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September 19, 2021


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Tender love batch 2

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(High School 🏫 life)
By Damilola
Chapter 6



👦 Dave’s pov 👦
Its closing time already, everyone is heading home. I, Tyler and Nelson are in our class chatting,when Natasha ( nelson’s girlfriend) came in.
“hi guys” she greeted us
“hi Natasha” I and Tyler greeted back. Then she smiled at us
The truth is that I don’t even like Natasha any more, she acts like a slut jumping from guys to guys. I dont even know why Nelson agreed to date her, I guess because she was beside him through out the first period of his mum accident.
The thing is That I and Natasha were dating before, but she dumped me for Nelson, she said Nelson is more cuter and richer than me, so she went for Nelson, but I don’t really blame Nelson, because he never knew that I and Natasha were dating before

“hi sweetie” she greeted Nelson. Kissing him

” hey babe ” Nelson replied,,pulling her to his lap

” well I just came so to say goodbye, my mum Said I should come home early today, sleep well and please avoid girls” she said holding his neck

Nelson chuckled then she stood up bedded us goodbye and left

But this Natasha is really a pretender, just see the way she is acting like nothing ever happened between us before. Mtcheew ,as if I care
She’s just acting too over possessive.

You might be wondering why I didn’t take another girlfriend after Natasha and i broke up 5 months ago.

Well, the thing is that am not really into girls like that much, but I do like Annabelle, but I just cant tell her , I guess u know the reason ( if you had read the last chapters)
While Tyler is a freaking player always changing girls, like he is changing his shirts

” bye ” Tyler spoke up.

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“hmm Tyler ,” Nelson said
Good night

He picked up his phone and car keys and left. I know he is not going home, probably going clubbing …..hmmm Tyler would never change

🚗 🚗 🚗 🚗 🚗 🚗 🚗 🚗 🚗 🚗 🚗 🚗
🙅 Tyler’s pov 🙅
I bedded my friends good bye .
Well am not going home now and I guess they should know that already
I inboxed Joanna one of my recent catch to dress 👗 up, that am coming to pick her up. I guess she would do that because she is head over heels on me. I guess she will last for one week
I drove to her house and parked in front of her gate and then inboxed her to come out , she came out almost immediately looking quite flashy, what a great catch I made this time
She hopped into the car, we hugged, I kissed her lips, we chatted a little then drove away


Chapter 7

😍 Nelson’s pov 😍
Ah!!!, I woke up late, its like the alarm I set towards 5:00 pm didn’t ring, or it rang and I didn’t wake up early, now its 6pm already, and worst of all Tyler didn’t fulfil his promise to meet me at home by 4:00 so we could go see my mum at the hospital.
I guess if Tyler had shown up, I wouldn’t had woken up this late, OMG Tyler is a promise breaker, by this time now, I guess he isn’t at home. He should be clubbing in one of the noisiest club in new York City.
And i promised dad that I will help him put some file 📁 in order. And the drive to the hospital 🏥 wouldn’t be less than 40 minute.jeez I shouldn’t have relied on Tyler, I should know the kind of person he is already.

I quickly freshened up, and I put up a simple outfit, and then headed for the hospital its already 6:20. I should be getting to the hospital 7:00 pm or so.
On my way, passing through a lonely street I saw that clumsy girl, uhum Anda, Anna, Andas, gosh any one, i dont even know her name, she always like falling down, she was talking to someone and laughing awkwardly, really awkwardly,


for God sake, what Kind of a girl laugh in that manner in the public, now I don’t doubt why people calls her the school mad woman , I wonder what kind of boy will stoop so low to ask her out, even though she is beautiful, I wouldn’t ignore that aspect, but het stupidity overwhelms it all,
I drove past her to the hospital .

🏥 🏥 🏥 🏥 🏥 🏥 🏥 🏥 🏥 🏥 🏥 🏥 🏥
I got to the hospital, and I informed one of the nurse receptionist on the reason I came, she directed me to my mums ward, I stepped in, and I met my mum in the same state as 5 months ago
I walked to her bed,” mom why cant you just wake up, and save us of all this depression”, I said with tears rolling down my eyes, but I got no reply ”


mom I know you can hear me” I Said “mum, dad needs u, I need you so much , we need u alot, mom u are our life, without you we don’t exist, mom please come back, you belong here to us your family, mom I know u can hear me, its your son Nelson, I will never loose hope and I will never stop loving you” I said to her trying to wipe off my tears
I stood up from the bed it’s already 8:45 pm, I should get going, I have to fulfil my promise to dad and prepare against tomorrow school.
I left the hospital, hopped into my car and drove home


