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April 20, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Tempted finale

4 min read







I lay in bed smiling as I listened to my darling husband singing to our baby girl.

I roll to my side,letting my eyes fall back closed, enjoying listening to him.

Our baby girl has already quit crying.She enjoys listening to her daddy too.I wouldn’t even call it a cry really.More of a fuss from having being removed from my breast so her daddy could change her.

It has been three days since we’ve got home from the hospital.This is my third child now.

Dave is all over everything and barely lets me move.You would have thought my labor was hard with how Dave is treating me.

Not only was labor easy,but so was being pregnant.All of it was more than easy with Dave by my side.

I heard a sound of something shattering downstairs,no one needed to tell me whose handiwork are those.

“The boys are going to fall down this house”Dave said and I chuckled.

I gave birth four years ago to twin….boys.

I felt him leave the room and when he came back.

I opened my eyes, expecting to see him holding our little baby girl but he doesn’t have her in his arms.

“She’s asleep”He informed me.

“And the boys?Have they eaten?”

“Yeah,and they broke the plates while practicing Karate in the dining room”

I laughed.”And who’s making them watch those action movie?”I sneered.

He chuckled.”They have to be Supermen like their father.Oh! by the way,our mothers are on their way”He announced.

“The two

of them don’t really have to come this time”I whined.

“I told them we can take care of the baby this time but they’re still coming”

I smiled, almost all our relatives had visited us at the hospital including our mothers but they still insist on coming to spend a month with us like they did when I gave birth to the twin.

You can never tell them otherwise.

And Martin now likes me a lot…he addresses me now as “our wife”

I haven’t heard from Clara in a while and I think that’s for the best.

But I do hope she’s okay wherever she is.

Dave clears the distance between us and leans down to kiss me.

I sighed into his mouth as he makes love to my lips with his own.

“I’ve taken care of the baby and she’s asleep now,the boys are calmly watching their favorite cartoon,now it’s your turn”He tells me taking my hand in his to guide me into the bathroom.

He runs the bathtub and strips us both of our clothes.He pulls me into the tub to sit between his legs.

“Daddy has to take care of you too”He kisses me again.

I moan, letting my eyes fall closed as he lathers up my whole body.He takes his time and doesn’t miss an inch of me.

My husband has a thing for washing me.I have a thing for him doing it.

I can’t stop another moan from leaving my mouth as he washed my hair next.I’m sure the sound isn’t helping him right now.

“Are you trying to make

me sleepy again”I mumbled feeling way too relaxed.

“Yes,you need to rest”

He worries too much.I know he says I’m soft and sweet but I’m not breakable.

“I thought you once said you wanted a football team,this is just our third child and you’re acting like this.”

“I take back what I said,I think we’re okay with the kids we have now, it’s torture seeing you in labor”He said.

“And you cried as if you’re the one bringing out the baby”I teased.

He chortled.”Laugh if you want but you ain’t getting pregnant anytime soon”

I don’t agree to that because one can never tell what the future holds.

I run my hands through his chest and abs then go for his cock.

“You know we can’t”He reminds me.

I ignored him and wrap my hand around his cock.

“I can’t wait for you to see that I’m strong again for you,for now,I want to touch you and you should just relax, have you forgotten who owns this cock?”

He shook his head.”It’s all yours, baby”He growl and I begin to stroke him.

……slow and sensual strokes that I know would be his undoing.

In no time,his body goes rock solid and he cums.

I lick the tip to get the last drop of him before I give it a kiss.

He pulls me closer to him and kissed me deeply.

It’s hard but sweet and filled with so much love,it almost makes me want to cry.

Here I am with the perfect husband and having the perfect life.

No one can ever come between us again and no one should fucking dare to.

He flushed out the water and replaces it with clean water.

I just lay there on his body as he kisses me from time to time.

“Wura mi( my Gold)”He whispered and kissed my hair.

We had learnt a great lesson about solving our problems ourselves,about trust and about people around us.

Not everyone is happy to see you happy.

Now,we have started our journey into our very own bliss-filled eternity.




A pleasant journey it was. Love is a beautiful thing indeed.


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