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Tender love batch 3

     (High School 🏫 life)
By Damilola
Chapter 11
Narration 💝💝
Its been past three weeks already, in the beginning of the new section for everyone
Anna still remained the freak of the school, no boys will want to go close to her, because they commonly think she isn’t mentally settled, just because of her free state of mind, despite the fact that she is beautiful
Dave was still debating on whether to tell Anna or not
Anna and Eva friendship blossomed the more
Tyler was still a perfect player
Natasha was acting to over possesive over nelson
Nelson’s mother still remains under coma, which in summation is now 6 months
Stella was still,as lazy as ever
Anna’s mum and dad worked really hard to meet ends meet
💝 Nelson’s pov 💝
OMG!! Won’t this Natasha leave me alone, for heavens sake, this is the 8th time she is calling me in 1 hour
Am actually getting tired of her, she is getting really too over possessive, I thought men are the possessive ones, but from the view of case now am Clearly wrong.
Yesterday just because I directed a girl to the school laboratory, because probably she is new in our school, I think she is jenny.
Natasha went to threaten her, gosh , was my eyes closed when we were dating ?
Now she is calling me like there is no tomorrow
I picked her call
Hey” I said
“hey nelson, can I come over, so we can have some fun 🎉 together, since my parents are out” she said in a pleading tune
Jeez not again, not again. What will I do now, I think I have an idea
“am sorry babe , but am really preoccupied with alot of things” I said
“well I can come and help you”she said
Wat!! Don’t this girl gives up
“oh I forgot to tell you, I will be 😊 going out tonight” I quickly told her
“hun, to where?” She asked
“well its quite family”I said
“will I not be part of u one day, so am family” she said confidently
I don’t really know where the cough came from but I suddenly started coughing,coughing really hard.
“ouch sorry babe, anything the matter, pls be careful”she said sounding caring
“no, thanks. Its just normal with me” l said
” so what were we saying please”she continued
“well I was saying that u cant come because am preoccupied and am also going out, but maybe another day will be perfect for that” I said
“hmmm Okay bye” she said in a tone I don’t understand
“bye” I said hanging up, before she say something else, but seriously she don’t really give up so easily
Ahhh! At least am free
The truth is that am actually going out, because Tyler and Dave invited me somewhere around 6pm
👦 Dave’s pov 🌹
Finally today I and Tyler finally persuaded Nelson to come out for some little fun.he hardly goes out since his mum fell into coma after the accident. I just pray she wakes up soon, its taking quite long, hmmm such a nice woman 👩
To be sincere I don’t really know where we are going to because it was Tyler’s idea he just invited me in to help me beg Nelson, because that isn’t an easy task.
. . . . . . . . . .
Its evening already, Tyler came to my house to pick me up, since we are going to the same place no need for taking many cars
We drove to Nelsons house on Tyler’s car, we picked him up and drove off
“so Tyler, where are we going to” Nelson said starting a conversation
“yes! Where are we going to, I added
Guess what” said Tyler
“What!!??” I and Nelson questioned at the same time anxiously
“well,we are going for a party in one of the best club ♣ here in new York” Tyler said 😃 excitedly… Hmmm what’s really fun about that?
I looked at Nelson, and I couldn’t help but laugh at the look on his face, like seriously Tyler really caught him on this, and he can’t possibly escape this, but u just need to see Nelsons face now, Tyler, you did a really good job here
“jeez Tyler,” Nelson exclaimed
“you know I have to do alot of work at home 🏠, I promised dad to do some file work for him, now tell me how is that possible and also I…….”
“hey hey hey hey hey hey hey….. U can blab and blab and blab to make me feel guilty, but right now no turning back, come on u need to be your old self, hun? Whether you like it or not we are going clubbing throughout tonight” Tyler said. I just couldn’t stop laughing 😆 at the look on Nelson’s face,lolz Tyler , bad boy


