ripening of fruits and how does fruits ripen?” the judge ask and I was afraid that Jay won’t be able to answer it.

“Well ethylene is responsible for the ripening of fruits.
As fruit-bearing plants grow, the fruits accumulate water and nutrients from the plant and they use these nutrients to create their flesh and seeds.

Most growing fruits initially provide protection to the developing seeds. At this stage, fruits are generally hard and unattractive to predators—including us! After seed development and fruit growth, the properties of the fruit change to make the fruit more attractive to potential consumers, such as animals, birds, and humans .

These changes include the most common ways by which we judge whether a fruit is ripe or not, including external features, such as softness to the touch, and internal features, such as sweetness. Fruits also change color as they ripen.

This happens because of the breakdown of a green pigment called chlorophyll, along with the creation and accumulation of other pigments responsible for red, purple, or blue hues (anthocyanin), or bright red, yellow, and orange hues (carotenoids), to name a few.” Jay explained and I couldn’t believe my ears

Did Jay just said all that?

“A round of applause for him” the judge said smiling feeling impressed by the explanation Jay just gave.

“Now it’s the turn of Sonia and Alex. Give a brief explanation of Saponification” the judge said and Alex couldn’t answer it that good but he tried his best.

We were told to go back to our seats and we did.

“So guys at the end of the competition we are here to announce that we got six pairs who won. Sonia and Alex step forward” the judge said and they came out.

“We announce to you the Assistant king and queen of Machills highschool” the judge said and everyone turn upside-down with the applause going on.

Alex raise Sonia up feeling so happy and Sonia kept laughing as Alex spin her around.

They wore them a crown each on their heads and gave them their gifts and they walk away happily.

“Now the winner of this great program goes to Tessa and Jayden. Let’s….” the judge was about saying but the applause from the students made him kept quiet as he smile.

Jay and I came out and Jay took me by surprise. He hugged me.

“Thank you Tessa” was what he whisper to my ear and I don’t understand why he’s thanking me when we both did everything together.

They wore us our crown and gave us a car key each. We were surprise.

“That’s the gift to the king and queen of Machills highschool” the judge said and we both ran outside and saw a brand new Benz with Machills pasted on it.

But the sad news is that I don’t know how to drive. But fuck I have a new car.

“Tessa!” I heard Jay called and I turn to him

“Will you be my date to prom” he ask and I was shock. The students were gasping. I couldn’t believe it. Jay’s asking me to be his date to prom.

“I…I…yes…I will Jay ” I said nervously

“Thank you Tessa” he said and I couldn’t help but hug him so tight. I release the hug and look around to see multitude of students looking at us.

My eyes ran into that of Kim and she was so mad at the scene right now. Well she can go to hell I don’t care.

Suddenly the students started gasping again and I look at the and saw that they were all staring at their phones.

I brought out my phone too and log into the school website and I couldn’t believe what I saw. Kim was having sex with an unknown person who’s face was blur.

I show it to Jay and I found him smiling

“She deserves it Tessa” he said

“No Jay she doesn’t. I understand she can be bitchy and all but she doesn’t deserve this. Whoever post this didn’t do the right thing” I said

“Well it’s been done already. Let’s go have some fun” Jay said taking my hand. The car will be driven to our house by the school security.

I use my eyes to search for Kim and I could see her being taken away by some security as she cried and plead.

“A prostitute isn’t meant to be in Machills highschool” the security said and bundle her away.


I ran into the living room to break the good news to aunt before the head of the school will do that but met mum and aunt in a serious argument that they didn’t notice my presence.

“Susan It’s high time you tell Sonia that you’re her biological mother. Stop hating her when she didn’t do anything to you” mum said

“It’s my business to tell her or not okay. Stop poke nosing into my affairs” aunt said

“Susan really” mum said

“You can’t control me Flora so let me be” aunt said

mum was about saying something but I took over

“Who is my biological mother?” I ask in tears and both women look so shock to see me


Chapter 19


“I’m sorry my child for hating you for no reason. I’ll tell you all that happened ” aunt said

I just kept quiet with tears In my eyes. We were all seated alreabdy and aunt Began her story.

“It all started when Richard and I started dating. He told me that he loved me very much and he was going to do alot of things for so I can be an important person in life.

And as a girl, I vow to give my virginity to the man who will get married to me. I never had any intentions of giving my virginity to Richard then because he hasn’t gotten married to me.

And he told me that he respected my decision.

But on that fateful day, I went to visit Richard but I never knew he had a bad intention towards me that day.

I wished I had knew Richard was gonna rape me that day thereby loosing my virginity, I wouldn’t have gone but it really happened.