🚗 🚗 🚗 🚗 🚗 🚗 🚗 🚗 🚗 🚗 🚗
I arrived home, dad isn’t home yet, hmm always busy. It’s already 9:30
I prepared the file 📁 for dad, and then went upstairs to my bedroom I went online, but I was to tired to stay long, I slept up with my phone online.
I even heard my Phone ringing, but to be sincere, I was too tired to pick it up, maybe its dad. Because I heard the gate sound, he should know am already asleep.after all its 10:30 pm

😈 Natasha’s pov 😈
I inboxed Nelson but he didn’t reply, that is really unusual. I pray he isn’t with another girl, cause if he is, that girl either tall or short, beautiful or ugly, I bet she is done for.


Chapter 8

Annabelle’s pov
It’s a great saturday today. But my mum is just spoiling it for me with too much house chores. Am left with all the cleaning both the rooms and the sitting rooms. That stupid stella won’t get up and come join me here. Gosh!!! All she loves is to 💤 sleep, sleep and sleep, right now my room is more than scattered , and i bet i wont touch any thing there, mtcheew, crazy 👧 girl
As i was mopping the tiles in the sitting room, mum screamed my name “Anna!”, “yes mum” am coming
“Anna, i am talking to you” my mum shouted again
” mum, a minute please, am doing something here “I replied shouting
“Annabelle!!!! Your attention is needed now” my mum screamed louder, am sure the neighbours around us will be hearing our voice

I quickly drop the mop and mopping bucket and then rushed into the kitchen
Jeez!!!! I hate saturdays
😣 😣 😣 😣 😣 😣 😣 😣 😣 😣 😣 😣 😣 😣

😫 Stella’s pov 😫
Ahhhhh! I yawned rolling on the bed….. Oh why!! Its morning already……..gosh!! This room is too scattered. Anna cant even help me to arranged this room even a little.
I walked into the sitting room, wow every where looks neat, Anna has done a really good job here. I walked to the kitchen to greet my mum
“morning mum” i greeted
“morning love” she replied giving me a hug
My eyes met with that of Anna, jeez , she eyed me as if I murdered someone.
I know she is angry because she she did all the chores
I shined my teeth at her, which made her more angrier, but she cant touch me because mum is here, that’s the advantage of being the last born
After all the work was done in the house including tidying, i and Anna’s room. We all had our bath. And then had breakfast. Some few hours after breakfast, dad left for church, mum permitted me to go to my friend house at the next street, mum went to her shop
And Anna?? I don’t know about her
👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀

😍💐 Annabelle’s pov 😍💐
Ah! Today is a very hectic day for me. Its 11:00 am already ,thank God I have done all my assignments at school already.
I checked my saving’s amount, wow!!! I had saved alot. I think the money i have here can buy me an affordable browsing phone
I quickly dressed up, heading for the mobile shop. I locked the door since no one was at home and i put the key at the usual position for the person that will come home first
I boarded a 🚕 cab,to the mobile shop

Chapter 9

😊 Annabelle’s pov 😊
I boarded a cab 🚕 to the mobile 📱 shop, when i got there,I couldn’t stop wowing at the site in front of me, the phones here are just so great. I don’t think I will be able to pick a phone of my choice.
Hmmmm, my pocket will tell….
At least I picked an affordable phone, it was just a moderate size, it can also perform some browsing function, at least with this, I can join facebook and messenger and even whatApp if possible.

I even had some left over change to buy a simcard, and a memory card because I am a music fraek, at least I can listen to music with my very own phone, instead of listening from the television or the radios.

I think I should go to Eva’s house, cause she is quite good at internet stuff, so she could help me join the necessary website am interested in
I think I can walk to her house from here since its not that far from here, instead of wasting my money on a cab
🏠 🚶 🏠 🚶 🏠 🚶 🏠 🚶 🏠 🚶 🏠

I arrived her house, wow!! Her hose is really beautiful from outside,well I’ve never been inside her house, I only stayed outside, the last time I came to collect my book, I wonder how it will be inside……………
I knocked on the gate, and the gateman came out almost immediately. He really looks old, and he also has a bald head, I almost laughed, but my mum had warn me against mocking elderly people
“who are you looking for ” he asked sternly
“good afternoon sir,am looking for Eva ” i replied him