Dave’s pov
💃 💃 💃 💃 💃 💃 💃 💃 💃 💃 💃
At the club, many girls were just flocking around Nelson and I, but we paid less attention , but they were just disturbing Nelson. But he paid less attention, rather he was just engrossed in his wine, I just pray he doesn’t get drunk, what’s on his mind, hmmm
While Tyler was nowhere to be found, and he was the one who brought us here, hmm bad boy, i wonder when he will ever change
Two girls came to me again, but am not quite interested this evening, until a familiar face walked up to me. I think i can recognize her, she’s jenny, the newbie in our school
“hi” she shouted because of the loud music
“Hey” I replied shouting back
“Why sitting here alone, when there is a lot of 🎉 fun, around here” she said smiling 😊
“uhum, let me just say am not in the mood” I said
“noo, don’t tell me that, I wont take that as an excuse”she said dragging my hands, I stood up , she walked me to the Dance floor, as soon as the music 🎶 was slowed, and my thought drifted to Nelson, i looked at his direction, and I was really surprised at what I saw, Nelson was already on his feet, holding a girl on her waist, they were about kissing, when I walked to him and dragged his hand, he was behaving tipsy, he isn’t himself anymore, I rally need to call Tyler, we both need to get Nelson home, the girl who was with Nelson, left angrily, I guessed she thought she had won herself a jackpot, am sorry I ruined it for her,
Gosh, where is this Tyler, we need to get Nelson home
I called him, he didn’t pick until the third trial. I told him about Nelson, and he came out from where I don’t know, I wonder where he is coming from
We carried Nelson into the car and drove him home
When we got to his house, we drove in, and then care Tyler up to his room, he was partly asleep and he was talking to himself inaudible.
Thank God his dad was not around, no need for long explanation
I and Tyler left to my house, we chatted a little, and he dropped me off, I stood outside until hos car 🚗 was out of sight, but I don’t think he is going home, because our house isn’t that far from each other and he suppose to drive left , because that’s the way to his house, but he went right, which is another way to the club, I guess he went back there, I wonder what he is doing there, hmmm, Tyler would never change
💟 Nelson’s pov💟
Jeez! My head really aches alot
Wait! How did I get here
No! Don’t tell me I got drunk
Jeez!! I really planned against that
I looked at my wall clock. OMG! Its already 9:52 am, am more than late for school
I think I wont go to school today again, because its actually of no use
I will just stay home 🏠 and nurse this useless headache . Gosh, Tyler caused all this
I quickly cleaned up my room, brushed my teeth, took my birth, and I prepared my breakfast and ate, we don’t really have a house maid, because mum against that idea , Oh God, how I just wish mum would just wake up any time from now, dad is always busy, but mum would always have my time, God please, is about time you do something about mum case

💝 Nelson’s pov 💝
After I ate my breakfast, I picked up my phone and checked my instagram account, wow my followers had really increased, plus someone posted a picture of me in the club holding a girl who is almost half naked, what?? Was I really that drunk?
At least my followers didn’t decrease, when am one of the most popular in new York, the person who posted this picture 📷 is really dumb.
After that, I logged into facebook, alot of messages and friend request, but right now, I don’t really have the time for that.
As I was scrolling down, a name in the friend request list caught my attention ,”Annabelle John” I think I know this girl, it seems she is in our school, though there was no profile picture, I checked her profile, and I saw her school imputed as Clark high school, yea I was right she school in the same school, but I just cant figure out who exactly she is
I checked her mutual friends, lolz she just has only 1 mutual friend and 3 friends. Her one mutual friend is just Eva. Oh oh oh, she is Anna the clumsy girl, no wonder she has just three friends. No body would want to accept her request, same as me.
I ignored her request, and I replied all the meaningful comments on the picture I posted last week, can you imagine some girls are fighting about me in the comment box, I just ignored it all, but like seriously, some people really need to be blocked
Ahhhhhh! Freeday , no school palava
If mum was here now, she will force me to go to school whether am late or not, hmmm 🙍😐😔 I really missed her, maybe I will go check on her later in the evening
😈😈 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
🙇 Tyler’s pov 🙅
Lolz!! Nelson really got drunk last night, which made me not really surprised that he isn’t in school today
And Natasha here, is just acting clumsy, like she lost someone or something
She actually complained to me and Dave this morning, that nelson is acting cold to her for the past 1 week, and he had be ignoring her calls. Who even cares😝
That really serves her right, cause I don’t even like her a bit, am just 😣 trying my best to tolerate her a bit,I won’t stop wondering what Nelson saw in her, he actually fell for her trap
She is beautiful, yes… But her character is so so ugly
She is just to cheap, even the Kind of girls l do date, are not as cheap as she is, I remembered when she try seducing my friend jack in the club ♣, and he stupidly fell for it,
Chapter 14
😜 Annabelle’s pov 😜
God please help me!! I mustn’t disgrace my self here,hmmm, but this man is really wicked. I had always been his target since grade 7.
“what are you waiting for, come right here and solve this question” he said snapping me out of my thought and also stretching the marker to me, our class was as silent as a grave yard, with all eyes 👀 on me, I walked to the teacher collected the marker and faced the board, oh God, help me!!
I looked up at the question, jeeez!!!, are my eyes,deceiving me?? This was exactly the question I solved last night, wow! God is really on my side today, this is exactly the question I Solved last night. I collected the marker and solve the question like I was writing my name. I finished, covered the marker and return it back to the teacher, he just stared at me astonishly 😜, all my classmates applauded me loudly, why are they clapping 👏 this loud, I thought they dislike me,well maybe because they hate our chemistry teacher, because he is always picking on students, to probably disgrace them. I gracefully walked back to my sit majestically, smirking 😏 through out and the class. The teacher didn’t even bother to ask anybody a single question, I guessed he wasn’t expecting me to answer the question because he hadn’t even explained, am sure if I didn’t get it right, I could had been probably sent on detention for 1 or 2 hours, sorry teacher, you toyed with the wrong person.
😠 😠 😠 😠 😠 😠 😠 😠 😠 😠 😠 😠 😠
😈 Natasha pov 😈
Damn! Damn! Damn!
What am I looking at , Nelson in the club, holding a girl half naked, this pix was posted today, and am really sure this took place yesterday, so Nelson lied to me, he actually told me he was busy, busy to the extent that he has the time to go out clubbing, and he isn’t in school today maybe he is probably with the girl, God and he isn’t picking up my call, I will surely pay him an unexpected visit today after school, and if I find any girl there
Hmmmm!! I rest my comment
😊 Eva’s pov 😊
Its TD class now, am sure Anna is attending chemistry class this moment, well, I am a TD student , and Tyler (my secret crush) is also a T.D student, with his friend Dave. Dave and I are friends, but not that really close, it’s just like a class relationship. Upon Tyler is a player, he is still the best student in T.D class,Amazing right?
But right now,I really have a problem , this particular drawing practical staring at me now, is really giving me a head ache, it is really really confusing. Should I ask the teacher? No… Anytime a student ask him a question, he will end up making a mockery of that person , and I cant bear to face that embarrassment, I think I should meet Dave …… Yes Dave , he is also good in T.D, I think he will be of great help