I was in so much pain, in between my legs were hurting so bad. Richard kept telling me sweet words to calm my nerves but I wasn’t calmed.

All my thoughts were *my virginity was gone* and I hate Richard for doing that to me.

I later went home in pains that day. I tried not to show it to my parents and they didn’t notice either except Flora but I told her I was fine.

Two months after the incident, I discovered I was pregnant and I told Richard about it. Well I had no choice but to tell him and he sent me out of his house calling me a prostitute who couldn’t think twice before opening her legs to him.

He said a lot of bad things about me that day. His shouting draw the aattention of some people and some with phones video the moment and pasted it on the internet.

There wasn’t anywhere I went that people don’t talk about me. My life became a mess. I was shattered…I was broken…I hated Richard for the pains he made me went through.

I tried to abort the baby but it couldn’t flush out and after doing the abortion again, I fainted at home and was rushed to the hospital.

I later woke up and my mum quarrelled me so much for trying to abort my baby. Well you should know that the pregnancy was still there.

I cried in my room for weeks. I was really broken. I hated Richard for everything he did to me. When I later put to bed and I saw how my baby almost looked like Richard, I hated her too because I couldn’t bear seeing Richard’s face.

That baby was you Sonia. I’m sorry for everything I did to you. I gave the baby to my sister who was already married and I left the countryside in search of greener pastures.

I really wanted to make it big and I did. I later heard that Richard died in a road accident when trying to except from the cops. He was a serial killer.

I’m sorry Sonia, Forgive me please I beg of you Sonia. You’re my biological daughter. I now understand that statement * Blood is thicker than water *

I couldn’t believe my ears. Aunt or should I say mum treated me so bad for no reason but because I have a resemblance to the guy who deflowered her.

And now she needs my forgiveness…

“Mum no matter what happened in the past, your grudges against that man was held for too long. You were busy getting angry over someone meanwhile, you were hurting your own daughter.” I said in tears

“I’m sorry Sonia. I’m ready to make amends please forgive me” she said

“Please I need a break from all these” I said and left the house


“What really came over you Kim that you were so stupid to paste your nudes on the internet” dad yell at me and I cried

“I wasn’t the one dad. Someone did this to me” I said in tears

“But it shows here that you pasted it” he said with so much anger

“Darling please take it easy on her” mum interrupt

“Don’t tell me to calm down, you’ve been the one spoiling her because you couldn’t have another child. Well this is my judgement, Kim will be traveling out of this country to stay with her Aunt” dad said

“Dad please no please I don’t want to go there. Please mum help me beg dad” I said in tears

“You’re going and it’s final, there’s nothing anyone can do about it” he said and walk away and I turn to mum

“Mum please….”

“There’s nothing I can do to help Kim” she cut me off and walk away.

I can’t stay with that wicked Aunt of mine. I didn’t Harmony wanted to strike me this hard. Gosh I should have been more careful. Now I’ve been expelled from Machills highschool. Thinking about it make me cry the more.


Jay and I had a lot of fun before he later drop me off at home.

“Today was fun Jay. Thanks for making it fun for me” I said to him

“You’re welcome Tes” he said caressing my hand and I stare at him smiling

“I have to go no…” I couldn’t finish my statement before Jay crush his lips on mine. I felt a feeling like an electric shock all over my body.

Jay is kissing me!
He is truly kissing me!

He broke the kiss and I open the car door and walk out of the car. I quickly walk into the compound and held my chest after closing the gate behind me.

I started hearing voices inside and I ran inside to see mum shouting on dad while Dad try to act cool with her.

“How can you leave me and Tessa for two years only to come back and tell me you still love me huh” mum yell and went to take a knife

“Mum do you really want to do this? You think killing dad will change anything? I should be mad at you too for not playing your motherly role in my life.

You left me too mum, you left me when I needed you the most. You didn’t teach me anything as a mother. You neglected me and just because dad left us and later realized that he needed us. He came back to us and all you could do is kill him?” I said in tears

Mum drop the knife and fall down crying and I walk to her and collect the knife.

“Davis don’t deserve my forgiveness because he made me go through hell Tessa. You won’t understand” mum said as she cry

“I’m really sorry for the way I treated you Tiana please forgive me” dad said in tears too

“I just can’t see myself forgiving you Davis” mum said and went to upstairs to her room.

I follow her but wasn’t fast enough before she lock the door inside.

“Mum open the door” I said hitting the door

“Go away Tes. I want to be alone” she said

I try convincing mum to open the door and dad came to join me too but mum didn’t open up.

We got tired and sat down there. I just hope that mum forgives dad so our family can be complete.

Then my mind drift to Jay, Why did he kiss me????


