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July 30, 2021


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Tessa’s dairy batch 1

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Chapter 1⃣

By Faith Godwin🌺🌺



“OMG baby I just got a call that there’s an emergency at the office. I’m really sorry dear but I have to go we’ll have this dinner another time” mum said as she stood up and left the dinning running upstairs to get ready for her emergency. She came down minutes later,all dressed to leave.
“Mum,who do you really care about,me or your job?” I asked when she got down

“Baby I’m sorry,I promise to make it up to you when I get back” she said

“Oh by the time I’ve actually slept off right. Mum do you even know your daughter huh” I yelled

“Baby please I’m sorry. I have to leave now cause I’m running late. We will talk about this when I get back alright” She said and came to peck my cheek before leaving.

Well this is how it has always been,my mum doesn’t care about me nor my happiness. All she care about is her job. I’m Tessa Davis,I know you must be wondering were my dad is. Well my dad left my mum two years ago for a very wealthy woman here in Mexico. I’m just a 18 year old pretty teenage girl. I’m 5 inches tall with a nice shape. Though not a figure 8. I’m in my final year in Machills high school and in a month time I’ll be done with high school.

All my life,I’ve been living a very boring life because I don’t actually have friends because of my dress sense. Well I’m not someone who loves fashion that much. Almost everyone in school says I’m a nerd so they don’t mingle with me.

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There is a lot to know about me and with time you’ll know them all. I left the dinning and went to my room. Well I lost my appetite.


It’s Monday again and I had to get ready for school. Gosh I hate going to school because there are a lot of bullies whose never gonna allow me rest. One thing you need to know about me is that I don’t like trouble and I don’t want it looking for me.

I put on a blue jean trousers and a white T-shirt. Afterwards,I put on a white scandals. I pack my hair into a ponytail before taking my school bag and my phone and left the room. I got downstairs and saw no breakfast on the dinning but some money and a note. What! mum didn’t make breakfast today again?. I sigh and went to take the money before walking out of the house. I know it’s one of her numerous notes so I don’t have to read it.

I walk out of the house and stood by the road side to get a cab that will take me to school. I don’t know why my life is not as perfect as every rich student in machills. I mean my mum is rich but I just have to take a cab to school every morning because I don’t really know how to drive just because my mum never care to teach me. I just hate my life. Sometimes I cry every night before I go to sleep. What a boring life


The cab pull to a stop and I got down and walk to school which was just a mile away. I was almost close to the gate when a car coming splash dirty water on me. What the hell who could that be. Didn’t he or she see me or what.

I was thinking when the glass roll down and here comes the hottest guy in machills,Jayden my biggest crush or I guess my prince charming because I love this guy real bad. He got a new ride I guess

“Next time you look at where you’re going and stop being a nerd” he said and roll up the glass.
Well yeah Jayden is so rude because he’s the proprietor’s son so no one dares talk back else you want to be expelled out of Machills

I look at my dress and felt so embarrassed. Why did he do this to me. Gosh how do I face the students. They will so laugh at me and I don’t like that. Well I guess today’s gonna be a bad day for me.


I step out of my new ride as my two besties – Alex and Jeremy walk up to me.

“What’s up guys,meet my new baby” I said immediately they got to where I am

“I guess there’s gonna be a party tonight” Jeremy said

“Well yeah and you know what that means” I said and whispered into their ears

“Bad man bro” Alex said

“Common let’s go to class” I said as we heard the bell.


I ran to class five minutes after the bell was rang with sweat all over my face,I got to class to see the teacher has already started teaching. Oh no!