😢 Eva’s pov 🎒
I walked to Dave seat 💺, he was busy with his phone with his legs on the desk, hmmm, what an attitude, I guess because his dad is the owner of this school, but i mustn’t lie, he isn’t proud at all, but when his senior sister was here before she passed out, she was more than proud, but I guess people are really different
I could had gone to Tyler for help,since he was the best student in T.D class, but he just hate or dislike me for some reasons I don’t know
As I was saying, I walked to Dave seat,”Hey Dave ” I greeted
“hi Eva, what’s up” he asked
“uhum….. Dave , am really confused 😖 about this particular drawing right here, as in I was totally lost from the beginning of his lessons, and as the teacher said, this is one of the important drawing in our scheme, so please can you explain it to me???” I asked politely.
“am sorry Eva , I would have like to, but the thing is that, it seems we are in the same shoes today, and am also drawing sick 😷, I think you should meet Tyler , you know he is the best student in this class, everyone knows that” Dave said….. God what’s wrong with Dave , and he knows I and Tyler aren’t in such good terms, I think I should remind him
“uhum..Dave I dont think that’s really a good idea” I said timidly
“why?” Dave asked like he don’t know the reason
“because I and Tyler are in a bad shape and he hates me, and I guess you know that” I said sternly
“oh,oh,oh!! I actually forgot” Dave said letting out a mischievous smile
“hmm really??” I asked because I know he was pretending since he knew about my feelings for Tyler
“yes,maybe I should beg him on your behalf” he said making me happy because I was really hungry 😋
“yes,yes,yes!!! That will be really perfect” I said happily
“hey, hey, hey, don’t be so elated , because you are coming with me” he said dropping my spirits
“Dave!!!!! Why cant you just go so he will explain it to you, and then you will explain back to me, is to both our gain” I said trying 😣 to change his mind
“Then am not going again” he said adjusting himself back on his seat
“no buts, am not going that’s final” he said cutting me in
Gosh!!! Dave will see, I will revenge on him badly
“okay fine, am going with you” I Said picking up my books
“better” he said leading the way to Tyler’s seat
😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐
😉 Dave’s pov 😊
We both walked to Tyler’s seat
“hey sup guy” I said starting a conversation looking at Eva with my side eye, she was staring at the floor playing with her finger nails…hmmm is she that nervous, does she like him that much?
“hey bro, any probs” Tyler said eyeing Eva badly
“can you help Eva, explain the recent drawings we were just thought?” I asked him politely
“really?, where was she when the teacher was explaining, and why can’t she ask by herself, and also why cant you explain to her yourself” he asked angrily still eyeing Eva, hmmm! Does he hate her that much? And I must say Eva is really patient, with the way Tyler is talking about her, If I was a girl , hmm, I rest my comments
“well I don’t know, and I had something seriously important to do” I said making Eva look up at me, I guess because I told her I didn’t know the drawing
“hmmm, well because you were the one who begged, I will explain to her just once” he sais emphasizing on the ‘once’, this time he wasn’t eyeing Eva, he was just staring at her with a bad look I must say, at least thank God the eyeing has reduce already
“alright,thanks bro” I said
“whatever he Said smiling
I looked at Eva, she was smiling giving me a thank you look. I smiled back at her
“bye guys, I really got to go” I said walking away
“bye” Tyler replied me
Well the truth is that , I know how to explain the drawing, but I just want to try and clear the enmity between Eva and Tyler even a little, and also because am hungry 😋, I didn’t eat this morning and mum begged me to, I should had listen
My phone 📱 rang, I picked up the call walking slowly to the cafeteria

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