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Tessa’s dairy batch 3

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Chapter 9

By Faith Godwin 🌺🌺





I woke up very early I’m the morning to get ready for school. First of all, I brought out the clothes I’ll be putting on – white sneaker and a white shoe.

I walk into the bathroom to take my bath. I came out minutes later dripping wet as I applied my body lotion on my skin. I wore my undies and put on the sneakers. I went to my dressing table and open the make up box I took from mum’s room yesterday.

I did a simple make up and after dressing up, I stand up to look at the mirror and OMG I couldn’t believe that I’m the one reflecting in there. I allowed my hair to fall over my shoulders and gosh I’m looking so beautiful and sexy.

I know I nailed it. They aren’t going to call me a nerd again. I walk down the stairs after taking my school bag and my phone.

I walk out of the house and board a cab to school as always.


“Good morning sunshine” I heard Fred’s voice in my sleep. I open my eyes to meet with the gorgeous eyes of his. I stretch out my body and yawn

“Good morning sweetheart” I said

“How was your night baby”he ask

“Awesome and yours” I said

“Fine too, I brought you breakfast in bed” he said

“Awwwwww you’re so sweet Fred” I said and collect the food from him. I started eating enjoying the taste of the food. In case you don’t know, Fred is my boss and we’ve been having an affair for eight months now.

Since Davis left and there was no one who’ll be there for me, I had to give in to the proposal of Fred who had pick interest in me the very first day he saw me working in his company. I told him I was married but he still kept insisting I gave him a chance. I did all my possible best to make sure I don’t cheat on Davis with my boss but I never knew Davis already had an affair outside our marriage.

I didn’t have any choice but to agree to date Fred after Davis left me. I just have to do it to take care of Tessa. I know I’ve not been a good mother to her but at least I’m trying my best to give her the best. I just pray Fred doesn’t break my heart the same way Davis did.


I kept calling Jayden but he wasn’t picking my calls. Well we had a misunderstanding yesterday and I left without resolving it with him because of my pride and now he’s not picking up my calls.

##OMG! Who’s this classic girl

##Wow I love the way her shape match with the clothes

##Wait isn’t Tessa, Wow what a change

I heard the students making all sort of comments to a girl and I wonder who the girl is that would be more sexier then me. I look and saw Tessa. OMG I can’t believe the transformation. Tessa looks so sexy and beautiful and i think she’s sexier than me without being told but I’m not gonna allow that get into my head. Nobody should be prettier than the queen of Machills highschool.

I must do something .



I smile as everyone was started coming to me to compliment me on my dress sense. I love the fact that the students are no longer snubbing me.

“Wow girl you’re looking so cute today” Sonia compliment

“Thanks Sonia, I couldn’t have done it without your help” I said

“You’re welcome, what’re friends for” she said smiling and I saw Jay walking towards our table.

“Hey” he said to me

“H..hi… j..Jay” I said stammering

“I want to have a word with you now” he said before standing up and he left the cafeteria

“I’ll be back Sonia” I said and stand up too before leaving the cafeteria. I haven’t see Kim since in the morning that I last saw her. I met Jay waiting for me close to the basketball court.

“I never knew that you can be this hot” he said and I swallow my saliva.

“Well I called you here to inform you that You’ll be coming to my house tomorrow so we can start our project” he said

“But I thought you don’t want to me affected by my nerdness huh” I said feeling so happy inside of me

“Yeah I said that and now I’ve changed my mind. So get ready I’ll send you my address” he said and walk away

OMG! So I’ll be in Jay’s house studying with him tomorrow wow I can’t believe it….


Chapter 10



Right now, I’m in Jay’s house still on my uniform. He sent his house address and I had to come. Who would have thought that the almighty Jay would invite me to his house for a project. I knock on the gate and the security guard open the gate.

“Yes how may I help you young miss” he ask

“Em… I’m here to see Jay” I said

“Does he knows you’re coming” he ask

“Yes he knows I am coming” I said

“What’s your name?” he ask

“I’m Tessa” I said

“Alright wait right here, I’ll be back” he said and close the gate. I waited for about a minute before the gate went open again.

“You may come in now miss. You’re welcome” he said

“Thank you” I said politely and walk to the main house. The house is beautiful though but I’m not carried away by the beauty because my own house is pretty too.

I knock on the door and it open after few seconds revealing Jay. He wasn’t putting on any clothes and I felt like melting. His chest and all were so sexy.

His hair was dripping wet and someone will know that he just finished taking his bath.

“Hi” I manage to find my voice

“Come in” he said and open the door wider for me to enter. The interior of the house was wow and I couldn’t help but compliment the house.