“Miss Davis why are you just coming to my class” Mrs Williams asked

“I’m sorry Mrs Williams it won’t happen again” I said bowing

“Are you afraid of telling her that you were having some good time in the rest room huh” Jay said from his seat and the class gasp and started laughing

“Well baby it’s a good thing she’s starting to stop being a nerd don’t you think” Kimberly,Jay’s girlfriend said and the class went into another round of laughter

“Keep shut,you can go to your seat and don’t be late to my class next time” Mrs Williams said

“Thank you ma’am ” I said and went to my seat which was beside Jayden’s. I turn to look at him and saw that he was operating his phone. I feel so jealous of Kimberly because she has the most handsome boyfriend anyone could ask for.
I’m crushing so hard for this guy and I pray that one day he do notice me.

I don’t care if he has to breakup with Kim. I’m being selfish right? But I don’t care I’m so lonely in this school. Kimberly got all the fame,beauty and all. Let her just give me Jayden…JUST JAYDEN……


Chapter 2⃣



The bell for lunch break was heard as student started tripping out in duos or one. I pack up my books as I kept my books in my bag. I felt my stomach grumbled that was when I know I haven’t eaten anything.

I walk out of the class to the school cafeteria. I bought some french fries and look for a table. I found a seat and sat down eating my food before I heard gasps from the students and I raise up my head to see Jay and Kim kissing.

What the….I know Jay is the proprietor’s son but shouldn’t he show some respect to the school at least. I was irritated and pained at the same time.

I lost my appetite and left the cafeteria to the lovers garden. I don’t want to get more hurt by a guy who doesn’t want me. I stayed in the garden till I slept off and by the time I woke up, lecture hours was over so I just walk to my locker to take my bag and go home.

I boarded a cab home again and it drop me right in front of my house. I payed the cab man and went inside. The house was boring as usual so i just went upstairs to my room. I freshen up and put on a yellow tank top and blue bum shot.

I took my phone and went downstairs to order for pizza. While waiting for the pizza to arrive, I brought my books out and started reading.


” Hush baby I’m feeling it” Kimberly moan as i f**k her crazy

“Haaaa jay harder” she moans

“Jayyyyyyyyy you’re getting it….oh shit…..I love you jay…..” she moan until I reach climax and pull out from her then cum on the bed.

“That was awesome Jayden. You d**k keeps getting bigger all the time” She said and laugh

“And yours keeps getting tighter all the time” I said and we both laugh

I’m Jayden Machills, 18 years of age and in my final year in highschool. I’ll be done with it in a month time though. Well yeah I’m a sex freak but I have only one girlfriend which is Kimberly. She’s so beautiful and the real thing is that she can perform well in bed.

“Baby I think I want you again right now” Kim said and I smile. Told ya..



We were all sitted in class already as the chemistry tutor came into the classroom. Nobody bothered to greet as all were busy doing one thing or the other.

“Good morning class” Mrs Wilson said and only few people answered.

“So today we talk about organic chemistry. This is a very broad topic and I would like it if all of you pay attention to anything I’ll be saying” she said and everyone focus on his or her laptop.

” So the organic chemistry is…..” and that was how the lesson continue with Mrs Wilson talking about the important points in organic chemistry. It went on for an hour and the lesson came to an end.

“So before I leave, I’ll be announcing to you your upcoming project before your prom and it’s gonna be in pairs. I’ll be pairing you to your opposite gender and the pairing will be done in our next class. Have a nice day” She said and walk out of the class.

We had two other classes and before we know it, it was lunch time already and everyone started talking about the project that involves pairing. Everyone wants to be paired with their crush or boyfriend. I just remain on my seat to arrange my note pads.

“Hi” I heard a female voice and I raise up my head to see who it was but the face wasn’t familiar

“Please sorry to disturb you, I’m Sonia and I’m a new student” she said. That’s why her face didn’t look anyway familiar.

“I’m Tessa, welcome to Machills highschool Sonia” I said

“Thanks em..I came for you to show me the cafeteria since everyone is acting bitchy and stupid” she said and I laugh

“That’s how they’ve always been Sonia so come on let’s go to the cafeteria” I said so happy I’ve found someone to talk to and not being on my own for the rest of the day.

Sonia was fun to be with as she did all the talking and I did all the laughing. I told her everything about the school and also show her some exciting places in the school.

