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Tender love batch 20

(High school 🏫 love)
By Damilola Faleke
Chapter 59
💔 Nelson’s pov 💝
“Mum, why wouldn’t you just come back to me, I’ve fucked up really bad, mum just wake up, wake up at once” I said almost shouting.
” Mum I know you can hear me, am in love with a girl, a really pretty wonderful girl, she’s the best girl I think I’ve ever come across in my whole life time, but too bad, I don’t think she even likes me, to worsen it up, I kinda crossed my boundaries with her today, and she is really furious about it, mum please pray for her to forgive me, even if she doesn’t like me back” I said and paused a little
” It pains me, it pains me mum, that I don’t know when you will stand up and talk to me again, when you will be my mum again, take care of me and make me complete again: Though i would still talk to Anna, but mum, I need luck, so she would react positively” I said totally running out of words so I just bent down my head down on my mum’s bed
God, when would my mum wake up, what kind of mystery is this, it starting to go beyond ordinary.
But I must say this, I really fucked up greatly, really really fucked up. I shouldn’t have kissed Anna, maybe she would be less furious……. I just couldn’t control my feelings
Jeez!!, What would I do now to change her mind against what I’ve done?, What a grievous mistake..
🍥❤️ Annabelle’s pov 💝🎀
I was walking to my class with lot of eyes on me, am actually used to that, so it had no effect on me….
I haven’t walked a lot of distance when I heard my name, I looked back at the direction and it was Eva
“Hey Anna” Eva said as she approached me
” Hi” I replied
” What’s with you, you really look bad” she said
” It’s nothing Eva, just this headache, that’s been disturbing me badly” I replied
” Lies Anna, tell me, why did you leave before the party was over without even telling anyone” she said
” Oh, Dave had a sudden emergency and I had no choice than to leave early since I was to move with public transport” I replied
” Oh I get, but you could had waited for me”she said
” Sorry best,it skipped my mind” I said
” No problem, so would you like telling me the reason you’re looking like a zombie?” Eva said
” Eva, I think we should go somewhere comfortable to talk about this” I said and we both moved to more comfortable area.
“Alright, so tell me now” Eva said
“Uhum……it was on prom night when Dave left, I had no choice then to track away from the isolated area to the road junction so at least I could hail a cab home, but it seemed Nelson followed me, he stopped me and told me the greatest shock of my life” I said
” And what would that be” Eva replied
” He told me he loves me and can’t do without me”I said and Eva widened her eyes in shock
” Are you for real? Which of the Nelsons’ she asked
“Which Nelson do you think am talking about” I said and she smiled mischievously
” Wow!, Is that why you are furious, you should be happy you’ve always wanted this” she said .
” No Eva, he kissed me, he took away my first kiss” I said and her mouth opened in shock
” You mean Nelson kissed you?” She asked
“Stop asking questions I’ve already answered” I replied her
“Then why are you annoyed? ” She asked and I looked at her surprised
” Eva, he took my first kiss, without my confirmation, I’ve always wanted it to be with my own agreement, but he spoiled it all for me” I said
” Look Anna, don’t blame the innocence guy, he’s in love, when you are in love, you have no idea of what you are doing” she said..
” Did you just say innocent” I said
“Yes, or when he kissed you, did you push him off immediately, insult him or even slap him” she said..
” No, that would be rude” I replied
“That shows you wanted it” she said and I tagged in anger
” That’s a big lie” I replied her and she bursted into laughter
“Best, best” she teased and the anger in me increased
I stood up preparing to walk away
“Mtcheeew…, Nelson’s fan” I said angrily walking away
“Pitts!!, That’s for you” she said chuckling behind as I kept on walking away from
What an annoying girl
It’s closing now, and as usual am the only one left in class preparing to go home. I picked up my bag leaving the class when Nelson walked in preventing me from walking out
We stood on the same spot staring at each other and for a while, no one wanting to talk, so I just left his side wanting to walk away but he held me back
“Anna please, don’t go away, listen to me” he said
“I don’t think I have the time for that, I need to be somewhere important” o said wanting to walk out but he held my two hands and went down on one knee..
“Anna I………
Chapter 60
❤️ Annabelle’s pov 🎀
“Anna am sorry, I couldn’t just control myself, right now am full of regrets, am full of great regrets that I wish I could reverse the hands of time, am sorry Anna, is just that I couldn’t control myself, I was overwhelmed by my feelings for you, you wouldn’t know how much regrets am feeling now,……… Anna, please forgive me” he said still on his knee, I was already starting to get uncomfortable with him on his knees facing me, what if someone meets us this way?..