“So what can I offer you” he ask

“Nothing Jay I’m fine” I said

“Are you sure you don’t need anything” he ask

“I’m very sure I don’t need anything okay. Maybe later but not now because I’m fine” I said

“Alright let’s get down to the business of today” he said

“But there’s no textbook here that we can use to gather a lot of information” I said

“And who said there’s no Google on the internet huh” he said and I couldn’t help but laugh

“Though there’s Google, we still need the textbook to make sure we know all the possible sub topic under the main topic – Carbon” I said

“You’re right, I’ll be right back” he said and went upstairs to maybe his room. I kept checking everywhere in the house before he came back.

“So here are some textbooks, let’s start” he said and something occur to me that Jay is just being nice to me all of a sudden.

This wasn’t how he was to me before. I was like a shit to him but now, everything has changed but I don’t want to ask him why he was being nice to me because I don’t want to spoil this moment.

I really want it to last because Jay has been my crush for a very long time.

We study together for a long time, searching through the textbook and internet for information before the studying finally came to an end.

“Wow I can’t believe we studied for long” he said

“Oh yeah, I’ll just start leaving before it gets more darker than this” I said packing my things

“Nah I’ll drop you off” he said

“What Jay no I will just take a cab to my house. You don’t have to worry ok” I said

” I insist Tessa okay” he said

“Alright fine” I said looking at him. Why is he just changing his behavior towards me just since yesterday he saw me in that sexy dress.

“I’ll just go upstairs and get changed before taking you home” he said

“Okay I’m waiting” I said and he went upstairs and came back later looking dressed with his car keys in his hand.

“So shall we?” he ask

“Sure” I said and we walk out


After dropping her at her place, I decided to go to the bar to get some drink.

Tessa has really changed and I couldn’t help but admire her curves and all. She really has a nice shape, thanks to the sexy clothes she now puts on.

Well as you all know, I’m a sex freak so I’m trying my best to win her over. At least, let me be the first guy to fuck her big ass.


I’m almost done with the second glass of wine when I saw Harmony walk in to the bar. She finish ordering whatever she ask the barman to give to her. I guess she hasn’t seen me.

“Heyyyy Jay” she said after taking a sip from her drink.

“What are you doing here” I ask as if I haven’t seen her

“Came to clear my head with some drink, How have you been coping without me Jay” she said

“Of course I’ve been fine and you know it” I said

“Jay! the accusations leveled against me by Kimberly were false. I could never have thought of sleeping with Ken. You have to believe me” she said

“Believe you? Harmony the earlier you start thinking that I’m your past, the better for you” I said and stand up. I paid the bar man and left her there. She wants me to get back to a slut like her. Bitches everywhere….


Chapter 11



I smile as Jay walk out of the bar. It’s obvious he doesn’t want me back. So my plan is to make sure Kimberly never have him too.

I sip from my drink and smirk. Kim should better get ready for me because I’m gonna show her who I really am.

She made me loose Jay to her by framing me up. Okay let me tell you what happened.

Kim and I were very good friends back then in Machills highschool. We were the most beautiful students with good grades that other students envy us.

It happened that I started developing feelings for Jay – the proprietor’s son and I told Kim about my feeling base on the fact that we do tell others our secrets.

She told me to forget about Jay because he won’t go for a girl like me but I never gave that a thought. I tried my luck to win Jay over to me and I did.

We started dating then. Jay was the sweetest boyfriend anyone could ever ask for. I was proud to have him and I was the envy of Machills highschool because I was dating the hottest guy.

I never knew that Kimberly was jealous. I told her almost everything that happened between Jay and I and she just laugh it off.

Then a day came during Jay’s birthday party. Kimberly made Ken very drunk and set me up with him. Lying to me that Jay was calling me in one of the guest room. I went there and found drunk Ken who grabbed me on seeing me.

He held me so tight and started kissing me and before I could break free, Jay walk into the room and caught us.


“Harmony what’s going on here” he yelled immediately he walked in with Kimberly

“It’s not what you think Jay, I can explain” I said in tears

“What’s there to explain after I’ve seen everything. Why didn’t you tell me that you love my friend instead of following me around huh” he said

“I didn’t do anything Jay. Kimberly told me you were here and you were calling for me but i couldn’t find you….”

“And you have to make out with my friend because you didn’t see me right” he said cutting me off my speech

“No no no I tried to push him off. Kim tell him you told me that Jay was looking for me in this room. Why aren’t you saying anything” I said in tears

“Oops! I don’t know what to say okay” she said and smirk at me and that was when I knew something was off.

The next time we saw, I told her to help me talk to Jay but she shouted at me.

“Can’t you see the hand writing on the wall Harmony. I love Jay and I won’t watch any fool take him away from me ” she said it to my face

“What the hell are you talking about Kim. You and I know that Jay is my boyfriend and….”

“He was your boyfriend dumb skull. I’ve loved Jay from the first day I came into this school and I was trying so hard for him to notice me but went behind my back and smashed him away from me even with all my warnings.