Wow finally I have a friend but what if she changes her mind and refuse to talk to me tomorrow…..


Chapter 3️⃣


❣️ SONIA ❣️

” Sonia what the hell are you still doing there looking like a lost chicken. Will you get out from there and come fix my nails ” Diane said harshly.

“I’m so sorry Diane I’m tired and decided to rest a little before coming to fix your nails” I said

“Rest ? and who told you to rest when you haven’t finish what you have to do huh” she yelled

“I’m so sorry Diane” I said

“You bitch I’m telling my mum right away” she said bringing out her phone to call her mum

“No no no.. please I’m begging you not to call your mum please” I said already on my knees

“Shut up bitch I’m calling my mum and you won’t do anything” she said

“Please ok ok I’ll do anything you want me to do” I said in tears

“You’ll do anything huh…. okay you’ll have to stand all night and fan me to sleep because I’ll be putting of the AC like right now so the room would be hot before time to sleep. How about that huh?” she ask

“I would do it Diane” I said in tears as I look at a 16 years old girl do this to me.

I’m Sonia Anthony,18 years of age with a nice body shape any lady would ever dream of having. Diane is actually my cousin and her parents is very wealthy. Diane’s mum actually came to the river side where my parents live to ask me to come stay with them. That they’re going to sponsor my education and make me a better person in the future.

Actually the aspect of education that they promise my parents they were gonna give to me was kept. I never knew they brought me here to make me their maid who run every errands for them and if I fail or forget to do it, my aunty will either starve me or give me the beating of my life.

Each time my parents comes to visit, they will do as if they were nice to me so my parents won’t suspect anything. They warn me not to tell anyone about it else they’ll throw me out into the streets and I don’t know my way back to the country side. I really want to go to school and be a better person so as to help my poor family.

Diane’s parents aren’t home at the moment. They travelled for a business trip and only God knows when they’ll be back. Diane isn’t a nice person at all. She took after the wickedness of her parents. I just pity her because she doesn’t know what she’s doing. It’s what she grew up to see and she just had to do same.


I walk into Diane’s room and I saw her operating her phone with an hand fan in her hand. I know already what I have to do.

“Here,you know what to do” he said handing the hand fan to me and I collect it and started. No reading for me tonight and I think I’ll have to sleep in class tomorrow. I fan her till it got to 12:00am the next day. I was already so sleepy that I couldn’t help it. I slept off…

❣️ ALEX ❣️

We all dance to the beat of the music blasting all over the club. Jay is celebrating his new ride and almost all the student in Machills highschool are here either drinking or dancing. Some are kissing and doing all sort of things.

Well I’m here with a Fiona – my girlfriend as we drink from our glass of Vodka. Fiona is a beautiful girl with a nice figure but she’s a slut who has slept with a lot of guys in school. I just want to have her at least twice before fucking her ass off. I can’t be the boyfriend to a slut. We don’t fuck a slut more than twice.

“Baby! isn’t here boring” she said biting her lips and staring at me seductively

“Yeah I guess so but what do you want me to do to make everywhere lively” I ask and her hand found it way to my d**k

“I want this baby” she said still biting her lips

“I’m all yours baby” I said and kiss her lips roughly making it very intense and you know what happen next….


Chapter 4️⃣



I came down from my car looking as sexy as ever as others drool as I walk to class. As Jay’s girlfriend, other girls bound to me and my dad is also wealthy so it made me very popular in this school.

I was walking through the hallway to the class operating my phone when someone bump into me making my phone fall on the floor. I check who it was and I saw it was Harmony. The slut that is so jealous of me because I have Jay already.

