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Tender love batch 1

(high school lyf)
By Damilola Faleke
Chapter 1
Annabelle’s pov
It’s a new day here in new York, a bright and sunny Monday
Am Annabelle john, also called Anna , am 18 years old, am in high school,about to,graduate to college
I have a little sister called Stella, and a senior brother Raymond
My parents struggle to care for us, and also send us to school, but we are happy as God made us
I have a best friend called Eva , she is the only person who likes me in that whole school.
Incase I haven’t told you,I attend a very big high school, called Clarks high school.
You would be wondering how my parents could afford such school of the rich, well my dad worked hard and bought me a scholarship form for a scholarship exam which I pass due to my intelligence.
My school is a lovely place to be, but not for me I guess.
Incase u don’t know, I am the school freak,which makes people hate me in addition to my parents financial status, they believe I am nobody, but Eva loves me and I love her too
Chapter 2
💝Annabelle’s pov 🎀
Dinggggg……………….my alarm clock rang.
Oooo, jeez, why does it has to be morning now,another humiliating day in that crazy school.
“Anna ,Anna, Annabelle”……..
My mum called from the living room.
“yes mum” I screamed answering her.
“come down for prayer” she said.
“okay mum” I replied
I quickly tidy my bed and woke up my kid sis, and we ran out together to the living room for prayer
After prayer, I quickly went back to my room to prepare for school as well as my kid sis, incase I haven’t told you, my brother Is in college right now, so is just I and my sister with my parent at home.
As I was saying, I rushed to my room to prepare for school leaving my mum and dad chit chatting in the living room.
I really adore their relationship, but when they fight 😐,hmmm, it is usually disastrous, the last time they fought, they broke my kid sisters leg. I don’t even understand them this minute they are fighting or arguing,the next minute they are one again.
Well, back to me now, I have to prepare for school before I am sent on detention for late coming……
I quickly pack my long brown hair up,took my bath, dress for school and then quickly had breakfast. And then boarded a cab to school.
I left Stella my sis at home because she wasn’t yet ready, I guess my dad will take her to school. But I have to pick her up during closing, since her school isn’t far from mine.
Immediately I arrived school, I started running because I was already late for signing in, as soon as I arrived the big gate, about to enter, I tripped and fell
Which made every one burst into laughter ,oh no 😢, until I felt a familiar hand drag me up,awwwn 😍 it’s Eva my bestie always on time.
“you should be careful next time, bestie” Eva said
“thanks Eva” I replied her smiling
We hugged, then I cleaned up myself, and we walked to class.

Nelson’s pov💖
Hi, am Nelson, the only child of my family, we are strikingly rich.
My father owns one of the biggest company here in new York, I was 19 yrs 8 months ago.
I love my dad and mum. But I don’t feel complete anymore since my mum fell into coma 5 months ago after the accident, when she fell down the stairs.
How i just wish my mum was here for me, to pet me when am sad or down, prepare lunch when am hungry and so on.
Mum, pls wake up, dad and I need you. I know dad is trying to act strong, but he isn’t up to the task, because in his eyes I can see pain
Mum please wake up, dad and I need you
I quickly jerk up my bed, when my best dude Tyler inboxed me
“hey sup guy” he texted
“hey” I replied
” get up sleepy head, its time for school, am already at school, I know u haven’t woken up,yet” he said
” jeez,oh my God am fucking late for school , bye gee, I need to prepare for school ” I texted
“better, bye” he replied back
I quickly put down my phone and then prepare for school.
When I was done, I picked up my phone and car keys and then rushed downstairs
“bye dad” I said rushing out
“won’t you eat” my dad shouted because I was already outside
“am late dad, I will do that at the school cafeteria” I shouted back
I hopped into my car and drove quickly to school
Immediately I arrived school, I was met by a thundering laughter, only to look at the scene and saw a girl,lying tummy flat on the ground.
Weird and stupid, I said to my said and look away only to be met by Natasha my girlfriend. She hugged and kissed me
“hw was your night love” she asked
” lovely, and yours sweetie?” I repied her
“Lovely as yours” , she said
“Okay, shall we?” I asked stretching my hand to her
“We shall” she replied
We walked together to class holding hands
And I saw Dave my closest friend approaching, he is just like the brother I never had.

