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Tempted Episode 2

Abby f0rç£d me out to follow her and see Clara,she thought I would be bored being alone in the house.
Though my morning was ruined. I wasn’t mad at Clara,she and Abby had a very unique friendsh!pand anyone who was special to Abby was special to me as well.
I only hoped Clara was okay,I hate seeing Abby so worried.
As soon as I pu-ll up in front of Clara’s ap@rtment building,Abby got down from the car, we’re surprised to see Clara in front of her ap@rtment, sitting by the pavement,looking ill with a few bruises.
“Best, what happened?”Abby asked, alarmed.
fv¢k!I hate it when Abby looks this tensed.
“I found out where he was with his lover, I was really furious so I showed up in the h0tel,I got in a fight with her and we ended up hurting each other”Clara cried.
“And the j£rk just stood there watching?”I asked, angrily
Clara nodded.I hate seeing a woman in pains, maybe it was because I witness how my dad treated my mom for years,I had swore to myself that no matter how provoked I am,I would never hit my wife…no woman deserves that.
“Give me his address,he would get it from me”Abby said.
“Yeah,I need his address too”I added and I was damn serious about it,I needed to warn that motherfv¢ker to respect a woman.
Despite her pain Clara chortled.
“I can’t believe you two are going to fight for me”
“I’m damn serious”Abby said.
“There would be no need for that and he isn’t worth it”
“Just let it slide,Abby.He isn’t really worth it,and I broke up with him for good this time”
“It’s good then,Clara,but what are you going to do? You’re in a bad shape”Abby said, sadly.
“Don’t worry about me,Abby. I can manage….”
“You quit your job because of that @sshole and now you’re saying you can take care of yourself.Well,you have to come with me”
My jaw dropped.What the fv¢k!
She wanted to take in Clara.We didn’t even talk about this and I hate having outsiders in my home.
“No,Abby. I don’t want to bother you and Dave”
“It’s nothing,Clara.And I’m sure you would do same if you were in my shoes and besides Dave is cool with this, aren’t you babe?”
I sighed heavily.”Of course.”
“I’ll go get your things now”With that,Abby took Clara’s keys and headed for her ap@rtment.
I just stood there, fuming inwardly, I’m not cool with this. I have nothing against Clara but I’m just not cool with this.
Soon Abby got back,she tried to @ssist Clara in getting up but fails.
“Can you help her up, babe? Just carry her, plea-se”Abby requested.
My eyes wi-de-ned.Carry her?
Why does it sound so awkward? Maybe it’s because I haven’t carried any woman except my wife in ages but it would be more awkward to say I can’t carry her, right?
I mean,Abby clearly sees nothing wrong in it.
I bent down and carried her into my arms, I’m still slightly mad seeing the bruises on her so I say out of pity.
“You’ll be alright,Clara”

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