“I know you to be a dumb fool, so when did you become a blind idiot huh” I yell

“Common bitch you and I know you to be the blind idiot here since you weren’t looking that you have to bump into me” She said smiling which made me so angry

“You’re stupid Harmony just get it into your head that you’ll never have Jay. He’s mine and will always be mine” I said

“And who gave you the information of me wanting Jay huh” she ask

“You know you can be so desperate and stupid. Everyone knows about you wanting my Jay but let me burst your bubbles bitch, Jay can’t leave me for someone as empty as you” I said

“Awwwwww sweetheart so you’re so scared that Jay might leave your slutty ass one day huh” she ask

“He isn’t gonna leave me bitch, I’ve got important things to do rather than standing here and looking at your bitchy face” I said and pick up my phone which already has a little scratch on the screen.

“You can’t stand this pretty damsel in front of you cause you’re scared she’s gonna take Jay from you bitch ” she said

“You see the damage you caused? Well I won’t tell you to replace it because a broke ass like you can’t afford expensive things like this” I said , smile and walk away

“Come back here bitch stop running all the time” I heard her say before walking into the classroom.


I groan as the bitch walk away. I wanted to show her that snatching Jay away from me isn’t a big deal because I’m gonna have Jay back into my arms again. I was once Jay’s girlfriend but that bitch came and took him away from me by framing me up.

Even though I don’t have Jay back, I would make sure she doesn’t have Jay either because she’s a bitch and would always be. I smirk and walk into the classroom.


Everyone were seated as the chemistry tutor walk in. Some students has already started whispering to themselves to be paired with their crush or boyfriend. Mrs Wilson cleared her throat and everywhere became calm.

“Good morning class,as we all know I’ll be pairing you guys for your chemistry project today but first I’ll lecture you on some important things in organic chemistry then at the end of the class, I’ll start the pairing” she said and the student started groaning.

I haven’t seen Sonia since I came to school. Maybe she won’t come today. You don’t know how it feels when someone start talking to you after a long time.

“Ms why are you just coming to class” I heard Mrs Wilson said and I came back from my thoughts and saw Sonia at the door being quarrelled at for coming late.

“I’m so sorry ma,I promise it’s never gonna happen again” she said as she plead

“You can go to your seat but don’t late to my class next time” she said and face the board as Sonia went to her seat. From where I’m sitting,one would know that she’s sweating but why would she be sweating, doesn’t she has a car or come to school with a cab? . I can’t tell though but I’ll find out.


I came late because Diane made me do a lot of work because she caught me sleeping. I had to go to her school in her car and walk down to mine which was far from hers. I had no money on me so I have no choice but to walk to school.

It would have been better if I was with my parents in the country side where there will be peace among us. When you are living with your parents, you won’t know that the world is wicked till you stay with someone who isn’t your parents.


I listen to what the tutor was teaching and I wrote some important things down. It went on till the class was almost over.

“So I’ll stop here so I can pair you guys together for your project before leaving” Mrs Wilson said

“You guys are to go do some research about the element, carbon. You’re to tell me how it react with other elements, the nature it exist and… everything about carbon and the best presenter would be the king and queen of Machills highschool. So the pairing starts now” she said and look at her paper as she started pairing names together.

“Alex and Harmony, Jeremy and Sonia, Jackson and Bianca………….” she kept calling names and some were happy that they were paired with their crush while others groan because they were paired with their enemy.

“Huston and Kimberly and lastly Jayden and Tessa” she said everyone’s mouth went open as they wouldn’t thought I’ll be paired with Jayden. I am as shock as all of them.

“So that’s it, make sure you work together to come out the best presenter. You have a week for this project. Make sure to gather much information about the topic. Your prom is in three weeks from now and you won’t want to repeat this session so work hard as a team. Good luck and have a nice day” she said and left the class.

I’m being paired with Jay – my heart earn crush. OMG I’m going crazy. I’ll be studying with Jay for one whole week. How is it gonna be? I look at Kim and saw her staring at me with anger. If looks could kill then I would have been six feet below by now but why is she looking at me that way. It isn’t my fault I was paired with Jay. I’m in a hot soup with Kim…. OMG!



T. B. C.

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