Chapter 20 [Finale]



I smile as i apply a little make up to my face with my hair already pack up in a ponytail with one falling string.

Today is our prom night and I couldn’t wait to see Jayden. I am putting on a long red gown with a black heels. My door flare open and I turn to see mum enter.

“Mum, how do I look” I ask

“You look like a princess always my dear” she said

“Awwwwwww thanks mum. So I’m ready” I said taking my little red purse and I slide my phone inside.

“Wow so soon, won’t you have dinner before going” she ask and I laugh

“Mum, there’s gonna be a lot to eat and drink at the prom party remember” I said and she slap her head.

“Well I’m just missing my baby already” she said and I smile.

“Mum you’re so unbelievable” I said

“Alright princess take care of yourself and don’t take anything alcohol” she advice and I nod

“Okay come give me a hug” she said and I went to hug her. Mum is really dramatic these days. Hugging me like I want to vanish into thin air.

Dad isn’t at home, he would have done the same but not as mum.

She followed me till I got to my car. Well I can drive now but not that much. I’m still learning.

Mum kiss me goodbye and I drove off to school. I got there and everywhere was filled with students. I place a call across Jay and he pick at the first ring.

“Where are you?” he ask

“I just arrived, where are you” I ask

“Right behind you” he said and I open my car door to see him behind my car

Well we’re the king and queen of Machills highschool so we’re suppose to go into the hall together.

“Hey princess” he said and I spank him on his shoulder

“Hi prince” I said smiling at him.

“What was that for huh” he said forming an angry face

“For being late” I said

“But I came just right in time” he said

“As far as I came before you, you came late” I said and we both laugh

“You’re looking really beautiful tonight” he said and I blush

“You aren’t looking bad either” I said

“Let’s go in” he said taking my hand in his as we walk into the hall.

I and Jay’s friendship has really been wonderful. I keep falling for him everyday but I try to control myself. What if he doesn’t has feelings for me too and I just have to foolishly confess my feelings to him!


We met Sonia, Alexander, Jeremy and Harmony inside. Well we got to know that Jeremy and Harmony has started dating. Well same goes to Sonia and Alex who has been dating right from that presentation day.

Sonia told me about her Aunt being her mother and so on. But thank God she has forgiven her mum and they no longer maltreats her again.

In the process of talking with Sonia and Harmony who just became my friend, I couldn’t find Jay again.

But he was right here moments ago. Well I don’t care though as far as he’s gonna come back to me.

“I know you have feelings for Jay” Sonia said

“Common who told you that” I said blushing

“Who wouldn’t know baby girl. It’s written all over you. Well Jay is a nice guy though so don’t be afraid to date him” Harmony said and we heard Jay’s voice on the stage.

It was Jay singing…

##My last make me feel like I would never try again ##
##But when I saw you I felt something I never felt##
##Come closer I’ll give you all my love##
##If you treat me right baby I’ll give you everything ##

he kept singing and I didn’t know Jay has this lovely voice wow.

##Before you baby I was numb##
##Drown in the pain by pouring up##
##Speeding fast on a run##
##Never want to get caught up##
##Now you’re the one that I’m calling ##
##Sworn that I’ll never forget##
##Don’t think I’m just talking ##
##I think i might go all in##
##No exception girl I need you##

Everybody cheered as he sang and they sang along too. After he finish singing, he call me to come up the stage and join him.

What’s going on? Why will he call me of all people to join him. Maybe because I’m the queen of Machills highschool right!

I went to meet him anyways and he look at me with those charming eyes of his. He took my right hand and caress it.

“Be my girlfriend Tessa please” he said and my heart skip a bit. What did Jay just say??

“I know I’ve not been a nice person to you so a very long time but this few weeks I’ve spent with you have been the best weeks of my life. I promise never to hurt you Tes please be my girlfriend” he said again and I just kept staring at him in shock.

The crowd started chanting YES! YES!! YES!!!

I smile and I had no choice but to say yes to his proposal. I mean I was gonna say yes because I love Jay so much and I can’t risk this opportunity of being his girlfriend.

Everyone were happy for Jay and I and they came to congratulate us. We were made the king and queen of the prom and the rest was all about celebration.


Yeah finally my parents came back together making us a happy complete family. I’m no longer the nerd student don’t talk to. Almost everyone in Machills highschool want to make friends with me.

The guy I’ve always had a crush on is now my boyfriend. I now have two Besties. No more boring life for me. I’m really happy.

I’m Tessa Davis and this is my own love story.

Dear Diary….




Moral lesson from Tessa’s diary:
Jealousy and pride won’t lead us anywhere so no matter what we do, we should always put away jealousy and pride from us.

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