“is she expecting you?” He asked

“no sir, but am her friend, i just decided to come and see her , please just tell her that Anna or Annabelle is here to see her” I said

“am sorry miss, but she said she doesn’t want to be disturbed” he said

“but sir, its urgent” I begged

“listen to me young lady, I love my job so please leave” he yelled

Jeez, this man is really rude, he doesn’t even deserve the respect I have been giving him since I came here

“please sir” I manged to beg him again, but he still didn’t listen,he kept on pushing me out with his dirty hands

” leave her alone” I heard a voice just like Eva’s, I looked back and saw her walking towards us, wow! Thank God, I was almost losing hope

“you don’t have the right to treat or manhandle my visitor in that manner.okay?” She shouted, wow Eva is really authoritative

” but ma’am you said you don’t want to be dis….” He try defending himself but Eva cut him short

“and so,

Chapter 10

Annabelle’s pov
I had actually spent quite a long time here in Eva’s house, and it’s been fun 🎉 through out my Stay here
We baked, played, gisted and a lot of fun things you could imagine
I haven’t even told her the reason why I am here, I think I should tell her now
“uhum,Eva guess what?”
“what? Stop telling me to guess when you know am not good at that at all” she said already smiling
“okay, I had finally bought a phone 📱”I said excitedly 😃
“wow finally” she said smiling
” I thought you wont buy one, after you refused the one I bought you the last time” she said frowning her face
“awwn,am sorry best, but the thing is that my mum will feel bad if she discovered a friend gave it to me, she will feel she isn’t capable, and I just want to work and save 💾 for it, common don’t be angry” I said forming a sad face
“common I was just joking, I can nevermind be angry with you and you know that” she said smiling
“awwn don’t make me blush” I said,and we both burst into laughter
“Oka Eva , I need your favour”
“what favour she replied
“I need u to….”
“help you join face book?” She said cutting me short
“yes of course I will do 😊 just that” she Sai answering herself making me laugh again
She helped me join facebook, messenger and so on, she sent friend request to all our classmates .
After that, we talked again, and we exchanged phone number of my sim which I just bought
Immediately, I quickly boarded a cab 🚕home 🏠 becuse its already 6:45pm, and I leg the house dince11:30am
I just hope mum will not be angry
I walked into the compound, everyone was home except dad, thank God he isn’t around . I guess he is still at the church
I opens the door,only to be met by mum and Stella watching one of our favourite. Tv 📺 series. God!! How will I explain now
I walked into the sitting room, before I could even greet my mum, she was already bombarding me with questions
“Anna! Where are you coming from by this time” she said crossing her legs, what should I say ?
I looked at Stella, she was just looking at me smirking 😏
“Anna !!, I asked u a question” my mum said looking at me
“well, mum you said we could go out” I said trying to free myself
” but I didn’t say you should spend 5-6 hours out, so where were u?” She asked again
“uhum, I was in Eva’s house” I said looking down
“hmmm , but don’t spend time out that late again, okay?” My mum said sternly
“okay mum” I said smiling,she skilled back at me, and immediately Stella’s smirk faded away
“but mum,guess what” I said , and Stella diverted her attention to us like I was talking to her
“what sweetie”mum said looking up at me
“well mum, I hve gotten a phone 📱 finally with my savings”,I said showing it to her
Stella jumepd ul in excitement, liked she owned the phone
But mum countenance changed, she now looked sad but Stella wad still happy
“but mum, what’s wrong ” I said taking a sit close to her
“Anna ” she said holding my hands
“yes mum” I replied anxiously
“am sorry I couldn’t buy the phone, I tried my best to buy it for you, but you dad and I are just trying to meet ends meet for both you and Stella and also your seniors brother Raymond in college, am sorry you have to work for it, but I assure you Anna, one day it will all turn good for us ,and we will be more than happy” my mum said sadly
Stella had already stand up as mom was talking she also sat beside mum at the other side
I hugged mum and Stella did the Sam
“mum you shouldn’t be sad, we all know that you and dad are trying your best to care for us,and we sincerely appreciate it, so mum , just cheer up, our time of rejoicing will soon come , as u said” I said
” I love u both mom said hugging me and Stella
“ouch my nose 👃 Stella said , making mum smile
Thank God she is now smiling. I just hate when my mum or dad is sad
Stella coughed “mum, your food is burning”said Stella
Mum quickly bounced up the chair 💺 and ran to the kitchen, we both bursted into laughter and followed behind mum
Awwn, I love my family.


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