You thought I would allow you have him? Never!. It was so easy setting you up at his birthday party and let me break the good news sweetheart, Jay and I had sex that day because he was drunk.

We’re getting closer each passing day and before you know it, we’ll start dating in your very eyes dumbass” she said and walk away.

I cried out my eyes that day, scorning myself for trusting so much. I vow to pay Kim back in her own coin and hers will be very shameful and viral.


Now you see why I want to separate Jay and Kim’s relationship so desperately. I will make Kim pay for what she did to me.

She’ll loss her crown in Machills highschool and she’ll leave Machills highschool as a depressed person. I hate everything about her and she’ll know the real me by the time I’m done with her.


I kept thinking of what happened in Jay’s house. I can’t believe I’m getting closer to Jay bit by bit. Finally my big time crush has notice me and I’m really happy about it.

I’ll make sure he doesn’t look elsewhere as far as I’ve gotten his attention. Kimberly can do what she wants for all I care but I’m very determined to make Jay mine….


Chapter 12


“I’m done with everything aunt I want to go to bed” I said feeling so weak after the day’s work. – after doing the house chores

“You want to sleep right” she ask

“Yes aunt I really want to sleep”I said looking really tired

“Well I want to inform you that your mom will be here in three days time so make sure to act like all is okay. Here take this phone in case we want to reach you” she said handing a new phone to me.

I couldn’t be more than happy that I now have a phone.

“Thank you so much Aunt” I said

“You’re welcome now you can go to bed” she said and I happily left with joy.

OMG !!! I can’t believe I now have a phone. Now I can be able to join the school group and also contact Tessa and Alex.

Well Alex and I are moving on smoothly and to be frank, Am beginning to like him.

I can’t wait to get to school tomorrow so I can show my phone to Tessa.


I watch as she walk away looking so happy that I gave her that phone. Gosh her got disgust me so much each time I see her.

She’s just like her stupid father – Richard. I only gave her that phone so people won’t know that she’s suffering and I hope she hasn’t told anyone about how she’s been treated here.

If she dares try it, I’ll make sure I skin her alive. Well my husband doesn’t know about Sonia being my child though.

That’s the reason why he join me in maltreating her because he doesn’t like the fact that a relative is living with us.

I haven’t seen Diane since I came back from work, let me go check on her in her room.


“Oh yeah Ken go deeper” I moan as Ken fuck me.

“Ahhhh Ken please don’t tear my p***y” I moan

“Ken pity me because I’m still Jay’s girlfriend” I moan as he did it faster, deeper and harder

“OMG Ken you’re the best” I said as he pull out of me and we fell aside

“You’re a little loosed today” he said

“Common you know I gat a boyfriend who’s a sex freak so what do you expect” I said smiling at him.

Well Kenny is my sex buddy who is always ready to satisfy my sexual urge each time i need it. He’s just the perfect one for me when it comes to sex but I love Jay.

That was why it was easy for me to frame Harmony using Ken. She was just a fool in trusting me.

“Why can’t you just break up with Jay already. You’ve been with him for long” he said

“Em…what…are you talking about” I said trying to act normal

“Common Kim don’t you love me anymore” he ask

“Of course I do love you that’s why I’m waiting for the right time when we can be together without people talking about it” I said

“What do you mean by you don’t want people talking about it? Don’t you want our relationship to go public?” he ask

“Yeah but you just have to give me some time okay darling” I said and prick his breast and he laugh

“You just touch the tiger’s tail” he said coming on top of me and guess what ! We had another round of sex.


As always, I was in the house all alone with no talk mate. I’ve already ordered for Pizza as usual since I can’t cook and it will be here in no time.

Immediately, I heard the door bell and I jump up. Maybe it’s the pizza man. Of course it has to be the pizza man. Who else if not him.

I opened the door expecting to see the pizza man but instead I saw someone else.

Someone that has abandon us for years now
Someone that I call father

“Hey Tessa” he said

“What are you doing here” I ask

“Tessa please hear me out okay. Just allow me explain what happened” he said

“What else do you want to explain huh. After putting me and mum in pains, you want to explain?” I yelled

“I’m sorry Tessa please I’m truly sorry. I’m ready to make amends” He said

“Amends you say? I don’t think you can amend what you’ve torn. I hate you so much Dad. I hate you for the pains you made mum and I went through especially me.” I said in tears

“I’m sorry Tes….” he was saying before I jam the door on his face.

I don’t want to see any of them. They’re the worst parents anyone wouldn’t want to have. They broke me into pieces and I’m not going to forgive them for what they’ve made me gone through.

Just when I want to be happy without them, that’s when Dad has to show up making me to cry again.

I guess my life is just a mess….



T. B. C

So guys Tessa’s Dad is back, do you think he would be accepted back when Tessa’s mum is already having an affair with her boss and Tessa hate him so much now.

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