tem-pted Episode 8

💋 tem-pted💋
I hurried up to Abby and Dave’s be-droom.
A ha-rd knot twisted inside me and I suddenly wanted it to be called Clara and Dave’s be-droom.Would that ever be possible?
I held the doorknob,it wasn’t locked so I walked in.
I was surprised to see about two duvet covering his b©dy and he was still shivering un-derneath.
I hastened my footsteps towards the be-d.
When I got a glimpse of his face…. seeing how pale he looked made my che-st feel so ti-ght.
Dimly,he opened his eyes.
“Ab….Abby asked you to come here, didn’t she?”He asked, weakly.
I nodded.
“I’m fine,you should go back to….”
I bent down and held his hand.
“It’s okay,Dave.Just let me take care of you”I requested staring into his eyes.
He looked away and I couldn’t tell if he was feeling uncomfortable.
But then I had to make him see that I was the one who was here for him not Abby.She was busy with her job while I was here ma-king sure he was okay.If I was his wife,I would always place him above everything else.He would be my number one priority.
I heated some water and mas-sage some p@rt of his b©dy with shaky hands.
I made pap for him and gross!I added too much water so it turned out highly watery.
Still,I couldn’t let him take his drugs with an empty stomach,he clearly hadn’t eaten.
So I took the pap up to him.
I watched as he took a spoonful.He was sitting up now… resting his head on the headboard.
“I was kinda in a hurry so I added too much water”I explained feeling quite embarras-sed,I should really work on my cooking skills that’s if I have any.
“It’s good”He said, calmly and smiled.
Despite the pale look on his face,he still looked so handsome.
He took his drugs and for a moment,I was tem-pted to pu-ll him closer to me and make him fall asleep while resting his head on my che-st but then I shook that thought off.
He wouldn’t want that.
He l@yback down to sleep and I quic-kly placed my hand on his forehead.His b©dy temperature was slowly becoming normal so I covered his b©dy with a duvet.
“You don’t nee-d two this time”I joked.
He smiled again.”Thank you,Clara”
“You’re welcome,now get some sleep”
He nodded and shut his eyes.
Minutes later,his breath bec@m£ de-ep and even,he had fallen asleep. I was sitting on the a stool beside the be-d.
I badly wanted to crawl into the be-d and sleep close to him but I didn’t know if he would quite appreciate waking up next to me. I didn’t want any awkwardness between us.
I slowly stood up and walked into their bathroom.
They might’ve had S-x so many times in here.
An ache was building in my che-st so I walked out of the bathroom,I walked into the dressing room.
I ran my hands throu-gh Abby’s clothes and shoes.She has so many things….Why was she so lucky?
I c@m£ by the space where Dave’s clothes were hung neatly. I slowly took off my clothes and wore one of his shi-t.
His scent enveloped me….I wanted to drown in it forever.I stood before the mirror.The shi-t was reaching my mid th!gh.
I look so S-xy in his shi-t.I’m sure if he saw me now,he would want to fv¢k me.
That thought got me so hor-ny.
“I want to be your woman,Dave”I muttered.
At that moment,my phone rang.
I frowned seeing the caller ID,it was Abby.
I cleared my throat and picked up.
“How’s he doing?”She asked.
“I got him to take some drugs and last time I checked,he wasn’t burning up.He’s asleep now”
“Oh, thank you so much, best. I don’t know what I’ll do without you”
“It’s nothing,Abby.Just get some sleep alre-ady, it’s late”
“Alright, goodnight”With that,she hung up.
My fist clenched around my phone. I want Dave to myself so desperately that it hurts.
* do you think Clara has scored some points now?🤔🤔