“Nelson please stand up” I said looking at another direction
” No Anna, I won’t stand up, until you tell me now that you’ve forgiven me, aside that, I would stay like this”he said
Jeez!!, Nelson is just too stubborn
” Alright fine, I’ve forgiven you” I said
“You don’t mean it” he said smiling at me still on his knee
” I mean it Nelson, so please can you stand up now”I said
” Of course I would” he said standing up excitedly
” Fine, can I go now? ” I asked and he held my hands coming closer to me
“No Anna, we need to talk” he said
“About what?” I asked adamantly
” About….. Uhum…… About what I told you on prom night, I really mean it, Anna you are hurting me deeply with it by rejecting me, I feel this pain in my heart, anytime I think about you and discover that you don’t even like me, Anna am incomplete without you, please give me a space in your heart to prove to you how much am in love with you, even though you don’t like me, just give me this opportunity” he said with pains in his eyes, I couldn’t look at him directly so I just adverted my gaze outside
“Anna please talk to me, your silence is killing me” he said
“I don’t what to say” I replied him
” Anna please just say something, don’t do this to me” he said and with that, I took my hands of his and walked out quickly, I just can’t stand that scene.
I don’t even know what’s wrong with me, am battling with feelings in me, seeing the hurt in Nelson’s eyes while he was talking to me, hurts me badly……. He was my crush, and he is still my crush
But i don’t understand, do I like him?
💔 Jenny’s pov 🎗️💎
Seeing Dave with Anna on prom night, crushed my heart, I thought I’ve gotten rid of my feelings for him, but clearly I lied.
I was an object of mockery cause I don’t have a date. Though I wasn’t even the only one without a date but people just decided to pick on me, because of their grief jealousy that I was pointed out by the principal as a special guest
I was so stupid to think that Dave would ask me out. I shouldn’t have rejected Desmond’s proposal since he was also my closest friend now he’s really angry with me.
Right now, I just ask one thing of God!!!… To make me get rid of all the feelings I have for Dave.
Speaking of the devil himself, just as I was walking, I met with Dave. Oh God why, what I was actually avoiding. I know what to do, I will just avoid him and walk away. But unfortunately for me, he actually stopped me.
“Jenny please wait” he said as I stopped on my track
“Hi” I said as I got to me
“Uhum …….. Jenny, are we still in bad terms!? ” He asked
” No, am not holding anything against you, we sorted things out last week, remember?” I said
” Yeah I remember, but we aren’t close like before, remember we were more like best if friends even before I accepted your friendship proposal” he said
” Dave you are the one splitting our friendship” I said unconsciously
“What do you mean by that?” He asked
“Oops!! Nothing, uhumm… What went wrong on Saturday, you didn’t wait till the end of the program before you left” I said changing the topic
” Oh, it’s nothing, I just had an emergency which I had to quickly attend to, though I know you are asking to change the topic” he said but I ignored him still
” Hope all is okay now? ” I asked
“Yeah all is okay, Jenny we aren’t talking, what do you mean by am the one splitting our friendship” he said
” Am sorry Dave, my friends are waiting for me, and am sure am delaying them by now, maybe we would talk next time we meet” I said
” Alright if you insist, bye” he said
” Bye” I replied walking away. The truth is that I have nowhere to go, I just want to avoid being with Dave. Cause the more I see his face, the more my feelings sprouts out for him. The summary of this all is that I just have to avoid him
Two weeks later
💔 Annabelle’s pov 🍓🍎
It’s been two weeks past, and I’ve waited succeeded in avoiding Nelson. But I must tell the truth, I kinda missed his company
Does he truly love me like he said?……… No, I don’t believe, cause he gave up so easily, after me refusing to accept his proposal, he should had continue trying if he truly like me like he said….
Am really angry with myself, why did I reject his proposal when I know I have feelings for him😭
Now for the past five days, I haven’t set my eyes on him.
I was in the lonely field, where people normally pass to the cafeteria, since I has no one to mix with, Eva is busy with her project, Dave is also busy and Nelson has been avoiding me.
I was still leaning on the burglary when I heard my name from behind me, that voice that I was dying to hear…..
“Anna” he called as he got to me, I looked back at him and the staring begin between both of us


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