Dave’s pov
Am Dave, the same age as Nelson , am also rich because my dad’s is the owner of this high school(clark’s high school).
Nelson is just like a brother to me we have been friends since we were little. But he is lonely now since his mum fell into coma 5 months ago.
I have a little sister Susan, she is very stubborn but I still love her that way
As I was walking down the hallway I saw Nelson and Natasha holding hands thank God he is smiling today “wats up gee” I greeted him as he approached me
“hey am good” he said stretching his hand foward for a handshake quite unusual
We chatted a little and he walked to his class since we are having different class this morning
🚶 🚶 🚶 🚶 🚶 🚶 🚶 🚶 🚶 🚶 🚶 🚶 🚶 🚶
As I was walking I saw Anna (Annabelle) my secret crush, but I cant tell her because she is the school freak and my friends would downgrade me for stooping too low. Though she is beautiful but she behaves freaky.
I stared at her from afar she look quite dusty it seems she fell down, hmmm she is quite used to that.
👯 Eva’s pov👯
Awwn my cute friend, Anna ,always like falling down, ouch funny bestie
Well, am Eva,am 18 years, and my dad is the minister of education in charge of new York, which makes people accord me quite some respect
People like wondering why am that close to Anna , because they think she is clumsy, but to me she isn’t clumsy, and I love her that way, she is beautiful with her Long hair and cute eyeballs
Natasha was once my bestie ,but she left me when she discovered I and Anna were friends, she said she cant relate with me because am friend with Anna, who cares though, that proud bitch, I just hate her because she takes her self so high.
During our lunch break, I was walking to Anna’s class so we can go to the cafeteria together, as I was walking out to Anna’s class I sighted Tyler, eventually my secret crush, but we are just like words and opposite, am gentle and calm, but he is rugged and also a player, and when we do bump Into each other he is always the one to insult me,mtcheew, even though I still like him , but he doesn’t hmmm…..
I walked into, Anna’s class and met her writing hmm always busy. I quietly tip toed behind her and then tickled her , she flinched and fell flat on the floor , I couldn’t hold in the laughter any more, thank God nobody is in the class
“why would you do that ” she screamed
” sorry best” I said laughing 😆 and trying to fake an innocent
Chapter 5
💐 Annabelle’s pov 💐
” its alright, but don’t scare me like that any more I warned her
” your wish is my command ma” she replied trying to hold In her laughter
Then we both burst into laughter
That’s why I love Eva , because with her nothing is boring
” common off we go to the cafeteria no more book for you” she said closing my book
I picked up my book , then we walked to my locker to drop my book. I dropped my book and was about to pick my lunch money when Eva held down my hand, I looked at her hoping nothing was wrong, but she smiled at me “don’t worry, lunch is on me, you can keep your money” she said still smiling
“yippee” I exclaimed excitedly
People standing at their locker stared at me as if I was mad but I cared less
At least I will have enough money to save and buy my self a phone
We both walked to the cafeteria , Eva bought some snacks for the both of us, then we walked to an empty table
As we were eating, we heard some murmuring from outside, we looked and saw Nelson and Natasha walking in holding hands , awwn , the school queen and the school hottie, nice couple
But I dislike Natasha because she is proud and arrogant , and because Nelson is my secret crush, but I must be joking because he cant even look at me the school freak and the clumsiest. Not even a normal boy can come to me to say a simple hi talk less of Nelson, some people thinks am mad. Hmmm
We finished eating and then walked back to our classes.
Its closing hour already , I think Stella would be waiting for me to pick her up because I have spent quite some time in school trying to solve some of my assignment both I and Eva together
Eva’s driver came to pick her up, we hugged,and said goodbye to each other, then they drove away. I quickly ran to Stella school so we could go home together, I know she would be angry already .
😠 Stella’s pov 😠
OMG!! Annabelle,Annabelle,Annabelle
So this girl won’t come pick me up . God please bring Anna quickly, cause am really hungry. I have been waiting in the front of my school gate for the past 1 hour now, very seen the gatekeeper would soon send me far away from the school premises so if anything happens, the school,wouldn’t be blamed
Oh Anna please hurry up, I wouldn’t want to be embarrassed by the gate keeper, all my classmates driver had already picked them up, and those who are trekking are long gone already, I wonder why dad and mum wouldn’t let me come home myself, I wonder wat she is doing now
Today is Friday, all schools in new York closes at the same time.
Thank God she is coming now, i sighted her running, i pray she wont fall this time. Thank God she didn’t
I quickly frowned my face when she approached me.
She started apologizing, and my anger melt off.
That’s why i hate Anna begging me, because she uses her fake sweet promises which she hardly fulfils
I hugged her , we both smiled at each other
We boarded a cab and drove home
Ouchy!!! Am really hungry


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